September 29, 2010

Lake Union Park, Puppies, Salty's, Nailpolishes

We took the dogs out for a walk at Lake Union Park last Saturday, which was also Grand Opening Day. : )
Minh was walking Wally, while I walked Timmy.
Minh told me that Wally licked some lady's leg and just walked away. Minh said the lady's expression was funny because she had no idea what it was because Wally casually walked away. lol
Let me tell you Wally is a silly little puppy.

There's this super cool model boat pond at the park. I lovee this picture. Look how the sun glistens in the water : )

The model boat pond. It's the first one for Seattle.
The park is walking distance from our place, it's about 5 blocks down.
Kiddies playing in the new water fountain, I tried to take a pic as I walked by instead of straight up standing there and focusing on the creepers here!
Seattle people love their boats!

Natural habitat of this creature, I think it'sa blue heron
Lake Union Park
They even built a walking bridge, this whole Lake Union Park project took 10 years to finish.
The land was donated by the US Navy to the city of Seattle July 2000.
So yeah..that's the new Lake Union Park on Grand Opening Day.
Now for Sunday
We went to Salty's in West Seattle for brunch on Sunday.
Here's a great example of Seattle's morning overcast. It's 98% cloudy everyday in the morning.
The sun usually starts to peek out at noon.
I really like to go over to West Seattle. Salty's is located right along Alki Beach.
My cousin and I had a fun rollerblading out there this summer : )
It wouldn't be bad to move out there. You can take the water taxi to get over to Downtown Seattle lol. It's not far of a drive at all either, it takes us about 10 minutes from our home.
Salty's Sunday brunch in West Seattle
(I don't even like biscuits and gravy anymore, it's just a tempting habit whenever I see it--I need it!!!).
I used to love love love Bob Evan's biscuits & gravy in college. I think I just grew out of it.

Overall, Salty's was pretty good, lots of seafood (and raw oysters!). There was someone shucking them right there and then. I really liked that. I was surprised that Salty's brunch was $40/person.
We each got a mixed drink in addition which was about $9-$10/each.
I don't think we'll be back unless we have visiting guests. For $40/person...I think we'd rather have a nice filet mignon & lobster at some fancy steak house. You know?

It's a lot more expensive than Ivar's Salmon House for brunch ($26/person). They have a very similar spread, but Salmon House is much more affordable especially if you have a large family.

Now in other Sunday news. Minh and I usually go to Target, Petsmart, Ulta, Fry's and Best Buy on his days off.
I usually pick up a few things at Ulta just because I never really go there during the week.
I found this really pretty nailpolish by OPI called DS Coronation. It was $12.50. WTH right?
I didn't know until checkout, but it's ok, OPI was buy 1, get 1 50%.
I got the Happy Anniversary polish for half off.

It's really sparkly and holographic-y in person. I love this style polish because it goes on super smooth and dries smooth too.

Time for a bunch of pictures of non-flash nailpolish lol.

Only the flash photo was worthy, but why not post the rest.

I've also received a few packages from my readers, and I wanted to share them.

Jenny, a friend from blog who also suffers from eczema sent me some goodies.
We had been emailing back and forth about different remedies to treat our eczema.
She introduced me to the Vichy spray (which she got at CVS). We don't have CVS in Seattle : / It's very similar to the Evian water spray. I love it. Thank you for your thoughtfulness Jenny! I appreciate it!
It definitely helps with the dry skin on my face. When the weather changes, my eczema starts showing up.
She was so sweet and sent me a mini OPI set. I've been in love with these little sets, how did you know? I can't wait to them all. I think they'd be amazing for the ruffian manicure nails.

I also received a generous gift from the UK from a tweetheart named Sherrie.
She sent me some goodies including candles, and makeup!
It all smells so great. Thank you : )
She sent me some huge candles! I can't wait to try them out this fall.
But the one item she included is this Aloe & Soft Linen spray! It's AMAZING!
I use it on our couch, and on the beds. It helps freshen up the apartment so nicely.
Thank you Sherrie! I wouldn't have ever known of this product if it wasn't for you.
I'm definitely going to go look for it now.

A quick lash extension update: they're holding up well. I have had a few lashes fall out (as your natural lashes do the extension with it). They still look nice : ) I like waking up and taking the dogs out without having to worry about how I look. Longer lashes just adds a dash of pretty to your naked face. I love them!

Also, Happy Birthday to my Mom! : )


  1. what a gorgeous eye! hahaha :P

    wally IS a silly puppy. my bf's sister has a dog. and SHe LOVES LICKING PEOPLE. like crazy! when she was a puppy (when she was still goin to uni) she took her to a few football events and sophie (dog's name) would sit by the edge of the gate where people would be walking by and just lick people's legs and they came by hahahaha.

  2. The story of Wally licking a lady's leg is so funny.. has me secretly giggling because I can imagine it so well x) The waterfront view is gorgeous, I wouldn't mind taking a stroll there! Gorgeous OPI color but didn't know their polish could run up to $12 dang. Hope you're having a great week!

  3. Wally has a great smile! What nice packages to get :D

  4. Cute post! Awe.. Cute puppy.. Love the nail color and new goodies. The lashes look great! I'm so scared to get them done. AHHAHA!

  5. Wow I'm loving the new nail polish! And your puppies are always!

    xx The Little Dust Princess


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