October 13, 2010

Tom Ford Lipstick Blush Nude, Rose Dusk, EOTD

I picked up the Tom Ford lipsticks recently : )
Left: Blush Nude, Right: Rose Dusk
I can't wait to try them tomorrow!
The sales associate said I picked the two best sellers
The packaging
TF imprint, pretttttty
These lipsticks were $45 each.
I thought $34 for the YSL lipsticks was a lot.. but I couldn't resist the gorgeous packaging.
It looks like a million bucks!
The texture is soo soo luxe! I love it
The only hard part now is how to wear my eyeshadow and blush!
Blush Nude on my skin

My EOTD (Eye of the Day)

I used my Illamasqua liquid metal shadows today and I'm not impressed!
I think I paid $40 or $45 for the quad..and I just feel that they make my lids super oily : (
I used the Gold, and Platinum from the Illamasqua quad, and one of the shadows from my MAC Feline Quad for the crease and lower lid.
No eyeliner only waterline.
Sometimes I feel a bit naked without eyeliner, but I'm confident in my lashes!
7 more days until I get longer and fuller lashes : )
I like that you see more of my eyelid on the days I don't line my eyes, bonus!
Eye brows are growing out like crazy! I can't find my eye brow threading membership card at the moment..sighh
Geo Angel Brown contacts (old school!)
I'm on a mission to use all my eyeshadows, I'm doing a really good job rotating them : )
*pats self on shoulder*
And Mr. Timmy got a haircut : ) Doesn't he look lighter? And more youthful? lol


  1. #teamwally!!! Auntie Kendall wants to see both babies *cries*

  2. Those lipsticks do look divine. The shades are sooo pretty as well. I love lighter shades of lippies.

    I can't even tell that you're not wearing liner on your waterline. Your lashes are fabulous. I think they actually look pretty natural on you. Sometimes I feel like lash extensions look super noticable and fake, not you though.

    Sidenote: your previous post makes me want to check out La Mers serum even more. Enlarged pores is a major issue of mine. I hate hate HATE it. I rather spend $$$ on one product that works and finish it instead of a bunch or products I'll never finish. Do you think it's better to buy items at the store or via Internet?

    Also dogs cost an arm and a leg to take care of! It's unbelievable. LoL. My dogs hair cut can end up to the price of my haircut. It's pretty funny. I took my dog to the groomers once. Didn't like how he looked after and I've never been since. We uually trim his hair once a week now. Dogs...{*sigh}

    <3s Serena.

  3. very nice colors steph! i really like rose dusk. :) i have the same problem matching my eye makeup to my lip color hahaha but then i think, thats what neutrals are for! :P

    timmy is adoooooorable! he looks fresh! ;)

  4. Ohh... the Tom Ford lipsticks look amazingly pretty! Blush Nude looks like a gorgeous nude shade indeed. Both shades you picked are totally my taste either!

    And I love your EOTD a lot, Steph! The silvery grey shades look super pretty, and your blending is awesome! <3

  5. Wow the packaging of the TF lipsticks are so pretty! I like the Rose Dusk one. They cost a lot for lipsticks, but the packaging really is irresistible!! Your EOTD is really pretty today! I think the lashes really make up for the no-eyeliner look. It sorta looks like you have a really thin line of eyeliner on.

    LOL Timmy looks really handsome. ; ) Really adorable. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  6. TF Rose Dusk is such a gorgeous color! and gray eyeshadow looks really nice on your skin, i don't know if you realize it or not x)

    i just fell in love with Timmy. don't tell my boyfriend (;

  7. I don't think your lids look oily at all. It actually looks like you just woke up in the morning...fresh. They colors look great together.

    Timmy reminds me of my other dog that lives with my mom. Just a simple stare will render you under his control. Cuuuuteness!

  8. @Serena, I do have eyeliner on my waterline, just not on top of my lid. I like buying online when there's like extra samples (more than 2), but if you get an awesome person helping you then get it in the store :)

  9. @Joanna your secret is safe with me! :)

  10. =-O TF lipsticks! i fell in love with them after Raeview talked about them and how they "clamp" shut, haha. and i agree, the packaging IS gorgeous! it just looks so well made, even in pictures.

    and i like your eyebrows like this! is that weird? i think fuller eyebrows are more youthful and frame the face better =) do a FOTD before you go threading!

  11. Wow, the TF lipsticks look amazing. How are they compared to the YSL ones? They all have pretty packaging, but too pricey for me.

  12. Wow I didnt know that Tom Ford had a makeup line. those lipstick are nice but they are expensive too. You be ballin Steph your so lucky.mI like your EOTD looks nice too bad I dont know how to do makeup I dont even own any but mascara and blush which I dont even use lol.

  13. the package of the lipsticks is so pretty! lipstick like those are the types i would just hoard and never use lol. my brows needs some grooming too, but i refuse to let anyone in buffalo touch them. i'm just going to have to wait until thanksgiving to get them done when i'm back home in nyc :). by the way, timmy looks so handsome in that picture! don't you just love how soft the fur is after it gets cut?

  14. *First of all, love the lipstick colors. I like nudes and pinks! Rose dusk looks pretty! Does it have shimmer in them? I dislike a lot of shimmer in lipsticks sometimes, it gets messy on the lips for me. The packaging does look really nice. Doesn't look like the cheap tubes you find in stores. he he he!

    Your skin looks so flawless. What's your daily routine to keeping it clean? Its either you photoshop it really good or you really do have niceeeee skin! I see no pores on the head or around the eyes. ha ha! Lucky you! Your eyes are big for asian, I'm jealous! When I smile, it looks like I have no lids but oh well. I learn to love myself over the years. :)

    Timmy looks super cute!!! Look at those puppy eyes. Love it!

  15. I think your eyebrows look great! They're so full/thick. Just pluck the stray hair around them, don't let them thread so much off next time! (=

    TF lipsticks looks so pretty! I probably have only one pink lipstick from MAC and that's it. Never been a big lipstick person. That stuff is so drying and it leaves a nasty feeling on my lips. That's Blush nude color is like the perfect pink-nude. You make me wanna give lipsticks another try, lol.

    You do have a noticeable eyelid with no eyeliner on. That's how my eyes are too. I'll try so hard to make the thinnest line on my top lid, but always fail. =D

    Those puppies are getting so big, so fast. My sister-in-law has a terrier dog and she's as size of Timmy and Wally. She just stays one size, lol. Her name is Excursion. Uh, I don't know why Filipinos likes to use that name for their pets. ;P But I do love the pictures of your puppies. They are so grown, from when you first had them!

  16. i love the nude blush lipstick!!! ah i want!! but i'm too broke :( those lipsticks would look really nice with a dramatic smokey eye! ;)

  17. i like your EOTD! too bad the shadows make your lids oily.
    can you tightline with the lashes? but not that you need to, your lashes are so dark already it looks good lol
    aiii makes me want some extensions too, well mines are long but they're not full!

    your puppies so grown now!!! no wally? i love wally haha. everytime i look at them makes me think of that video where they were fighting for the food. so small and soo cute! *squeal* lol

  18. I love the lipstick packaging! It does look like a million bucks! I agreee, btw; you did a fantastic job w/ your eye makeup. Very sexxy :)

  19. hahahahaaa "lighter and more youthful"... but it's true.

    i think the liquid shadows look great on you :) it's just a different look, i think it's supposed to look "wet" ish = oily looking?

    i also want to get TF!! i want to see a swatch of rose dusk on you please :D

  20. The Tom Ford lippies look sooo luxurious, I love the colors you picked out too. p.s. I'm in constant amazement at your lash extensions, they look really good.

  21. I love.. love! your eye makeup. Looks very pretty

  22. Timmy is ubber cute! Makes me want a little doggie. I have a 1yr old 96lb German shepard who likes to herd me around :/ love him, but he can get aggressively bossy. Lol. Your make up is flawless. Love it! Ps. I UNO why I find your skin around your eyes to be so..,perfect. Hehe

  23. timmmyyy :D x
    you buy lots of high end products
    do you like any drugstore stuff? :)

  24. The lipsticks look so luxe :) The shades are so pretty! :)

    Your eye makeup is gorgeous!! :) Your lashes are so lush!! hehe I know what you mean about eye shadows. I have tons of them too, but they are hardly touched because I have too many :0

    Mr Timym is adorable :)

  25. Your EOTD is gorgeous! Where are the oily lids??? U're crazy!!

    I look ridiculously mean when i line my waterline with black eyeliner. Maybe i did it too dark?? Idk!!! I love your eye makeup! Please do a tutorial!!

  26. I have never heard of Tom Ford lipstick, and it looks amazing! Thanks for letting me know about it. I am really looking at purchasing that lipstick.

    Ive always wanted to get my eyebrows threaded, but never have. I wanna try it soon though.

  27. These sores are very nice. I usually wear nude lips, I like strong colors. My favorite lipstick is MAC PAtiserrie

  28. OMG your dog is the absolute cutest! He looks like my lemon beagle Roscoe!! Oh and can I say that your EOTD is STUNNING!!? Thanks for the great post! xoxo


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