October 3, 2010

FOTD: MAC Venomous Villains

I wore my most EVIL looking pair of circle lens to fit the theme.
*Pats self on shoulder*
Except..it would probably look better with super crazy dark and dramatic makeup.

I had to do my makeup quick today since we were meeting Minh's friend for lunch.
I think I should have gone with a matte crease color instead of the friggin' all shimmers. If I had more time, I would darken the crease with a matte eyeshadow and blend 100 times better.

MAC Naked Pigment
MAC Melon Pigment
(felt appropriate since it came out in the collection...but I think everyone and their sister already had melon).

MAC Eyeshadow Creole Beauty from the Colour 4 Quad, Bottom Right
Lancome Artliner in Noir (Black)
MAC Tech liner..forgot the name, but the black one
MAC Zoom Lash Mascara

I'm actually a fan of MAC Zoom lash...it's pretty good!
Eyelash Extensions: Still holding up, except you can tell that I'm losing lashes!
My lashes decided to cluster together so I had a stupid lash gap.What do you think of my "Evil" contacts? I felt it would be cool with the MAC Villains..but my eye makeup is so neutral and not dramatic. Who says Villains have to wear dark dramatic makeup?

But..I think I will play around with a dramatic look sometime this week.
Minh's on vacation now! Yay...except we both have work to do...around the apartment, my business, it never ends :D
It almost looks like a cut crease, I'm going to try a cut crease one of these days.
A sheer coat of the Innocence, Beware! lipstick.
It's definitely more of a wearable "nude."
I know my RL (real life) gal pals aren't fans of nude lips.
Right Whitney & Danielle?
But I'm just attracted to paler pinks and neutral lip colors.
I think this lipstick would look really pretty with a gloss on top.

Minh tricked me into leaving our apartment eaier, I wasn't done getting ready : /
I didn't even have my bag with me. He goes lets go to the front desk and get the key to the conference room, and then he hit the button to our parking garage...so we just went to the car right after to meet his friend.
Pho Cyclo on Broadway! They have on on 1st too, but this one is located in the more fun area : )
Pho Cyclo on 1st is located right across the street from the Starbucks HQ
His friend (who've I've met a grand total of 2 times) also lawyer (single, 30..Vietnamese..looking for wifey) goes to me..so do you always carry a camera around?

I go...well, you see. I was taking pictures of myself earlier.


He's like, oh that make sense.


I'm not going to lie! That's exactly why I had my camera..b/c I was taking pictures of myself.
He's probably thinking ..ok crazy...

Anyhow, I wish I had more girlfriends in Seattle.
People always ask me if I have any friends to hook them up with..and I don't locally.
I feel like a loser. But then again..that's why I have the internet! haha..
well..and Marisa..and Kellie.


My intent was to take pictures of my fresh makeup in the lobby, but the lighting was weird. It's so pretty at the concierge desk though, the dome ceiling is my fav..it reminds me of Caesar's Palace in Vegas.
One of the entrances to our apartment, usually the one most of us use.
The other side is huge, and full out fancy living room style with the leasing managers/office, but it's really just for show. Although, they do have freshly baked cookies daily.
First impressions get people to sign their life away here..like us. haha
The cookies everyday sold us! It's not like we can't bake our own damn cookies for $1.99 Pillsbury dough boy.

Everyone who comes here is really impressed by the decorations, and friendly atmosphere.
Seattle people you know, quite friendly, and dog loving.
I did make a new friend in the building. She has 2 boy dogs too. ^_^
First new friend, score!!! She also drives a silver Porsche SCOREE lol
jk..it's not like I benefit from her having a Porsche..but still...Minh and I like Porsches...
In case we have any questions, right?
I want this dome ceiling in my future house..no better..my future bedroom : )

So yeah..the whole take pictures in the elevator / lobby didn't work out too well.
The lighting in thurr was too yellow..you can't even see me. (get it? yellow? me being Asian?)
Ok. bad joke. :D
Minh likes to call me narcissist whenever he sees me taking pictures of myself.
Well..Minh, I'd rather be taking a picture of myself waiting for the elevator than prancing around like Bambi in the lobby. Sometimes, he's dancing around and the elevator door opens with people in it..and then they're like.. ?___? and we're like...yeah.. awkwardness!!! ^^

Anyhow, I take photos of myself for blog, whatchagonnadoaboutit Minh?!

It's just a blogger thing, who else is gonna do it for you right?
It's not like he volunteers to take pictures of my makeup for me..even though he's right there. lol
He'd rather be prancing Bambi.
Minh says why do I need MAC Venomous Villain makeup? I'm already mean enough.

Anyhow, we drove a few blocks out to Broadway Ave.
The "hipster" side of town for pho. It's home to my most favorite Pho Restaurant,
Pho Cyclo. We go ever few Sundays...although it tasted a bit watered down today. hahaha
You know..once that huge pot of pho broth starts getting low, it's time to dump in more water!
How I love Vietnamese people.

So back to the makeup...
Bite of An Apple blush isn't even that dramatic. It's definitely wearable imo (in my opinion).
My friend Marisa was like omg that's so bright you're not even going to wear it.
Well Marisa, look at me now! I am wearing! And I'm still wearing it as a furiously type this blog post. Furiously b/c I'm a blog villain!

The Snow White Evil Queen is probably the most beautiful Evil Villains ^_^
Too bad Ursella didn't make the cut! hahaha
Right Nonners?

Bite of An Apple

The following two pictures were taken literally one right after another, but the lips look SO different. I think the first one flashed, and the second one didn't.
Innocence, Beware! Cruella Lipstick
I think the lipstick looks better with flash..gosh Innocence, Beware lipstick, you are so damn deceiving!
Without flash, the lipstick looks pretty not pretty..
It's like the issue I had with Myth lipstick. Way too "nude"
Anyhow, I'm going to use it with a lipgloss in the future.
Overall, I'm glad I bought only 5 things from this collection.

Blackberry Pic of the "FOTD"
Did you fancy anything from this collection?
Earrings by DSK, of course! My Infinity Circle Earring...that are not available at the moment...because I'm a lazy bum. jk I'm just obsessed with bracelets making right now.

Bad Fairy, Mean & Green, Formidable!
There are exact Orly dupes for the latter.
Now..I feel like I just want to go buy the dupes to test it out for myself.
But that would waste probably $20 that I could put towards savings. HMMM.
Decisions, Decisions.

I don't think I'll be trying these out until next week.
I'm loving my DS Coronation by OPI right now. It just stays on so nicely and I've gotten tons of compliments on my nails this week ^_^ SCORE!

I love MAC.. mwahahahaha

I've recently purchase this tiny bottle of Macadamia oil for the hair from Ulta.
I think it cost me $7 or $8 for this little baby of a bottle, but man..this stuff is GOOD.
My hair feels so soft and silky. I also bought the spray (not pictured).
I really REALLY want to try Moroccan Oil, I just haven't found it anywhere locally.
I guess I can always buy online, but sometimes it's more fun to go hunt for the beauty related things you want in person : )

I leave you with a picture of Timmy, he was waiting for me to finish taking my makeup photos in my room lol.

He doesn't mind the fact that my room is messy. He has clothes to sleep on! : )

Happy Weekend Everyone! I hope you have a great one ^_^


  1. I love your FOTD! :)

    Morrocan oil is also known as argan oil :). I bought mine on etsy (http://www.etsy.com/listing/57811962/argan-oil-natural-wrinkle-eraser-100) and I use it as a cuticle oil lol!

    Instead of using argan oil on my hair, I use camellia oil (often used in asian haircare) and it's great!

  2. Love your FOTD. ^^ I think the shimmer is just right. Like you, I favor pale pink/nude type lip colors, but my lips are rather pigmented so I never feel like the look works for me. Bite of an Apple is a little scary in the pan for me. It looks so natural on you though! I'll try it tomorrow for work haha. Let's hope I don't roll out looking like a clown.. :P

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. even though you did your makeup quick, you still look hot! love the look!

  4. Haaaa you just sent me a picture text right now!

    I was on your blog anyway. I like how you referred to me as "whitney" and "nonners" in this post.... but yes I DISLIKE NUDE LIPS! But you're right, that nude lip color is more wearable, it looks good on you. Would be terrible on me tho!

    I wish I ordered the "bite of an apple" blush.... i ordered the other one in that collection "oh so fair!" I want them both nowwwwwww.

    You do not help my shopping addiction, Steph.

  5. @My Chau, yeah I read that Moroccan oil is argan oil. The difference between the Moroccan oil & the Macadamia oil is the added "macadamia oil" to the argan oil lol.

    I just want to smell the Moroccan oil, everyone says the smell is amazing by them :)

    @reene I love Bite of An Apple! Even before I saw it in person, I knew it had to be mine! It's pigmented but I used a light hand. I like the "rose-y" cheek effect. It's way different than any other one of my blushes ^^

    @pangie lulz ::blushes:: thank you :)

    @Nonners What's for DINNER ma?! hahaha

  6. Hi Steph,

    I've been an unofficial follower of your blog for a while now, that is until now lol. I live in Seattle too. You should try Than Brothers if you haven't yet. It's on Broadway not too far from Cyclo Pho. This favorite place for pho and their cream puffs are pretty good.

    Anyway, I am a fan of bite of an apple. I got it at Nordstrom the day it came out :)

  7. I love Moroccan Oil! I get mine at Beauty Works in the South Center mall... I spotted some at Regis Salons too.

  8. i love your makeup! :) and i'm so jealous you live in such a beautiful complex! i can't wait to get out of the shithole i'm living in :(

  9. @Melanie I really like Thanh Bro's pho broth, and the prices! But I don't like the ambiance, I know they try to cut costs to keep prices low for students. I like Pho Cyclo because it has a nice atmosphere for a pho place ^^

    I'm glad someone agrees with me on Bite of An Apple! I love it!

    @KP Thank you for the tip! I'll check out South Center tomorrow. I appreciate it girl! :D


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