October 5, 2010

MAC Tempting Eyeshadow Quad

My makeup today.
I'm still using the Evil Queen Bite of An Apple Blush.
I hope I don't look too much like a Christmas tree with green eyes and semi-red cheeks. haha

Minh and I are going to go shopping in Bellevue & South Center today.
Yay! A few tweethearts told me that I can find the Moroccan Brand hair products either at Nordstrom Rack (Factoria) or at a few hair salons at South Center.
I'm also on the search for some nice jeans for my little sister since she told me she has holes in her jeans already! (My mom and I have always done most of her clothes shopping growing up). She's 18 now btw, haha but hates to shop. Well..she's more indecisive and rather not waste her time. Harvard kids, you know. Their time is future $! lol

I also decided to try my Shiseido lipgloss in G26 Peach Melba
This was my first timeusing a Shiseido lipgloss and I love it! : )
I think Peach Melba is a great color for me
Lips: Shiseido Peach Melba
On my eyes, I pulled out my Tempting eyeshadow quad by MAC
It's so funny how used to much of Lancome artliner..it totally drowned out my eyeshadow : (
I can tell a big difference when I use Lancome Artliner & L'Oreal's Linear Intense.
I prefer Artliner, I just wish it wasn't $29.50
It's only been a month (maybe not even) since my lash extensions..and I think I'm due for a fill.
I recently learned from one of my readers Linda (hii Linda!) that we all have 3 rows of lashes?
She was telling me how she also has extensions also in Canada and the fill costs $50 just like here in the US :D
I'm still using my villain contacts lol. I think they're so funny looking.
I have them in brown too.
(No mascara on the extensions)
Now for some crazy pictures of my messy bathroom counter.
I wish they would have given me one sink and more counter space!

Whitney says looking at my messy bathroom counter stresses her out!
hehe you see the Evil Queen bush, which I also used today ^^
I cherish my La Mer Regenerating Serum! It is $250, but worth every penny.
It's done so much for my pores, it just a miracle serum! I'm going to get my mom one.
I recently got her the Cream de La Mer for her birthday. She was saying how amazing it was to me over the phone the other day. She was LOUD lol. I take it La Mer works for her :D
Innocence Beware! lipstick again with a sample of Lancome Dreamiscle Juicy Tube

I loved my makeup over to my window ledge lol. Let the mess spread all over!

Lookie! I got a new white, pearly Blackberry Bold! It's my 3rd Blackberry already.


My bf is so good to me...even though I pay our phone bill! lol

I also went to Ulta last night and picked up OPI's My Private Yet! & 3 EOS lipbalms :D
Will share later!

Time to go shopping!


  1. I don't know if you get this alot or not but you have a really pretty eye shape. Your eyes are mesmeizing. O_O

    I like both lip colors on you. I think your make up looks fine with the bold pop of pink. Just gotta own it! I really like how the Chanel gloss glistens. Though it's not really an everyday color it is pretty. I personally would prefer the peach one though probably because I hate emphasizing my lips. {*LoL}

    You've got a CRAZY amount of stuff in your restroom. Dang girl! It's like a treasure pile of make up and skin care goodies. I wouldn't mind taking a dive into that.

    Have you already done a review on the La Mer serum before? If so I totally forgot. >.< Could you do a review ish post about. Like what it did and didn't do? or maybe just leave me a comment or reply here? Up to you. That be awesome though.

    <3s Serena.

  2. Such a pretty look, Steph! I love the Bite Of An Apple Blush on you a lot! I think this shade flatters you a lot!

  3. I always have a million comments by the time I get to the end of your posts (because they touch on so many subjects!) but can I say OMGG to your bathroom counter, lol! Do you have an organizer? How do you find your faves underneath that mound?

    I agree with Serena that you have a lovely almond eye shape with huge folds. That's so asian of me to point that out. I was going to pick up a little Morrocan oil for you at my hair appt yesterday but I had a feeling that you found it already since you tweet about it daily. And yes I hvae also seen it at Nordies rack (along with Rock & Republic blushes, but they're usually crusty and broken ahaha) so maybe it's best to get products fresh.

  4. i see anastasia's brow wiz in your pile; i loveeee it! best brow pencil i've ever used. your bathroom counter is insane! you need to get yourself the clear cube for all of that makeup. my boyfriend would flip out if our bathroom was so crowded lol. he's such a neat freak.

  5. Wow, you have a lot of make-up! I'm impressed! Your LOTD is very nice - I love your eye-color... quite mesmerizing! (^o^)

  6. @susan. I can't live without my anastasia products! They're just amazing <3 I drive my bf nuts (especially our coffee table) haha we have separate bathrooms, I think if we didn't it would be war!!!

    and...more of an excuse for me to get a clear cube!!! ^_^ You should see the mess on my dresser & makeup drawer..it's BAD

  7. @Serena, I plan to do a review on it with some before & after pictures of my pores. Then I want to try a bottle on my bf! It's worth every penny & the free samples you get with purchase hahaha

  8. Omg that fuchsia lip looks so pretty on you though!!! It makes you look trendy and spunky.
    But if you REALLY don't want it...Have you sold it already? ;P I'll be willing to take it off your hands!

    And I LOVE the tempting quad! I could really live without the green color (which I've touched a total of 2 times EVER), but the 3 neutrals make up my everyday go-to eotd! So I got excited when you used it! :3

    I don't comment too often (but I lurk all the time!), but I <3 you and your blog!

  9. I recently purchased My Private Jet too! I love it. It's so shimmy glam glam :D

    I want to clean your sink area for you! LOL and YAY for whiteberry!

  10. yay for blackberries. i love my storm. & im def gonna save penny pinch so that i can get La Mer.

    p.s love your pix of your makeup & the view of the city

  11. I want those clear cubes so bad!!!! Maybe one day! :(

  12. whoa, i love the contacts your wearing in these pictures! so pretttttyyyy!


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