September 17, 2010

Rainy Seattle

From my bedroom, 12:12 AM in downtown Seattle, Washington

The rainy season has arrived, and I'm actually enjoying it for the first time.
It's almost my 1 year anniversary since moving to Emerald City.
I would say how time flies, but I really felt that this has been a long year.

I'm so glad we have moved downtown. I enjoy Washington life so much better here. I just needed a sense of community, and liveliness in my life.

I get to see so many more people living in an apartment building.
I don't even have to leave the building to talk to someone ^_^
I take the dogs out at least 3-4 time during the day while Minh's at work, and meet so many new neighbors. I just met a guy who lives on the penthouse floor. He's weird! lol He also has long shaggy hair, and walks with his head down.

Life is a million times better than at the suburban house we used to rent. The only thing you saw there where your neighbors getting their mail...evergreen trees galore!...
But it was very spacious, and I devoted 80% of my time to working.
I don't work as much anymore because I'm taking care of 3 dogs lol.

It got so dark at the house too during this time of least now in downtown I get to enjoy the city lights, and watch the Space Needle disappear in the fog.
(Just as I mention the fog, it cleared up outside!) lol
Look at 12:36AM, CLEAR!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Seattle really is beautiful when it rains.
I just love how I do not need a car to get around. If I walk two blocks to my left, I arrive at Nordstrom, and Pacific Place. I can walk out the door and be at the mall in 5 minutes.
Can you just see the positive points adding up in my mind? +!
I just wish I had a best friend living near me. Sometimes a girl just need a good friend.
I'm sure fate will bring me & my future best friend forever closer this coming year : )
I can feel it. Future bff, I hope to meet you soon!
And I hope you hate computers, and do not even know what blogspot is!
I need an escape to the real world :D
I want to talk about things like the grand opening of Lake Union Park!
I want to go to community events, and concerts.

Minh's been a great bff, but I need a different bff to hear me out when I have bf problems lol.
Ya, feel me?

Much has changed for the better since I first arrived to WA.
I'm no longer lonely...I have 3 dogs! 2 of which are puppies.
There's never a dull moment at my place : )
My only hard task is maintaining a clean apartment!
Boy do they love to shred & chew up everything.. I've lost a few good the teething lil adorable monsters : )

I spent the whole day today doing laundry, and cleaning one of the bedrooms. Rotated the bed, changed the sheets, washed the pillow cases. You name it, I did it!

I even sprayed down the box spring and the mattress with Lysol. I remember my Mom's client/friend Lisa telling me that she never gets sick because she would Lysol her bed and change her sheets every week. She was a smart woman : ) I miss her, and think of her from time to time when I'm reminded of her. Breast cancer took her away from Earth almost 2 years ago now. Lisa was a real classic beauty. She was the most sophisticated woman in all of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was so graceful, and charming.

She used to always call me sweet pea too : )
I'm glad she taught me a few things growing up.
Lysol your bed when you change your sheets!

I look forward to posting my latest MAC Feline Collection Haul : )
I plan to try out all my new makeup as well. I better get to bed so tomorrow comes faster and I can play with my new makeup!

Gnite from Seattle!



  1. 3 dogs? o.O Living in the city is nice... I know I love it. You definitely get some more exercising done when you're walking around instead of taking the car... bad side is you live wayyy too close to the mall that you might overspend! lol. A girl always need a bff besides her boyfriend, typically a girl. I sure do miss living in the city...

  2. That's great that you don't need a car to go anywhere ! I spend soo much time in traffic it's not even funny =S I know how you feel when you say you need a new bff. LOL. I moved to VA, leaving everything and everyone behind... Except my Hubby. I came with him. Don't get me wrong, I've made some friends along the way, but it's really hard to find friends that are true and have only good intentions. I miss all my besties back home.. LOL... It gets lonely but I have doggies too ^_^

  3. Glad you don't feel lonely anymore. I had the same feelings when I moved to Sacramento from San Francisco. Instead of getting 3 puppies, I got a kitten to keep me company :)

  4. Hi Steph, I have always been secretly reading your blog and just want to drop a comment.I used to live in Lynnwood which is 20 minutes from seattle. and I worked near broadway before and I know hoe you feel bout Seattle. I love love seattle. there something that makes it so different from any place in USA. I am curently in Michigan visiting my fiance. haha isn't it weird that u used to live in michigan also. I am flying back to seattle this tuesday because school starts soon. Back to rainy sity but I love it. Take care steph <3, Angie

  5. @Angie! Hey :D Where do you work on Broadway? I lovee going out there and eating at Pho Cyclo ~ it's my fav!

    Where in MI are you??? :D

    So cool!

  6. im in Saginasty (saginaw) thats what they said. hahaha . I used to worked in 14th st spring street its a preschool called bright horizons. I know broadway is such a unique place to go. I love the restaurant and the small bar there.and my fiance is also vietnamese. LOL. have you eat in pho tan brothers? they have one in lynnwood..its cheap and good in my opinion :)

  7. woot Awesome post! I'm moving up to seattle to attend UW on.. wednesday!! Not sure if I'm ready for cold + rain since im from hawaii~

  8. I've been dreaming to live in an apartment like yours since FOREVER! Don't think i can ever afford the monthly rent unless i move out of CA.

    Wouldn't it be nice to live above an outdoor shopping center & a Starbucks right across the street?? I love the city life!


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