August 26, 2010

Bye Bye Stuff Part 4: NARS and MAC

Hey again : )
I just cleaned my bathroom in preparation for my aunts visit.
I figured it was a good time to pick out some items I want to let go.
Please feel free to take a look see :D

If you're interested in anything you see, feel free to email me at
Shipping is $2 US Only, Please Priority $4.95 is also available if you're interested in USPS Priority Shipping in The US
Also, if you could just do a little intro for example, "Hi, I'm Steph from Seattle, WA" or something like that.
I just like to know your name and where you're from if I don't already know you ^_^

I will be deleting items photos as they get so to avoid confusion : )

Update*** I do have 3 more NARS Duo ...but I'm still debating if I will post them for sale. ***
I'll keep you updated if I do : )

We all love NARS don't we :D Did you know NARS was founded by a makeup artist/photographer named Fran├žois Nars? It's a guy!

Brand new Mini Striptease, Roman Holiday lipsticked used 2x
(I impulsed bought it based on the name!) It's a lavender pink
Both for $18
NARS lipglosses,
Brand New Full Size Striptease
3 Mini's Brand New (I will update with the name soon)
The duo is used 3-4x, (will update with name)
All for $25

2 Coach Lipglosses, will update with name soon
Pink shade, used about 5-6x
Golden shade, used 1x
Both for $25 (I love the packaging!)

Cellopink Lipgelee (Used 4x), and Shift to Pink (super glittery) Used 1x
Both for $20

Bobbi Bown Gel Liner in Sepia Ink (Brown)
Bobbi Brown makes great gel liners, I love the black one.
Never really reach for the brown, but if you're into brown liner definitely give Bobbi Brown a try

Set of 3 MAC Lipsticks
Frew Brew
Pink Nouveau
I Like it Like That (from one of the recent collections, and I have the box)
All for $30
Used no more than 2-3x

MAC Superglass Sweet Tart, used 1x
It's superrrr glittery, very pretty, but not practical for me.

Thanks for stopping by!
Email me if you're interested in any of the following,

Steph : )


  1. Hey Steph, I would like to buy the Nars Orgasm if it is available!

    My name is Stephani, and I am a fairly recent NJ transplant from CA. I bought an infinity circle necklace from you about a year ago, and it is still so pretty!!! I wear it every day and try to take good care of it so it looks brand new to this very day =D

  2. Hey Stefani! Thanks for stopping by, the NARS blush was already sold. I appreciate your comment :)


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