August 8, 2010

Puppies & Luxury Don't Mix

Wally's a good boy. It's rare that I have Wally on my lap without Timmy crying for attention.
Timmy's the only one that can sit on my lap. He's so alpha lol
If I have Nickel or Wally on my lap, Timmy bullies them away. It's funny, every morning..Timmy cries (of excitement) to jump up on me, but then that cry turns to an mean growl at Wally for trying to get near me. lol So Wally usually is just super happy and jumps around me while Timmy is in my lap. I feel bad for Wally since I want to cuddle him too!
One of his ears just started to flop down. I asked the vet and she said as he grows, they both might flop down, or up. It's unpredictable lol. I can't wait
His ears are more tan : )
Wally has a tan spot now too on his back!

He just has a big spot of tan on his back, it's so cute. Look at how curly his lil tail is now.
I was training him out on the dog terrace. I'll post more photos soon (and by soon I mean now). A lot of people always draw a question mark when I talk about our dog terrace (especially at puppy class).
Since we live in a high rise, they have a nice area on the 8th floor just for dogs to go potty & run around. They power wash it every morning at 7-8am. They also have "poopy bags" available if you want to pick up after your dog. If you don't, they have outdoor maintenance who takes care of it daily. It was definitely part of the appeal when we were looking for a place to live in the city. Not all places we looked at offered a dog area. One place that allowed pets (the Avalon in Bellevue) said that dogs were welcome as long as they go potty across the street at the public park and not on their property! How non-dog friendly of them. They claimed they were a luxury complex which is complete BS, I will never live in an Avalon building. It's wannabe luxury since 1. they don't accommodate your every need (with pets), 2. no air conditioning unless you pay to have it installed.
Why even allow dogs if dogs aren't allowed anywhere outside the apartment itself?

I'm glad the Seattle side is more dog friendly. All the buildings around here seem to accommodate dogs. One of the luxury condos near us have a track to walk your dog too inside the building lol. Now that's more of what I like to hear!
Wally loves to go out while Timmy not so much. Timmy's definitely an indoor dog.
He just wants to be held when we're out even at the dog park.
For example, Timmy is probably running at me to get me to pick him up.
Wally is probably saying, "Timmy stop being such a party pooper!"

The doggie terrace on the 8th floor, not the most glamorous smelling place lol
The building across (black) is where my bf's law firm is located. Somedays he sees me taking out the dogs. He always calls, but I never bring my phone with me outside lol.
The people terrace is really gorgeous (not pictured), I don't know why I never spend time out there. There's beautiful flowers & hanging baskets of flowers out there. And a fountain :)
I'll have to do a post about my whole living experience here.
Our lobby & concierge desk area are really "ritzy" looking. Or very easy on the eyes.
The concierge people are always well dressed, one of the nice ladies who work there even ties a scarf around her neck lol. She looks like a stewardess. I feel stupid if I just run down to pick up a package in my pj's. But it's nice to have helpful, friendly staff people to help you with anything and everything twenty four hours a days.

The building on the other side of us (green) is the US Federal Court House building. It's convenient for my bf to go to court from our apartment and from work since it's just across the street lol. Minh's building isn't even across the street from our home, it's next door.
Our location is just perfect for our current lifestyle. We can't beat it, and I'm thankful.

I only wish my bf would help around the apartment more.
I had a LONG rant posted, but no one likes to hear anyone complain too much : )
I miss my homeboy back in MI! Tobey : )

Back to doggy poo bags!
Gimme some Poopy Pouches!
I always pick up after my dogs because I think it's mean not to lol
Dogs aren't allowed in the people terrace because they have beautiful grass over there lol

Wally needs to get groomed, his fur is growing so long, and he always smelly!

This is how the carpet looks after 1 hour after I vacuum.

They have destroyed 2 pairs of shoes & 2 pairs of flip flop sandals. By they, I mean mostly Timmy. They almost got to my Louis Vuitton Art & Architecture book I keep on the second self of my coffee table! They chewed up all the magazine corners, and one of my business binders lol.
Timmy can jump up into the second tier of the coffee table 0_O He pushes stuff down for Wally to chew on as well. They got into my stamp collection yesterday. It's only a matter of time before I find ink all over the carpet...I'm really thinking about investing in a Rug Doctor steam vac.
If you know of anywhere to get a better deal on this Rug Doctor please help!
(Nonners is going to buy me this as a just because we're friends present because she's muy richo)
This is the model they have at Sam's Club. Walmart, their "child store" has it for $499 lol
But..we don't have anywhere to store it! I wish Dyson made a steam vac.
I love Dyson everything, when I get a house I'm going to get that sweet Dyson fan that looks like a circle!

As much as I love my apartment, I'm ready for a house with a yard.
I will definitely miss the view of city when we move.

I saw & heard the Blue Angels this whole weekend flying around Seattle since it's Seafair time : )

My cousin seems to be enjoying Seattle life, we took him to Snoqualmie tonight. It was his first time at a casino & I won $500-6oo right after dinner so I gave him and Minh each $100 to play. They both lost lol. But not to worry, I won another $350, so I got it back plus some. Then we left. We only stayed for 2 hours including dinner. It was prime rib & lobster night, which is always free for me & my guests. They treat us well there ~ plus one of my bf's client is one of the managers at the casino ~ they take good care of us. There also was some country singer there...the police had to block off the entrances to the casino because the house was packed. I had no idea who it was, but it was so crowded out tonight. The concert was outdoors & it was raining lol. Everyone was still out there in their rain poncho's singing along.

Anyhow, I stopped by Costco in Issaquah, WA yesterday just because I was showing my cousin around Issaquah..check out the Chanel bag they had there.
$2099.99 but it's quite ugly lol
Thanks Marisa for finding that! Now I believe that Chanel exists at Costco!

Then we were in Kirkland,WA visiting one my favorite bead shops
I cannot wait to have my own office, I need to find a carpenter who can build me this gorgeous bead organizer!

I leave you with a cute photo of Timmy asleep : )'s approaching 4am, and we have puppy training class tomorrow.
They're closing i90 because of the Seafair & Blue Angels so we have to get over to Bellevue a bit early.

Toodles! See you next time : )