August 25, 2010

Coconut Water

Yes, I am!
I found it at Metropolitan Market here in downtown Seattle.
It was on sale, 10 for $10
Since it was on sale..of course I had to HOARD cause it's what I do best.
This should last me for the rest of the year : )

Original price is about $1.79-$2.00 per bottle.
I saved $12.90 on each case according to the sign they had at the store ^_^ lol
I know they also sell this at Whole Foods ^_^ Try it!
It sure is!!!
This is my new favorite bottled beverage. It's Coconut Water!
It's not nearly as sweet as Coconut Juice that you find at your local Vietnamese Pho Restaurant lol

I always get Coconut Juice at a Viet's just my thing!
I'm super hyper the rest of the day because of all the sugar... I know..unhealthy...but
I only have it once every two weeks when we go for Pho on Sundays :D
They have the non pulp version, and an aloe vera version as well.
Of course, I had to try all 3!

Coco Aloe taste so gross : (
FAIL, I have 11 bottles left : (

It's a product of a company called Taste Nirvana
Their website looks pretty legit. Seems trustworthy lol
My puppy helpers are assisting me in opening the packages.
TEAM PUPPY HELPERS, always available to chew up random cardboard, paper, shoes, and move socks : )
They're so helpful, always trying to find ways to make my life easier. :D
Doesn't Wally look grown up now?
I'm taking both the boys to get groomed tomorrow for the first time.
I will definitely share the experience with you all.
I've never taken my dog Heidi back home to the groomers because she's a short hair dachshund.
We always groomed her at home, she is so low maintenance! Her 12th birthday is tomorrow!
Happy Early Birthday Heidi! I miss you!!!
(Julia, read this to Heidi for me!) :P

Wally is way different from Heidi...he's a furball!
I should have named him shaggy!
The boys are about 2 weeks short of being 6 full months!
I will post pictures of their haircuts tomorrow on Twitter and Facebook of course ^_^
Their appointment is at 1:30pm

Just had to throw this in, the view last night was beautiful.
The sky was purple and pink!
Talk to you all later!



  1. ooooh. i've only tried the o.n.e. coconut water flavored w/pineapple. not bad!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Coconut water!!

  3. @Eri, I've never tried the pineapple one! I did not see it! I must have it! lol

    @Old Cow, "high five sister!"

  4. I LOVE coconut water!! I've never seen that brand here in FL though.. i want!!!

  5. damn woman!! u sure love ur coco water, need to hit up metro mart in kirkland n see if they got the same deal :) thnx for the tip

  6. the drinks sure do look good & your puppies are adorable! : )


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