August 20, 2010

"Send Me the Bill"

My boyfriend and I took the elevator down to the parking garage to get my car...
He sees a yellow sticky note on our window that read.....
Looks like Michael scratched up my car! lol
After some stalking, I learned a lot about Michael...
He lives in a $1.46 million dollar home near the water....
He's was a senior attorney for the top law firm in Seattle..
the Vice President of another company...but now retired.
He is also a Harvard law grad...and Yale grad.

Talk about successful!
My car probably hurt his more than anything lol.
I can only imagine what he drives...
Minh & were joking about it all tonight after we put the pieces together.
He probably parked at our building to go to the Federal Court House since it's right next door.

I wasn't too upset about my car because I knew it was bound to happen living downtown.
Our parking garage is 7 floors, and the parking is pretty tight. We pay a good $125/month to park too. But it is part of the whole downtown living experience. Nothing is "free."

Michael seems like a really nice man. I was more happy that someone hit my car and left a note than anything. I was pretty much smiling because I can't believe someone would be so friendly.
If I was in Michigan..there's no way in hell anyone would have left a thing. lol
But then again...our parking garage has cameras ...time to review the tape! jkjk

But I live in a good area, and Seattle is full of friendly people. : )

I think this makes me like Emerald City a lil bit more. ^_^

My poor car was just parked and minding it's own business ...
She's an old girl now tho.. 1999 Lexus ES 300
But still..I've kept her in mint condition...
I get her detailed...
But everything happens for a reason.
Maybe Minh & I will gain a new friend out of this lol
Thank you Michael for your honesty :D

Good thing I didn't get the Porsche yet!
Or else, I think I'd be in a world of pain.
I'm just going to hoard my money until my Mom says I can spend it freely lol

The Porsche is delayed until I have a home with my own car garage (hopefully in California!).
I'm glad I listened to my parents, they think more logically. Mom does at least. haha
My Dad is pretty supportive when it comes to spending.
He lets me make all my mistakes.

A lot of big decisions are coming up for the bf & me.

Oh, commitments.


  1. I know I said this on Twitter, but I'm so sorry about your car, hon! However, that was really nice of Micheal to leave you a note; I think it's a wonderful sign of not just kindess but also integrity - I admire that!

    Since receiving my new care in April after my car accident (in the previous month), I'm trying to keep my car in awesome condition. It's such a gorgeous car :) You'll get your Porsche soon - good things come to those who wait!

    And whatever lies ahead of you in the future, you'll do great :)

  2. It makes me feel happy inside to see such a kind stranger!

  3. Wow, a note.. A similar thing happened to my brother, and someone let a note too, but didn't offer the bill. HAHA. That is nice! And he even said "send me the bill". Sucks about the car though.

  4. If only everyone portray their kindness & honesty the world would be a better place :D

  5. haha, wow. so glad he left a note. i rmbr at my highschool, some girl hit our band instructor's car and wrote her name but no contact info. d'oh!


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