September 14, 2010

Lash Extensions, My First Full Set

Today was the day!

I woke up at 8:15AM, and my bf goes to me..wake up! You gotta go get your eye lashes done.
He then goes on about how women are the weirdest creatures for wanting things put in their eye as he ties his tie. Only women would get excited about having things glued on their eyelids.
SO! :D

My first experience with lash extensions has been very positive...well... so far, the 6-7 hours that I've had them : ) Let me know what you think! Have you had extensions done before?

My appointment was at 9AM at Swink here in Downtown Seattle.
I snapped a few photos in the elevator on my way down. I just walked on over to the salon.
They had me read & sign their lash extension waiver.
Removal would be $30 if I had an allergic reaction, etc.

Soon after, I was greeted by Erika, the girl that was going to be doing my extensions. She took me upstairs where they had two massage looking chair/beds.
I asked if it was ok to take off my flip flops lol. I wanted to be comfortable :D

She asked me if I had to use the bathroom in advance. hahaha clever.
She had me lay down, and close my eyes. (they're fast..they want you in the chair asap). I noticed it with the two other ladies next to me too.

One of the girls was joking on how her bf asked her if she got the "Armenian Special" (lashes) since all the Kardashians have super long lashes. All the women in the room laughed. It was a cute moment : )

Back to the process,

She put two gel like packs under my eyes and taped the sides. I couldn't opened my eyes if I tried! lol. It took a full 2 hours. Time flew by fast though because I kind of dosed off.

Two women got their lashes filled in the same time I had my full set.
The second lady was so damn talkative! She kept going on and on about her bachelor party and asked all of us if we're ok with some inappropriate talk.
She was an older Filipino woman who was getting married that weekend to a French guy.
She kept going on and on about herself, as if her technician really cared haha.
She kept saying how she couldn't hold still and that previous girls had a hard time doing her lashes. She just would not stop talking. I think her girl was getting annoyed, but at least she was friendly :D

And here it is, the before & after : )
(my drooping eyebrow hairs are annoying me just as much as they're probably annoying you. I'll get on it!)

I was telling Erika (my lash girl) that my lashes are lacking. She says they're not lacking, they're just short. You all remember my YSL mascara photos, my natural lashes will lengthen with the right products lol, but that look is hard to achieve when you're too lazy to coat your mascara.

RECAP w/ the YSL Faux Cils Mascara

Natural lashes w/ YSL Faux Cils...fab, but not nearly as fab as the lash extensions :)
These two pictures are my natural lashes curled with YSL mascara, not shabby,
but it required a lot of work when it came to applying and coating the mascara on my lashes.

Below, is the results of the lash extensions
My full set was from 9am-11am, it cost me $150 (I had to put $50 down for my appointment deposit). They charged me $100 after I was done.
I gave my girl a $20 tip, so in total $170.

I've been researching falsies in my area and they are actually about $200 for the first set, $75 for fills. The place I went to, Swink charges $50 for fills. .

I think the reason why Swink is on the more affordable side is because it's a style salon that focuses on hair. The girl said they never expected for lash extensions to be such a booming business here in Seattle.

No makeup, non-curled natural lashes (the ugly look of the morning). haha

After the lash extensions : ) Much better!
They look so dark and dramatic. This is without mascara.
She told me I can use non-waterproof mascara starting tomorrow.
I'm also not supposed to use any oil based products (makeup remover, makeup).
Curling my lashes is a NO NO. The extensions have a natural curl to them already.
The hairs are individual mink hairs glued in with surgical grade glue

Not just mine, I love them in general. Before & After makeup pictures are the best.
(Minh goes, did your skin change color too?)
NO, asshole it's the different light and flash.

As you can probably tell, I'm still wearing the same pair of grey circle lenses.
They're just SO comfortable. I wish I remember what brand they were because I would love another pair.

Check out my "gappy" eyeliner job haha
I was in Nordstrom right after my appointment to meet up with my friend Kellie.
While I was waiting for her, I strolled to the Lancome counter and used their eyeliner pencil.

I didn't want to ruin my fresh lashes so I applied my liner slightly above my lash line ^_^ haha
I ended up picking up the Lancome Artliner in Black & a duo matte foundation/powder.
Their free gift was really good today. I'll have to blog about it tomorrow & share.

I cannot wait to see what these babies will look like with mascara!
They did give me a spool-y to keep so I can brush out my lashes. I remember she would apply 3-4 lashes, and then brush them out, and continue that process. It was a weird feeling because you kind of feel tugging & pulling on your eyelids/eyelashes. I forgot to mention earlier that the tech actually criss-cross your natural lashes with the individuals that were glued in. That way it looks more natural. The lashes definitely blend well and feel super light!

I really appreciate Erika's efforts in applying my lashes, and I'll definitely be back for more. This time, the lash extension length I got were the #11 and #12. They go all the way up to #15. Next time, I'm going to ask for #13's...I guess you gotta work your way up. That's what I heard the lady next to me talk about.

I'll post full face pictures tomorrow. I woke up at 9am today..haha again..I'm Zombie Steph!

Any info on your personal experience with lash extensions would be wonderful! I'm a newbie, and I'm eager to learn as much as I can about this service. :D

Plus, I think lash extensions is great for lazy girls like me who still want to look make that effort to look "prettier" without doing as much work.

I can't wait to just wake up and head out the door!

Minh just got home from work and goes, wow they're much longer.
You're a "fake facer." Your lashes are fake. Where is the girl I first dated?
My sister and him like to make fun of me all the damn time about how "fake" makeup make me (and girls) look.

I just ask them would they prefer to see my scary morning face 24/7?

p.s. my DSK Giveaway ends tonight, everyone is welcome to enter!
I just want to know everyone's favorite movie so I can have movie ideas. haha

Also! DSK Model Contest Ladies, please please get your name and address e-mailed to

I want to spend one full day working on all your prizes : ) I would appreciate it if you could help me out.


  1. love it! it looks really good! i had really cheap ones done awhile back...i def. think you get what you pay for. i mean, how good could it be for $50 right?!?! hahahaha.

    yours look good! don't you love not having to do anything to them!??!

  2. They look so great Steph! Jealous!! Don't be battin' those lashes at all the boys now, you're taken!

  3. Oh, now I really want them. My sister get the extensions, but right now I'm on a full time student budget. LOL. The one that might bother me is that I can not use makeup remover. I need to know all my makeup is off. I do not think that my MU remover is oil based tho, but I do use the Shu oil cleanser on my face. Cant wait to see a review in a month.

  4. oh wow.. I love it Steph! They look amazing. btw, I got the Ysl mascara today. Yes! finally right? haha

  5. They will look off the charts w/ mascara but in my opinion you don't need it...isn't the point of getting these so you can just roll out of bed and look fab?

    Lol at Minh's comment. same with my bf but hello would you rather see the scary as all hell just snarfed up in the morning face? Didn't think so.

    Does Kellie have a blog? We hear so much about her!

  6. I love the look! I think your natural lashes with mascara were really nice too though.

    I'm so tempted to try this out for myself, but I have a lot of waterproof/water-resistant products that will go to waste if I do.. lol.

    Thanks for sharing, Steph! :D

  7. Wow they're so dramatic looking!! But I agree with PAG that I also thought the point of these is that you wouldn't have to wear mascara? So what's next? Tattoo eyeliner, eyebrows and lip color? :P Seriously though, thanks for sharing your experience! I've always been curious about these... maybe when I have the dough to spare I'll get them! :)

  8. awww i love it!! hahah
    "NO, asshole it's the different light and flash." i can just HEAR you say that to him from just reading it! gosh i miss being around you both! lol..i really do need to stop by sometime! i haven't seen you in months!

  9. I think your lenses are the Geo Ash Wings. HTH! & Fabulous lashes! :)

  10. You had your contacts on while she was working on your lashes? Doesn't it move back or something? lol. For that price, it's actually really reasonable for eyelash extension. I never had them done but I had eyelash curl perm done by my aunt (free, woot woot for Asian family and business association).

  11. You look fabulous with the lash extensions! :) I got my first lash extensions last year in August. I get mine refilled every 4 weeks for the best result and I keep them for a half year. Then I just let them grow out and let my real lashes breath and rest for a half year.
    Yesterday I went to school with a friend as a make up model and only the teacher noticed I had lash extensions, all the others thought it was natural! :D

  12. wow!! that's awesome!!! it's crazy how those small little tweakings can make us look a little different... but girl, you look gorgeous with or without the lash extensions!! =)

  13. "fake facer" "No asshole, flash & no flash" You two crack me up!! LOL!

    They came out great. I'm glad it's worth the $$! My friend down here got hers done too! She loves not having to curl or put mascara on her lashes. The only downside she said, was finding a good eye mu remover that doesn't have oil! LOL!

    Yes I'm going through DSK withdrawls! Don't quite know what I want yet, but I know it's gonna be a pendant and I want a BIG one! LOL! ;)

  14. omg they look SO gorgeous! and seriously, you have the prettiest eyes. i always love your EOTD, especially in your YSL pics!

    and jeez they look ridiculously long in your "12 pm" picture! but they look stunning in your "before & after" pictures. i love how natural they look. these are comparable to Kim Kardashian's ridiculously long eyelashes! lol she used an eyelash serum but still.

    i want to see them with mascara! are you going to use lengthening mascara like YSL or a thickening mascara like Dior since your lashes are so long already?

    and the "fake facer" comment is really funny. when he said, "where is the girl i first dated?" i actually thought that was CRAZY cute! it just means he loves you even MORE when you're all natural. =) my bf is always like o_O whenever he sees me without makeup =\ prettyyyy sad.

    lol and yay for you blogging more !!!!

  15. they look brilliant, they did a good job xx

  16. Oooh gorgeous! Let us know how they last and if you can "feel" them daily.

    I get the same thing from my bf about makeup. Deep down, they know they appreciate it! Now if only they would turn it up a notch on clothing!

  17. Your eyes look gorgeous!!!

    I want to get eyelash extensions too but I'm going to wait until after I have laser eye surgery since I hate wearing my contacts. I can barely wear falsies with glasses without getting annoyed!

  18. i think your lashes look gorgeous :)

  19. you look fabulous girl :)

    jen @

  20. The lash extensions are so darn expensive! They are beautiful though. Thanks for sharing the before and after pics.

    It's funny what Minh and your sister said about how fake makeup makes girls look. I wonder if that's what people i work with think of me. I work in an office full of ladies who don't wear makeup. Sometimes i feel a little uncomfortable being around them. You know how much women LOVE to talk!!

  21. Your lashes will thank you for not having to use mascara everyday! :D haha

    Makeup enhances women! I've been told how fake I look w/full makeup on but I honestly don't get it LOL I don't wear a ton of makeup, but when I wear eyeliner, some women in the office will be like woah...yeah it's annoying :p


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