September 19, 2010

Happy has a new home!

How can anyone resist that face?!
Happy found a new home!

Hey everyone, my friend Regina can't keep Happy, her 18 week old pure bred Maltese puppy.
She lives in San Diego, CA now (but does go back and forth between Irvine & LA as well) with her fiance & another doggie named Monster. They're good people, and I've known them now for well over a year (I made Regina's Necklace for her Engagement photoshoot) Let me find you the pic!

Regina & her fiance
(click to enlarge) the necklace is by DSK! ^_^
That's me!

I know I have some readers from CA especially the So Cal area, and thought I'd help Regina out and spread the word.

For example, Kellie! Do you want a puppy? lol

Here's a little bit about the little girl Happy. ^_^

Regina says, "She'll come with AKC registration papers if the new owners decide to register her. also have copies of the mom and dad's cert of registration. will include proof of vaccinations (has everything done except rabies shot), bed, crate, a pack of pee pads, food bowl, water bowl, brush, blanket, toys, 2 dresses (-_- i know), spray for cleaning up accidents, puppy shampoo, and the food she is currently on. (I think that's everything)."

Regina: "I
can't keep her because monster is getting aggressive AND I just feel like she deserves owners that can give her more time since we both work M-F and are gone 8-6 everyday :( I'm a bad owner, i know T_T

You're not a bad owner girly, you're doing the right thing in finding her a new home. :)

Thank you all for your help : ) Happy has found a new loving home!

Thank you for your help ladies! : )


  1. OMGGGGG she's super cute! My mom loves Maltese dogs <3 Too bad we have two puppies already =/ Only if our house was big enough for 3 puppies haha! Anyways, Nash is barely getting used to having Chloe' around since he's used to being the center of attention & being spoiled rotten. And, now that Chloe's here, Nash is kind of a bully hahaha! it's quite funny cause Chloe' is a pretty fierce pup.

    Anyways, you should totally post more pics of Wally & Timmy <3333

  2. awww, she's so adorable =[ I can't even keep up with my puppy (18 weeks also) right now and I feel so guilty when I leave for work/school pretty much all day except Saturday and Sunday now but I have to pick up Saturday and Sunday work soon... =T I'm planning to sell him with everything on the list like her (except for the dresses... haha, 'cause you know, mine is a boy and a full Bichon Frise). Sad sad... she's so adorable to give up. I guess it's for the better so nothing wrong with that. $600 is not bad at all for 18wks and all the vaccinations and stuff. It sucks to be the owner and see your baby go.... I hope Happy can find a new home soon! Can she send Happy via airplane? I think it cost like $300 for shipping a pet right?

  3. sooooo adorbs !!! my hubby asked me today if i wanted a mini schnauzer!! lol.. i want it.. but cant take anymore.. my 2 shihtzus are a handful !! esp the boy... very naughty ! haha

  4. Awww... it's too bad this wasn't a couple weeks ago. I had a friend who was looking for a puppy, but her husband has since convinced her to get kittens.. :(

    Happy looks so cute. I hope she finds a wonderful new home. And I don't think Regina is a bad owner at all. You can't be if all you want is what's best for your animals. ^^

  5. @siwing I feel ya girl! Boys are definitely lil trouble makers! lol

    @xoladiihoneyxo I don't think they would want to ship her, that's pretty stressful on a pup. I'm sure they'll be able to find her a home locally, it's much easier that way

  6. @renee I completely agree..I mean by looking at her can tell this lil puppy has been spoiled! I'm sure it's hard to let her go, but her older dog did come first

  7. omg this breaks my heart! i hate living in a crappy apartment or else I would have gotten a dog ages ago. =(

    a maltese is my dream dog. and the price is amazing! AND i live in San Diego! sigh. being a college student sucks in so many different ways.

    maybe the owner should put an ad on Craigslist? I'm sure since he's purebred, he would get snatched asap.

    :'( he's so adorable!! :'(

  8. Happy is so cute!!! I can only imagine how sad they must be needing to give her up. I guess sooner or better than later when you get really attached. If I still lived in socal and didn't have a dog already I would snatch her up in an instant. $600 is hella decently priced seeing that both of her parents are rgistered and that she's a purebred. The pet store I used to go to in socal sold them for over 1k some were as much at 2.5k. I wonder if the prices have gone up cause this was 2-3 years ago.

    I hope Happy finds a good home soon. Your friend isn't bad for wanting to find her a good home. I think it's great that she decided to do it now before eveyone is attatched to each other. Since Happy is still young, she'll be able to bond faster to her new owners. Kinda what happened to my dog. I didn't give him away but I brought him home when I was still in school cause I got a job and didn't have as much time to be at my apartment with him. Now he's spoiled rotten by my parents (I live at home now) and doesn't listen to me when I punish him. {*smh}

    Do Wally and Timmy behave? Or are they little rascals as well?

    <3s Serena

  9. aww she is sooo adorable..if i was closer..i would definitely take her home and hide it from my husband..we have 3 dogs already :D I'm sure she will find a new home soon enough

  10. eeeeee how cute.. reminds me of my maltese i had years ago :D

    love the little bow on his head XD


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