September 12, 2010

Ruffian Manicure

The Ruffian Manicure, my first try.
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Tonight was my first attempt at the "ruffian manicure."
What do you think? Isn't it different? : )
I used OPI's Glitzerland & Diva of Geneva nail polishes.
I couldn't resist the mini set! I wanted the teal & the darker gunmetal color anyways : )
I actually just picked them up yesterday from Ulta (South Center)
It's called a Ruffian Manicure, Yo!
Without top coat, please ignore the nasty hang nail on my middle finger. GROSS.
Glitzerland, two coats, no top coat.
Glitzerland & Diva of Geneva
My friend Whit used to have a gecko named Glitz may he RIP!
With the OPI Top Coat that came with the mini set
w/ top coat
I'm quite fond of the colors I purchased : )
Plus, I had a $3.50 off coupon at Ulta that day ^_^
Can't wait to try the mini's!

My mini haul above from Bartell drugs since it was late.
I lost my nail buffer somewhere in my mess of a room.
I had to settle for over priced drugstore nail supplies =/
Doesn't the bottle of acetone look like a green tea Asian drink bottle? haha
Random purchase from Marshall's lol, a cat dish!
I just couldn't resist how cute it was! It was only $3.99 too.
I'll find a good use for it in my room : )

In Random Wine News,
Minh & I picked up this Red Table Wine bottle from Trader Joe's because we though the label was cool. It was only $6.99 or $7.99 too and the cashier recommended it.
It's very easy to drink.
A little bit of a wine does good for the body every once in a while.
I'm not a big drinker, but I can appreciate a table wine with my meal : )
I think we're going to start a mini wine collection for the hell of it.
When I have babies one day, I'm going to buy a few bottles of wine the year they're born, and save it until they're 21 and share it with them : ) (awww, I know!) ;D

In other random purchase news,
my first Illamasqua thing.
I can't really say I adore the packaging, it feels like a cheaper plastic, and the box is just not luxurious either.

This palette sweats! There must be something in the formula that makes it "liquid-y"
I'm a big fan of the silver. I think individually each shadow is around $24?
But of course a bigger size. I figured why not get it, it was the token "last one" at Sephora in downtown. Now that I live 2 blocks from Sephora..I never find my self going there anymore.
I get more excited to drive to Ulta lol. It's weird!
You always want what you can't have, I guess.
They call this the liquid metal shadows, they're actually very sensitive to the weather!
I noticed that they were "sweating" when I opened the package. It feels a lil oily :/
This palette cost around $42 at Sephora
I really wanted it for the silver, it's gorgeous!

Another random purchase, this time from Walmart (Marysville, WA).
I know, I'm all over Western Washington these days.
This whitening system was only $5.99 at Walmart!
I need to try it. I saw that the makeup artist Kandee Johnson recommend it a while back.
I used to bleach my teef professional (cousin's a dentist), and use Crest White Strips (pro version). Those worked great, but it's been a few years since I've actively bleached. The first thing most of my family members notice about me is how white my teeth are, and then they'll go on about how fat I am. haha I love Asian people!

Also in other Steph news, I picked up my second pair of Christian Louboutin's.

I was talked into buying the Christian Louboutin "New Simple Pump." Price tag, $735 before Seattle tax (9.5% oww). I looked for them online when I got home and Barney's sells them for $725. wth. I probably could get a price adjustment at Nordy's if I wanted to...but for $10 not worth the effort...and probably be labeled as a crazy cheap lady who wants to buy expensive things....

I originally wanted just the "Simple Pumps" they're $595 versus the "New Simple Pump"$ I was tricked!...but the sales associate had me try on a series of Louboutins, Chanel, and Jimmy Choo's and he says that the New Simple just make my legs look longer. I trust his opinion! I want the Simple in the Nude tone anyways which they didn't have. My little sister Julia says she really wants a pair in Nude & Black. After you graduate Harvard lil sis, I will get you both :-)

The difference in the CL's New Simple Pump & the Simple Pump is the platform, the heel is supposedly the same height, but that's a lie. The New Simple's are harder to walk in..

Barney's is also right next door to dt Seattle Nordstrom. Oh well, at least I get my Nodstrom MOD points. I became a level 2 shopper in a matter of two weeks. My shopper self-esteem is just at an all time high. jk. I shop to make up for my lack of self-esteem & confidence says Minh.
Sue me.

I also picked up a pair of black Tory Burch flip flops and I'm in loveee with them! Super comfortable, fit my feet perfectly, and make them look nice.
$115 ~ worth every dollar. My mom even liked them and I told her the price.

Burberry Outlet's new shopping bag.
Seattle Premium Outlet, Marysville, WA

I also picked up my 4th pair of Burberry shoes over the weekend (2 of the 4 pairs now belong to my little spoiled sister Julia). Speaking of Julia, that Harvard snob-ster, check out

lol, she linked me, and it's pretty funny. Just check it out and you'll see why.


I found the prettiest Burberry wedge sandals (for $209, original $295). : )
The outlet prices aren't that fabulously discounted. It's still kind of pricey, but shopping is way more relaxed than the "grown up" formal Burberry.
They also came in black, a goldy metallic, and the berry red.
I wasn't even shopping for myself, but fate would have it, Minh & I fell in love with them haha.
Right Minh?
I always ask for Minh's opinion when we shop, he's usually pretty honest with me.
I also picked up two polo's for my dad. I'll take a picture of them before I send them to him. I really like Burberry's men clothes. I can never find anything for myself apart from a $999 trench coat, but I'm going to wait until I'm at my ideal size before I splurge...
It's weird, I don't own anything from Burberry other than shoes, rainboots, and an umbrella.
I just don't fancy their bags, wallets, clothes right now. Maybe when I'm older, and have a Master's degree. lol In my mind Burberry = Smart Person's Brand.

You can probably see why I mostly shop for shoes, bags, and makeup.
The size doesn't change, yo.
Minh & I are going to try to stop eating out starting : )
We're kind of over being fatties, been there, done that you know?
haha right. It's such a struggle for us...
The couple that gained a combined 100lbs in a matter of 2.5 years of dating.
That's a fact.... fuck our lives right? lol

Also, in MAC makeup shopaholic news...
The Lady Gaga Lipglass has arrived! I ordered online last week.
I picked up two because I'm a hoard. I figure it would be sold out and I'll feel extra special knowing that I have two safely secure in my collection!

I have some really great news to share with you all in about a month or two.
Not engaged, not prego's, nothing like that..
There is a reason why I'm so comfortable with my shopping lately.
The bf & I are moving on up (in life) you could say. We won the lottery!!! JK.
I wish! Speaking of that, The Power Ball is at 94 million...I need to get my a ticket!

I can't wait to share you with you all soon our exciting exciting life changing news!!!!!

There's still a lot of other shopaholic things I have hauled back into my apartment.
I basically bought an entire new wardrobe from Ann Taylor (very inspired by Jean of and my friend Danielle & Whitney...all gorgeous women & working professionals.

I made nice with the store manager (I was there for over 2 and 1/2 hours trying on clothes, and having her hold onto them for me at the counter) and she gave me 20% off my entire order since it was over x-amount of dollars. My friend Whitney said when she spent over $700 (on work clothes) they gave her 40% off her entire purchase? Right Nonners? You confirm this fact now, or else everyone is going to think you're a big fatty liar. :P

I'm not much excited or interested in clothes/fashion as most of you know.
I never really post pictures of clothes b/c I think my style is random and weird.
Haha my style, or lack of style. Maybe one day when I grow up : )

I really wish I was more into fashion, body image, and style. I know my mom really wished I was that kind of girl. My mom is really into clothes and shoes. She always criticizes me for my lack of interest in body image/fashion.
Maybe one day ma! I'll show you!

I also bought Minh a bunch of new clothes from Ralph Lauren, and J.Crew. I think it's age appropriate.
I was tired of seeing him wear Express..aren't we (YOU) a bit old for Express?!
He still claims that Express jeans fit him best. dot. dot. dot... I don't think I will win unless I start hiding his clothes again.

Overall, this past week has been great, shopping wise. :)
I've also made two new attorney friends in Seattle ^_^
The first thing one of them asked me, "so Steph, do you have any hot single friends?"
lol, I like his style. Straight forward, gotta love it!
He goes to me, "I'll have a big fat red envelope waiting for you."
Basically, my goal these next few months is going to be find him a Seattle girlfriend!
I like red envelopes, who doesn't?!

Next on my shopping list!
Tory Burch Reva Flats in the Leopard Print!!!
I also got Minh a Norstrom MOD card tied to my account ^_^
It's possible! So he can spend my money, and earn me points!
Sometimes, he goes to Vancouver to visit his family ~ and this way he'll be able to pick up tax free goodies for me from Portland's Nordstrom. : )

I wish I would have gotten a MOD card sooner...I like the perks!
I already got a gift set of 3 different mascara, and $20 Nordstrom Note : )
As my friend Angie told me, spend $2,000/ year -- $20 Note (Gift Certificate)
(easy if you buy designer bags..they have Chanel, Gucci, Prada, you name it.)
...spend $10,000/year --free alterations
I think you get a personal shopper too, but that's for people like Nonners (BALLER).

I'm only partially conditioned to be a crazy shopaholic.
I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoy Nordstrom's customer service. The more frequent you are, the more familiar you are with the sale team ~ aka more "exclusive" special treatment, or so they make you think.

Your sales associate(s) (as you befriend them) will pull things for you in your size, and hold the designer sale items for you before they go on sale.. ; )
I've already told my guy to holla at me when Louboutin's go on sale this November at Nordy's.
November ladies...the next designer sale!

They'll email you, call you...if there are things they think you'd like.

What a new world I have found in Nordstrom shopping.
I love shopping. ditto.

Dior Sunglasses, Chanel Earrings, Marcia Moran Necklace .. life's good to me!


  1. the nails look great! i like the colors that you decided to use together. and that liquid metals palette..i picked up the same one at the downtown store, thinking that because it was the last one, it was a sign. obviously they just keep restocking it :)

  2. Thanks! I love the colors from this OPI collection a lot!

    Have you tried out the Liquid Metal Palette yet? (actually I'm going to stalk your blog right now) :D I think it's so funny that dt Seattle Sephora knows us both too well then!

  3. Love the ruffian mani! I always want to try it :)

    A great shopping week!

  4. ahhh i totally know what you mean about asian parents always noticing things like weight!! so i finally just got a personal trainer so i stick with it. lol. hopefully one day we will both be at our ideal weight :)!!!

  5. ahaha gosh! you baller!!! lots has been going on in your shopping life!

  6. I totally love the ruffian manicure ^_^. I want the Lady Gaga Lipglass, haha I'm so late on this, I bet there aren't any left :(.

  7. i love those tory burch flats

  8. Funny post, Steph...I was laughing throughout. Can you pls share the "news" already???!

    I agree with you on the burb stuff...I don't find their clothes (with the exception of the classic trench, of course) or bags's all that check. When you buy your coat def don't do it at the outlet. No free alterations!

    The simples are no longer simple...they are hot! I guess Mr. CL is saying that simple women are no longer "in." I liked the simples because they had a relatively lower heel and could be work-aprops, but the new simple is very va-va-voom. Too many heads would be turned at work : )

    $700 at AT girl? They shoulda given you 40% off everything (btw, they have that going on right now online)! Can we see some of these new purchases?

    And lastly...HAHA, big fat red envelope in exchange for the hand of a nice lady. I like that. My friends always asked to be hooked up with cute blog readers...maybe I'll consider it if they dangled a red envelope.

  9. I'm not spoiled! You're just bad at managing your money! You always buy things and get sick of them. I get your SECOND HAND shoes :P

    i know what you mean about the burberry bags and wallets. they just look stuffy and old people-ly.

    hey. want a good diet plan? it's called eat at annenberg. the result is you stop eating.

    lololol :)
    we're such ivy league snobs. i need to stop it.

  10. Yes, I've done a review on the whitening kit with pics here it worked great for me!

  11. can't wait to hear your great new news ^__^

  12. Love your ruffian manicure! I need to try this out... one day! I'm SO envious of your recent purchases!

  13. I've been wanting to try the Ruffian mani, just have to find the right combo first. I'm a horad too when it comes to MU. I have 2 Gaga lipsticks, but I dont even really like the color. Haha. Just bought it bc I like her. Nice haulage!

  14. I have a question! Might be a stupid one... so brace yourself. Is selling fake shoes? I wanted a pair of wedges and they are somewhat cheaper on that website but it looks a bit shady and a Google search didn't really come up with anything :-/


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