October 4, 2010

Louis Vuitton Accessories, Which One Would You Pick?

Pochette Milla MM (Blanc) $475

Hey ladies,
I've been in the market to buy a new wristlet/card holder for a few weeks now, and I think I have narrowed it down to one of the following from Louis Vuitton.
My LV collection has kind of paused every since Minh's 2 year old LV Damier Graphite Multiple wallet started literally deteriorating. The canvas is not leather, it's a gloss treated fabric (which is nice if you spill things on it..easy to clean).

I credit www.louisvuitton.com for having the best website to browse.
I just dislike how I cannot link my friend to specific pages. Damn you flash.

But...I looked at Gucci, and Balenciaga and I don't think they have as great of a selection as LV does when it comes to these types of things. LV's good at making trinkets imo
I currently am still using my Coach wristlets (the same ones I used in college).
I'm just tired of them, same old = boring to me.
I think it's time for an upgrade!

I know I didn't want a Gucci wristlet because they're mostly fabric. Those get dirty and wear faster imo (in my opinion). Plus the one I wanted in red leather..everyone on twitter shot down lol. They said "OLD LADY"

Minh and I are planning on going LV shopping on Thursday.
We're going to pick up an LV Speedy for my upcoming blog giveaway ^_^
I think we've been plotting this LV giveaway for almost a year now. What a better time than during the upcoming holidays right?

And hopefully, I can find myself a nice new key/card holder.
I need it especially where I live because we have an access card into our parking garage, and into our building.

I'm not looking for anything big, just something to keep inside my purse or to run quick errands without having to carry my bag around.

Which one would you pick?

Pochette Milla MM (Noir) $475
Mini Accessories Pouch $275

Key Pouch Vernis $295

Small Key Pouch $165

Key Pouch Scribe $250

Key Pouch (Historic Ad) $250

Key Holder Multi Color $250

I decided I'm going to stay away from Damier Azur for a while.
I have a Keepall 55 & Galliera GM...and it's like Damier Azur overload in my closet since both bags are massive. I wish I went with the Galliera PM...the bags were so drastically different in size, but the price tag was only $200 difference..of course I went with the bigger one! lol

Big = More Value for the Money? (Not Always Steph!)

Random fact, did you know the company that owns LV also owns Sephora?
LVMH group
louis vuitton moet hennessy
I used to dream of interning for them while I was studying Retailing in college.

Now for a photolog of all things LV I find adorable!

When these Inclusion Earrings came out, I tried to get them in stores but they were sold out.
It's so hard to find all of their fashion bling in stores. It's annoying when the sales associates have no idea what certain pieces look like too. I prefer to buy in-store just to walk around and touch things other things... that I won't be buying. haha

Sweet Monogram in My Heart Earrings in Bubble Gum $325
I have them in Violet, but then the Bubble Gum pair came out soon after!
They remind me of New York from the VH1 show lol
She was fabulous in her own way ^_~ imo
Gamble Necklace $405 --> I've been lusting for this for a few months now.
It just suits my taste and my casino hobby :D

I got a happy news phone call yesterday that I am now $6k richer.
Finally! Lets just say one of my investments was released to me.
Time to spend it all! jk. Save for a house (but also budget to buy everything else I want as well).

Life's good. I hope it stays that way for a while.
I'm thankful for the internet, it gives us the power to be able to look at all the things we want 24/7 if we wanted to. Back in the day..I remember walking around the mall, back and forth just to look at the things I really really wanted. Almost each week..just waiting for it to go on sale. lol

But back on topic,

I just felt the need to express my LV wants and desires!

Speaking of LV, you know who else is an enthusiast?
My friend Holly, her and I used to talk for HOURS about everything and anything LV.
She's taught me a lot about the company. And guess what? It's her birthday today!
Happy Birthday Miss Holly Ann-Aeree, Youtube Starlet!
Did you know her first youtube video ever was about DSK Jewelry?
lol, prior to that I spent like half a year bullying her into starting blog & Youtube.
Then she did! See..I'm not a selfish person..I share my hot friends with the world!!!


Happy Happy Birthday to Miss Sarah as well! : )

You both are Oct 4th babies...I feel so left out..but hey..
I'm an April 4th baby, we all share the 4th!
(I am officially cooler now that I realized that fact)

I feel like I've known you two foreverrrr, can't wait for the day when our kids play together. haha jk. I can wait ^^


  1. i say get the second one "mini accessories pouch." my friend uses that when she goes out and its so easy for her to beep into her building with her access card. by the way, those key fobs are way cute!

  2. Wow, they are all lovely! Hmm, but if I had to choose one, I think I would also choose the second bag - the accessories bag; brown is a lovely color, and the bag looks like it would hold the minimum of items I would need.

    Simple is best! :)

    I love the LV heart necklaces - they are all so lovely (^-^)<3

  3. thanks for the help ladies! It's such a hard decision for me!

  4. hrm im all about simplicity and durability because you mentioned ull be busting this thing out alot, i would go for the plain small key pouch... will stay in style for a long time and is a total classic pattern, wont get dirty like the white multi color and the sides wont peel off like the vernis cause i read that happens easily on the vernis wallets.

  5. I would to get the red card holder. Its bright,fun,and my friend tells me that it is good luck to have a red wallet. Accessories, I love hearts! But in the end, I want all of them. lol.

  6. I would to get the red card holder. Its bright,fun,and my friend tells me that it is good luck to have a red wallet. Accessories, I love hearts! But in the end, I want all of them. lol.

  7. i would say, go for Mini Accessories Pouch!

  8. I think you should get the red one or the multi colour of however you say it.

  9. how about the red pouch since you were going for the red gucci ? lol. or the white multicolor.. always an eyecandy to look at :)

    the jewelry is fab.. so expensive though =S

  10. Aw I liked this one but the graphics killed it. I have this and it's so handy dandy. ^_^ It fits keys and cards perfectly!

    I personally dislike the all of the LV multi-coloured patterns, but everybody has a different opinion on those!!

    Good luck on choosing one. I think you have great taste in these things anyway because I like all of your LV goodies. LOL You influenced me to save up for the Tivoli PM. :P

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  11. i like the mini accessories pouch! so cute but surely it will last you a very long time :) whatever you pick, enjoy your new LV babies! :)

  12. Maybe it's just me.. but I love the LV Vernis collection. Especially the Amarante color.. so pretty! That red one you have pictured is cute too though.

    You're right. LV trinkets are really nice. Love their purse charms and jewelry. The Gamble Necklace is super cute. I've been wanting to get some "gambling" jewelry myself for Vegas (even though I'm not the one that gambles.. lol).

    Good luck choosing!

  13. I really like the red one and the multi color key holder. :D

  14. I really like the white Key Holder Multi Color $250. If there's any hint of you wanting anything LE, get it now before they're sold out. I heart my pomme vernis cles but honestly don't use it much...I think I should have went with the white mc key holder instead!

    Can't wait to see that speedy contest! I hear that there's supposed to be a shortage with LV bags including the speedy according the guru's on tpf...I hope you can get one!

    just kidding.. kinda. =P

    I'm drawn to the Key Pouch Vernis and the simplistic Small Key Pouch. I kind of like simple patterns because they go with everything but I Feel like the smell key pouch is a little too small. I love the red key pouch because of the pop of color. Red is always a nice color that goes with almost anything.

    I never knew that Sephora and LV were owned by the same company. Crazyness. Now I have something new I can tell my girl fiends. =P

    I'm loving the accessories especially the key fobs and the heart earrings. LOVE! It's just so cute.

    LOL @ sharing your hot friends with us. Thank you for doing so. Holly has made the youtubing world a better place. I think Holly was the second beauty guru that I ever heard about. Funny thing is I no longer watch that first beauty guru. I don't really like her anymore. =X
    Don't hesitate to share more hot friends with us!

    <3s Serena.

  16. Im really into Vernis Lately so I would say the Vernis Multi Cles. I just cant get over how beautiful the color Pomme D` Amour is. But its a bit on the small side in person. I have a Damier (Ebene) Pochette Accessoire and I use it as a clutch to go clubbing. So you should check that out. I got it back in '06 when it was still under $300.

    Oh yea the same company also owns benefit from what I heard :D

    Which speedy are you planning to get? I have 30 also in Damier Ebene but I regret getting in that canvas. Everytime I see the monogram one I kick myself coz its such a classic. I also saw a few posts ago, a pic of your GM Galliera... its GORGEOUS. I personally love big bags but dang that is HUGE! I have the SO Galliera PM in Damier Ebene (i know right? haha Ebene overload). I love it so much that I neglected the rest of my collection haha!

    You should check out http://forum.purseblog.com

  17. I think you should get the small key pouch. It's simple and cute! :)

  18. thanks for the birthday shout out ^___^ i feel SUPER special, haha! love that i share my bday w/ holly, makes me feel famous somehow just by association.

  19. thanks for the birthday shout out ^___^ i feel SUPER special, haha! love that i share my bday w/ holly, makes me feel famous somehow just by association.


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