September 23, 2010

Mariners Live in my Building

Minh and I just found out three of the Seattle Mariner's baseball players live in our building.
(I'm guessing on the penthouse floors.) I just wonder if I've ever run into them and not know it!
I know Jose Lopez lives in our building because one of our neighbors was telling Minh how he hit a few home runs yesterday (winning the game) in the elevator. And then she talked about 2 others players who live here as well.

I think that's so cool! I wonder who else lives here. I know a musician lives here, he's always on the terrace with his guitar and equipment writing music. Then there's a dude with a tattooed face living on a floor pretty high up. I wonder what he does! lol, well I know an attorney & jewelry artist live in our our apartment actually :P

Time to go stalk our building's version of Facebook. :D

Now I feel like going to a baseball game.....or at least studying the players so I can recognize their faces if I'm ever in the elevator with them. haha I'm such a loser.
Our elevators' daily bulletin always has the Mariner's schedule. I just thought Seattle people like my friend Marisa are just obsessed with baseball. lol

When I was in high school & college, I use to love to play the 50 cent stuffed animal claw machine. I was pretty good, I won most of the time ^_^ (I got skillz what can I say?)

One time I won a Mariner's baseball cap, and I had no idea what team they were because I'm not a big baseball fast forward 4 years..I'm living in the Mariners hometown.

Too bad the team lost today, I better go find that baseball cap and show my support!



  1. interesting :) Looks like you need to do some stalking now eh ;)

    jen @

  2. i miss your crazy long ass posts! what was the big surprise btw? was it you getting an office? you should do an office tour ;)


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