August 9, 2010

Nickel Cullen

I gave all 3 boys a bath today, and now they feel and smell so good!
I don't often bathe them as it would dry out their skin. We use an oatmeal dog shampoo for them as well. The most you should fully bath a dog is once or twice a month according to the nice dog trainer (we have a nasty one as well). haha
If they get super dirty, it's better to just use water to clean them rather than any soap.
Or so they advise : )

I usually wipe the boys down with this awesome coconut dog "bath" wipes. Like a makeup wipe made for dogs. They smell so good like a beautiful candle after. lol

Speaking of candles! I did a haul. I ended up spending a chunk of change on candles from Bath & Body Works : ) Thank you ladies for all the suggestions! I will definitely try out that candle oil (once it goes on sale). I'll share with you my candle haul next time. I don't have photos right now :D :D :D

Back to Nickel, I gave him a bath so I rewarded him with a new collar lol

He was too lazy or MODEST to show off his new collar lol
It blends in with him lol.
We always joke that everything we own matches our apartment.
The dogs blend in with our carpet, couch, coffee table...wall paint, bed sheets. Everything!
We didn't even try. haha
Meet Nickel Cullen hahaha

Also just for my personal reminder, I got my eyebrows & lips threaded today.
Finally used my membership for the first time : ) 6 more times to go this year!


  1. Nickel Cullen, lol, that is so adorable! I can't wait to have my own dog; I've wanted one for a very long time, but it's too bad my family can't tolerate a pet right now :(

    Your dog pics make me smile! xoxo <3

  2. too adorable! must be hectic taking a bath for 3 dogs eh?

    jen @


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