August 18, 2010

Obama was across the street from us!

President Obama was at a luncheon at the Westin hotel across the street from our building yesterday....sooo we camped out on the terrace to hope to catch a glimpse of his motorcade : )
Which we did see! I taped a video, but I haven't been able to upload it on Youtube. =/
Scrap that! I got it to work :D
It was so cool to see the roads being blocked off from up above & all the people waiting.

There were a bunch of protesters outside...but they were on the wrong side, haha he came out the opposite end.
They started to block off the road here
News crew & police truck
The Westin is the cylinder building (there are actually two towers)
The Westin Hotel, where Twi-Con is going to be held in January!
I have a feeling Edward & Jacob will be here...I mean it's Seattle! They have to!
Our resident terrace on the 8th floor
You can see the space needle from here too, everyone says it's hoppin' out here on New Year's Eve.
Minh's work right next door
He can see me sometimes when I'm outside ^_^
I've never used the grill, but tons of people grill and eat dinner out here.
Everyone likes to bring out a bottle of wine, or have a beer out here with friends.

The US Federal Courthouse building view from the dog terrace on the side of the building

Doggie terrace that you've seen before
Doggie's bathroom
Across from the dog terrace is Hotel Max
Charlotte's Web!
Door to the people terrace

Dogs aren't allowed in the people terrace, but everyone brings their dog out here with them anyways lol

The terrace was definitely one of the reasons why we wanted to live here, it's just gorgeous and relaxing. Almost like being on vacation. If only I had more friends to chill with out here.

My cousin Khoa got lucky because it was his last day & Seattle was all cheerful to have Obama visit. We sat out there for an hour watching the crowds.
It's still super funny to me that he wasn't even on that side.
We had no idea that so many events take place at the Westin. There's always something going on. I mean...Twlight Convention is going to be there!
His motorcade came out on this side

See the motorcycle cops? There weren't that many people on the side hahaha
New team unite!
More terrace, it was such a pretty day. I couldn't help taking a million pictures since I never take out my camera. (It would be super awkward to take pictures while people were sunbathing lol)

The sun does shine in Seattle in the Summer!
Yesterday was proof!

We even have a fountain lol

The building

Now taking you inside the lounge, it's a little dated, but still nice
We honestly never even use it...
My dad does when he visits, he likes to sit and relax down there
We have a mini library/study room : )
Take a book/leave a book system

I'm so tempted to donate some of Minh's old bulky law books..they take up space in my apartment!

There's a game room in here too, but I didn't have my access key with me to open it.

There's a full kitchen & dining table (not pictured b/c some lady was on her laptop).
Great for when guests visit.
See the lady on the right? lol I didn't want her to think I was checking her out.
Hallway to the gym, conference room, business center, computer lab.
Free printer!!! Color too! : D

Quick pic of the pool, there's a really pretty glass wall down the hall, but kids were swimming so I didn't want to be a creeper. There's even patio furniture in there to chill.
This is the window you see when you go to take the dog out..can't miss people in the jacuzzi 0_0
8th floor elevator lobby

Here's a glimpse of the gym
You need your access card to enter, resident guests are welcome : )
View from the gym on the 8th floor also
It's kind of nice to run & look out
Someone definitely donated this lol. The most perverted gym equipment ever lol
You ride it like a horse and it vibrates hahhaa
There's also a sauna near the pool that I failed to photograph
They have men & women locker rooms too, but who really need to use them when you live in the building.
The gym is most busy at night time. During the day everyone's at work
Then there's a "yoga room" or that's what I call it because there are two yoga classes that you can sign up for
I love the mirror, it reminds me of a dance studio that I see on MTV haahha
Spin bikes & someone definitely must have donated that hula hoop!
My mom has 2 of those back home. lol She claims it pounds away all her fat.
I hope that was kind of fun for you to see what the building's lounge areas look like.

Now for my latest haul

Sun Siren! I found this at CCO for $41.50 :D
Great price!

I wanted this for Naked Lunch eyeshadow
It also came with Amber Light eyeshadow, MAC Bronzer, Mini Zoom Lash, and Get Rich Quick Dazzleglass

I am SO happy with this set. I've always wanted Naked Lunch & MAC Bronze
It even comes with a small 181 kabuki brush
Naked Lunch & Amber Lights on bare skin (I'm MAC NC40)

Then....I went to Tacoma with Minh because he had court hearings.
My cousin and I tagged along since it was his last day and he hasn't yet experienced the "Tacoma Aroma." Tacoma is kind of not as nice as Seattle say it nicely.
I took him to the Tacoma Mall (do you all remember the Tacoma Mall Shooting back in 2005?) Yup, it's that mall! It's quite nice though, and growing. F21 and H&M are moving in this Fall.

We had and hour to kill so my cousin ended up in the Apple store, and I just went shopping.

This is my "Tacoma Mall Haul" :D
It was my first time visiting LOFT without my mom haha
She loves Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft (I think most Asian women like to shop there since I saw a few Viet moms browsing around)
To my surprise...they had just marked down their whole entire sale section.

EVERYTHING was $4.88
I picked up 6 dresses, 5 skirts, 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 3 belts, and at least 8 tops!
I bought some dresses for my mom and aunt as well. I couldn't believe my eyes, they had dresses marked down from $69 to $4.88!
The sale associate told me that they had just marked everything down the day before.

I was talking to Danielle (in NYC) about the sale and she couldn't believe it. She says all she saw at her Loft store was the 30% off regular price.

Then it came to me yesterday...I was shopping in Tacoma. lol
I doubt I'd be able to find the $4.88 sale in Seattle since there's heavy foot traffic here.
Minh's glad that I'm deciding to start wearing "grown up" clothes. That way we won't look too stupid at lunch when he's in a suit & tie and I'm just in street clothes (just think hoodie).

See $4.88!!! Do you believe me now Danielle? lol
I thought this belt was really cute, I love the mother of pearl

Prior to hoarding at Loft, I was shopping around in Sephora.
I left with a Dr. Brandt set. I've been wanting to try Dr. Brandt's pores no more after watching Leina Baby's review. The full size was $45, but this set with the cleanser, and pore effect cream was also $45. I figured I'd try the set out.

I also been wanting to try the YSL Effet Faux Cils mascara.
We have a wedding to go to this weekend, so it was the perfect excuse to try this highly hyped mascara. I tried to make an appointment for lash extensions at Swink, but I couldn't get an appointment in until August 31. = /
Wedding is Saturday, so I asked to be put on a waiting list in case anyone cancels.

I picked up two of my favorite VS bra's. I like "lined perfect coverage" style
I really like the leopard print one b/c it has a pink lace trim : )

Then in non-bra related news...I caught Timmy & Wally chewing up our WALL!
FML, there goes my pet deposit & deposit PLUS some... = /

Update* Went to Costco tonight & found out they now carry Givenchy lipglosses :) They're $18.99 each, and I counted a total of 4 different shades : )
I was tempted, but I passed. ::was so proud of self!::
Instead I spent $16.99 on 100 puppy pads lol


  1. OMG! A bajillion pictures and I loved everyone! Haha great post! :D

  2. thank for the DSK Crib tour steph! you have really nice amenities, haha good call on not taking a pic of the kids swimming in the pool ;)

    great haul the marked down prices are crazy! im jealous! havent been to a "super" sale in a while. hahaha

  3. Wowzers that sale was a total jackpot!

    Oh yeah when my first dog was a puppy she did the same thing except she actually chewed a hole in the wall. I have no idea how she did it but puppies are so devious!

    You have such a gorgeous view and tons of stuff to do there. I bet your cousin had a good time :)

  4. great space Steph, I'm so jealous lol ;)

  5. awww you got the YSL Effet Faux Cils mascara. I really want to try that mascara out too.. tell me how you like it? :]

  6. I love your terrace! We have one in our condo as well ( i live in downtown Toronto) but it not nearly as nice and worst of all they don't allow pets :(... my puppy is very sad :(
    Also wanted to say i looovvvee ur pups! they are adorable! I have a 10 week old Mal-Shi and i love him to death :) did you potty train ur pups to go outside yet? i find that it's so tough once you get them trained to go on a pee pad.
    Hope we can share puppy stories in the future! :)
    You have an awesome blog!!

  7. hahah you always have so many pics! Lots of goodies! xo

  8. you're highrise is effing beautiful! im damn jealous ahaha i wish to live there at such a young age

  9. you're highrise is effing beautiful! im damn jealous ahaha i wish to live there at such a young age

  10. your highrise is effing beautiful!! im damn jealous ahah


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