August 1, 2010

Minh's "Art"

You may be wondering what this's a homemade
tape & aluminum stylus.

Did you know "stylo" means pen in French?
Random fact :D

Yeah, Minh decided to experiment on this fine Sunday & make a damn stylus.
He was wondering if it would work on his iPod touch. Stylus' for iPod & iPhones cost around $10, and that's $10 he doesn't have hahaha jk.
He'd rather use my aluminum foil & tape fo' free.
Plus, an old pen.

Anyhow ~ it wouldn't work with a pointed tip so we had to flatten the shit out of it for it to work.
I couldn't believe you could still use it to draw pictures in some of the free drawing applications.
Check out my boyfriend's drawing skillz, or lack thereof! hahahaahahaha

jk, he's actually pretty good at drawing with pen & paper since his DREAM
was to be a comic book illustrator & make up his own super heroes, and heroic stories.
I'm glad we're not extra poor today because he did not pursue his childhood dreams.
Law > Art in his case. lol
Bring home the bacon honey!

Look at how flat his stylus had to be to actually work!
That's me, "working on my Macbook" that blob in the rectangle is the Apple logo.
How insulting, I know.

I couldn't believe it worked!
My 27 year old boyfriend/child I baby sit
Ignore box on left & laundry basket, I was using them to play with the puppies
DIY stylus, price: Free
Joy your boyfriend gets out of coloring: Priceless


Minh drew Nickel! My lil sister saw my post on Facebook and said,
it looks like a cross between Pikachu & a Golden Retriever
My new default pic cause I'm so gorgeous
Hours of entertainment if you're Minh, at least 10

Then suddenly Minh transformed into a dog.
jk, that's Nickel & Timmy ~ my other dogs. haha since Minh is born in the year of the dog, which makes him a dog.
Timmy had puppy training visit, and a stroll in at the dog park.
He was pooped!
He had to go back to the vet today because I found roundworms in his poo poo.
He had them when he was younger, and they came back. The vet say the larva probably didn't die yet. hahaha nasty. But worms are pretty common in puppies. So if you get a puppy, make sure you take good care of him or her & get them checked. They give you a dewormer to give to your puppies. It's pretty contagious so your puppy could get it from being exposed to other puppy or doggy poo with worms & other parasites. Gross, I know!
This is Timmy's 3rd dosage of dewormer, so tomorrow I look forwarded to seeing all the dead round worms in his poo poo! They look like spaghetti haha
If you wanna see what round worms look like, google "puppy worms"
lol, they're common so no worries if your puppy has them or gets them.
Just get them some dewormer from the vet.

I had to bring in a worm/poo sample to the vet today too!!! EWWW

All those worms are inside Timmy!!!
It's pretty gross..cause the worms are pretty big. lol
I'm probably make you all sick, but I find it fascinating.
Yesterday morning I called the vet when I saw a worm in his poo, made an appointment for Wednesday then realized they're open on Sunday (Banfield in Petsmart).
I made an appointment right away because I didn't want Wally to catch them too.
The vet checked Wally as well and gave him dewormer too just in case.

Now the most nasty part...yesterday there was a worm hanging out of Timmy's butt and he was so annoyed trying to get it out. So I had to get a tissue and pull the damn thing out. It was all squirming & still alive! I was like OMGGGGGGGG gross. Then it happened another 15 minutes later! I had to pin Timmy down and pull out the worms that were sticking out. 0_o
Mind you these worms look just like spaghetti but with narrow head & tail ends. Some come out coiled in his poo. When they were babies, and I had just brought them home ~ Timmy threw up a worm and I had no idea what it was. I found another one in his poo & still didn't know. lol
I was like how did spaghetti get here. that I look back..that was pretty gross! How could I not know it was a worm!

Motherhood. hahha
He weighs 5.8 lbs today! Look at the freckles on his belly
ALSO, the vet felt him up today. And came to the conclusion that only one of Timmy's balls have dropped. My poor puppy may just have one normal ball. We're all praying it will drop within the next 2 months, or he'll have to get extra surgeries. : (
Timmy & Nickel sharing a crib (rare!)

Poor poor Wally was not allowed in the tree house hahaha
You could see the Seafair parade from my place, but it was too far away so we went out there to check it out. GLAD WE DID. When we walked out there we got a really good view of the parade...aka street side without camping out for hours. Parade started at 7:30pm..people were camped out with lawn chairs since 1pm when I went out to go to Costco. lol

A corvette went by and this dude was waving at us, and I'm like who's this fancy guy. And then we all read the little sign "Apolo Ohno" haha and the next car, Yuki Ohno "Father of Apolo Ohno" :) haha it was cool. I forget he's a Seattle native. I don't think he lives here anymore, but I know his dad does.

Minh took a crappy pic since I already put my cell phone away because I was so bored at the parade prior. He's the blurry guy in the white shirt in the Corvette lol
Anyhow, go USA : )


  1. ahhh pulling worms out DIGUSTING!!!!

  2. buhaha. you two are sooo cute. >_<
    and oh my geezers! he's left handed! awesome shizz!
    but anyways... xD
    that worm story. O.O but i wish the best for your puppies, and you of course1 and minh! :3
    and i must say, you live in an awesome area! whoop!

  3. LOL! The 'stylus' really works :D

  4. LOL @ Minh's stylus (and art), but in a good way :). I can't believe it works!

    Hope your puppies get better soon! I'll pass on looking up the worm pictures.. haha.

  5. I love his drawings, a million times better than me!!!

    worms, hahah, ewwww, the joys of motherhood

  6. omg that is adorable! the stylus! hahahaha.

  7. LOL. good thing you take such good care of your pups :) they're lucky to have such a great mom like you


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