September 15, 2010

Steph's Mini Blog Sale

Hello lady friends!
I went through some more of my makeup, and these are the items I have picked to let go today.
If you're interested, feel free to email me,
All US Shipping is $2 First Class
I can combine items, most definitely.
Thanks for checking it out!

What's still available,
1. Givenchy Primse Again! Eyes #10 Summer Scapade
Used several times
$12 *pending*

4. NARS Eyeshadow DUO in Cleo
Used a few times

Lash Extensions Day #2
Just a mini update on the lashes. It's Day #2.
(yay, new contact color!)

Just the lash extensions in the pic, no makeup (but yes to the airbrushing via picnik!) haha
I showered this morning and I find myself more cautious because I cannot rub my eyes like I LOVE to do in the morning.

I also had to pat my face dry instead of smashing my face into a towel like I normally would.
They still look great, I combed them out a bit today. I still cannot tell where my real lashes are, or where the extensions being. They did such a great job! I'm a happy customer.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. LOL I laughed when I read the "smashing my face into a towel" part. Just sounded funny. :P

  2. I'm loving your lashes!
    maybe I should get mine done because mine are barely noticeable ugh haha

  3. I'm loving your new contact color Steph. Haha but then again I love anything violet or purple. ;)

  4. i smash my face into a towel too, when i got extensions, i loved the way they looked, but fell out too fast and kinda itched all the time =/ yours are so pretty babes!

  5. ...I smash my face into my towel too. I'm so mean to my skin/face...
    Your lashes look amaaaaazing. I can't believe those are mascara-less pictures! I couldn't even be able to get my lashes to look that nice with all my mascaras if I tried.

  6. I'm loving the lashes! They look great.

  7. the lashes look so cute! love it it makes u look made up without being made up. =)

  8. They totally look good on u Steph. I remember when I was goin' to get them back in SD but they couldn't do the procedure cuz I was too far along in my pregnancy. LOL But a lot of JP women get them. I would hate it if I couldn't smash my face in a towel or rub my eyes!


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