August 11, 2010

Puppy Overload!

"I need to be groomed mom, and I mean serious"
Wally looks so much like a full grown dog in the picture above!
I was training him outside our apartment in the hallway.
It's easier to train one dog a time since they don't distract each other.
The corner unit at the end is ours : ) The curved unit, there's only one on each floor out of 32 floors. The 31st & 32nd floor are the penthouses ~ and they have a couch in their hallway elevator lobby AND roof top deck with trees up top! I want to go up there so badly. I'm thinking about asking our leasing manager for a tour if there are any available units. Penthouses go for $5k/month..and there is a Korean UW student who lives up there! LOL We have this "Facebook style" page at building's website so you can stalk your neighbors and find out what they do. Everyone in our building has the option of moving to a different unit in the building if it's available at any time. Isn't that awesome?
The only downside to having the end unit is the fact that we have to walk a bit farther to get to the elevator lol But we're only 1 door away from the stairs...but no one uses it...

The lights are on like this 24/7, and everyone has a light right above their door. It's super well-lit so you never have fidget to open your door.

I'm going to do a full building tour soon since I want to have something to look back at when we move : ) The terrace & lounge is so gorgeous this time of year. They planted so many flowers.

Now time for puppies! The boys are 4 months and 3 days old today.
All photos were just taken an hour ago ^_^

Timmy's extra toe!
Would you notice his extra toe if I didn't tell you? lol
Look at how freckled his belly is now!
Poor Timmy, he has all the "special" qualities

Nickel, our 4 year old

2 months ago... my babies
lol they've changed so much!
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  1. Aw the puppies look like they grew a lot! Of course since they are getting lots of food and love :) Your apartment building looks so clean and modern, nice!

  2. So adorable!!!!!!!

  3. Hehe! Wally's ears are so cute! I love how one sticks up & the other is floppy!

  4. Wow, they've grown so much. Such handsome little fellows.

  5. aww they're so big now! they're halfway to being full grown ^__^

  6. Your puppy pictures are so adorable! You made my morning, lol! :D

  7. Timmy and Wally are so big now! They are still just as adorable tho.

    I think your place is pretty awesome, the outside pet area and everything! I bet the penthouses are ultra swanky, I wanna see it too lol.


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