October 14, 2010

EOTD: Guerlain Quad

I've been pretty good with my EOTD's : )
Can't wait till I'm old so I can recap.
Limited Edition Exotic Paradise Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow Palette
From Spring 2009
I picked up this gorgeous Guerlain Eyeshadow Quad from Mona of MakeMeBlushhh
a while back..and I haven't used it until today! :)
I've fallen in love with the brown shadow, it's just so pretty to me
I used the peach all over my lids, brown lower lash line and crease.
A touch of the pink/fuchsia on the inner corner lower lids
Blush is by Paul & Joe
I love P&J quality, it's outstanding
I don't have the names of any of these at the moment because they're in my room..and I'm in the living room lol ::lazy::
I forgot ot use my Tom Ford lipsticks! I will try to remember to use one tomorrow.
Instead today I used MAC Nude Rose lipstick and Dior Lip Polish (I love the applicator to the Dior Lip Polish). It's a rounded sponge.
I'm not that huge of a fan of the Dior lipgloss color, it reminds me too much of the MAC Lady Gaga lipglass which is way to neon pink for me!
I really like the applicators that came with the Guerlain quad.
I think an Guerlain quad ranges around $50? *actually $59 for a new quad*

It's sure is some nice sh*t!
I actually did not use MAC eyeshadow or blush today : )

And in life news..office is coming along!
I'm becoming really great friends with one of the partners.
He's a foodie! I found my new best friend here in Seattle!

If you walk two blocks towards the water (heading West)
You get to Arrow Law Group (Seattle, Washington)! ^_^
The best bankruptcy attorneys I know :D
Here's a picture of the view from the law office's waiting room.
The building on the right is a condo community called Escala...how it would be fabulous to own one of those!

The view from the 5 offices included the Puget Sound ( they see a lot of water ) and the Space Needle. Their office is on the 9th floor of 10.
View of the hallway, the office isn't complete yet.
They have until Monday to finish it!
Then it needs to be furnished. This project costs roughly $30k so far (office furniture, computers, server, the works..big time commitment...
Everyone's new home for the next 4 years +
I'm just going to sublease an office for my business.
Sam & my bf Minh. Missing is Shirley.
Sam's my new bff! Minh says he's the male version of me lol
We like to eat..we also like to talk about worst case scenarios & our actions when worse comes to worse! Gotta have a plan right? :D

I can't wait to be sharing an office with the 3 partners :D
I have new lunch buddies ^_^ plus real people! to talk to during the day : )
I love it!
My future home away from home : )

And my BR shoes! 7 1/2 is my shoe size..and these are SO true to size.
They're my first pair of Banana Republic shoes..and I'm in love!
The kitten heel is perfect for easy walking ^_^

Worth every penny! (please excuse my messy coffee table)
Also, one of my childhood friends lost 100lbs as of yesterday!
I'm so proud of him : )
He's definitely my role model!

Now watch this guy teach you how to Dougie!

I always show off my "dougie" dance moves in the car to Minh haha
And I try to teach him just like how this dad taught me! haha


  1. the term "kitten heel" is soooooo cute! haha and i love your EOTD. i tell you this everytime but you really do have gorgeous eyes :D

    be sure to take pics when his office is all stocked and ready to go! i always find building transformations to be really interesting, not sure why. i guess i just imagine like a giant transformer hahaha *nerd*

    i want guerlain!!! i'm thinking of getting a palette during the FF sale.

  2. @izumi/sarah I'm pumped for FF Sale! I want me a clarisonic!

  3. Wow I LOVE your EOTD! I really need to look into that brand. Also congrats on your new venture!!! :)

  4. I have never seen EOTD before.
    It looks Amazing!

  5. aww man I'm drooling over that Guerlain quad. It is so freaking gorgeous, I'm having trouble tearing my eyes away. ehem, what was I saying? I'm sometimes iffy about pink eyeshadow, but it really brightens up your eyes in that look. congrats to your bf!

  6. haha that video cracks me up!
    the pink/fuchsia does give your eyes that pop of color, i like! i've been looking for a good pair of leopard print shoes but i can never find one. when i do, they are usually sold out in my size too sigh.
    you and your boyfriend are doing big things, congratulations! you know what they say, go big or go home :)

  7. wow, that Guerlain quad is one of the prettiest quads i've ever seen. i think the only one that tops that was the Chanel quad from this summer's Nordstrom Anniversary sale. pretty. i hope you use Green soon! i bet it'll make your brown eyes POP! its pretty nice to see a brand put so much effort in to their products, especially when it comes to packaging. whenever i see their little isle in Sephora, i like to oogle, haha. i lurve the picture on the outside of the compact!

    and the pink and peach eyeshadows are SO pretty on you! definitely a keeper. and i don't even like pink!

    and your eyebrows!! i like them, they frame your face really nicely! they don't even look like they needed to be threaded. they' actually look pretty groomed to me.

    and lol i like how you always submit a blog post, but then add a whole bunch of stuff later. lol i always try not to comment right away until i know you're done adding stuff, haha.

    the new law office must be soo exciting! i hope you post a ton of pictures here. i'm wondering how you guys decorated it =D

    i had something to tell you...
    but i forgot...! =(

  8. I love your shoes! Wish they sell here in my country

  9. The shoes are cute! They'll look great with a simple dress just above the knee.

    How exciting to watch the transformation of the new office! It always feels great to get new furniture and decorate. Keep us posted... Congrats!

  10. wait you know the FF sale already started, right? lol

  11. Another really pretty EOTD, Steph! I love the Paul&Joe blush on you a lot! Very natural!

  12. The BR shoes are so adorable! Are they comfy on?? I used to buy shoes from BR all the time before. They're just not as high quality as they used to be. I bought a pair of peep-toe wedges from them a few months ago, but had to return back to the store. They hurt my feet!!!

  13. Those heels are too cute! And wow, that office is nice! Exciting news!

  14. Love this look too! The pinks! I seem to say this slot, but your lining skills looks amazing. When you line your lower waterline, does it stay on long? I've tried lots of linears and they never stay... Even when I got others to do it. Curse of the watery eyes and oily lids?

  15. it must be nice that your going to have your own office and buddies to have lunch with. I thought the heels were flats in the first picture not a big fan of kitten heels but theyre nice.

  16. <3 <3 <3 your make up!! >.< Very pretty!!

  17. I cant tell you how much I love your makeup! It looks so simple, you should start doing tutorials. :D I'm not even kidding! Your makeup is super clean, not too much of everything. The colors you did on the eyes are such a pretty look for spring or a everyday wear.

    I'm excited to see the finish look for the office! :) You guys sure have a nice view for everything.
    Your BR shoes are superrrr cute. I love the leopard prints. You need to make an outfit and show it to us.

  18. your ETOD is soo pretty!! i want the quad now! but for $59?! whats FF? I got the pink clarisonic. it makes my face very smooth but i still have huge pores near my nose. :(

    the view looks amazing! i wanna live in the city one day. :)

    the shoes are hella dope! :)

  19. That palette looks gorgeous! And love your new shoes. :)

  20. Ouu I like the pretty pink on the inner corners of your eyes! It really matches your lip colour. Minh's office looks pretty decent even though it's not complete yet. I can imagine it to look amazing when all the furniture and stuff is brought in.

    hahah @ Sam being your new bff! That's funny. I love meeting people who are just like me...we'll keep on talking forever. LOL The BR shoes are soo cute! I love the peep toes!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  21. How exciting about the office, hope it's up and running soon. Pretty cool you met Sam too haha he seems hilarious just from the one photo!

    Oooh those Guerlain pieces are all so awesome looking (I like the lipsticks too) no wonder they are pricy!

  22. i think you should be sitting for this. =)

    warning: the following site i'm about to link you is heavily addicting. you will no longer have a life after you visit it. =)


  23. I just stumbled across your blog/dsk blog, wish I came upon it sooner! I think I will be making a purchase soon, love your jewellery. Keep up the great work.

    Much support from Vancouver, right across the border :)


  24. the P&J blush looks really good on you! :)

    man... i want a pair of leopard print heels!! they're so cute!

    i swear... everytime i come to your blog, i want to buy something new!!! hahaha x_x

  25. That Guerlain Eyeshadow Quad is gorge! I don't even have as much makeup as you and I can't even seem to have time to play w/ them. I'm envious of your makeup collection though. I love drooling to any collections that you wanna post up to share w/ us readers =)

    Congrats to your BF for getting his own office space and having partners! I can't imagine Sam as a guy version of you, lol. Did that freak your BF out? Double the trouble, eh? Heheh! Those BR soes are so cute. I don't have enough confident to rock leopard skin, like you. You go girl!

    That video is funny. My BF says he must be Filipino, he can hear that accent. lol. Have you seen the video of this boy that gets hit by an ice-cream truck, trying to "dougie" in the street? lol

  26. wow your EOTD is amazingly gorgeous! what camera do you use?
    the quads packaging is really nice too

  27. I love your EOTD. What are you going to pick up from the Sephora friends and family sale? The code is already working for the 20% off. :)

  28. Those shoes are so cute, I love leopard print.

    And your makeup is amazing, I cannot do my makeup like that!

  29. Ohh, the palette of shadows is amazing. I've been in shock.
    I adore your leopard print shoes. I love leopard print.

  30. I've wanted to get my hands on "Nude Rose" for SO long! My friend told me she found it at her CCO the other day, so she is going to check for me... can't WAIT!

  31. Loving the EOTD! and your circle lenses look so pretty! The shoes look really nice, loving it!


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