July 30, 2010

I Need Help from You!

Hey ladies, I need some help from you & if you could leave me a comment I will love you forever and always. : )

I'm looking to buy some amazing candles. I've never been a candle girl, but now that I have 3 dogs.
Candles just help make life a little bit better lol.

Currently, I've been buying the 2 for $5 Glade candles haha from Target.
I did have a very nice L'Occitane candle..but it fan out so fast.

I can't believe how fast candles burn out, I almost feel cheated.

But do you have any favorite candles that you can recommend me?
I know Slatkin & Co. has some good candles, but I'm not sure which scent to pick up. =/

Can't help but brag, I've met him (Slatkin) & sat in his office/board room ^_^
I got to learn how candles were made too at his corporate office.

Also..I noticed that nice candles pretty much run around $15 for ONE.
That's why it would help me a great ton if you could recommend me good ones, fo sho.
I guess I'm pretty much leaning towards buying Slatkin & Co. candles, unless you all can help me find comparable candles.

I don't know why I'm analyzing candles so much right now, but I do plan on spending a lot to make my life smell better!

I've been reading some magazines & have learned a lot of great tips on how to many your room look more relaxing & candle scents do have a lot to do with de-stressing.

Keep everything to a minimum

1. White Linens
2. Candles & Scents in a Corner of the Room
3. Serene Art
4. A Corner Chair or pillow area to read books & unwind
5. Keep it clear, nothing but the bed, and chair area

My bedroom is currently SUPER cluttered..

My friend Matt says,
"a clean house means a clean mind
or an organized efficient mind"

Maybe that's why I feel so uneasy in my own living space.

I need to not stress cause I'm losing hair over stress!
I stress a lot over the future since a lot of is about to change in our lives (bf & I), career wise.
We're about to make some big decisions that could tie me down in Seattle for the next 5 years at least. By tie down I mean sign a contract for a high rise office/workshop space. I am thinking about taking out an SBA loan to grow my business & start a new company. I have a lot of great ideas, it's just hard to implement them with little help. It's mostly me. My bf just is there for legal counsel ~ I'm so thankful he's a lawyer, it just makes running a business so much easier sometimes. I hate paper work, and I just outsource it all to him.


It's about that time where I need to restock my granny panties...I've been debating on where to buy them from! I've always been into VS, VS Pink stuff..but only when they're on sale, 7 for $25 lol. I refuse to buy them if they're 5 for $25. Cause I'm "el cheapo" as my dad would say it. LOL

He refers to anyone who's stingy, or cheap "el cheapo."
It's pretty funny thinking about my dad's sayings. He has so many good ones.

One of his closest work buddies is African American, so for the last 15 years he's picked up so much slang. They're pretty much Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker who both like to gamble & play lottery. Since my dad's friend is retired now, I swear they call each other just to talk about the lotto numbers. It's kind of cute in the old men kind of way.. if that can be described as cute.

He always says things in English like, "you know what I'm sayin"
The fact is the way he pronounces it in English that cracks me up. Lets just say he has a swag to his voice.

Let me use that in a sentence that he would say to us,

"What you want man?" when he's talking to me or my sister...hmm as we walk into a room

Lets just say my dad does not have a Caucasian man's English accent lol

Julia, would you agree?

Now that I live 3,000 miles away from my family, I'm starting to see my parents differently.
I realize how my mom loves puppies way too much lol
I realize how fun my dad & sister are.
Julia and my dad once spent like an hour taking webcam photos on my new Macbook when I first got it a few years back. lol

Then yesterday she wrote on my Facebook wall, how she & and dad were watching a drunken (after surgery, not really drunken but you know what I mean) cat videos on youtube.

I guess I miss my family. I just count down the days sometime where we can live near each other again. They're planning on moving out to California within the next 4 years. I think they want my sister to graduate from Harvard before they make any big life changes. Considering Massachusetts is a lot closer to Michigan than it is to California.

I guess they want to keep home life consistent for my sister for when she visits home.

: )

I'm glad I have my cousin Khoa here visiting me this month. He's been here 2 full days now, and I think he likes it here. It's just heart warming to know you have family near.

I'm so sappy, but I miss kinship!

Overall...I need a good recommendation on Candles..& perhaps a new place to pink up some interior clothing. :D

Any recommendations are much appreciated!

The boys at the vet 2 days ago : )
They're all done with their shots for a while!
They're on Wellness Plans..and their neutering date is in about 2-3 months : (
I really don't want to neuter them..they could father so many cute puppies one day!
I've been thinking..what if later in life I get a girl dog..and then all my family & friends could have cute puppies for free! lil white dogs aren't cheap now-a-days, and I have 14 aunts & uncles on my dad side.. 9 aunts and uncles on my mom side...that equals A LOT of cousins.

LOL, we could all have puppies! : )

Anyhow..the whole 101 Dalmatian farm is just a dream of mine.
By the way, I would never ever sell my puppies. I think it's cause I'm Buddhist..
Who can separate mother & puppies to make money..that's probably a big step back from Nirvana lol


  1. i know nothing about candles but im leaving u a comment anyway! hahaha =)

    my room is a total clutter also, im trying really hard to decorate it and style it up so ill be more motivated to clean. =P

  2. i'm not really a candle person but the scents at bbw really yummy smelling. scents i like there are japanese cherry blossom i'm a bit crazy about it to be exact. there is a new scent i found recently there is island margarita smell delicious. for undies i would say check out aerie there is one in south center mall. i think that is the only one in seattle. lots a nice designs and comfy as well. they have good sales every so often.

  3. I don't really know much about candles, but I used to work at Victoria Secret and they have this candle that smells so so good. lol

  4. I like candles from here: www.yankeecandle.com they are a little more than $15.. They're actually around $20 for a medium-large sized jar candle. It depends on which kind you are buying. I haven't bought candles in awhile since I had to move back home BUT!! Yankee Candles smell good =]
    Have you also looked into diffusers? They might last a little longer if you're going through candles rather quickly. They are reeds that are dipped into a container holding the fragrance oil. The reeds soak up the oil and slowly "diffuse" the scent throughout the room. They are perfect for me because I tend to be absentminded and I always have this fear of forgetting to blow out candles.
    I'm not super knowledgeable on all this stuff, but I hope some of my info helped!

  5. I always buy the big 3-wick Slatkin candles at Bath & Body Works. You can always find coupons and sales there. Also, there is such a big selection, and the candles really do last a long time. I make sure to light one when I'm cooking to keep my tiny apartment from smelling like food. The 3-wick definitely is strong enough to cover a large space. I love the scents that they have, and I find them a lot more appealing than Yankee Candle. Another thing to keep in mind, Bath & Body Works will let you exchange anything in the store even if you've used it. So if you buy a candle and burn it a little, then decide you don't like it, you can bring it back and try a different scent! Hope this helps!

  6. instead of burning them you can buy a few and place them around the house and itll still smell I do that I put them in my drawers and or just around my room and it smell really nice my clothes too or you can always buy those things that go on the wall instead of candels from bath and body works dont know what they are called

  7. Hi Stephanie! I'm finally commenting because I have something to say, but I've been reading your blog for a while :]
    I think someone already mentioned Yankee Candle, but I love their candles, too. Going into their stores is kind of like going into BBW, there's so many scents and you can go up and smell them all :D I like the clean/fresh smelling ones the best, but almond cookie/anything food related smells amazing too.
    And I totally know what you mean about organizing your room. My room's a mess right now.
    Besides VS, you should check out aerie. The quality/prices are about the same, and there's 25% off and free shipping online at ae.com today/tomorrow, which I think you can use on anything.

  8. O_o I didn't even know there were different grades of candles. I just get the ones from target as well O_o.
    You're right, they do burn out pretty quick though ><
    Sorry I'm of not much help :(
    Your puppies are so cute though! <3

  9. ahahaha when mom has 14 puppies, u do what u have to... LOL!!!! we only have 8 instead of 16, HAHAHA!!!! <3

  10. I agree with Susy on the Yankee Candles, they smell good & are pretty reasonable for the size. Bath and Body Works sells really yummy candles from Henri Bendel and they smell really luxurious. They are a bit pricey for the size tho.

  11. In walmart, they have a great (and inexpensive) candle line up.
    My mom also uses incense (this stick that you burn) when she makes fish.

  12. I've never bought any candles for myself, but I heard that Bath & Body Works has some pretty scented candles. The 4 oz filled candles cost $9.50 on their website. I'm not sure if that's an okay price for one candle for you, but you can check out the store or the website for alternatives. Here's the website: http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/home/index.jsp

  13. I used to work at Bath and Body Works for about 2 years, and they have some pretty good deals on candles. I honestly forgot how much they run, but I am pretty sure everything is under $15. The best time to go in and purchase is at the semi-annual sale because those prices are a lot more cheap than their other sales. I do not really know what to suggest, but they have a whole freaking lot so I am sure you will be able to find something you like :) (personally I like the fresher scents)

  14. You should get the febreze candles, reed diffuser, or flameless illuminary in green tea citrus. They last a long time and smell so fresh. It really calms you down after a long day.

  15. Dyptique and Jo Malone are my favourites - Dyptique Tuberose = love!

  16. I was going to say Yankee Candles, but Susy already beat me to it! hehe so yeah, I recommend that company for candles! They last quite a while, too!

  17. Hey girls, thanks so much for the help! It's Sunday today & I'm going to go pick up some candles :D :D :D

  18. Yea Bath and Body Works has the BEST and most Amazing candles ever! I had a little one that was like 4 oz and it lasted for weeks!!! So i got the 3 wick which was 14.5 oz and the B1G1 free made it out to be $10 each!

  19. I personally use scented oils from Fruits & Passions/ Bath & Body Works.

    i don't know if this counts as a recommendation or not, since i haven't tried it out personally... but candles by victoria seem to be a BIG hit in the youtube community! Unfortunately, I haven't been unable to purchase them, because they don't ship to canada. but honestly just type it in the search bar && watch the reviews!!! they seem fantastic, watch EGheartsSSC, she always has candles around and really loves these ones.

  20. the 3-wick ones from bath n body works are nice :D i like the vanilla scented one.

  21. I love candles, as well. But lately ive been using those scented oils from Bath & Body works which work very well and the smell of oil spreads throughout the whole room. Jo Malone has amazingly beautiful scented candles and linen spray, they are pricey though. If I could help you with anything I'd be so happy too! Im always in Bellevue, and Seattle. Well because I work in Bellevue. :)


Thank you for your comments!