October 31, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana at Nordstrom Rack?!

The weather here in Seattle has been rainy and gray these past few days.
It's always semi-sad to wake up to gray skies & water puddles all over the city and have it stay that way all day + fog & clouds.

I wouldn't let the weather stop me from going out today to have some domestic shopping fun.
I dragged Minh out to go to Factoria (Bellevue) to visit one of my favorite destinations the Market Place at Factoria. It's an older mall with Target, DSW, TJ Maxx, and Nordy Rack in the back. Sometimes, I really enjoy shopping in the suburbia since that's the style of shopping I grew up around. The downtown experience is great and all, but it's not as relaxed as in the suburbs.

Target is hands down my favorite store to just walk around and relax.
I always find something to buy, I mean..don't you?
I picked up a MANGO cutter! It was on clearance for $3.47 (originally $14+) One of Minh's favorite fruits are mangos. I figured we'll put it to good use : ) Haven't tried it yet though, I'll definitely let you know how it goes ^^

I also splurged and paid full price for an apple slicer!!! I've ALWAYS wanted one, but my mom would never let me buy one. She says that was the lazy American way to cut apples. I still have not mastered peeling the skin of an apple the "ASIAN" way..I'm just not coordinated to peel fruit. That's what mom and grandmas are for! How miss living near them.

But now for my exciting find at Nordstrom Rack : )
They had a series of shoes from Dolce & Gabbana on the "designer shoe" rack area in the women's shoe department. It was kind of a treat to look at them all. I've never really thought much about Dolce & Gabbana shoes before. If I splurge on nice shoes, I like my red soles :)
The pair above were originally $695, the Nordy Rack price $279.99
I only saw this pair in a size 7.

I found a few more pairs of D&G as I walked around, it was so fun!
I like how they randomly get new batches of designer shoes. Usually, I find Salvator Ferragamo, Tory Burch, Coach, and Burberry at the Rack.

Usually the Ferragamo I have found are all really dated. I'm not a big fan since they're mostly narrow. I had one pair of flats by them, but they're just not for me at this point in my life.

I haven't yet found a pair of TB that I liked from the Rack (maybe it's cause they're all snatched up by the time I get there). Women in Seattle/Bellevue know how to shop!
I have 3 pairs of Tory Burch and I've gotten them all from the regular Nordstrom. One pair..Wally destroyed :( My pair of sandals.

I've bought 2 pair of Burberry shoes from the Rack..and they both went to my sister Julia lol.
I found a really cute pair of kitten heels, and a pair of the Nova style rainboots last year. My sister appreciates them though so that makes me happy : )

I'm proud to say I didn't leave with anything for myself today since I had no real reason to buy them.
We did pick up a pair of slipper/boat shoes for Minh. He always get grouchy when I ask him to take the dogs out. He always struggles to put his shoes on (which have laces). I figured if we get him slip on boat style shoes, it will make his life easier when taking the dog out :D
(Why not just wear flip flops? You might be thinking? It's b/c it's so rainy here that your feet would get uncomfortably wet).

This pair however really caught my eye, they were $199.99, I forgot to check the original price (probably $500-600).

I thought these were so unique! They were 8 1/2 a little too big for me so I didn't try them on. I wear 7 1/2 and 8 depending on the shoe. They were such a pretty color. It makes me want to go check out the Rack by my place in dt, and drive out to South Center and check out that one too. I really like the Rack in South Center, it's super spacious :D But my favorite is still the one in Factoria. It's so exciting for me to find such nice designer goods at a discount. Back "home" or back in my hometown in Michigan, I think Guess was as name brand as it came lol.

Nothing wrong with that because I grew up appreciating visits to the big cities such as Chicago, and New York City.

In other news! My Deborah Lippman nail polishes arrived on Friday.
I was really impressed by how fast shipping was!
I just learned that they have a special set of 3 Deborah Lippmann polishes at Nordstrom for only $25! Each original size polish costs $16-20. Her glitter polishes are $20 each!
My purchase came with two free samples as well. A nail polish remover mitt & a sample of her cuticle cream.

I saw that the set came with two regular polishes, and the Happy Birthday glitter polish. I think I might go pick it up just because I want to try one of her non-glitter polishes. If you haven't noticed..I'm kind of really into sparkles : ) I picked up almost all of her glitter polishes (apart from Bad Romance). Lippmann is know for collaborating with celebrities to come up with nail polishes. I think that's pretty sweet!

I'll post better pictures soon : )
I haven't had a chance to take photos of all my new goodies! It's been mostly quick blackberry & webcam pics that I can post up asap.
I painted my nails with Deborah Lippman's "Happy Birthday" polish. Sparkly, sparkly!
It's described as a "party in a bottle"
I love it so far, it's also on my toes : )
I feel so happy today.

In DSK Giveaway News!
I decided to include the choice of the LV Neverfull PM, and MM for the winner.

I recently was remind of how much I wanted the Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene from reading one of my old xanga posts from back in 2008 when the Neverfull Damier wasn't released yet in the US (apart from Hawaii). I never got the bag because I saw so many International female students (mostly Asians) carrying it around at my school (Michigan State). I just lost interest after that, but now that college is almost 1 and 1/2 years behind me..I think I want the bag!
Anyhow, I figured it will help more girls to join & learn of DSK Jewelry ^^

This is the Neverfull PM ($650)
(the smallest of the 3 sizes the Neverfull style comes in)
This is the MM ($700) the medium (which I think is perfect).

The GM- the largest size is $750

They kind of get you..only $50 more for the next bigger bag with more material!! ahh the choices. lol Trust me don't get sucked into that..I live with a Galliera GM..when what I really wanted (and still want) is the Galliera PM..more/bigger doesn't equal better.

Your heart never lies! Always go with first impressions or that item that makes your heart flutter when you first lay eyes on it.

Here's a picture of me in my junior year of college with my very first LV bag!


It's the LV Speedy 30 Mini Lin in Ebene, I remember it was $775 when I bought it.
The fabric bags are a bit more expensive than the regular canvas. I later also got my hands on the same Mini Lin in the Dune (white/cream). :D
I haven't used them very much lately. I used to get so many compliments on the bag in the picture. Special thanks to MGM Casino for letting me win that jackpot back in '07!

That picture was taken inside Minh's old townhouse that he rented during law school.
We both went to Michigan State University, I was a undergrad and he was in the law school.
It's kind of nice that we have something to relate to..we're both Spartans :D
Speaking of Spartans..I heard they lost the game tonight..hope there's no riots!
MSU is a big party school, and known to get pretty crazy. Good times, good times.

And as an estalker..(real estate stalker), I was surfing the net for fancy fancy homes in Beverly Hills (inspired by watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills of course). ^_~
Now this is what I can a mansion! It looks so..proper.
There's actually one very similar with the two pillars in Bellevue (Clyde Hill area).
I loveeeeee driving by it.

Did you know that there's a zillow app on the iPad? You can literally drive around a neighborhood and get all the facts about the house. Prices of homes pop up on your iPad screen as you drive by each house!!! It's my FAVORITE thing to do. I think Minh's pretty tired of me and my house obsession. I wanted to go look at houses after shopping..and he goes to me..it's night..and dark what can you see?

My response: It's dark which means you can see into their houses if their lights are on!!!

I'm pretty pathetic, but I drool for a nice house one day in a nice neighborhood.
That's one of the next goals I have for myself in this game of life.

I'm super itchy from my eczema..I'm currently having a terrible eczema breakout all over my body. It's driving me nuts and really pissing me off! Ahh, bad genes. Thanks a lot dad's side of the family!


  1. I know how you feel when you wake up to see gray skies and the fog. I feel like it's one of my laziest days.

    I like looking at houses too. I dream of owning a nice house.

  2. The lesson in this blog is when the day is poop go buy fabulious shoes.
    sounds like a deal to me!
    Lol, in the give away news *does a little happy dance* the bags look amazing. I will have to work hard to comment on your posts every day till Christmas but it will be worth it. It also helps that I actually LOVE reading all the blogs.

  3. oh gosh, its not pathetic at all to want a home in a nice neighborhood one day. its a very admirable quality. you're lucky you have such a good goal to be honest!

    story time: my old roommate made a decent living but she never saved any of it. she's 35 now and still needs to live with another roommate just to pay the rent! not only that, when her father passed away, she inherited nearly $50,000 and spent it all on partying and Vegas. her boyfriend makes almost 80K a year but he doesn't save any of it either. most of it goes to food and alcohol... thats not even an investment! at least purses can resell for 80-90% of the value. and he still owes like 30K in loans despite the fact that his rent is only $400 a month and makes over $70,000 a year. he's over 30 and still "partying" like a college kid. their average dinner is around $120. she's always talking about wanting an LV purse too. I was like, "Just eat regular food for a week and then you'll have enough money!" can you imagine me, a poor college student, having to listen about her bickering about never having enough money? >:( lol

    so I hope you don't think its silly. the fact that you can even pay for a 2 bedroom apartment yourself in DOWNTOWN seattle is extremely impressive and you're already ahead of a lot of people. you know what you want in life, and you get to enjoy it in the process. you'll have a beautiful house in no time! =)

    and isn't it better to wake up to gray skies and cool weather than 80-90F!? I'm always sweating here in San Diego.. haha it rained yesterday though. well, more like sprinkled for 2 hours. so i'm super envious of your weather! lol cold weather allows you to wear cute boots and coats. hot weather makes everyone smell.

    i hope you take an upclose shot of your nail polish! "Happy Birthday" looked amazingggg.

  4. I've always had bad luck shoe shopping at the Rack. The style I want is always either not available in my size, or one of the shoes has been damaged/discolored.. Maybe I just need to find a better store!

    I love Lippman polishes! I'm telling myself to cut back on buying, but it's so hard to resist. I've had my eye on Boom Boom Pow, which is what I think I see in that haul pic, right? Nice collection you have going. ^^

  5. Those nail polish looks great! Can you please let me know how they are when you take it off? Meaning is it hard to take them off? lol! By the way I love how you have some cute items at Nordstrom Rack. Mine I have no choices they always sold out lol! I'm the same way with houses. I love watching House Hunters and seeing hwo other people's house look ^_^

  6. Such pretty nail polish! I wish I'll take some time to paint my own nails, instead of going to the nail-shop. I'm so lazy! What kind of nail polish remover do you use? Do they ever make your fingernails brittle and do your nails ever break easily? Mines are so brittle and I think it's because I remove them w/ acetone =(

    I use to be into Real Estate stalking with my recent ex. He and I loved looking at new houses, houses being built and mansions. We always try to see how much the houses were worth, etc. I fell out of that stage, when we broke up ;P

    I think it's so great of you to be giving away an LV to one of your reader. I've always been an avid reader of your blog and DSK Jewelry, just never prone to commenting. Heheh, sorry..I'm working it now!

    I love walking thru Nordstrom Rack! That's where I can buy some nice play clothes for me son. There's only 2 Nordstorm Rack in Atlanta, though )=

  7. After reading about all your buys at Nordy Rack, I'm now itching to go check out my local one!

    When I read about your TB sandals being demolished by Wally, I nearly cried. They are so comfy and cute! So much more than burberry's and coach's!

    The homes here are crazy! Especially Beverly Hills! I actually prefer living beachside. My dream home is to have a home w/ a little from yard and a big backyard for a hammock and my son and dog to run around.

    We all can dream big no matter what...

  8. Your Lipmann polishes look so pretty! I wish there was a place I could buy them locally here. I'll have to check out the Nordstrom set...it sounds like a great deal! I'd love to see swatches of the polishes you did pick up along with a teeny review if you have some time?

    The only D&G I've ever seen at my Nordstrom Rack was sunglasses. The pair of shoes you showed with the killer heel is amazing although I don't think I could ever pull off wearing someething that high. I'd probably trip and fall flat on my face!

    Happy Halloween!

  9. Wow, that mansion at first glance looked like the exterior of a gated private school or college.

    Now that you mention it, it is very true at UW too. I see alot of international chicks carrying the Neverfall MM (I see more monogram than the other two canvas types). Which reminds me of how freaken rich so many of my international friends are. I'm in econ and it just seemed in a class of 35, about half of them are international kids--who all seem to have a house their parents got them in HK or whereever they are from. [Downtown/central HK has one of the most expensive real estate markets too!]

    Ps. Happy Hollow's Eve!!

  10. I really like the first pair of shoes, the pattern on the second is very cool as well. I only buy shoes from Aerosoles, I've just gotten so used to the comfort they offer that I have a hard time wearing anything else. You have to do a little bit of digging to find something cute sometimes, but if you do, their prices are always so reasonable.

    omg Happy Birthday looks so beautifully sparkly! Your nails are shaped very nicely btw. I love the shape of the Neverfull, I always like to buy big bags so I can throw everything in there lol. My friends always tell me that my bags are bottomless b/c when I pull a billion things out of them haha.

    omg my dad has such a real estate obsession. when I was little, we'd go on open house "day trips" over the weekend.

    aww hope it gets better :(

  11. wow the clearance on those shoes is crazy!! such great deals! my favorite fruit is mangoes too lmaoo. tell me how the mango cutter goes cause I mite be interested to get one =) I totally understand you about the apples, I can't peel them the right way either. *sigh* I still ask my mom to cut me apples LOL yay for asian moms and grandmas!

    Happy Halloween Steph!


  12. I love shopping around target too. I didn't know they have a mango peeler! I must check that out next time I go there.

    I love shopping at Nordie Rack... all the good finds there. Too bad I have to drive like an hour or more to one :(

  13. I like that DOLCE AND GABBANA shoes you were holding. :D It would look nice on a dress. I never really shop at Nordstorm because there's so much things going on for me. ha ha. I like to be more on the organize side where everything is name brand so I could find things easily. Nordstorm is a lot for me to handle. hehehe. But wow, I adore those nail polish colors. So pretty and sparkley! Tell us if they chip easily. I can't wait to see your future house Steph. I'm betting your going to get a 5 million dollar house! heheh! Well with that being said, Happy Halloween. Celebrate it with your bf and have fun.

  14. nice house!! i was house shopping today, i looked at a house in MY price range and as i was driving away from teh open house i saw another house DOUBLE my budget and i HAD to go in and oogle, lol.

    love nord rack for the designer items (i've seen outdated CL's) i need to go to the designer marshalls i have...

    great nail polish!

  15. Try using Eucerin's Aquaphor creme for your ecxema. My ecxema has been under control for many years now. It has no color and fragrance added, which r irritants and allergens. For your lips, try carmex chapsticks. The kicker is that it's spf! Love it!

  16. @Roxanne I dream and day dream of a nice house :D

  17. @Roxanne I dream and day dream of a nice house :D

  18. @Reene shopping at the rack is a hit or miss. it drives me insane when I find the perfect pair but not in my size! ahh failure.

    I don't think I picked up that lippmann polished you mentioned. I'll do a post listing them sometime this week :D I think they're SO worth every penny! I love them!

  19. @Tia I use straight up 100% acetone, it just works the fastest even though it can be a bit drying. I grew up in my mom's nail salon and that's what she would use for clients with acrylic nails

  20. @Angie, a vacation beach house is a solution ^_~

  21. @Angie, a vacation beach house is a solution ^_~

  22. I've seen some D&G at some of the Rack stores here in SF and some in LA. I think it is a total hit or miss. Just depends on the time you go.
    I've never learned to peel an apple the "Asian" way either. I'm always afraid I'm going to cut a chunk of meat off my finger. Ha!
    I hear ya about the international students caring the Neverfull, I actually see gals use it as a book bag! They take their notebooks & pencils out of their purse! Yeah... those were the girls that were not always in class. Makes me kind of laugh bc they also look like they are ready to go to the club right after class, even when its an am class. LOL

  23. God I'm obsessed with the Neverfull MM. It is so gorgeous in that color too! I love the red inside of the purse. *love*

  24. have you ever seen a dermatologist about your eczema? the doctor could give a topical steroid to help with it. i'm a medical assistant for a derm and i can send you some little samples if you would like to try :). i use it on my keloids when they are itchy and they feel better instantly. there is this really moisturizing soap but i can't think of the name right now. but on another note, i love sparkles too! some sparkle nail polishes are so hard to remove. i'm feeling that happy birthday polish though :)

  25. I love Deborah Lipmann nail polishes, she has the best! can't wait to see more of those in future posts.

  26. AH I am IN LOVE with glitter nail polishes! You should definitely do a review on the Deborah Lippman ones-- I know they are semi-expensive, but if they are great, then great!
    I feel like glitter nail polishes are so nice because if they get a little bit chipped, it is either a) not noticable or b) it is much easier to repair then a solid, color nail polish. You think!?

    I actually like those DG shoes you took a picture of, and the second glittery ones are gorgeous!
    I am so tall and have a terrible back, so I am often in flats and not heels :l I LOVE heels though!

    & I totally know what you mean about not finding any TB at Nordstrom Rack--I love Tory Burch, but have always bought from the regular Nordstrom-- I feel like the regular Reva flats never go on sale and are just one of those items that are so popular that only the less classic, trendier ones will go on sale
    I LOVE the leopard ones you keep talking about, but I prob won't be affording those for awhile :l

    I can't believe the Rack in Michigan only had designers up to Guess! That is crazy! haha
    I LOVE deals!

    Lastly, I don't know if you have ever been to Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, however the Rack that is down the street, is AMAZING!
    They have recently remodeled it, so I can't really vouch for it because I haven't been to it for ages since I go to school and live in Seattle, BUT I always LOVED that one so much more than the one downtown, etc. because not only do I feel like there is WAY more clothing and it is more organized, but it is so much less crowded (it is a suburb) so it is super nice! The bags, jewelry and shoe section isn't as big, but it definitely has great items-if you are ever in the area, I would definitely suggest checking that one out since you like exploring Nordstrom Rack :)
    If you ever do, let me know what you think!


  27. Ahh, I hate rainy/cloudy weather. Such a downer...it's almost winter and I am dreading it! Even with the beautiful white snow scenery...I hate the cold. *shudders*

    omigosh, speaking of mango cutters..you should try out the avocado cutters if you haven't done so already!!! It makes life SO much easier...do you like avocado milkshakes? (Sinh to bo) lol

    LOL If I was on my own without my mom, I'd stock up on all the fruit slicers as well. They make life SO much easier.

    At the sales at Holt Renfrew here, I usually see the Prada shoes up for sale...barely anything else. ><

    Wow, the set of nail polishes looks so pretty! The sparklessss<333

    I love the Damier Ebene print for the LV Speedys and Neverfull. It looks soo nice. What do you think about the LV Palermo? I don't think I've ever seen you mention it. : ) If I were to get that or the Tivoli, I'd get them in Monogram. I long for a nice house one day too. : ) Not necessarily a mansion, but something big enough for my future family. ^_^

    Do you use medication for your eczema? My mom uses this cream called "Prevex" and it works SO fast. You wake up and all the itching is gone..and some of the rash disappears too! Obviously it won't work for everyone, but you should research it/ask your doctor!! :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  28. LV is so pretty.... *sigh*

    also, LOVE the new nail polishes, im a sucker for awesome glittery nailpolish

  29. girl ur gonna make me wanna get some of them polishes lol

  30. Too bad those silver and black shoes were not in your size they look awesome! You did real good with the lippmann haul so many sparklies!

  31. Ahh what a great deal on those shoes! I've never even been to the Rack before; gotta definitely check it out one of these days. And I love looking at houses too! It's a bit depressing at times though because I wonder if I will ever be successful enough to afford that type of lifestyle haha

  32. Wow $20 for a glitter nail polish what does it do? lol. I really want that LV Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene I just think it's much nicer than the Monogram. OMG lmao at

    "I wanted to go look at houses after shopping..and he goes to me..it's night..and dark what can you see?

    My response: It's dark which means you can see into their houses if their lights are on!!!"

    it so true you could see inside their house but do they have those extremely long drive ways to where you can even see the house?

    Steph I think you should do an LV collection I want to see everything you own PLease Please do an LV collection.

  33. Oh I forgot to mention that I would be extremely mad if a dog destroyed my shoes

  34. I haven't been to Nordstrom Rack in awhile, but I love browsing their designer shoes! Yay for having D&G there now :) I've never splurged on a pair of heels before but I do want to get some Tory Birch flats :D They are so pretty!!

    Hahah, that's so cool you can check house facts using the Ipad!!! :P I wonder if they have it for iTouches since that's what I have, but no wireless service though... so probably not :p haha

    Aw, I hate the coldish weather too :( I was in love with Seattle when I went to visit a yr ago. There was some rare sunshine that month. It was in Sept or Oct :p I really love the aura of Seattle. I wish I could find a beautiful house and live in there and be happy :) California's a little tiring for me now! haha

  35. DL polishes!! very nice ;D glitters are so fun. i get bored of cremes on my nails after a few or two but with glitter, i can keep it on for at least 4-5 days.. or until it chips.. whichever one comes first ahha.

    you make me want to go to my NR to see if there's anything there. usually not.. i hear the one in southcoast is nicer. we'll seeeeeeeee. you enabler! hahaha.

  36. Sweet deals at Nordstorm there, and good job for not buying anything ^^

    When I first saw your giveaway, I really liked the Neverfull MM in Damier but I couldn't decide what size I like better and would be more appropriate for me.
    ...Until I saw your tip. Thanks! My heart first fluttered at the MM size so I'm going for that ^^

    Ooh! Gorgeous house! I've always dreamed of living in a nice house too but so dang pricey and all the taxes and bills that go with it T_T

    Hope your eczema gets better soon! I'm suffering from a bruised/puffy eye right not that hurts with every blink =(

  37. You are so lucky you can take your boyfriend with you to shop! Son hates it and refuses to go shopping with me anywhere else than the grocery store.

    I always feel so proud of myself when I walk out of Nordstroms rack with nothing for me. I almost feel like I DESERVE a present for that! Ahhh there goes the cycle...

  38. "party in a bottle" forreal. It's SOOO Sparkly!!!

  39. HOLY MOLY that nail polish is sparkly!!! i like! :D

    i need to d/l that zillow app... i think it's time to start looking at property too since the fiance is sick of renting...

    reading your blog always makes me want to go shopping :) unfortunately all of my money is going to loans right now and our wedding x_x keep blogging so i can just live through your experiences heheheh

  40. Oh my gosh shoes!!!! I'm such a shoe fanatic...I can't get enough of cute heels! I'm going shopping tonight for things for the cruise my boyfriend and I are taking in February and I wasn't looking for shoes...but now I just might have to find a pair ;) And that nail polish is so fun! I love the fun little things in life!

  41. I am a total real estate stalker too! I love everything about beautiful homes! When I was younger, my dad and I would go and buy house layout books and look at all the different house layouts! One of my favorite childhood memories!

    Also, I love, love, love Target. There really isn't a better store!

  42. i love bargain shopping! tj maxx and marshalls is my sh*tttt lmao

    how is the mango slicer like? ... nvm looked it up lol but the seed is always different sizes how will it work!?
    i always wanted an apple slicer too but my mom also said it was for lazy americans hahah but it's so awesome, fast and easy. i can't cut it the "asian" way either. it's so hard!! and i feel like imma cut myself or take off too much.. meat? off the fruit hahah what is the word i'm looking for!? anyways i love shopping in like the home section in target/walmart. always find some silly nick nack that i want lol.

    the nail polish looks soo pretty. but is it just like a bunch of glitter in it? is it like big or small glitter?

    and don't scratch your eczema! i always slapped my friend when she did. when she sleeps over she scratches herself all night long and mad hard too! are you like that too

  43. You didn't get the LV Neverfull when in college just b/c there were too many Asians carrying it??? LOL!!!!!!!! I think the bag is cute, but it kind of turns me off since there is no zipper to secure your belongings.

  44. Ahhh I love love rain! I prefer it more then snow. I hate driving in snow. It scares me so much. And Utah has some crazy drivers and don't bother being cautious when it comes to winter. They drive like as if there wasn't any snow. Then again when it's bad and ppl are out on the road there is slow slow drivers that makes it look like there's traffic. But anyways... makes me wanna go checkout my nordstrom rack to see if they have anything nice to buy there. I haven't been to that store in a couple years now. I love love designer brand purses and shoes and clothes. But they do add up to be pricey. I just wish I could own the latest collections for every season like celebrities. and that mansion looks so gorgeous!! I would've said the same thing to my boyfriend. I should def download that app for the ipad. :)

  45. omg i really cant peel fruit the "asian" way either!! i either peel too much cutting a bit of the fruit or i peel too little so that its basically not peeled!


  46. Haha, you and that Zillow app :] I can't say that I don't love that picture though, the mansion's gorgeous. And I can't believe you found D&G at the Rack. I wish there was one around me :[

  47. hey there, I love the pics of your pups, did you get them as siblings?

  48. @Anita the puppies are siblings from the same litter :D

    Also TB are comfy once you break them in :D

  49. Oo the purses are soooooo pretty! But girl say what? You really won the lottery at MGM in 2007?! Was it a lot! Man, I can only imagine what winning the lottery would do to my life! Haha probably spending it on designer bags like you! xD

  50. @Mindy J.L. It was a $1000 + jackpot so not that big. Our biggest was $5000 in Seattle at Muckleshoot Casino in 2008 lol

  51. i'm in LA and the nordstrom rack here don't have that much stuff =( even the old navy next door is bigger! great finds you got there

  52. wow... this posr has a lot going on. :))) Those shoes are awesome, and i love the polishes as well.

  53. wow I love This the Neverfull PM bag. I need a bag that goes over my shoulder, I do alot of running around and a speedy or something of that style doent work for me.

  54. do you like wearing thin high heals? they're so painful to walk in all day :( any tips?

  55. I understand you, the houses are spectacular, I would love to live in one of them.
    The D&G shoes are amazind, i have not word to say about they..

  56. i love looking through houses and my bf is getting annoyed with my obsession too!! i am not at the age where to buy houses, nor can we afford it yet, but it can never hurt to look around and see what i can get for my money.

    i love your lv bag!! it is so cute! and i agree, a lot of the asians at my school, emory university, carries the neverfull but in monogram and not ebene. i guess asians just love the neverfull more than the other bags.

  57. Loving the shoes! Your nails are super long and gorgeous! Nail polish is lovely too!

  58. I love the Deborah Lippman's "Happy Birthday" nail polish... did you see that Milani recently came out with "Gems" and its supposed to be a really good dupe for Happy Birthday?? The polish looks gorgeous on your nails!

  59. im sooo excited for this contest trying to catch up with your post! I must win! lol life is sooo busy right now. GRRRRR!


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