August 7, 2010

Marcia Moran Necklaces from Bluefly

I fell in love with this Marcia Moran necklace after watching SparkleMissA wearing it in one of her haul videos. I just had to have it. You can adjust the flowers around your necklace to achieve different looks : )
I love the versatility! That's what sold me, completely.
I picked up two Marcia Moran necklaces, the one I'm wearing above was on sale for $86, while the other one is a longer layer style necklace for $142 (I haven't worn it yet)

For the price, I think they could have done a bit better with the presentation, it just came in stock plastic. I'm not sure if it's because I ordered it form, or if that's how Marcia Moran jewelry is packaged. The product is gorgeous, the stock plastic makes it less special to me.

Marcia Moran started out as an importer of Brazilian jewelry, then later started designing in house.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my purchase : ) It's been a while since I've actually bought myself some jewelry that isn't made by my two hands : ) It feels very rewarding to treat myself to jewels ^_^

NO nail polish? *gasp*
I gave my finger nails a 2 day break from polish : )
Don't forget to google for coupons!
I found a $40 off coupon code! : )


  1. That's so cute! I love how Bluefly package their items. I bought 2 pairs of Michael Kors heels for $100, a few yrs back. Totally forgot about this website until you've just mentioned it =) Thanks!

  2. beautiful necklace!! the design is very pretty!!

  3. You totally deserve to treat yourself once in awhile. I don't know anybody who dedicates themselves and work as hard as you do. :)

    Oh btw, I notice that on your WISH LIST---you listed LATISSE as an item you want. I'm tellin' you right now...DON'T DO IT!! It f*cked up my eyelashes. They're longer now, but very few and far in between. No volume and they fall out a lot, even if I sometimes rub my eyes (from being so damn tired at work, lol). Think about it before you take the leap for Latisse. I'd recommend RapidLash instead :)

  4. I noticed this necklace on SparkleMissA too! It's sooo pretty. I love the little Blue Fly bag!


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