October 5, 2010

I Ordered The Clear Cube

I contacted The Clear Cube customer service last week. I explained to them that I owned a small company and was interested in purchasing 2 or more of their Cubes.
I figured it would make awesome storage for my Swarovski Crystal collection.
I got a reply today from Sylva, and she told me they do not offer any kinds of discounts at this time, but will keep my contact on file...aka we don't need you. lol

I've been a bit lusty for the Clear Cube ever since I saw it in Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian's bathroom. You see it on their show several times when the girls are doing their makeup in the bathroom. I've always noticed it..but never really looked into it until my friends started talking about it and trying to find dupes.

I'm not really into dupes. I prefer to have the original product. I understand it may cost more, but I feel credit is due to those who invented it. They conceived the idea and deserve the recognition. I think it's money well spent when you buy the original anything. :D

I have a small clear cube I bought for $20 from the Container store a year ago for storing office supplies, but it broke during my move to Seattle because it was a cheap plastic. It kinda looks like the clear cube now that I think of it. lol

But now back to the REAL Clear Cube...
Isn't it just the ultimate makeup storage? Especially for the loco people those who are proud & showy of their superficially prized possessions?

I've only found 1 Youtuber review on The Clear Cube, and her name is Lisa.
Check out her video here, she starts sharing her makeup cube with you at around 6 minutes into the video.

I think Lisa is one of those super sweet makeup gurus, I really enjoy watching her videos and listen to her talk. She has the cutest accent!

It's not made out of plastic, it's an acrylic. The same kind of acrylic the aquariums use! It is said to be very durable. Each Clear Cube is also made to order.
They have a break down of material costs on their website if you do some research.

This is my $343 splurge for the month of October.

The Clear Cube itself is $290 (Prices now include *handling*...not shipping..you add that $23 bonus at checkout).
It used to be $275 (not including handling) lol

I order 2 grids inserts, and an X insert as well.
Check out Lisa's video, she does a really great job explaining the inserts.
I was just sold by how well her makeup fit in her bathroom... lol

I mean...you saw my picture of my bathroom...it's sad.
Thanks Susan for justifying my purchase tonight. :D
I'll definitely let you know how I like it when my new cube arrives.
They say it will take 4-5 weeks.
I now have something to look forward to!
By the way I chose not to get the little tab handle on mine.
I think it takes away from the "cube's" charm.

It's something I've always wanted...and when I want something... I don't stop thinking about it..so I am forced to get it to stay sane!

The more time I spend wanting, takes away from my productivity...so I'm actually losing money if I don't buy it. ;D

Minh and I have steered clear from the casinos even though we get free steak & lobster dinners.
If we go for our free meals...you know you're bound to gamble.
We haven't gambled in almost 2 months. I'm pretty proud of us.
At least now we get to enjoy our casino money on real things, not just to support my Indian friend Jim through college. lol *shout out to JAMES*!


  1. oh you got it! so jealous, hahaha. be sure to post lots and lots of pics when you get it and organize :D so i can live vicariously through you!

  2. haha, i'm glad you purchased it! you can never have enough storage space. can't wait to see the after pictures of your bathroom :)

  3. so cool ! i didn't know that the kardashians used it.. lol. i never noticed it.. but i love the show!

    i'm glad you purchased it! i know what you mean.. (when you want something, you spend all day thinking about it)

    haha.. ive had that experience with your jewelry! i know i just had to order. and saved up for it too. lol.

    the clear cube is really cool but i don't think i will be purchasing... i wish it was 100$ cheaper.. lol

  4. ooooh i like!! such a cute way to store make-up/jewelry!!! aghhh, now i think i want one *pout* dammit Steph ... LOL.

  5. Wow, that's such a neat thing to have! I could definitely use it for my make-up and hair accessories! ^-^

  6. Great piece of thinking to use acrylic. Acrylic is a strong glass to keep your collection. I like your way to store make-up/jewelry.

  7. Wow, so spacious! But I don't own much makeup so it would be no help to me. :( But definitely this will be in good use in the long run. Show us what you decided to to do with them or organize it.

  8. I don't normally comment on your posts, but I really enjoy reading them and drooling over the jewelry you make :-) The clear cube is so pretty. Very Modern looking. Have a great weekend!

  9. STEPH:
    So I was reading another blogger's page and ran across these cool acrylic boxes that are MUCH cheaper than the one you recently purchased. I do not own either, and I can't vouch for the one I am telling you about, but I thought you might like to know because if it does end up being similiar, you may be able to return your other one and save some money :)
    Just thought I'd let you know :)

    The post with pics of the box is here:

    and info. from the blogger asking others what she should buy is here:

    -they are called MUJI and look pretty legit :) I may even pick up some in the future myself! haha

  10. wowwweee ! wanted to get one but i didn't know that it's so expensive.. might make one myself hehe :)

  11. Hi,
    I was just reading your post on the clear cube and I thought it was interesting to know that the shipping was cheaper when you bought it. I tried ordering it last night but did not go through with my purchase because they wanted $61 for shipping on a purchase of$348. Ridiculous. In any case, how do you like yours? Your post was really helpful.

  12. Do you still own your Clear Cube and would you purchase it again?


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