September 13, 2010

Sonia Kashuk and new Sharpie Pens!

Hey all, I'm just in the mood to blog lately.
I picked up some goodies over the weekend from Target.
I've tried the Sonia Kashuk lashes before and really liked them.
Shout out to my girl friend Holly for introducing me to them : )
The first pair I tried were the full glam style (last pair).
I've noticed they carry 3 variety, demi-lash, full lash, and full glam
They're $4.99 / pair
On the price-y side? A little, but the quality is very nice, and they're re-usable..except I'm too lazy to remove the glue from they just pile up in my room..and then they get old and I am forced to throw them away. I suck.
I'm kind of an idiot because I'm getting a full set of lash extensions tomorrow. lol
These can just stay in my room & look pretty : )
I honestly buy things to look at them. I don't need to use everything I buy to feel satisfied with my purchase. Are you like that? I'm sure there are girls out there just like me!
I have this bad habit of never using some of my eyeshadows because they look so darn pretty untouched. I guess you could say I like my eyeshadows virgin. hahaha
I mean..who wants to dip their brush into a beautiful imprinted shadow?!!
For example, who could smudge the CD in the Dior eyeshadow palettes?!?! NOT ME!
If I do use it, I brush my brush along the edges not to disturb the beautiful imprint. lol
I'd rather hide it in my draw, and pull it out and look at it in its virgin form...
Maybe that's why people buy back ups! ;D

I wish everything in life was buy 1, get 1 free.
The famous Sonia Kashuk "Full Glam Eyelashes"
These really do make your eyes POP.
I like em!
I've always been a fan of demi or half lashes. It's definitely a great pair for falsie newbies.
They're not as hard to apply since you are just going for the outer corners of the eye.

The hardest part for me is getting the full lashes to stay glued right in the inner corner.

I've been wanting to try this beauty blender thingy ma-jiggy forever now!
I finally found one, and it's in my favorite color, Purple!
Yay, can't wait to use it tomorrow :D

Milk & Honey, who could resist such a beautiful chapstick?!
I give it thumbs up.
P.S. little Nguyen, I got you one too.
I sent you a birthday package..and it cost me $45 at Fedex....that's practically a 45lb box!
Basically, 143 .. I love love loveee you. haha
You better get a big strong man friend (as Minh would call him) to help you carry that up to your fancy little Harvard dorm room.
We can't wait to visit you, Minh & I were thinking about headed out there a few days before Mom & Pop get there so we can hang out young people to young people.
The rents are just going to drag us to eat that Boston lobster at Chinese restaurants and no where else!

But back to mouth guards.
99 cents each! I picked up 4 :D
For me & the bf to mold our teef & prepare them for bleaching!
Can't wait to try that 5 minute smile goodness.

I better get going now. Gotta tidy up the living space since my friend Kellie is coming over tomorrow for the first time.. dun dun dunnn

My apartment is so messy it's embarrassing, but REAL friends love you no matter how messy you are. Right?

I also have to get up early to walk on over to Swink Style Bar and get my lashes done!!! Yay, it's my first time : )
I love love love the fact that this salon is across the street. lol
I'm NOT a morning person ---

Zombie Steph.

9AM-11AM .. it takes a full 2 hours. I'm sure I'll probably fall asleep. I just hope I don't SNORE or fart during the process. hahaha that would be somewhat embarrassing, but then not really because life carries on, and you MOVE ON from those embarrassing moments. :D

Can't wait to see Kellie!!! She's one of the first real people friends I've made in Bellevue/Seattle since I've moved here. : )
She's leaving to go back to CA for school though... : (
Maybe one day, she'll move back & we can be neighbors, and our dogs can play with each other in our shared lawns. But that's only a dream.... :D

ta ta for now lovelies!

I will take a ton of before & after photos of my lashes to share with you!
I hope I don't over hype this..and then get disappointed. Time will tell won't it?
See you back here in 12 hours!

New Sharpie Pens!


  1. Hi! "Clothes steamer like they have at Banana Republic" LOLOLOLOLOLOL
    You're so funny! But I think you can purchase them, my friend has one at home teehee~
    Those lashes do look very nice and natural!! You should post a pic of you with them on!!
    And I would love to see you with extensions!! I've always wanted to get them done but am afraid to lose my real lashes and be eyelashless when the extensions fall out:(

  2. If you're heading over to Boston... definitely check out Penang! It's in Chinatown, right by downtown and Tufts University. I'm interested in those lashes but I have plenty here that I don't even use.... I cannot get the hang of it! lol. They do look pretty to look at though =]

  3. I also buy things to look at! The full glam lashes look really pretty. Havent been to Target for awhile, so I have to check them out the next time I go there.

  4. OooO I got those Sonia Kashuk full glam lashes because of Holly too. I picked up ONE PAIR last winter. It has last me until now!! I am pretty meticulous about removing excess makeup and glue gunk off that pair. I've used it at least over 10x now and it is still in pretty good condition. You will love it, believe me! But do remember to post pics of your lash extensions! I want to see!

  5. ...I didn't even know Sonia Kashuk sold lashes, haha. My TargetS (plural!) are always sold out of everything. I'm not a morning person either! Sort of. I get up when I have to :[ and...I'm really excited to see how your lashes look, haha :D

  6. I love false lashes but for some reason I don't get them on right!
    So that is one of the reasons that I did choose for lash extensions.
    You are not the only person that wished everything in life was buy 1, get 1 free! I just bought stuff yesterday because it looked cute, don't know if I ever going to use it... :)


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