October 2, 2010


I can't wait to try out my latest mini "haul"
I only bought 5 items from the collection and it came out around $80 with tax.
I can't imagine how much some of you girls are spending on this collection!
I keep seeing so many blog posts pop up with tons and tons of VV boxes!
All you ballers out there know how to haul!

***incoming update!***
So I recently found out from a few girl friends on twitter that there are Orly Dupes for the polishes (apart from Bad Fairy). I looked them up and they're almost EXACT dupes.
I think the Orly bottles are $10 for their Cosmic x collection.
The MAC polish are $13.50
I don't mind having my MAC ones, but it's fun to know that there is a slightly more affordable version available in case you ever wanted a back up.

I like Orly polishes, but their bottles aren't that cute (I hate the weirdness of the top, even though the grip is awesome lol).

I recently got interested in nail polish...my collection is growing, growing, growing!
I guess I never really cared for polishes growing up since my mother owns like 1,000 bottles of polishes if not more in her salon. (I think she gets OPI for 50% off..and all other brands for that matter). She always yells at me for buying them full price...but I'm not about to wait around to get them with my mom..she lives in Michigan. lol

It's kind of more thrilling to buy the polishes full price.
I also have been a big fan of the Chanel varnishes. I still haven't opened Paradoxal yet!
Maybe I'm weird, but I value my treasures more when I pay full price. haha ^_~V

I'm just enjoying life & nail polish :P

Bite of An Apple Blush is the MUST HAVE item for me from this collection (I think I just wanted it for the name alone lol). Can you believe blushes are $19.50 now?
When I first started buying MAC, I remember blushers were only $14.50!

I also picked up the lipstick in Innocence, Beware!
All 3 of the nail polishes, Bad Fairy, Mean & Green, and Formidable!
I rarely buy MAC nail polish but there was just something about these glittery polishes that attracted me so!

I opened my Bite of An Apple Blush to show him the "limited edition Disney packaging."
Minh goes you know they just add a few drops of color to make a "new collection" and all you girls run out and buy it.
Just wait until they come out with the Lion King Collection.

Isn't he funny?

Anyhoo's, I can't wait to use my new blush tomorrow! I love the name, Bite of An Apple.
It sounds so...appealing.

Do you like my new bow? My friend Sanny made it for me with love!
She's such a great artist, I love her!
DSK wouldn't be where it is today without Sanny.
I wish she would come back to blogging!
So many of my friends have abandoned blog. I guess they're having more fun living their real lives without blogspot. (I can't imagine living without blog!)
But then again...I used to Xanga everyday...and then I just quit.

I wonder if that will ever happen to my precious beauty blog?
Oh the suspense.

Timmy & Wally are 6 days shy of being 6 months old : )
My baby puppies are growing up!

Earlier we had to wait 1 and 1/2 hours because they were behind..Minh and I were talking about some random topics to make the time go by, and I go man Minh your boobs are getting big. (man boobage).

I say, how about you work on that.
He goes, "why? boobs are hereditary, my mom has them"

I laughed so damn hard. He's so funny sometimes. I wish he would be this funny everyday.


  1. LMAOOO at minh's comment xD

    if you look at nail blogs like nailphile / alllacquered up / etc they have swatches for comparisons btwn these MAC shades and the latest ORLY cosmic fx collection.. they're quite similar :) and i prefer ORLY's formula vs MAC's, but MAC's packaging is cuter hahaha.

    oh sigh, being a collector :X

  2. @izumi, I'm so brand loyal when it comes to things with dupes lol.

    It's like I'm still debating over getting the clear cube!

    I think I just want it more because I like the original thing.

    I'm weirddd

  3. hahaha that comment by Minh is killer! Loved his response!

    You haul = a jealous Katrina. Can't wait to see some looks with it on your pretty face!

  4. pssh honey ur a baller w/ur LV, Gucci n chanel!! lol... do a FOTD w/ur new blush! i wanna see! it is such a pretty color.

    and yes Heartless l/s is like red russian. i dont have that l/s but i do have the sticky lipglass =)

  5. lol Minh's comment cracked me up!!

    I want Bad Fairy so badly, I haven't been to the mall yet to check it out. It looks so amazing, nice haul :D

  6. AAAAAAAHHHHAHA : Minh! That's so great.

    I can't wait to get my MAC stuff in the mail! And I'm going to do a post about the things you sent me tomorrow! As well as a post about "interview makeup" since I have an interview tomorrow morning :) You'll be proud.

    I wanna see your nails all did with the MAC polish... I've never tried any of them, are they good?

  7. hey steph! lol to minhs comment about boobs! uve got to try ur paradoxal its such a pretty color and looks great on short or long nails. i really love it. your puppies are so adorable!

  8. The pup on the left, what is the breed? They both look so adorable!

  9. I spent almost $200 on the Mac VV collection. I'm crazy, i know!! I just love the packaging, and i went crazy on it. I haven't even used any except A Bite Of An Apple blush, and one of the beauty powders. I have way too many e/s that i need to finish first.

    Love the Gucci makeup bag!


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