September 10, 2010

My Puppies are 5 Months Old!

Wally & Timmy were born April 8, 2010
After Wally's haircut...his true colors were revealed. lol
He's no white boy!
Wally is so long and tall now ~ he's taller than Timmy, but not as hefty haha
Timmy's grown so much these past few months, his head is huge!
Minh and I think he's mixed pit bull because he walks with a big dog swag lol
Timmy, Timmy, Timmy
This cutie is a big momma's boy.
I keep a pillow on the couch for extra comfort when staring at the TV.
I noticed a big lump in the pillow next to me... lookie who was inside!
It's Nickel!
Nickel is hilarious. He can't stand to sleep without covers. We always have to have a blanket for him in his doggie bed. If he's out of a blanket (it being in the wash), he'll find his way into one of the bedrooms lol. Silly dog!

And a random pic of my lazy eye makeup from yesterday,
I used Max Factor's 2000 Calorie Mascara, and a drug store eyeshadow stick.
I accidentally smudge mascara on my lower lash line so I just blended some eyeshadow to make it look less stupid. I was so lazy to remove my mascara mistakes.

My lash extension appointment is at 9AM next Tuesday, Sept 14 : )
at Swink Style Bar across the street from where I live in dt Seattle.

9AM is a bit early for me, but they told me it's a 2 hour process.
They wouldn't be able to fit me in for another two weeks ~ I figured it's now or never.
My first full set will cost $150
I believe fills at Swink Style Bar is $50

From my research, the average full set is around $200.

A little article about Swink (for the Seattle girls) ^_^

And reviews I've been reading on yelp,

ooh! also watch this video on lash extensions at Swink,

This video is what sold me. I think the girl in the video is the only one that does the extensions there. I can't wait to tell you all about it : )
I walk by their salon almost everyday. It looks so cute! It's actually two stories, and the window display is always pretty & pink. I can't wait :D


  1. your puppies are getting so big! super cute :] can't wait to hear about how your lash extension appt. will go.

  2. they are all so cute! i just found ollie the other day inside the pillow case too!

  3. aww, the puppies are so cute! lol, nickel. i miss heidi and tobey now. i'm so deprived of my furry friends here :(

  4. 5 months already?! aww I remembered when you first had their pictures up, they were these cute tiny little puppies.

  5. Your puppies are so cute, Steph! : )

  6. i hope your lash extensions tomorrow goes well :D


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