August 14, 2010

Confessions of a Female Asian Gambler.

Currently watching: On the Waterfront with Marlon Brando as I write my confessions ^_^
(remember xanga? They'd always have a currently watching, currently reading, currently listening option to fill in). Maybe one day I'll share my Xanga with you. The high school me used to be quite humorous. :D
Hi everyone :-)
(I just have to show you my new Marcia Moran necklace, I adore it so much! Brazilian jewelry ftw!)

I hope you're enjoy your fabulous weekend. It's been such a nice one across the US.
It's about 90 degrees here in Seattle, sunny & not humid. That's one luxury of Seattle's weather, it never gets humid because we're right near the water & mountains.

It was a perfect day to take my cousin to the Seattle Premium Outlet in Tulalip for the first time.
The Seattle Outlet is about 45 minutes from us, not far at all.

BONUS for me, they have a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet)...which of course carries MAC, and Bobbi Brown at a discounted price (20-30% off). I spent a lil under 2 on some MAC goodies, so much for cutting back on the makeup. They're like drugs to me, and probably to you as well, haha we are "bloggers of beauty" after all. That's our shared interest!

Surprising, I did not pick up any lip products, it was just MSF's & blushes. I did find a MAC Solar Bits in Impassioned, it's gorgeous! I had to pick one up for a friend as well. (Will share soon!) I also picked up the set: Look in a Book: Sun Siren with Bronze MSF, Naked Lunch e/s (I've been wanting MAC eyeshadow in Naked lunch for the longest time), and Amber Lights e/s (I already have, but it doesn't hurt to have another), Zoom Lash Mascara, Mini Kabuki #181SE, and it also came with a Dazzleglass in Get Rich Quick. The whole set was only $41.75. I'll have to do a post on the set soon. I've always wanted to try MAC Bronze.

The following is sin talk, so if you're not into wagers & bets --I would pass on this read!

The Outlet shares a big parking lot with the Tulalip Casino...and because it does...
We naturally found ourselves inside the Tulalip Casino after shopping. Isn't that weird how temptation drives you?

We actually won some money tonight; it was a nice surprise after yesterday's fail. I lost a lil under 2 grand yesterday on the stupid high limit slots at Muckleshoot...they usually never do me wrong! Lucky hasn't been on my side this summer. I've lost quite a bit. I look forward to seeing my win/loss statement next April. I declare that ishh on my personal taxes lol.

But today's winnings paid for half of the goodies Minh & I bought for our greedy selves at the outlet mall.

I'm was surprised by how much Tulalip has changed, they have really upgraded and brought in new slot machines. They even have a $20 bet "Meltdown" slot machine. You know I went gaga over that! Too bad, I couldn't win! I kept trying, and trying..but I ended up failing, and then failing some more. lol But this old man was lucky, he would time his button pressing lol. $20 bet....counts to 10...another $20 bet...counts to 10, so on and so forth. He won a few hundred bucks every other bet. I couldn't even win once after invest $400.

I got lucky today and won $540 on the $1 slots, but it was a 9 credit machine (9 credit = $9 bet, but it's still called a dollar machine because you have the option of betting $1, but it's really pointless to do so because you would win the minimum prize if you do hit a win).

Usually, I'm too much of a slot machine snob to play $1 slots (max bet = $3 on most $1 machines). I'm a $5 + high limit game player (usually the max bet =$15 bet). That's why I was so excited about the $20 slots. The higher the risk, the more interested I get. You never know your luck because it's completely RANDOM. That next hit could win you the jackpot. You could get up and walk away from a slot, and someone else who sits down could win right after you.

What if that first $20 you bet wins you $5 grand? It could happen, and it has happened us...that's why we love the casino haha

My cousin's a newbie at gambling and even he was daring enough to play the $20 machine. My bf thinks I'm the worst influence on anyone not familiar with the casino, gambling, lottery tickets because I make it out to be so much fun (which it is!). But hey...he witnesses my $300-$600 wins these past few times we've been at the casinos together. I think I'm getting to excited talking about the casino...but hey reflect and relate ; )

But for those who don't gamble, you have to understand it's a like wave. You play a machine, win a few hundred or lose a few hundred. You move on, or continue playing, and lose a few hundred..or win a few hundred. So when someone says they won $2k...most of the time they're not honest with themselves or with you. You have to be honest and admit if you had lost on the way getting to that win. Such as today, we have won over $1k, but we lost a lot of money in the process (the whole up and down theory). We left with about $275 in profit. You have to take out the money that you started before you can announce how much you have won. You should keep a mental note & practice your simple math in your head when you're out "playing" or..."working" lol. Money is made SO easy at the casino. It only takes one second to hit a jackpot :P

Go big or go home! I also live by the...don't leave until you win rule. lol
It goes the same with the stuffed animal claw machines at the grocery stores. I'm kick ass at those games. My best friend from college and I used to have over 50 stuffed animals stuffed in his apartment closest. haha, we ended up donating them all because what are we going to do will a bunch of stuffed animals after we moved? lol. So yeah...prior to casinos...I played a lot of games that cost money as well. It's just part of me. I like to put money out there and see what I can get in return.

Minh likes to play the $1 slots and be the old man that he is..and patiently wait for a win. I like instant win or lose, move on! It's more thrilling that way, but I also probably have a gambling problem or one developing. Did you know one of my friends now lives in Vegas? He's a tax attorney out that way. He tells me stories of all these real life pimps that come by his office with their honey's. lol I can't wait to visit him. I've been to Vegas multiple times but only one of the times was I of age. The last time I was in Vegas I was dirt poor. The next time I visit, I'm going to live large...or larger than I did last time! haha

At least I know when to leave a slot machine or the casino in when my daily limit has been reached on all my debit cards. hahaha. Never do cash advance on credit cards btw. It's NOT good, and you will find yourself with a 20%+ interest rate (actually probably higher now-a-days). lol. But that's just my experience as a dumb college student, part time weekend casino enthusiast. It took me forever to pay that ishh off without telling my rents. My parents know my ways, but they just let me make my own mistakes. Once my dad came a cross one of my bank statements..and he had a talk with me about credit card cash advances at the casino haha.
He thinks I'm pretty gutsy. I think I got that from him. He enjoys gambling, but my mom monitors his gambling like a hawk!

I used to be able to withdraw $1k on one of my debit cards, but I ended that two weeks's just too reckless especially if I visit a casino say...twice in one weekend.
My blog should seriously be called Confessions of a Female Asian Gambler.
You know the X-men Gambit? I wanted to name my dog that...but Minh..NO
I don't know why I'm so open about talking about the casino, it's usually something people like to "hide." Why not be true to yourself? People are going to judge, but it's my cash money, I spend it the way that makes me smile. I'm sure there are casino go-er's out there who may come across this and give me a few pointers. I'd appreciate that! Like what's the best way to get comps, or the most out of being a casino guest?

Anyone who has anything negative to say about gambling would definitely change their mind if they spend an evening with me at a casino :D I'll make you smile, I promise. Ask my college friends! If not the gambling part, it's definitely the drinks & making friends with strangers next to you at a 3 card poker table. ^_^

I could go on for days talking about $, slot machines, and $

But back to the outlet shopping, we stopped by Burberry as always, and I just find the Burberry Outlet (both here in Seattle, and the one in Michigan City) to be hilarious. It's so unorganized, messy, and just feels so TACKY!
All these handbags are indeed marked down, but the mark down price is $600+
How can they just pile one bag on top of another or hang them so tastelessly =/
The ambiance in there was just terrible. The only good finds are ties for men, which are around $84-$89 (outlet price). Pretty much what I get the men in my family for Christmas lol. It's so easy, but so nice at the same time. Burberry does a good job with ties in my opinion. For some reason Burberry ties remind me a lot of J.Crew colors but more muted.
I don't own a Burberry bag, and I probably won't ever get one because of the image the Burberry Outlet has instilled in my mind! One of my bf's clients works for Burberry's warehouse & he doesn't get that big of a discount, but I can tell you that his wife has a lot of Burberry goodies! Just a random fact lol.
They did have a great selection of trench coats, raincoats, and jackets.
I unbuttoned it but it looked really nice when it was buttoned properly, original price was $1175, the outlet price was about $579 (not shabby!).
Made in England said the tag.
I like to look at the tags in detail just because we spent so much time in merchandising class learning everything possible about the meaning of clothing tags lol.

Not gonna lie, the Burberry baby clothes were the best! Everything was so cute!!! Especially little girl dresses. I would love to have a little girl one day to dress her up all pretty.
But I think I would like to have a boy first. The idea of having a big brother is so cute since I never had one. To all you girls out there with big brothers, I'm envious!

In shopping news, we picked up 4 polo's from Lacoste for Minh, they had a spend over $125 and get $25 off your purchase sale going on. The traditional polo's were around $54 each outlet price, original $89+, so not to bad. If you're in the market for Lacoste, the outlet is the way to go! I will spend whatever money for my boyfriend not to look like a slob outside of work.
He wears a suit and tie everyday for work, even on Fridays. BUT once he gets's the same pair of Express jeans (he has 3 pairs of the SAME exact style) & a shirt that is dated prehistoric times (sometimes too short on him and it shows his under shirt 0_o". I always ask him why he doesn't just get a pair of designer jeans since he'd so get his money's worth out of wearing the same pair over...but he says his ass is too big for designer duds. lol, his waist line isn't that big, but his ass is extra large. I just want to kick him in the bum.

His old polo's were driving me nuts, he still has this faded red polo from Old Navy since college..he keeps calling it "vintage" and I'm like whatever it's called shrunk & a rag! I'll have to show you a picture sometime. I'm transitioning Minh's casual wardrobe over to J.Crew, Lacoste, and BR. He's kind of good with wearing whatever I buy for him. Anytime I show him someone new he goes "OOooOoh." He likes presents (and so do I occasionally douchelord). I've been calling him d-lord lately just because I learned this awesome new word from my friend Kendall. lol.

Anyhow...I wonder what shirt I would have to buy him to talk him out of wearing fraternity t-shirts 0_o. He's 27 now...undergrad was how long ago? How does one talk her bf out of fraternity. "-_-

I shouldn't be the one to talk bad on anyone about their clothes since I'm constantly in sweats haha since I work from home! LOL
But I did take advantage of the sale at Aritzia in Bellevue & bought myself 2 pairs of Citizen of Humanity Jeans & a pair of Rock & Republic : ) I want to make an effort and dress normal for once. I'm such a slob most days. (Ask my little sister). lol Who just passed her driving test yesterday!!! Yay! Congrats lil Nguyen. She posted this comment on my Facebook today,
Doesn't she have a sense of humor? I aint scurred of you Goolia, lol.

Back to my pantalones,
I just need to take them to get altered because of course, surprise surprise they're too long on me. In Michigan, I would just take them to my great aunt (she's not that old...our family heirachy is just weird), she's a seamstress for a department store. She does such an amazing job on jeans, she keeps the original hem. I guess I will just have to ask around for a good place to fix my pantalones. (pantalones = pants in Spanish) :D I took 5 years of Spanish in school, so I use it in daily life and my bf doesn't get it cause he studied French not realizing that Spanish would be more valuable in his profession today. haha sucka

So yeah... moving on.

We went to Pho Than Brothers for lunch earlier today on Broadway (rainbow pride area).
It was my first time eating there.
Rumor has it, Pho Than Bro's brought pho to Seattle (the "original")

They give you free cream puffs & water right when you sit down.
I thought that was generous : )
They were pretty good!
A medium bowl of pho is only $5.75.
I love tripe in my pho, but those bubbles look a bit mysterious! hahaha
Good deal, but my favorite is still Pho Cyclo just because I love how delicious the pho is, and how chill & modern the restaurant is with a trendy mural of the streets of Saigon.

The owner of Pho Cyclo is also an attorney in Seattle, his wife has a passion for cooking.
Minh's legal secretary & her husband (my CPA) who is also named Wally is friends with the husband & wife that owns Pho Cyclo so we found out some fun facts about the creators of our favorite pho place in Seattle. They live in a 4,000 square foot home. lol. Minh & I are such nosy people, we just love learning about people we admire in the local area. We wouldn't mind hanging out with an older crowd because they have yacht's! :D

My bf told my cousin today while we were shopping that I just wear gray and black, and that I'm pretty much goth. (I went through a punk/goth/emo stage in high school, but then again who didn't?) I told him whatever, and asked him what color my new watch is? & made it known that my bag is white!

For myself, I actually picked up a nice black dress (haha maybe Minh's right) from the J.Crew Outlet it was $10 off so I got it for $58 woohoo. Then I picked up 3 cardigans & 2 summery tops (Minh suggested a white cardigan..since I was dying to buy the gray one). lol I secretly added it at checkout. mawhaha. Shopping at the Ann Taylor Outlet, I felt like such a grown up. I think my mom is most sad that I don't have a "real" go to work job where I get to dress up and have co-workers. lol

I became so inspired by my awesome new friend Jean of, and my attorney friend Danielle who both love Ann Taylor. I figured I'd start at the outlet lol. (I actually used to wear Ann Taylor since my mom bought my clothes when I was in high school..then one day my best friend goes..did you know that's for old people.) Then I gave it all to my aunt who was my size. LOL. I was telling Minh & Khoa that story as I was shopping. They both were good shoppers followed me around and waited patiently as I tried on some clothes :D

My friend Danielle (who deserves a bf who waits on her hand and foot!) LIVES to wear new Ann Taylor clothes every other week, if not every week. lol She's always excited about their dresses. And I'm like..."yay!" but couldn't really relate since I don't shop there! lol But now I can semi-relate ^_^

(I sound like I hoard attorney friends don't I? Well..I DO & I have some in my family, and I have even met 2 attorney beauty bloggers through blogspot ^_^) I collection them like I did Pokemon cards too, and introduce the single ones to my friends! My bf told me one of his buddies keeps asking if I have any cute friends lol. Well..DO I? Single ladies in the Seattle area looking for a 28 year old lawyer friend...let me know. He's Viet, and has a good personality, and dresses well. I'll send you pics lol. My friend in Vegas (tax attorney) Taiwanese, 27, also needs a gf, he loves the Twilight series, and dancing (think tango). :D

Why are these guys single? ...hmm because they just haven't met you yet! DUH

Some days I wish I was a lawyer so I can feel a sense of self-entitlement, but NAH, what I do is way cooler! :P

But now back to me and my fabulous new watch that is NOT ceramic, but a wannabe.
My Michael Kors watch arrived last week, and I'm so happy with it now that I've gotten it fitted.
Remember I picked it up during the last day of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?
It retailed for $225, I only paid around $129 + tax
I keep my watches where I keep my lipglosses?
Yup! so I can grab for them easier, and not forget to put one on
This is my tiny watch collection that consists of 3 watches (well..I have 4, missing is my Chococat watch from a McDonalds Happy Meal!
I hardly wear watches, but I want to start wearing them more.
On the left Guess (old skool!!! Freshman year high school mangggg, I think it was $60 and the first real expensive thing I ever had bought myself). Sadly, it's scratch : /

G-G-G-G -unit! I love 50. Always have, and always will!
Plus, I love Vin Diesel, I have a thing for big muscle-y men :D
"Everyone woman needs a super man"
But then...I like guys like Michael Buble & Joshy Groban too...
My taste varies. lol

Back to watches,
Second is an Emporio Armani (Minh & I have matching his & hers)
& of course my latest, and greatest addition to the collection
It has two rows of those shiny lil things I live for!
My cousin says I'm so Kanye. lol
Well, one day when I get my Rolex, he better recognize my Rick Ross, the BOSS style.
"Time will tell, Rolex watches"
You all know I'm a Rick Ross fan right? It's my motivation jam!

Since I was talking pictures near my perfumes, I figured I'd post a lil bit on my favorites lately.
I recently picked up Chloe, I've been wanting it for the longest time!
It smells very pretty, and I just love the bottle, the little ribbon on it makes it look so classy. Like a woman wearing a pretty scarf around her neck. : )

My Top 3! (in no specific order)
D&G Light Blue (who doesn't love this?)
Marc Jacob Daisy, I picked up the Green LE bottle a while back ^_^
Daisy is my favorite hand down!
YSL Parisienne is amazing as well, close 2nd.
I also do like Versace Bright Crystal, but that is in my room back in Michigan.

I don't have Miss Dior Cherie with me either that one is tied for #1 with Daisy!
Seriously, Miss Dior Cherie is amazing. It's the only perfume I had in my dorm room for 4 straight years. It's the smell everyone remembers me by...haha yeah right.
I don't have that many perfumes here since it was fresh start when I moved.

Michael Kors Hollywood smells very good as well, but it's a newer one for me just like Chloe. That was a gift from Nonners for Christmas or my birthday haha, since we're childhood friend we're allowed to not remember things like that. The only important thing is that she ordered a coffee from a drive thru and then realized she didn't have any money on her and DROVE OFF. lol
Next time, I want a masion. You better write that down & not forget!
Thank you woman! I have a mini sample bottle of it too that I got from Sephora :D :D :D
In the back is one of the Juicy Couture was really pretty at the store, but smells too sweet for my liking. I'm more into fresh floral & citrus.

The bottle is really cute though, haha that's part of the appeal! It's the 3.4 oz too, would anyone be interested in it (for $50..? probably not but it's worth a try!) I paid $87 (without tax) for it. If so let me know...even though it's probably illegit to mail perfume through the mail internationally, so US only if you would : ) I mean I wouldn't mind keeping it, the bottle is pretty and it makes my collection look a big larger :D

I also have been using my Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palette a lot lately. It's so easy for a quick out the door look.

The getting ready process, makeup almost done, no lipgloss yet, nor fluffed up hair. lol
(hair and earrings make such a big difference)
I did straighten my hair though (imagine how much more ugly I could look if I didn't yet straighten my hair). I'll leave that to your imagination ;D
Such simple boring makeup now-a-days, I just added a MAC lip gelee on top of my YSL Rouge Volupte #1, I honestly thinkg YSL lipsticks look terrible without a gloss on top. They're just weird..and weird smelling. But the packaging is KILLER awesome.

I also used Dior Show Mascara today and it was such a fail lol
I think it's drying up! I've only used it twice. It makes me so mad!!!
That's what I get for buying a ton of mascaras and NOT using them in time. I always seem to gravitate toward drugstore mascaras. As much as I wanna be a mascara snob, I suck at it.

I'm getting lash extensions sometime next week at Swink's Style Bar (it's across the street from my building), I'll let you know how it goes. They say it's $150...but that's probably for the basic.

I read a few comments regard the negatives to extensions, & Latisse but I want to try them at least once in my life so I can experience the process. One of my friends got extensions and her lashes were so whispy and gorgeous! Nonner, you need to use your Latisse and let me know how it goes, or I'm going to fly over and steal it from you.
It doesn't really get more basic =/
I used to do such dramatic makeup...but bf thinks I look mean with lots of eye makeup so that was discouraging, thanks douchelord.
I used to have 8 YSL lipsticks, but now I'm down to 4 tubes...I know I sold one...
3 are missing haha probably somewhere in my room.

I just felt like taking pictures of things in the local lipgloss area since I was already talking pictures of the watches. :D

Pretty much for the makeup/eyes..eyeshadows from the UD Naked palette ~ Virgin, Toasted, Buck, and the Zero Black eyeliner. No falsies because it's hot out! lol
I've been wearing my circle lenses almost everyday since I'm out of my Acuvue! AHH
But going to the eye doctor tomorrow : )
Add some bling & bigger hair and you got a simple everyday out the door lazy person look.
My eyebrows need a better shape, the lady who threaded them didn't seem to care too much she just did her thing lol.

Minh's suggestion is that I brighten up my wardrobe and hide all the black stuff, so what a better way to start than a nude pair of Christian Louboutin's? I've been eying the "Simple Pump," they're one of the more affordable pairs of CL's, and just a classic, not too high of a heel either. Plus, I want to look taller! My first pair of CL's are the leopard print peep toe (which I love and cherish) but they're...probably NOT appropriate for an Indian wedding lol. The last thing I want to do is offend anyone's momma's.

We're going to his friend's wedding next weekend and I think these shoes would go so well with the dress I'm going to pick to go with them! haha

I'm going to check out Nordstrom & Barney's tomorrow to see if they have my size.
I wear a size 8 or 38 in CL's since they do run small. I also wear an 8 in Tory Burch as well.
But I'm 7 and 1/2 for other shoes such as gym shoes. It sucks to wear the most common (average) American size. It's so darn hard to find the shoe you want without it being out of stock, or sold out. I think I'm going to start a CL shoe collection just because your shoe size doesn't often change. I think I'm such a purse & shoes girls because those sizes never change! lol
It makes up for my current lack of gorgeous figure. Makeup's like my "mask."
My mom never understood why I never cared as much about my body image as I did with my makeup. To be honest, I don't know why I'm not a fitness freak. My younger sister is..why didn't I get that gene? I so want to share with you my weight, but I don't want to have my relatives come across it and then start a shit ton of rumors. Viet families are douche-y like that.

But hopefully I will win this weight gain battle once and for all and blog my experience because I have been "struggling" with weight gain after I met my bf...I cannot believe it's almost been 3 years.

I know working out & eating right is the best way to feel good about one self, but why don't I find myself eager to hit the gym?

Minh was just saying how he misses my salads. (I make a killer olive oil, honey dijon dressing). :P Even my friend Marisa texts me for the recipe lol. She's only had my dressing once!

We've been eating a lot of meat lately. He wants us to cut out the red meat once my cousin leaves (in 4 days). Khoa's been here for almost 3 weeks now : ) I've enjoyed his company greatly. He's one of my favorite cousins out of 30+ cousins! lol. Maybe I'll force myself to watch Food Inc. 5 times over, and read The Jungle. lol
Watching Super Size me really did help me not eat McDonalds for at least a year. After seeing cartoon images of how chicken heads are cut off in a machine...I was like see you later chicken mcnugget meal! It was nasty. And I recommend that documentary to everyone! It's funny to see his relationship struggles with his gf too once he gained extra weight. LoL, aka performance problems. But I'll leave more of those juicy details for him & his gf to share with you in Super Size me! Watch it!

These are mine!
"I must guard my toys from Timmy!"
Both of my boys are good at listening to my commands, especially "Look at Me"
It's the best thing to teach your pup! It shows that they are paying attention to you lol
Wally's my good boy, he just a super friendly dog that would get along with anyone & everything!
They're laundry thieves, they scope out what's near the washer/dryer and steal it and go running down the hall lol. I can't believe they dragged Minh's pj pants into the living room.
Minh's so damn hairy for an Asian, wth
Someone give me some Nad's lol
Timmy's a daddy's boy. lol
He's always trying to jump up on the couch to sit with Minh
Minh put a frikken DSK sticker on Timmy, lol.
Timmy had no idea he had a sticker on his head.
"Can I chew up this box pleasseeeee?"
He LOVES to hide under the couch, sometimes he sleeps under it lol
My Timmy, he grows on me
He's so cute sometimes : )
Wally's going to grow out of that bed before we know it! The vet predicts the boys are going to be 10lbs full grown
They chewed up my favorite pair of J.Crew flip flops! Sighh

Anyhow, this was probably the most random, casino lover blog post ever.
It's almost 4am, and I have to get up tomorrow for puppy training. AHhhh FML
At least we're going to have Sue, as our instructor tomorrow, she's the nice one. The other trainer is a major douchelord. lol aka, lord of all the douches out there.

I need to stop using that, but I'm just super obsessed with the joy I get out of calling someone a douchelord. Thanks a lot Kendall, haha you made my week more awesome by teaching me new vocab. ^_^

Have a great Sunday everyone!
I leave you with Michael Buble youtube clips!!!
If we're going to be friends you better watch! : )

Michael on Rachael Ray

Michael on David Letterman



  1. hehe there is nothing wrong with being a shoe & purse girl ^_^

  2. *high five* sister! :-) Purses and shoes will be the highlight of my life

  3. Haha, I enjoyed reading your post this morning! :D I had never been to a casino until last month after my cousin's wedding. My family and I were in Atlantic City for a few hours before going home and I've never seen a place with soooooooooo many machines (we were in hotel Tropicana =D )! They were so tempting, but I never tried one :o Perhaps one day I will - who knows, I could get lucky! :D

    Thanks for sharing your collection :) I love the watches! I've never been to a Burberry store; I'd love to own a purse :D

    And now you're making me want to try Pho; I've never had it and I'd like to try something new! :D

  4. I love your posts lol! You and Minh crack me up. :) And hey, if you want to gamble, I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm going to wear your bracelet to Vegas this week hoping some of your luck rubbed off on it! :D I'm a weaksauce gambler lol so I need all the luck I can get.

    I try to update my bf's wardrobe too. Usually unsuccessful.. except for when I pay for them. Then he does what Minh does, "Ooohhh thanks hun!". >>

    My current favorite perfume is Chloe. :) My bf doesn't like it at much as Parisienne, but screw him. I can't stop using Chloe!

    Love for your puppies. ^^

  5. I loveee the michael buble videos at the end of your post! hahah

  6. Oooh I love this post, it has everything! I sent you an email :)

  7. pho cyclo is yum, but try pho bac, it's next to viet wah at china town. they only sell pho, the menu were sticked on the wall. looks very ghetto, but the pho is the best ;D

  8. ooooo cute shoes!! i hope they're comfy :)


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