July 27, 2010

Only Gold For Me

Orly's Bonder
OPI's Curry Up Don't Be Late
OPI Sephora Only Gold for Me
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Top Coat

*Speaking of curry, my bf makes the most delicious chicken curry.
I need to share his recipe one of these days. It's just share worthy & super easy!

Orly's Bonder is my all time favorite base for polish. I finally picked one up at Sally's.
It just works fabulous at retaining the longevity of my polish.
Don't you hate when there's a stray hair on the brush?
It just ruins my day. lol
You can see on my ring finger that it's still healing from being cut at the nail salon last week.
Special thanks to Ashlee, aka Msfili for posting about this gorgeous glitter polish.
It's what I've been looking for! Thank you Ashlee : )

More goodies to share
I saw MakeupbyMel talk about the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs & I just had to try it out.
My legs are always so pale versus my body. I picked up Tan Glow.
Tan legs just look super healthy!
I picked up a pair of #305 Ardell Accent lashes. I don't know if it's just me, but I find that the accent lashes are a lot more easy to apply.
My mini Target haul. I can't wait to try the Nicole pink heart glitter polish!
I also picked up Keratin Mist by Chi. I saw the lovely Miss Eki's HG post and had to give this hair product a try. Plus, it was buy 1 get 1! I paid $13.99 for two bottles

I still have to post a look with my Naked palette, I just am still staring at how pretty it is...it's so hard to dip a brush into a new palette. I also want to review my La Mer Regenerating Serum ~ I paid $250 for this magic potion lol. I think I can say a few words about it. : ) That all is coming in the near future. Stay posted!

My messy work desk where this beauty was created,
It's finally Sunny in Seattle : )

With lots of love,



  1. Wow the love necklace is so unique and so beautiful Steph!. But really? they injured your finger at the nail salon? aww I'm sorry. I get that sometimes too where they would cut my nails too short and It would bleed. :(

  2. Yay for sun!! Wow super nice skies today!! I'm living in Honolulu this summer, and I've been looking up at he blue sky everyday, trying to take it all in before i get to cloudy rainy seattle..
    I move up in less than 2 months for UW!!

  3. Hi Steph! Just wanted to let you know I'm absolutely loving the nars blade runner duo I bought from you a while back ♥ ♥

    Oh and chi's keratin mist really works wonders! If you end up hating the spray bottle, I recommend placing the mist in an empty mac fix+ bottle. It gives a much finer spray :)


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