September 30, 2010

More Leopard Luxe and Lash Extensions

I did my makeup yesterday to go to the Seattle Art Museum...which we didn't end up going to because Minh was caught up at work.
We ended up going out for sushi instead
The lash extensions are still holding up. I have had a few lashes fall out.
I think I will get a fill when the time comes. I don't mind having them : )
Again, I used my MAC Leopard Luxe Eyeshadow Quad (used all 4 colors)
(love the natural sunset lighting)
And the Silver Glitter Liquid Liner instead of the Gold (Pure Show).
-Lancome Artliner (I love this)
-MAC Zoom Lash Mascara

I think I will always be a fan of MAC makeup. I just think it's an age appropriate line for me at 23 years young : )

(indoor lighting makes me more tan)
Profile view of the lashes, lots more drama with lash extensions. I like them so much!
Time for feet action!
It's still warm in Seattle, 73 today, 72 tomorrow and sunny!
This fall is wacky, but I love it : ) You smell autumn in the air, but enjoy the summer sun.
These were the Burberry sandals/wedges I picked up a few weeks back.
Available at the Burberry Outlet at Seattle Premium Outlet for $209 (versus original price $295)
(My mirror is dusty...I probably should Windex that).
I really like the Berry color, they make me happy.

And my puppies also make me happy : )
Look at Wally laying in the coffee table lol. Timmy, Wally, Nickel
Notice Nickel and Wally on my right, and Timmy on my left.
Timmy is always on my left when I'm on my laptop ^_^

Random: Is anyone looking to buy the MAC Lady Gaga Lipglass?
I bought two and I'm not really a fan of it.
Brand New in Box $16.50 shipped (US)
Used 2x $14 shipped (US)
Let me know if you're interested:


  1. your lashes r gorgeous!! i want extensions but i doubt i'll ever get them done. sigh** time to save up for the holidays.

    and damn ur puppies grew from the last time i saw them! still cute!

  2. your lashes are perfect! where did you go to get them done?


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