July 29, 2010

Urban Outfitters' Bird Cage Earring Stand

One of DSK's Favorite Thing

This is my second one...I really want to have 3, but they only had 2 left & one was damaged.
Will pick up some more as I find them!

I love this thing, it makes my life better.

I'll link you here to Urban Outfitters

For Sale:

My MAC In the Groove Collection
"I Like It Like That" Lipstick (Limited Edition)
Used 1 times
$12 Shipped US Only Please
email: nguyenst@msu.edu
It's just not for me -- I really wanted Jazzed but they were out and I felt the need to leave with something, and failed yet again.

"I Like It Like That" is described as a deep blue pink (creemsheen)
Limited Edition
I want Jazzed so badly! I went to 3 Nordstroms no luck..then I ordered it online, paid for it..then the next day ~ they emailed me saying my order was canceled because this item is no longer available : (

I hope it shows up at CCO one day!


  1. I was just there the other day and saw some girl carrying it around the store. She had a death grip around it. Of course I went around hunting for it to see how much it cost, but I know why she had the death grip, bc she had the last one. Ha!

  2. @cleung341 lolz! Yeah they only put 1-2 out on the floor, but they have more in the back. This item has been a pretty popular piece at Urban Outfitter for a while now (1 year +) They have different colors too! But I like white the best :)

  3. oh i have this same earring holder, mine is like light turquoise, i love it

  4. OOH yes, that earring holder is perfect!!


  5. If you aren't partial to just a scented candle, I would say get an oil heater (one of those ceramic things that you put essential oil in the bowl on top, and a tea candle underneath, in the holder itself). Don't remember what they are called... Anyway, they are really nice, since you can change the scents whenever you want, and they really don't cost that much. The oils are cheap, and the candles are really cheap. I would say splurge a little more for soy candles, since those are better for the home (no soot), and they burn longer.

    Feel your pain on Jazzed. I ordered stuff from that collection from two different stores, and they both pulled the "sold out" thing on me after they already charged me. I was not a happy camper.

  6. I also have a similar Earring Stand. It revolves but doesn't have the bird on top of it. Nevertheless, love yours and mine too :)


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