October 1, 2010

October First

I've been sick since last night. I got a case of acid reflux, and I felt like I was going to die each time it burned. lol. I woke up at 1:30pm today because I still feel crappy.
I've never really had heartburn like this before...I'm trying to think of what foods I ate yesterday.
Sighh..damn you stomach acids.

It's about 4:38pm now, and I decided to dust off my Sony a300 DSLR camera that's been hidden away in the back of my closet. I can't believe it's almost 2 years old now. Minh and I bought this when we won $5k at Muckleshoot casino. lol
We were complete DSLR newbies, so we just bought the one that was easiest to use!
After using my Canon DSLR for the past year ~ going back to the Sony feels strange.
It's bulkier, heavier, and I don't think the photos come out as wonderful, but then again...I'm not photographer. I have no idea how to adjust any settings, I just play around with it, trial and error style.

I've been talking with one of my homies back in GR, and they're planning on investing in the next Canon 5d. I've been eying that camera ever since I've started reading www.dirtsalad.com

Glenn is a really awesome photographer and he shoots with a 5d mark ii :D
I think the current 5d is around $2700, I can't imagine what the new one will cost.
I wish I was more worthy of owning such a great camera. I don't have a passion for photography, I just have to study and learn it for my business. It saves the company money in the long run if I am able to control most of the aspects of the work that needs to be done.

Now-a-days, I wish I lived in Kentwood, MI or still went to MSU.
I miss my techy friends more than I thought I would.
One of them did recently got into med school ^_^
If you used to read my blog you would remember Alex (mr. eyebrow threading).
He got into med school as I knew he would!

Anyhow...now that I am 3,000 miles away from my friends, I have to do research on this "lux" camera by myself. It's more exciting when you buy something cool and have friends to share it with. Especially the whole "unboxing" part. ;)

I bought 5 things from the MAC VV Collection and the sales associate/makeup artist with crappy makeup was so damn excited about it..I was thinking to myself ..calm down woman, there's more to life than this damn make up collection. lol.

Although, I do miss the days when getting a new chapstick was the highlight of my day.
I got my new Gucci makeup pouch from Nordstrom earlier. Minh brought it up when he came home from work. I had the "happy" feeling to get a box in the mail.

Anyhow..enough blah talk.
I wish my bf was into photography. He's so busy with his own work & career that he doesn't have the time to help me with any of my work. I'm starting to manage all the paper work, tax filing paper by myself. Being a grown up kind of sucks. I definitely believe that college is the best time of your life. No bills, no real responsibilities, just classes, grades, and friends. : )
At least I have my 3 new friends below.
Nickel, 4 year old full size Chihuahua
Timmy, 8 days short of 6 months Maltese / Chihuahua Mix
Caught in your tracks!
Mr. Timmy has worms yet again..this would be the 3rd time!
I made the vet appointment for tomorrow at 5pm. Sighh
I think I have to pay out of pocket for his dewormer since he probably has maxed out his doggy insurance. Sighh. One of his testicles still hasn't dropped yet...the vet says it might require some extra surgery (aka $$$ out of pocket that they won't cover).

Wally, 8 days short of 6 months Maltese / Chihuahua Mix
Does he just look like his name should be Scrappy? He looks more and more like a pauper's dog as the days go by! My mom and little sister says he's kind of scraggly now. Poor fella lol.

These pictures of them are so unflattering lol. Damn Sony a300.


  1. I never had heartburn so i don't know, but i bet its horrible. I hope you feel better love.

  2. Heartburn is the worst!!!
    Poor wormy puppy, you should ask your vet for a few pills of Drontal (I think thats the name of the wormer).
    The wormer is only like $5 for the RX. So you can save on vet fees...
    The last time *sniff* Chloe had worms I gave her a 3 day over the counter treatment & it worked. I can't remember the name but the box was red..It sucked b/c it was a powder and you had tp make sure she ate all her food or drank all the water that I put it in.


  3. Aw man, sometimes I get the acidy feeling too. Walmart brand tums in the minty flavor are the best (texture)! :)

  4. Omg Timmy looks just like my dog named Wi-Fi same breed and everything Wi-Fi is 2 years old though but they are exactly the same, could you please send me more information on Timmy I'm very interested in him :) Thankyou


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