October 13, 2010

Fav La Mer Item, and Material Lusts

My latest haul, La Mer
(all for my Mom ^^)
They had free gifts with purchase of $300+"The Small Miracles Collection"
I'm a super huge fan of the Regenerating Serum, so it was the perfect time to pick it up for my Mom.

The Eye Balm Intense is a relatively new product, I figured my Mom would like to try it.
She's currently into La Mer after I gave her Creme De La Mer.
Try the Regenerating Serum if you have enlarged pores (like I do/did). It really helps minimize your pores. I'm almost done with my first bottle. I know my Mom is going to love this since she noticed a difference on me when she saw me in August. I suggest looking up some reviews online (youtube, blog, etc). I'm not the world's best at reviewing products. I'm just an average consumer. I usually let you know what I like/dislike, but I don't go too much into detail.
My passion is more for makeup/cosmetics rather than skincare. : )

Now time for a few of my material lusts,
Two beautiful pieces from Tiffany's

Sterling Fleur De Li Key $275
(like the one from Gossip Girl ^^)

Moroccan something something, I forgot the name.
I think it was $250, I just really love the design, it's alluring

And two pairs of leopard prints that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection if and when they go on sale!

TB Reva in Leopard
I'm going to wait until Nov 3rd..double points at Nordstrom!

It looks so perfect from above
It looks like a killer
Tory Burch "Sophie" Wedge Heels $325
4" Heel..that sounds a bit high for me..especially wedges?
They just look like they would hurt lol

Tory Burch Oversized Shield Sunglasses (in Taupe) $165
I think they're different from the norm, it's just one of those..I like it, but probably won't ever buy it kind of item. Sometimes I feel like I get more excited seeing the things I like on others rather than myself. I saw a woman walking across the street here in dt with the most gorgeous hugeeeeee teal Balenciaga shoulder bag. It was just a treat to see. I liked that.

For Sale:

My look with this Colour 4 Quad
MAC Colour 4 Eyeshadow Quad
*Used few times, $25 shipped* US Only Please

MAC Limited Edition Dame Edna
Highlight Powder Spectacle!
Brand New $26

Email: nguyenst@msu.edu

Timmy, Wally, and Nickel all got groomed today.
Wally & Timmy have shorter hair now. They're so soft & cute!
Nickel looks the same ..but with much shorter nails. Short hair doggies are definitely more low maintenance. The 3 boys' bill came out to be $104, not including tip! I went to Petsmart in Bellevue (it's easy because the vet is right there and they have all my boy's info on file). They always ask for rabies papers prior.

I'm not really familiar with how much it costs to get a doggie bath & haircut. I know they charged $44 for Wally, and $33 for Timmy lol. They have Wally under Maltese, and Timmy under Chihuahua...even though they're brothers from the same litter! The price must have been based on their coat.

Minh and I picked up the boys and took them to the dog park around 5:30pm, we stayed there for an hour (since we would have been stuck in rush hour traffic). The boys had so much fun running around and meeting other dogs.

I think I'm going to go to bed now. I just got super tired!
Minh and I are going to go eat Pho tomorrow at Pho Cyclo (this time on 1st).
It's so nice now that he's not working for a big firm, but for his own.

Talk to you later!


  1. i saw this pop up DSKjewelry and went to go comment.. and it had disappeared, hahaha.

    mmm, pho. it's great that minh doesn't have to work such insanely long hours. and yay for having his own firm! best of luck to him :)

    we haven't had our dog groomed in YEARS. we finally had a mobile vet come to our house 'cause she had to get her rabies shots again, haha.

  2. lol yeah, accidentally posted on the jewelry blog fora sec there.

  3. your blog is so bad for my broke ass. lol you always make me want things i never cared for, like La Mer. when you said your mom saw a difference, i was hooked. >.< lol

    and HEY you made me tune in to Gossip Girl for a whole minute. haha i saw your tweet about Blair's necklace so I wanted to see it for my self. its really pretty but its so big! i love the detailing on it though, like how the part that is normally supposed to go in to the lock, is in the shape of a T. Attention to detail is what gets me. the 2nd one is way mesmerizing though. i love how unique the 2nd one is but you'd probably be able to wear the 1st one more since its mor casual? but i would probably wear it on a long chain. lol get both!

    haha oh and about the earrings, i meant that the STONES were huge! the earrings are big too but the stones are ridiculous. lol guess what! my bf picked up another pair of Chanel earrings in San Fran today! i don't know which though =X and the classics are cheaper than the mini's!? thats so crazy. now i want to keep both... hahah

    and your comment about seeing someone's Balenciaga was cute. thats how i feel when I read blogs. even though i can't afford to live like that, its nice seeing other people grow and become successful to buy all those things. lame, i know T_T

    (can you believe this is my comment AFTER i deleted a lot... lol sorry)

  4. I love the pieces you chose from Tiffany's! They're soso pretty!! The leopard wedges are so cute. I prefer that over the flats just because I never have a good experience wearing flats. -_-' Heels/wedges are 10x more comfortable for me than flats are.

    Aww you take such good care of your doggies. : ) A lot of pet owners out there neglect their dogs...not even taking them out to play and such.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. What a nice daughter!! I can't even afford La Mer stuff on me, let alone getting it for someone else :(.
    I've been wanting one of those Tiffany keys. Was thinking of getting the oval key for my birthday, but they're too expensive for just being silver. I think i'll go for the DSK pieces instead :). Have my eyes on some.

  6. Lol, I agree with @Gjee.
    I'm too broke to be looking at this, I'm like drooling.

  7. I really like that moraccan necklace its nice. I have been wanting thoes Tory Burch leopard flats for a while but I think they are kind of pricy.

  8. i have huge pores! ima have to try out that Regenerating Serum! My mom is so into skincare products so ill probably get her this for christmas. :)

    The Sterling Fleur De Li Key necklace is pretttyyy. my cousin actually works for Tiffany's and she said she loves working there.

    Aww, i love it when my dogs get groomed. but seriously, my dogs gets pamper more than i do!! lol! i get them groomed once every 2 weeks. Me, i get hair and nails done ONCE a month!! LOL. I love going to the dog park!! everyone is just so friendly and the dogs are super cutee.

  9. i have huge pores! ima have to try out that Regenerating Serum! My mom is so into skincare products so ill probably get her this for christmas. :)

    The Sterling Fleur De Li Key necklace is pretttyyy. my cousin actually works for Tiffany's and she said she loves working there.

    Aww, i love it when my dogs get groomed. but seriously, my dogs gets pamper more than i do!! lol! i get them groomed once every 2 weeks. Me, i get hair and nails done ONCE a month!! LOL. I love going to the dog park!! everyone is just so friendly and the dogs are super cutee.

  10. Awww, I love that Tiffany key chain necklace! So simple and cute. Your other pick is always fabulous too!

    -How are those flats? I never tried flats with the scrunchy looking thing on the back. Is it comfortable? I been through lots of flats, and some are not comfortable at all.

    *I like the Mac Quad, love browns eyeshadow. But it looks like there are a lot of all out? It does look nice on your eyes.

    -You must post pics soon of your groom doggies. They are so cute! Wally is my favorite, he looks so fluffy and cuddly. hehe!

    Pho is always good during all seasons!!! <3 My husband loves pho. You must start doing food blogging too Steph!

  11. I love your choice in TB Sophie wedge. They're actually quite comfy. I've worn these all day to explore New York and they didn't hurt, even after 6 hours.

    You're such a thoughtful daughter! Your mom is lucky to have you get her the LA Mer stuff.

  12. OMG!! >.< Totally in love with your leopard print flats!! So cute!!

    There's something I want to buy on your other blog, make up. The Chanel lip gloss and eye primer but I cant seem to find the cart link. >.< Am I blind?

  13. This post is making me lust!! haha. What a great daughter, your Mom is going to love it! :)

  14. Gosh, I wish I was your mom. So you can spoil me too. LOL. But reading your blog makes me broke sometimes. Can you stop posting such cool stuff on here?! Lol jk. I saw that episode of Gossip Girl last week and fell in love with the necklace myself. When I saw Blair wearing it, I was like "OMG. It's a Tiffany." So I went on the T&CO site to look for it, and it was wayyy to expensive or my poor college self. :(

  15. wow your mom is lucky :) La Mer skincare is supposed to be the best, but it's a bit out of my budget...

    I lovee those two pieces from Tiffany's. The only thing I have ever been afford from Tiffany's was a key ring (basically a keychain) and that was a hundred bucks. I got it for my friend's birthday lol. I love their jewelry though.

    yumyum for pho, enjoy it! and gahh how do you do such crisp eyeliner flicks??

  16. I notice your eye linear is always so crisp and clean! What's your secret? Is it just a steady hand you have? My left eye always looks so wonky no matter how long I take to do it.

  17. Wow, La Mer is so expensive! If I ever had that kind of money for skincare products like that, I'll spoil the hell out of my mama!

    The Sterling Fleur De Li Key necklace is cute. I LOVE Gossip Girl! Never miss an episode. Everyone in that show is so pretty and "fancy"! I didn't know you watch it also? Beside that show, I like to watch Vampire's Diaries and those are the only 2 show that I'll rush home to watch (=

    I don't own one single item made by Tory Burch. But just by reading your blog...I really want some flats from her! lol I've never tried to pull of wearing leopard skin, anything. I'd love to see a picture of how'd your pair it w/ your clothes. I bet it looks perfectly cute on you! I'm not a big fan of wedges and damn, that's quite a height putted on the shoe!

    Seeing those sunglesses, I am tempted to buy more shades!

    I'm never a big pets person, but my son loves them.

  18. those necklaces are amazing! gotta love tiffany's and that little blue box. i groom my dog at petsmart too! i prefer them over petco. they listen to how i want my dog to be cut and they are so good with dogs. i love how they have a "report card" of how my dog did during his groom. nail grinding is a big plus too! an extra $11 well spent. i love how smooth my dog's nails are after being groomed; i don't have to be scared of rough recently cut nails leaving marks all over me.
    as for the tory burch shoes, the flats are a total green light, but i would say no to the wedges. 4 inches in a wedge does sound painful. my tory burch flats, well before my dog destroyed them, would sometimes hurt my feet after a whole day of wearing them.

  19. i got my doggies groomed today too !! for 60 bucks for both =) the place i take them to is a local business.. they do such a great job.. you should search for a local groomer around your area.. when i take my dogs to petsmart, they charge 40 dollars each.. =( they are both shihtzu's..

    i'm loving those tory burch wedges !!

  20. 33-44 for dog grooming isn't so bad... average in LA is around 40. i've paid as low as $35 in LA for monster to get groomed... and as high as $55! but i definitely like the groomer that charges $55... definitely knows what hes doing and always makes monster look AMAZING! :D

    ps... i showed shawn the MbyMJ watch and... he was like :O at the price tag. :( but maybe he'll surprise me for christmas! xD thanks for letting me know what i want for xmas this year! HAHA

  21. i tried this look for work a few nights ago (using my sister's MAC collection --- i used to think her collection was huge but it doesn't compare to yours! she's jealous lol) and i really like it. it would have looked nicer if i put some eyelashes on, but i'm not so good at that yet, so i just tightlined.

  22. ahhh i wish to be part of your family too lol i want some la mer. my ginormous pores needs help. one day i shall!

    you and your cheetah haha i really like the wedges, you could def rock them! have you worn your oh so sexy louboutins yet?!

  23. My favorite is the Tory Burch "Sophie" Wedge :)

  24. Aww i wish you could sell those shisem eyelash internationally. Looking for it anywhere, but it's hard to find.

  25. i just watched a show comparing la mer to drugstore products that have the same exact ingredients for a fraction of the price :(

  26. mmmm i want pho now....
    omg!!!! i saw the tiffany key gossip girl and i really really want one too!!! although, $275 is pretty...ouch. :/

  27. Aw, you are so sweet to your mom. I hope she loves all the products!! La Mer is awesome stuff! :) I had the eye cream once but it was wayyy to pricey for me to continue getting :p

    The Tiffany necklaces are so pretty!!! :) I love key! Timeless as it is classic :)

  28. man those puppy groomers must be making BANK. haha. Anything for soft, clean and cuddly puppies though, right?:)

  29. I love anything in leopard and those shoes are extremly cute. The necklaces are stunning, although I dont think I would spend $250 on a necklace.
    Those sunglasses are cute. But I dont think the shape of them would suit my face. very pretty though.
    And I love the graphics on the MAC Limited Edition Dame Edna.

  30. Tiffany keys are my favorite. And I see Gossip Girl, Blair and the leads have fallen for them. It's a shame not to buy it.


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