August 16, 2010

Bakery Nouveau, West Seattle

Hey all, I just wanted to do a quick show & tell about one of my favorite French Bakeries in Seattle.

Minh & I stumbled across Bakery Noveau one day after walking the dog around Alki Beach.
I've been back 2 time since for their famously delicious macaroon's (or macaron's) however you prefer to spell it. :)

They have yummy French Baguettes & croissants too! I love my bread & butter lol.
My aunt influenced me a lot as a child growing up with delicious pate, and spreads she'd bring back from Paris. She used to even "smuggle" salami lol. (You're not supposed to bring meats or cheese from other countries into the US).

Anyhow, time for some pictures! (most of my photos are from my Blackberry...since I don't carry around any cameras...I have 2 SLR's and 4 point shoots ...I can't find any memory cards or memory sticks! I lose them all.
Bakery Nouveau
4737 California Avenue Southwest
Seattle, WA 98116-4412
(206) 923-0534

Funny there's a street called California here & it's their busy street.
They have the prettiest desserts

Macaron galore! They're $1.50 each
The variety changes from time to time
From bottom left, Lavender, Margarita (nasty), Banana, Rasberry

My Macaroon Haul,
We don't normally visit West Seattle, but when we have visiting guests we head out there to bring these tasty lil things home. : )

Now a few pictures from the Seattle Aquarium. I've been here twice now.
Tickets are $17 for Adults
Elliot's Bay is so pretty

Around Pike's
Gimme a yacht!
Restaurants along the pier
One of the ferries that we were on to get to Bremerton
Fur Seal!
I wonder if the starfish get annoyed being touched all the time. lol

Two of my most favorite pieces I've made with Starfish : )
Sea Urchin, they feel rubbery because it's actually their lil stingers sticking to your skin
River Otters asleep : ) & sucking on his/her foot!
Giant Puffer Fish!
Salmon babies!
River Otter asleep with his foot in his mouth! lol
It's funny that we pet starfishies because that day, the "random fact" on our daily elavator bulletin says,
Did You Know....Starfish don't have brains (in green). lol!

This daily bulletin is how I get my daily dose or random facts, Seattle news, and the weekly weather. I love where I live sometimes. Our concierge team is super friendly, and some actually even live here so they make our building community very pleasant with fun facts, and even share their sense of humor in the bulletins. :D

Prior to the Aquarium, I took my cousin Khoa to one of my favorite seafood restaurants along the pier.
The Crab Pot, where eating is made fun! You'd get a bib & a wooden doesn't get much more fun. : )

I love the corn! & their seasoning spices
There's nothing more fun than eating right along the water
In case you wanted the address : )

Cooked Oyster
My cousin Khoa who's visiting from Michigan.
He leaves tomorrow night already
I got bored and started pounding on the shells, I'm sure our waitress appreciated that. lol
Don't worry, I tip well.
Oyster shooter & a mojito
Before & After
You throw all your shells in the bowl that the food arrived.
The waitress pours all the seafood out on the table, and then puts the bowl on the ground for you.

I haven't really gone out to that many seafood restaurants since I'm not that big of a seafood eater. My lil sister go the seafood gene, I got the meat gene. lol
My mom said she always craved BK's Whoppers while she was prego's with me.

Random Photo of the Day:
Man walking with a lot of balloons lol
We live right near a balloon shop, so it's always interesting to randomly see what comes out. lol


  1. The desserts looks soooo yummy! I love the colors of the macaroons, they're like Easter eggs :D ...and now you've got me hunger for seafood - what I'd do to eat all that, lol!

    The aquarium looks so neat! I want to pet a starfish, and it's interesting that they don't have brains... I love your bracelets - the blue one below is my fave of the two but both are lovely, as always :)

    P.S. I love that sleeping otter. There's no otter one like this one :) xoxo

  2. That otter was too cute. Aquarium trips are fun!
    Haha that's funny about your Mom. My Mom said she always craved Big Mac's from McDonald's when she was preggers with me. =D

  3. I love bakeries and aquariums!

  4. lol I sound really simple. It doesn't take much to make me happy it seems.

  5. @Aradani, lol me too. Little things make me smile ^_^

  6. looking at all those desserts makes me drool lol...

  7. Wah, how come I don't have cute bakeries like that here?! The macaroons look so good! I need to do some serious exploring :)

    p.s. I just learned something about starfish today too in my PCAT book lol! Starfish can regenerate if they sever an arm, and a starfish can regenerate an entire body from a lost arm if it has part of its central disc. Sounds crazy to me!

  8. Seattle is the one city I want to visit but havent had the chance to go day...

  9. Hi Steph! : )

    I always love your posts about food. The bakery looks so yummy and so does the seafood! I wish we had something like that in Philly.

    I just relaunched my blog! I just wanted to drop by and say hi and to let you know.

  10. OMG OTTER POST! yEsss! go back and take more pics <3


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