October 26, 2010

"Puppy Chow" The human treat, not for dogs! Also called Monkey Munch!

How to make the "Puppy Chow" also know as "Monkey Munch" snack

The recipe I used, find it here

I also have listed in this blog post with pictures!
yay, we love pictures

So lets begin!

Ingredients include:

1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup butter
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
9 cups Crispix cereal (any flavor)
1-1/2 cups powdered sugar
When I was a little kid, I had puppy chow (the human crispix snack! not the dog food) lol for the first time in my 4th grade class. I went home and told my mom I wanted puppy chow..she was like wtf pretty much. hahaha
Plus, being Asian...it makes it harder to explain it to your mom.

It's also not really a common snack you can find a the grocery store either.
So I went on with life..until high school and my friend taught me how to make it :D
It's so easy!!!
Step #1: Combine peanut butter, butter and chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl.

Step #2: Microwave for one minute then stir to blend all ingredients thoroughly. Add 1/2 tsp. vanilla. Stir well.

Step 3: Place the 9 cups of Crispix cereal in a very large bowl.

Step 4: Pour the peanut butter-chocolate mixture over the cereal and toss evenly, making sure all the cereal gets a good covering.

Step 5: Coat with powdered sugar, sprinkling evenly over the cereal and tossing as you sprinkle to cover each piece well.
Step #6: Enjoy!

This will probably make you super hyper..but hey it's pretty good to have once every year lol.
Minh never had it before (gosh, what a FOB) so I made it for him to try and he loved it.
And I'm sure you will too if you love chocolate & peanut butter!

lol @ Gjee's comment! Yeah, definitely not for puppies or dogs!
Dogs can't have chocolate, avocado, among other every day foods and snacks.

Random office update: for pictures of the current office, check out Minh's updated at http://arrowlawgroup.blogspot.com/2010/10/chapter-7-13-and-what.html
Minh took my request into consideration and did a short post on Ch. 7 & Ch. 13 bankruptcy.
I remember when I almost named Wally Ch.7 and Timmy Ch. 13...we're kind of nerdy like that :P
But we didn't..so we're cool. (in my eyes anyways!)

They're still lacking artwork on the walls..one of the partners is into art so she's taking care of that end.
I'm just gifting the office with flowers, plants, and a whole lot of magazines! :D

ALSO! Marisa (friend & former DSK helper person --she's too lazy for the job :P) got a new puppy! Her bf and her named him Kobe...haha I think every LA Laker fan names their dog Kobe! My cousin's dog is also named Kobe...gosh all you girls with Kobe obsessions!

Anyhow, the puppy is a Chihuahua mix Shih Tzu, I get to meet him Nov 1st! :D
I'm excited :) He's only 8 weeks old! You better raise him right Marisa! And hide your shoes!

Also..I found the EOS lipbalm in the mint & lemon drop!!! Finally!!!
Thank you Ulta South Center!


  1. dude i haven't had this in forever!!! hahaha yea i didn't even TRY to explain it to my parents...

  2. dude when you wrote "puppy chow" i freaked out when i saw the chocolate because I thought you were making dog treats... lol i was like, "she's poisoning her dogs!?!??!"

    i'm making this tomorrow thanks to you. just thought you should know. haha

    (is this the same as monkey munch?? i've always wanted to try that too!)

  3. ahah I had the same reacion as Gjee, I was like....none of these ingredients can be good for dogs...^^;; It looks crazy delicious though, must try to make this...

  4. hahahahah so yummy!!! Definitely not dog friendly but people friendly! I want to reach out for at least 1 handful!

  5. @Gjee I had no idea it's also called Monkey Munch! lol

    @rae630 have you ever tried it? :D

  6. Omg looks hella good! Ima make some and eat it at night when I'm studying so i could stay up longer! :D hehe.

  7. omg. i loooove puppy chow!!! so delicious!

  8. ooh i really liked this post
    you should do these more often! ;)
    im so gonna try that maybe when im really bored because im super lazy like that XD
    omg that puppy is sooo cute >.<

  9. What are the odds that I had ALL of the ingredients.
    And It was DELICIOUS!!!
    My teacher even had some.

  10. i've had this once and it was yummy !!

    lol about naming timmy and wally chap 7 & 13 =D

  11. the "monkey munch" looks super delicious! never even heard of it before ;p

  12. Yum! That looks so good :) At first, I thought you were creating food for your dogs from scratch, lol. I'm like, "Man... Steph! You're TOO talented!" Good thing I read thoroughly, hehhe! Sometimes, when my BF hasn't ate what's popular in Asian food, I'll tell him he was a lame FOB for that, lol.

    I've finally used my phone to access your blog. I've missed reading your updates. We've been moving and no internet connection yet :( I'll have to back comment all your updates. I hope that still qualify for the LV? Beside I love giving feedbacks :)

    Have a great wk!

  13. Looks so yummy, i'm going to try it. Ohh so cutee lil' puppy!
    If I was there will hug him :)

  14. Yummmm, is all I can say to "puppy chow"! Thanks for posting up pictures through each step too Steph. :) I'm a visual learner so posting pictures help. ha ha! Like everyone else said I thought it was for your doggies. Chocolate & PB? I thought you was going crazy through all the stress. ha ha! But looks good. I will have to try it out. Thanks for sharing with us. I've never heard of puppy chow before. :/ See, I learn something new everyday. heheh! You should do more food cooking pictures, I'm always into that. Trying new things out is a plus for me.

    Arrow Law Group's office is looking good, still kind of plain but looks nice! :)

    And Kobe looks super cute! He looks so shy in the picture. :p

  15. YAY! Haha, you made a "cooking"/"I'll show you have to make food" post! I haven't had those since I was like 7 or 8! I'll try it now!

    Fascinating how we can just spend hours staring at these little bundle of joy as they run around chewing on toys or just sleeping. (Same for babies)!

  16. Oh, wow! That looks good. I haven't tried this before. Great post.

  17. I have never heard of "monkey munch" but it sure looks good maybe one day Ill try to make it.

  18. This is my FAVORITE! I make it without pb though. The first time I had this I fell in love, haha.

  19. Sounds yummy!!!!!!! I love peanut butter, chocolate and sweets!! Do you like Nutella? I love hazelnutty things too :p The cereal sounds (and looks) so good. I want to try it when I get home today LOL

    Ahh, Kobe is tooooo cute!!!!!!! I know about 3 dogs named Kobe. I'm originally from LA :) I know lots of ppl who name their fish, their birds and other pets Kobe :p

  20. MONKEY MUNCH! i never tried it before either so don't worry minh you're not the only one! haha but always wanted to ever since i saw Kate make it on Jon&Kat Plus 8. looks delish!

    the puppy is sooo kyooote!

    eos lipbalm.. i have the mint and lemon drop one too but im too sure if i like the lemon drop one. the smell is a little off/too sweet ? and it's a bit gritty which is weird or maybe it's just mine lol. the mint one is alright not too moisturizing

  21. that puppy is soo cute. i want one sooo bad. your posts aren't helping me deal with the fact that I can't take care of one right now very well haha

  22. I never tried puppy chow :O!

    Shih Tzu are super friendly ;)!

  23. ooh the puppy chow looks delish! i'm going to make it for football this sunday. my boyfriend's mom actually fed a huge bowl of cow milk to my dog when she was looking after him. she thought he was hungry and thought that dogs drank milk -_-. i came home to a dog that needed to pee really bad and was super calm cause he was feeling so crummy. he slept the whole night until he felt better. luckily, he didn't get diarrhea from it. it actually made his poop more solid than what it was. lol just wanted to share that story.
    on the side note, kobe is a cutie! ahh i want another puppy :(

  24. ooh the puppy chow looks delish! i'm going to make it for football this sunday. my boyfriend's mom actually fed a huge bowl of cow milk to my dog when she was looking after him. she thought he was hungry and thought that dogs drank milk -_-. i came home to a dog that needed to pee really bad and was super calm cause he was feeling so crummy. he slept the whole night until he felt better. luckily, he didn't get diarrhea from it. it actually made his poop more solid than what it was. lol just wanted to share that story.
    on the side note, kobe is a cutie! ahh i want another puppy :(

  25. We call those Muddiebuddies here! Lol. How funny, same snacks but different names.

  26. You finally got a doggie! Your little doggies are sooo soo soo cute!

  27. I love puppy chow! It's a super easy snack to make and fun to eat while studying for exams at the library.

  28. omg that dog's tail is sooo adorable! its just wiggling throughout the whole video! my favorite part is when he's going back inside his cage.. why would he be so excited for that!? lol

  29. Dude! I had the same experience with puppy chow as you. Except I found out NOW how to make it. hahah

  30. omg yumyumyum! I don't even care about the calories, this looks like the ultimate sweet snack. I gotta make this soon! I think the best part is the powdered sugar, or else I'd probably have to eat it with a fork to not get sticky chocolate/peanut butter all over my hands (not that that's a problem). awww Kobe is adorable, I've always wanted a puppy. Let us know how the EOS lipbalms work!

  31. i have never heard of this stuff but it looks super yummy! i will have to try it out for sure.

  32. Omg! I gave your recipe a try today and hubby loved it! It'll great to make the nieces and nephews some too! Just in time for halloween!

    Btw, your page isn't loading very well. I had to go to your page via iphone.

  33. @Angie glad they liked it!

    It's not loading well b/c I haven't been resizing the pictures ...

  34. that looks so good but I can't eat any of that stuff!! your blog lately is making me hungry... -___-" I always get hungry when I read other people's blog or watch the foodnetwork! lol

  35. that pup looks just like my Lucy. We adopted her from petfinder (aka Misty) she looks way different.t hey said she's a Shih Tzu/Pom. http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/15976851?recno=20
    wanna see her 8 months afterwards?

  36. I just about died when you said "What a FOB"!!! Ha ha ha!! My asian honey poo Son says that sometimes too. I feel kinda lame I havent ever had it. Buuuut TRUST I will be making it tomorrow (SUNDAY/Halloween) because I'm off and will be eating all day. Thats my plan, please dont judge. :)

  37. The firse time I saw this recipe it was on the TV show John and Kate plus 8. I googled a recipe and have been addicted to it ever since. It's a great treat to make around the holidays for easy and simple gift giving for co-workers or people who are hard to shop for. I just make a batch and find a really nice crystal vase or container and wrap it up with cellophane and some Christmas ribbons.

  38. LOL, I gotta admit, after the powdered sugar, it does look like Puppy Chow, but Monkey munch?! ROFL!

    Still looks like a tasty treat... maybe I could use rice krispies instead... hrmmm

  39. I've never had puppy chow before but it looks very sugary and yummy :P

  40. looks so gooood.. mmmmm.... I have a jar of peanut butter on my bedside table with a butter knife in it... and.... I take out gobs of crunchy peanut butter and munch on it while reading blogs and watching movies in bed... so terrible for the waistline, yet it's such a wonderful feeling.. LOL!
    the puppy is adorable! nearly died from cute overdose.. hahaha.. where's wally, timmy and nickel? it feels like a long time since I've seen a video of them.. and that white dog in your prev post is beautiful..
    I might be getting a kitten at the end of the year as I live in a small apartment.. really excited, even though I've always had dogs in my family.. =)

  41. haha I read the beginning wrong and thought you were teaching us how to make dog food..then I read the ingredients and saw chocolate!! The end result looks so good..I love chocolate & peanut butter together!!

    Aww Marisa's dog looks so cute and innocent. ^_^ That thing he's biting on has such cute eyes. LOL

    ughh I still have to try that EOS lipbalm. None available here and the shipping to Canada doesn't work well with me... =\

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  42. UGH I NEED some of that mix now! haha
    I was looking through your posts and decided that I need something sweet like the mix, I definitely am going to pick up supplies sometime soon and try it! :)

  43. OMG thank you for posting this recipe!! my old coworker made this for me last year and it was delicious!!! i think i'm going to make this for my new coworkers this christmas! :D

    PS that puppy is so cute!!! can i has!??! *gushes*

  44. The puppy is so cute!!! I haven't had the chex mix puppy chow yet.. Imma have to try that recipe out...

  45. mmm it looks really good! and that puppy super cute!

  46. mmm... That looks yummy! About to go shopping for this stuff! lol

  47. I have treat day at work this week and I think this is what I am going to bring! Thanks for the great recipe! Oh and that puppy is TOO cute!!!


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