October 10, 2010

1st Lululemon Haul and An Old Video MAC Feline Collection

It feels like I've been shopping a lot lately, and it's probably true.
I get paid by my company once a month, and I get my profit 4 times a year.
3rd quarters just wrapped up, and I'm just waiting for my accountant to send me my statements.
It's always my favorite time of the year ^_^ 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter.
Renew Dirt Dress Organic
It's kind of a 2 for 1 : )
Forget lounging around in sweats! I'm into simple comfy dresses now.
I just feel more girly, and polished
Lululemon Hair Ties
Teal Zeal, Very Violet, Plum
I think they're so adorable! I'm sending half to you Julia ^^
Rock Out Pants (Regular)
$79.00 (was $98.00)
On sale? Score! Finally, my first pair of Lululemon yoga pants. What a more perfect time than now to try out these pants that Hoda Kotb from the Today show raves about! ^_^ I trust Kathie & Hoda, they're my girls : ) Hoda said that they feel like new each and every time you wash them. They're worth the price tag she says. They're an investment. My excuse: I need this to work out.. better!
Minh and I went to the gym together this morning, I was so proud of us ^_^
Usually, I'm a loner..he's not a big gym person. He tried to get me to leave after 8 minutes!
He goes..my legs are tired from biking hahaha
That's what he gets for working 8:30am-8:30pm!
But now that he's home, I'm going to drag him every morning.
I enjoy watching my Today Show in the gym. It makes me feel like I have a set schedule.

I made a video back when I purchased my leopard luxe quad from MAC, and youtube refused to upload it correctly. I was going through my desktop and found the video and was able to post it on vimeo. Here's the link if anyone wants to watch, it's a bit dated (online wise!) : )

MAC Feline Collection from Steph Nguyen on Vimeo.



  1. LOL @ making your bf go with you to the gym! i need so yoga pants! those look so comfy! :)

    i LOVEE the Today's Show with Katie and Hoda! they are so funny! did you watch the show where they had no makeup on?? it was so interesting! and another one was when they revealed their age! it was so shocked! they totally do not look their age. much younger! lol.

  2. Congrats on your first lululemon haul! i was a big fan in college when i was dancing A LOT and my roomie worked there so she was so knowledgeable about the products! big tip: you can throw the pants/tops in the dryer just make sure you DON'T USE a dryer sheet or any fabric softener. :) makes them like brand new with no wrinkles! enjoy!

  3. i wish i had the "goods" to fill out those tube dresses steph, unfortunately, im not very blessed in the chest area LOL :P

    your haul looks awesome! so much comfy yoga wear! those hair ties are nice too! love that purple one ;)

  4. ohhh I loveee Lululemon. i don't have anything from them yet but they sent my boyfriend some free clothes since he's a runner and they do these little things like printing quotes on the inside of your shirt, sleeves, or in oter hidden areas. like one time, he was wiping his face with the bottom of his shirt and BAM, inspirational quote. lol its cute.

    i like how they put the extra effort in things - like the hair bangs! before I read what they were, I was like, "i want!" so cute. let us know if their hair bands are just as good as their clothes.

    i would avoid their sports bras though. i heard they get weird after being washed!

  5. i LOVE lululemon! i live in their stuff (and i don't have much so that's pretty shame! hahaha)

  6. I'm about to check out the vid in a bit, but anyways... :)

    The clothes look so cute :) ...which reminds me, I need to get me some good workout clothes - the pants look cute and comfortable :) I go to the gym at might after work ^_^ Doesn't it feel great to do things together, especially getting fit? :)

  7. (...and after watching your video...)

    ...did anyone tell you how cute you are on video?? :D I like the eyeliners - so shiny! *-*

  8. Congrats on your first lululemon pants!! ^__^ Almost every girl here in Canada owns a pair (or the ones from Aritzia), but TBH, lululemon >>> TNA. Hoda is right about them being an investment... they're soOo comfy and they last for a super long time! :) You should try their track jackets - same material, comes in different colours, and slimming! (Yay! My favourite part :))


  9. ooh those lululemon sweats looks really nice, I've been looking for a good pair lately. I also like that first black/white dress! Nice Fabulous Felines haul! omg hahah I like your Ruffian :) The first time I tried it, I got majorly wobbly results hahaha.

  10. ooooh lululemon! i want one but they're def an investment =[ lol i wonder how good they feel.

    and im sorry if this sounds offensive, i've heard your voice before but it's not the voice that i hear/imagine(?) in my head when i read your blog or when i look at your pictures..i like your voice tho! hahah sorry if that's weird lol ^^;;;

  11. great post it reminds me of when i get our Govermnet sales tax cheque every 3 months haha... i like lululemon but i jus need to fit into it, theres not enough lycra in the whole state of birmingham that can accomodate my big butt lol

  12. I totally skipped the MAC Feline collection except for the Utterly Game blush, which i have not even opened. I should have picked up the Leopard lux e/s quad that everyone has been raving about. I think it's sold out everywhere now. I was saving up for the Disney Venomous Villains collection. Spent about $140 @ Nordstrom, and $80 @ Macy's on the Disney collection, and not even sure if i like everything i got.

  13. Lululemon workout pants ARE the best! They are worth every penny since they are comfy and last a long time. I've had my sets for about 6 years now and they still fit great!

    The dresses are awesome too. They don't slip off like the other strapless dresses I have since I'm small chested.

  14. Those dresses are so cute I had never heard of lululemon before is it like those online only stores? I wish I had a sister like you you always give stuff to your sister. You seem so nice.

  15. There's a lululemon store at my local mall but I've never stepped foor inside it. Now that I see it's got some cute clothes, I might just have to check it out! I love the dress and yoga pants but the purple hair tie is my favorite. It reminds me of the ones with the balls that my grandma used to put in my hair when I was a kid...but this is the grown up, more sophisticated kind!!!

  16. ahh lululemon! they are a splurge but so perfect and comfy. i love your excuse! i have to make excuses for every purchase i make so i can feel like the purchase is justified. i get called out on them every time by my boyfriend though sigh... he is a bubble burster.

  17. I like the dress! :) Is it thin see through? :/

    And the pants looks super duper comfy! I love anything comfy when you stay at home with a toddler. heheh! I always look forward what you have to share with your fans and etc. <3

  18. That dress looks so comfy!! Love it. :)

  19. That dress is so useful and cute! It looks very comfy too =) Thanks for always sharing all your cute items!

    Girl, I'm always questioning myself on why my apartment is always so messy too! lol. My BF is OCD, though. He'll always clean up after me. I love it! =D

    Have your lash extensions make you lose any of your real lashes, yet?

  20. I love how the model wore the dress in the first photo (black & white)!! :D Great purchases..the hair ties are so adorable.

    I wish I was able to drag my boyfriend to the gym. LOL He likes working out at home. :( I'm only motivated to work out if there are lots of professional equipment surrounding me. *sigh*

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  21. @Tia, yeah you loses your real lashes as they shed with the extensions. The extensions are glued on individual real lash hairs.

    @ms angela89 it's double layer

    @gabbiieb there are real stores everywhere

  22. Love everything! But it's so pricey :/

  23. Thats awesome that you and your bf went to the gym together! I couldnt drag Son to go with me to save his life. He would rather play basketball with his friends or go fishing! Those dresses are really adorable, I'm gonna need to check those out!

  24. <3 <3 <3 the organic dress!! Super duper cutenesss!! :D

  25. The dress looks really nice, I like the first look (the black over white). Are you wearing the Lululemon pants specifically for yoga or just general workout? I'm a nooblet when it comes to yoga and I just signed up for some yoga classes at the Yoga Tree-- so I'm wondering if I should get a pair myself. heh

  26. your bf and i are the same... i try to get shawn to leave the gym after a few minutes too because i get so out of breath! HAHA i'm out of shape :(

    congrats on your first pair of lululemon yoga pants! they're the best/most comfy stretchy pants... i got a pair for my bday awhile back and although i dont wear it to the gym, i do wear them around home! :P

  27. hahah! i hate exercising too, but both the bf and i love to go play tennis :) but i guess we need to go run or something soon. i was thinking of joining a gym or something but it's lonely to go alone!

    i love the dress (: yay for 2for1 kind of things!

  28. did you get the gold MJ watch yet????? lol

    oh and in case you didn't see the comment on my blog, the earrings from Bergdorf's were $225 + tax!! =)

    i'll have the close up shots around tomorrow so you can give me a proper opinion. they're soo big lol

  29. Wow, a tad in the expensive side but DANG!
    Lolz, all ad the clothes are cute.
    I prefer the black dress, it's CUTE!
    And I'm rather curious as to how you put thoes pins in. Lol.

  30. ive never heard of luluemon until now as i am not a from the states/canada but from reading the comments it seems to be pretty popular!!!
    i looked it up and there is a store where i live! i'd never seen it before.. i should take a look see some time ^-^

  31. Lululemon makes work out clothes look good. I could only justify spending that much on work out clothes...especially since eating>working out for me haha

  32. I love lululemon, they have the best workout/yoga apparel.
    I love that the dresses are organic, and your right dresses are just as great as sweats for lounging, but way cuter.

  33. I love sports. I usually go 3 times a week to the gym. And at home I practice yoga. It relaxes me so much stress. The pants are perfect for yoga.


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