August 5, 2010

My Mini Nordstrom Anniversary Sale "Hoard"

Hey all, I was shopping randomly online and caught the last day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I really was going to pass on the sale since I'm trying to save money...but I recently got my 2nd quarter bonus...soo I felt like I needed a reward. : )

I picked up one of Michael Kors fabulous watches. It was on sale for $129 from $225
Sadly, I did not get the ceramic one ~ those were around $500..too much for me. Chanel has a gorgeous ceramic watch that I've always admired ~ I think the price tag is $7k+ 0.0

The watch is too big so I have to head over to Nordstrom tomorrow to get it sized. I wish I had the watch tool to adjust my own watch. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad investment.

Then I felt the need to try Chanel Pink Explosion blush since I've heard so many great reviews about this blush. It's so pretty, I can't wait to try it tomorrow.
I haven't been wearing any makeup lately that's why I'm lacking in the FOTD posts.
The Naked Palette is pretty awesome though.

Lately, I've been pretty awesome (bold of me I know) at my skin care routine.
I've been using a Body Shop Aloe Exfoliator, Dior face cleanser, Body Shop Aloe Toner.
Then I've been really good at using my La Mer Regenerating Serum ($250 magic potion). I figured I'd start using it more regularly. I wait about 5 minutes before I apply my La Mer Cream.
My skin has improved significantly ~ it's just more clear and I thank the La Mer Regenerating Serum. It evens out my skin, and makes my pores less noticeable (which completely justifies spending hundreds of dollars on a face product). Plus, I love the smell of La Mer products.
I also am in love with my Biosilk shampoo right now. I LOVE the smell!

La Mer Regenerating Serum, they actually call it an elixir lol
I'm telling you, it really is a magical potion.

I found out about this product through Michael, The Sublime Agent on Youtube.
And I found his fabulous channel through Ashlee (msfili) : )
Anything Michael reviews..I must try! lol I really trust his review & thoughts on skincare/makeup.

I've been trying to stay away from foundation because I'm so into skincare right now.. I don't want to waste the powers of the La Mer products! A clearer complexion doesn't need foundation anyways : ) I'm trying to reach that goal! I strongly believe in La Mer for skincare because one of my best friends, Jennifer ~ used the full line of La Mer and every time I saw her, I noticed how glowing her skin looked. It was just flawless & beautiful. She's also Korean, so you know she got her skincare ishh down : ) I admire her willpower in keeping up with skincare.

Jennifer also introduced me to a really great Bobbi Brown foundation while I was in MI. I haven't talked much about this foundation yet, and I really should because it's definitely comparable to MUFE HD, and NARS Sheer Glow ~ all of which I currently use. I rotate my foundations & rotate the powder I use as well. I have yet to find the perfect combination, but Chanel's powders are growing on me. My collection of Chanel brushes & makeup is slowly growing, but I have yet to try their powder eyeshadow : )

Once my Lar Mer stuff is gone, I'm going to try my hand on La Prairie skincare line.
I have a relatively large sample set of pretty much 6 products from their line I picked up a while back. I'm so going to use it!

Makeup wise, I've only picked up the Chanel Explosion new lipgloss or anything lately. I'm proud of myself : )

I'm currently watching Amelie (french film) with my cousin. Everyone tells me it's their fav movie. We'll just have to see about that!

In clothes shopping news, I showed my cousin around Bellevue Square Mall...and my new favorite store Aritzia had a sale! I picked up 2 tops & a zip up hoodie all for around $60.
Their sweaters usually costs $65, I picked it up for $32.50 : ) The quality is amazing. That's why I love everything about Aritzia.

They had designer denim on sale as well...I found a pair of Citizen of Humanity for $74.99 marked down from $185. I was so tempted to buy them, but all sale items are final sale. I also dislike trying on clothes. I feel like it's a waste of time & I'd rather have an excuse to go back to the mall and return stuff har har har.

Today, we stopped by Jamba Juice which just happens to be right near Nordstrom Rack.
I picked up my first pair of Rock & Republic dark washed jeans for $60! I was excited. They had a lot of clothes marked down by 40%. Woo hoo

I also picked up a few lounge clothes, since 75% of my day is spent lounging at home with my dogs. lol

I can't help but adore my life right now, especially since I have my cousin staying with me. I love having company. My day lately has been like so,

Wake up at 10am to the Kathie Lee & Hoda Today Show ~
Stay in bed watching that until it's over then I hop in the shower.

Cater to the dogs, play with them, take them outside : )

Check my emails, facebook, twitter :D I'm sure we all do that ; )

Brush my hair, and get dressed if I plan to leave the house haha

Eat lunch with my cousin ~ either at home or out since we're right downtown near all the fine eats.

I usually work for a couple of hours during the day, then we go out and about.
I've been showing my cousin around the city, and took him to the animal shelter today since he's never been to one.

Get home, play with the dogs ~ clean the apartment.

Then I work again for a couple hours, then Minh gets home

We all eat dinner together & watch TV or a movie.

Then I work for about an hour until I'm sleepy : D

That's pretty much my day to day lately.

The weekends are for mini trips here and there.
I hope to go to the Seattle Premium Outlet this weekend.
The weather has been wonderful & it's so refreshing to be outdoors.

AH! I also picked up some candles : )

I found some big jars of Slatkin & Co. candles at the Bath & Body Works in Bell Square.
14.5 oz, for $7.50 each! They're originally $17.00
I picked up two, Fresh Linen & Vanilla Sugar : )
I already lit Fresh Linen and it smells amazing.
Nothing like having a candle burning in the evening and making bracelets. It definitely helps me relax.

Next up! I need to find someone or somewhere to get my hair cut. I haven't had a hair cut since I was in Michigan this past May. It's about time for a trim ^_^

Also, I've been thinking about getting eyelash extensions! I live in the building next door to Swink's Style Bar. They specialize in blow outs & hair styles for special occasions. It looks like a really nice place. They do makeup as well. I was reading about them online & found out they offer lash extensions there for around $150. Have anyone of you gotten lash extensions before?
I'm so curious & I might try it out. I do have a wedding reception to attend at the end of the month. Maybe I'll try it out later this month since I know they fall out over time.

If you have had lash extensions please let me know. I'm very curious : )
I'm definitely going to check out reviews on youtube right now lol

Have a great night everyone!
From Seattle,



  1. wow, the la mer stuff sounds amazing. i think i'm gonig to have to save up and try it out, hahaha :)

  2. Aritzia is my absolute favorite store, and the only place I shop for clothes. This years sale at nordstorm wasnt so great. And usually my sisters and I try to find the best deals, my sister penny works at nordstorms so she gets the great discounts on top of already marked items. We should go shopping together next time! :)

  3. If you live in Toronto or Vancouver every corner you turn you see a girl wearing something from aritzia but then again we have more than one store here. I like shopping at the Bellevue one more than the Toronto ones cuz is less busy and more selection. OMG you got rocks at nordstrom such a good deal!!! urgh too bad i'm back in toronto now or i would have to bother the bf to take me lol.

  4. Ahhhh La Mer and Nordys. That's like a match made in heaven that I need to get to the steppin with.
    I LOVE ASHLEE!!!! She's hilarious

  5. If you do eyelash extensions, PLEASE let us know how that goes. I have been curious about that for the LONGEST time, lol.

    And wow, you've had a long yet productive day. There's nothing like lounging around and still accomplishing all of your errands in a day. :)

  6. Don't do the eyelash extensions!!! My brother has his own salon and he's been doing extensions for the longest time. Over time, you'll lose your natural lashes and get whats called traction alopecia. Same thing as getting extensions on your scalp. He wouldn't ever let me or my sisters get it. I've seen his long-time customers get alopcia. Be happy with what you've got.

  7. Don't do the eyelash extensions!!! My brother has his own salon and he's been doing extensions for the longest time. Over time, you'll lose your natural lashes and get whats called traction alopecia. Same thing as getting extensions on your scalp. He wouldn't ever let me or my sisters get it. I've seen his long-time customers get alopcia. Be happy with what you've got.


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