September 17, 2010

MAC Feline Collection

MAC Feline Collection =^_^=
I love it!
Leopard Luxe Eyeshadow Quad
Utterly Game Mineralized Blush (so pigmented, and so perfect!)
Of Royalty Lipstick
Pure Show Liquid Liner & the silver one too..haha can't think of the name
More points for my Nordstrom Mod card ^_^

Of Royalty Lipstick is pretty wearable, it's like a toned down Snob l/s

Now for the Lancome goodies (I really just wanted the Artliner which was $29..the free gift offer was for a purchase over $ I HAD to get something else. You know if you were in my shoes and only 6 dollars would do the same!
I'm in the shade Nu (shout out to nunudoll!)
The Dual Finish Powder was also $29
And I'm only wearing this powder in my photos today.
No liquid foundation, just dual finish & some Lancome bronzer.
Free gifts!!!
Lancome Artliner in Noir! I love it so far. I used it today : )

(without flash)'s airbrush tool is the shit.
I go crazy!!! But I think I should probably cool it.
As my sister would say, FAKE.
Anyhow, I just consider it my "art skills"
Who wants me to picnik their photo? I'll do it! It's fun :D
I used to photoshop my friend Marisa's pictures for fun and send her all the afters. lol
She's always like..that doesn't even look like me!
Anyhow, it's all in good fun :D
The power of picniking.

WARNING, cover your eyes cause it's about to get crazy.

Before pic
...taken without flash, no touch ups
Isn't sad that I have makeup on...and look like this?
I feel bad for the people I know in real life.
At least my dogs love me.
After magic!...adjusted the temperature of the photo, and some AIRBRUSH tool effects : )
Basically, ftw

Also, quick video to say Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I actually made a makeup related video but my photobooth decided to be lame and won't upload it to youtube. It was such a smooth 4 minute video, I was so proud of myself too. FML

I love Youtube still pics, they always pick the most flattering. Thanks YT!
(with flash)

Now it's time for some MacBook webcam photos!!!
You know webcam photos always make you look better because of the fuzzy lighting and blurryness. haha Blurry pic = hides flaws ^_^
I really want to get a Macbook Pro 15" but I'm going to wait until after Halloween.
Apple always throws out some surprises in October!

Overall, I'm very happy with my lash extensions and all my latest makeup : )
I do have two freckles right in the middle of my nose, isn't that a weird place to get random freckles?
Thanks mom...
I have teeth! I just don't like to show them cause my smile always look forced..because they are.
I have nothing to smile about sighh : ( jk.
And yes, I am wearing my leopard Ann Taylor cardigan b/c I'm wearing my MAC Feline Collection makeup! haha cheesy, I know ; )
Cardigans for the win!!!

In other news, I talked to my good friend Sanny and I'm going to change my lifestyle.
I'm taking a bunch of before body pics because I promised Sanny that I'm going to be healthy!
Plus, she told me she wants to see some before & after pics! haha
Talk about pressure! Now I gotta be committed!
I'm the heaviest I've ever been right now :O Whoa whoa whoa! Crazy.
Boo hoo, but not really cause you are what you eat, and we don't eat healthy!
Goodbye Snoqualmie Steak & Lobster dinners...Goodbye, Goodbye to you!

But yeah..I will share with you before & after pics. I'm going to make Minh change his lifestyle too. He recently went to the doctor and we got some bad news. Not terrible news, but he needs to cut out certain foods in his life if he plans on living. Don't DIE Minh. The puppies need a father. ahhaahhaha you were born the year of the dog.
Random picture, Minh took Timmy out to go potty and all of a sudden it started pouring!
lol, poor Timmy & Minh got soaked!

Bonus Pic! lol
Look, Ivan Ooze threw up on my hair! haha
I think only my little sister will get this ^_^
Power Ranger movies for the win!
We used to watch the SAME movie 3 times in a row in one day as kids.
Note, I am 5 years older than her...hahaha

That probably explains why she's at Harvard...and I went to MSU...
Go Spartans!

Julia, what is the Harvard mascot anyways? Cause whatever it is..Sparty will kick its ass!

p.s. Tomorrow (September 18th) is my sister's golden birthday : ) She's turning 18!!!
They grow up so fast!

Happy Birthday little sister!
From Steph, Minh, Nickel, Timmy, and Wally ; D
We love you mucho!


  1. Loving the with flash pics...the colors are vivid and your lash extentions look nice and intact. Never heard of piknik...but have you ever had glamour shots taken in Asia? When I got my photos back i was like WHODAT??

  2. @Jean, "WHODAT," haha, you gotta show me those pics!

    I was in Taiwan on vacation a few years back and everyone and their mom had their photos displayed all over their home. haha I wish I would have gotten some! My closet is probably the Japanese photobooth pics.

    My friend in Taiwan said that penpals used to exchange picture and then be super disappointed when they met in real life. AHAHAHHAA

  3. ahhh i loved the power rangers!!!
    i used to even have the action figures and when you would press their symbol/whatever on their chest it would flip their heads from regular to them with their masks on! hehe. good times :)

  4. @serii I was the pink ranger for Halloween one year! haha

  5. Ooh, now I must check out the MAC Feline collection. Especially that blush and eyeshadow palette.

    Are you still selling those Shisem XO lashes or will you be posting some combination lashes for sale soon?

  6. STeph, i love this post!! it's filled with make up and goodies!!! I love post with lots of make up! hahahah! It makes me happy :D

    You are so gorgeous!! and I don't know if I said this already, but your apartment is so nice, I'm jealous!! hahahah!! :D

  7. I'm trying to eat healthier too! And exercise with my new elliptical trainer ;). I actually need to gain weight... I get very tired by the end of the day *weak body*.

    I started drinking green smoothies every morning and it helps! is the one who inspired me to eat healthier :).

  8. u are so cute ^____^. i think we have to same contacts! i love it

  9. Thanks! I had an awesome birthday!

    Hahahaha, Harvard's mascot is...wait for it...John Harvard. LMAO.

    Go go Power Rangers!!! Lol, remember I changed my favorite color from purple to pink that year because Ivan Ooze scared me. Then I realized I didn't like pink so I changed it back :)

    And remember when I watched the three Sailor Moon movies so much I had every line memorized??

  10. I know we looked at that quad a while ago and I said I didn't need it because I already have colors like that....

    But now I need that. And the glitter liners. And the lipstick. But not the blush.... would be way too orange on me!

    Ugh Stephanieeeee you make me want everything and i'm unemployedddddddd lol

  11. I'm jealous of you lashes.... Picnic is the sh!T! Shut up your PRETTY without it!!!!

  12. I didn't get anything from the Feline collection, except for the Utterly Game blush. I was saving up for the VV collection.

    The lash extensions are amazing! I'm just too scared to get them.


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