August 22, 2010

YSL Mascara, Gucci, Chanel Hoard

Why Hello Ladies : )

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my first experience with the YSL Faux Cils Mascara I mentioned in my previous post.

I was VERY happy with this buy. I've always been a big fan of Lancome Mascaras, more specifically, the Lancome Definicils Mascara. My mom got me started by giving me my very own little sample while I was in high school. ^^

I have tried over 20 mascaras, but not one really stood out or compared to the Definicils.
I always just went back to Lancome for my mascara. Even Fiberwig & Majolica Majorca Lash Expander didn't stand out that much to me. I'm pretty lazy with my mascara on a normal day. I don't take time to coat (and re-coat) each and every lash. The Definicils always has just done wonders with one or two quick coats. Now I can same the exact same for the YSL mascara. Not only does it give you almost instant dramatic results --it' gives you the blackest black mascara imo (in my opinion).

The YSL really impressed me with the lack of clump after say 5 coats LOL
It really "fans" out my lashes (again imo).
Overall, I am very impressed by YSL Faux Cils Mascara.
It gets two thumbs up from me!
I had it on all weekend, went shopping, then to a did NOT smudge..or rub off.
My lashes did not feel dry, not once.

Sometimes with the Lancome mascara it does feel dry or stiff during the day. The YSL mascara allows your lashes to feel flexible : )
I'm touching them right now just to double check ^^
Who needs falsies when I got my YSL :D
I'd rather spend the $30 on the YSL mascara over their $34 Rouge Volupte lipstick any day.
I found it at Sephora (gotta earn those Beauty Insider points, you know!), but I know that you can pick this up at most department stores.
Or even online

As you can see, not really any clumps
My lower lashes have never stood out so much
(eye close-ups are always creepy, sorry!)

Just my naked lashes curled. As you can bottom eyeliner totally drowned out my lower lashes. But NOT after I used the YSL mascara.
You could never tell I had all those lower lashes if it wasn't for the YSL mascara!

I would say results are dramatic in a good way if you're into full dark lashes.
If you're more into the "natural look," one or two coats would do it for you.
I just went coat crazy :D


This weekend has been so much fun for us.
It was nice to head down to Portland and get away from Seattle & our normal daily lives.
We stayed at Minh's parents house, and they watched our puppies while we were out and about. That was so nice : )

Minh & I went to Portland for the purpose of his best friend's wedding.
It was a beautiful Indian wedding, the food was amazing!!!
They're basically both from baller families..and did I mention that BOTH the bride & the groom are lawyers?

It's almost as good as it could get, they're just missing a couple perfect children. lol
Her ring is also super huge. I think Minh told me it's 2.6 carats?

I also met some of his fraternity brothers, and another Minh Tran lol.
I guess Seattle is FULL of Minh Tran since that Minh Tran works with 5 other Minh Tran's!

I met his frat bro's gf too who is my age :D
Well, a year younger, but we completely hit it off, and had a fun time chatting ^_^
She bosses her bf around to take her to Sephora the first day they were in town, he had to drive them 40 minutes across town right before the wedding to visit Sephora. lol
Sometimes, you can't help but love Vietnamese-American boyfriends. They listen...and always want to make you happy when you go out.

We even went to lunch, and out shopping with them the next day after the wedding. :D
They love to spend just as much as we do!

Especially..when you're from Seattle..with 9.5% sales tax.. YOU MAKE THAT EFFORT to go shop lol. We ALL were itching to buy stuff. Why not?!
It's practically free! lol jk jk (tax free that is!)

I can't wait to share with you more photos soon!
We definitely spoiled ourselves with some retail therapy...maybe we needed this to both be happy :D and less catty with each other in daily Seattle life.

I initially wanted to take a peek at Chanel wallets, but I was so disappointed with their selection.
It was mostly wiped out by tourists. Oregon is tax you can only imagine what people hoard! lol

While we were in Chanel, there was a group of Taiwanese tourist. They had originally called in, and bought Chanel bags..and were just picking them up. The sales associates were so confused because of the language barrier..and the fact that this Taiwanese girl had already paid over the phone...FROM TAIWAN. It was so weird. Minh was so interested in listening to them.

They did have all the classic bags available of course, surprise surprise how they're all available now after the 34% price increase.

I did take a peek at a metallic / gunmetal "classic" style wallet. It was $915..but it felt SO flimsy. I was so disappointed. I was hoping to leave will a nice wallet.

So we left...and right across was a huge Gucci boutique (inside Nordstrom just like the Chanel store). Manuel was waiting to greet us, and complimented my Balenciaga ^^. I have never really been a Gucci enthusiast, but I was NOT about to leave without getting myself a tax free item whether for myself or someone else. lol

We asked him for Men's wallets since Minh's LV is falling apart b/c he stuffs so much stuff in it..
Our sales associate ran to the men's department and brought back all the wallets he could..they were all just standard.

Then I started having him pull bags down for me...and then I had a pile of 6 bags. Then a pile of 8-9 wallets lol. I did leave with a bag : ) I wanted this one wallet so badly, but there was only the display left, and I don't really fancy buying displayed items. (Why would you want something that's been touched, bent, and abused by other people's oily hands?)

Minh was so embarrassing..he was looking at the Gucci canvas and he goes to the sales associate, "It looks just like Coach!" hahahaha, the sales associate was like...UMM NO, Coach is made in China. I about died laughing. I wanted to step on Minh's foot super hard.

Then our SA goes on about how Gucci is one of the only designers that has their dust bags and boxes made in Italy, while LV outsources to India, etc, etc.
He was pretty dramatic in the way he talked, I enjoyed listening.
Then he dramatically ran to the Nordstrom cafe to fetch me a water lol. Note, he did NOT get Minh a water (after that Coach comment). haha
He came back and goes to Minh...did you want one? LOL
( if he would have ran back to the cafe to get him a drink).

Instead of gambling away our money, we bought stuff : )
I am trying to save for a house.....but I felt that I deserved a treat. :D
I figured I'm going to get a Gucci bag some day, why not it be today.
The price is only going to go up if I continue waiting (gosh how marketing works on me!)
He kept trying to push the red bag on me...It's lovely and all, but for my first bag I wanted something more "classic"
The red one is apparently "LE" and red, but not loud.
I left with the bag on the left, it's called the Pelham Medium Shoulder Bag in the classic canvas. The black wasn't bad either, but I already have my black Balenciaga.
I paid $1700 flat, it was $1595 not too long ago! The $1700 is a sticker placed on top lol. The prices went up recently. :/ As do all things we fancy & desire.

I can't really complain because I saved almost $200 on tax buying in Portland. The red bag was $1350.

He told me this bag never will go on sale, so it's a good buy for a new "collector."
Did you know if you buy a Gucci bag from Nordstrom, you get lifetime cleaning, repairs etc.? was a great way to rack up those Nordstrom points on my MOD card.
I can't wait for my first Nordstom Notes to come in the mail!

Basically, our morning in Portland was fun. I didn't find the Louboutin's that I had my eye on nor the wallet of my dreams, but I did leave Oregon with my first Gucci bag & my first pair of Chanel sunglasses in place. Minh left with a iPad 64gb, 3g. He's so excited to bring it to court tomorrow. I'm going with him to Belligham (near the US Canadian border) tomorrow at 5:30-6am. One hearing starts at 8:30am...and it's about a 2 hour drive. I've never been to Bellingham so I figured why not go along for the ride. Moral support..and spending extra time together will do us good. We usually fights are always order him to do housework right when he walks in the door. I can't help but think that he's been sitting around at his desk all day.


Back to my sunglasses cause no likes to hear about boring petty relationship issues :D

The Nordstrom Sunglasses Department had them in the black & the brown.
The Chanel boutique in the Nordstrom didn't have any great sunglasses at all.

I couldn't resist how cute the bows were! I've always wanted my first pair of Chanel sunglasses, $290 (not bad right?)...and this Portland trip was the weekend to obtain them ^_^
I figured if these are too young for me, my sister would always appreciate them :D

I'll post better photos soon. I really am impressed with the Chanel sunglass case. I'm a newbie at Chanel & Gucci so I'd really like to share my "material experience" with you all.
I've always been an LV girl, but my loyalty to LV is going down the drain after seeing Minh's LV wallet in need of repair (which btw is NOT complimentary).

I better get to bed! Early morning tomorrow. Then back home to finish some work on DSK pieces. :D

Thanks for visiting, I'll catch you all laters ; )


  1. steph. WOW. the YSL mascara looks amazing on your lashes! so dramatic! i especially like the comparison pic. :)

    yay for shopping! congrats on getting your first gucci purse and chanel sunnies.. good choices there :) i also like the sunnies with the bow. but i havent seen them around just yet. :(

    i LOLed when i read the story about the SA not getting water for Minh! :))

  2. YSL Mascara is the best mascara hands down!!

  3. wow your lashes look awesome! was it easy to remove? did ur curl hold up?

  4. @Katrina, the curl did hold very well. I don't even have a nice lash curler anymore LOL. Super easy to remove with an eye makeup wipe. No raccoon eyes here!

  5. I say stick to the YSL but Diorshow is good too. It's so funny that you should ask because I just mentioned this on my blog today. I tried the HR one but its nowhere near YSL standard!

  6. I use Definicils too, and now I wanna try this one! It looks like you're wearing falsies lol. I need to order more Purity from Sephora soon so maybe..

    Aaah those shades are too adorable, the bows are killing me! I wish I could wear sunglasses like those but I have no bridge lol!

  7. awwwh, yay! you were in portland, my town :] yeah, my cousins from washington ALWAYS come down here to shop because of the no sales tax. the chanel glasses you picked out are super cute! love the little bows. P.S. i totally agree with the "viet-american boyfriends always try to treat you well when taking you out" all my guy viet friends are all like that ;p

  8. Oh wowww... the YSL Faux Cils mascara actually make your lashes look amazing!

    I've tried it too before, but it totally weighs down my lashes. I think, I need formulas that make my lashes very stiff, so that they don't droop down.

  9. wow your lashes really stand out now!!! now i'm tempted to try it as well! your images really convinced me haha

    And i'm glad that you picked that Gucci bag! Cuz i would have picked that one too! Easy to match with everything! Just classic!

  10. wow Steph! your lashes are way long.. and thanks for the review, I'm going to get the YSL Faux Cils mascara now. :D

  11. WOW the YSL mascara looks amazing on your lashes. I might have to try that out! You've made some great purchases this week. haha The bows on those glasses are cute. And what Minh said @ the Gucci store is freakin' hilarious. LOLLLL I died.

  12. congrats on your new toys! i love what you did with your eyes!

  13. holy crap, i thikn i NEEd that mascara in my life, hahaha.


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