October 23, 2010

Seattle Restaurant Week & Other Stuff

We at ate Rover's on Thursday night during Seattle Restaurant Week.
It's 2 weeks, Mon-Thurs, where over 100 different restaurants offer
3 course lunch for $15
3 course dinner for $25

Sam took my bf and me to Rover's. It was such a sweet homey restaurant.
I felt out of place haha I was like..on my blackberry when the waitress was trying to put the napkin on my lap..and then on my phone again when another waiter presented me with the menu..I was like WHOA not expecting that.

A pretty rose on the table : )

Photos are a bit backwards
Espresso Creme Brule...the best I've ever had! @ Rover's
The famous Seattle Chef Thierry Rautureau. ( I was like..::blush::can I take your picture)?
haha he was so friendly and nice. He came to talk to us twice :)
He's French, and the owner of Rover's & LUC Restaurants
He's also been on Top Chef Masters : )
That's how Sam knew about him and wanted to take us during Restaurant Week
The chef in the hat! haha his back side

Cod on oyster mushrooms and some leafy veggies..

Sam eating bread
Sam being a dork!
My boyfriend Minh eating in a dainty manner
My fav from Rover's
Salmon appetizer, it was so gooood!
Caviar Egg
Inside the Caviar Egg
Caviar Egg, $24
We splurged b/c we just had to try it, they're well known for this egg
But their bread & butter was only $1.50! :D haha
Rover's "regular" menu $99/person
add $50 for wine pairing
A vegetarian meal would be $85..

A normal day Rover's 9 course meal for one person $135
Wine pairing add $75
$$$ Yay for restaurant week! You get to enjoy the luxe of a 3 course meal at Rover's for $25

I don't know if I could ever personally spend $200 on a meal for one..but I can justify spending $200 on a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats!
I like it when parents take us out, anyone's parents. Asian parents are the best..

When I was on vacation in Taiwan, my friend from college's aunt and uncle took us to BRICS in Taiwan for $1,000 Steak...we sat in Versace table setting, chairs, etc...and ate off ceramic plates. The chef came out to thank us. 1 Piece of dessert chocolate costed $60 USD lol. Taiwanese business people man..they're powerful. I guess in Asia..if you have money, you're treated like a KING or QUEEN. It's kind of bias..I'm not a big fan of the whole MIDDLE CLASS DOES NOT EXIST societies.

Anyhow, The Senator of Taiwan was just dining there the day before us, he left a HUGE vase of flowers for the chef. They own a very large company worldwide.....so money is like monopoly money to them. It's insane My stay with them was extreme. Probably one of the best memories of my life. Too mad that friend of mine turned out to be a psycho (I feel bad for her family). I'm grateful to her family for being so nice.
So many glasses! @ Rover's
(pick from my bedroom)
They blocked traffic there all night while Obama was staying
He had an entourage of 50 government vehicles when he left.
He was also here back in August also at the Westin
I've never seen the penthouse light up at the Westin hotel until the Obama was in town.
I wonder if he stayed up there..or in a different room.
MBMJ watches at Nordy's
My Marc Jacobs watch was flawed! Can you see the tiny chip on the right hinge area?
Nordstrom just exchanged it for me.
I packed the guy's lunch one day and brought it over to the office.
Clam Fritters
Align Center
Lunch at Blue Acre
$15 3 course during restaurant week :)
Went to Costco, lookie what they had! :)
Only $19.99 at Costco! :)
Cool building and space needle
Puget Sound from the new office
Sam & Minh..together forever hahaha
We bought some filing cabinets off of craiglist in Snohomish
So the guys spent the day as "day laborers" lol
Sam and his yellow moving gloves..that are actually meant to lift boxes hahaha
Sam's not the day laborer type. My bf Minh on the other hand grew up in a family that made him work for the family business.
We rented a moving truck!
I've been watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Kim and Kyle are Paris Hilton's Aunts
I find rich people fascinating.
Sam takes care of two of his roommates dogs when they're away.
Isn't the white one simply gorgeous? She looks like a snow fox!
EB, she just had a tumor removed from her leg :(
Cookie, the awkward boxer mix rat terrier lol
She's the female version of our awkward Nickel
Sam's roomies dogs Cookie & EB
When I go to Jimmy John's, Minh and I always get the #12 Beach Club!
CJ's Pancakes are the BEST! They're thin, crispy and DELICIOUS!
I'm craving it right now.
Minh's omlette & hash browns @ CJ's
Country fried steak at CJ's (heart attack breakfast)
Long Restaurant
Clams @ Long
Happy Hour @ Long, I loveeeee the crispy spring roll
Long had a glowy stone table I though it was the perfect photo op for my balenciaga right next to the Bonsai
Long (Viet Restaurant)
I love berries : )
Shih Szu puppies! :)
A cute little Australian Shepherd! :)
Minh's law partner & my new best friend foreverrrrrr Sam!
He was like hoarding the little puppy from the little kids
An Oreo Puppy!
Puppies at Bridge's Pets in Snohomish

To answer your question comment Amanda, here are a few of the things I've gathered since I last blogged :)

AG "Jeggings" on sale $72
Original $128
A lot of Deborah Lippmann nail polish..can't believe I spent over $130 on designer nail polish.
But! I did my research and it is the cream of the crop : )
I cannot wait to try it out, stay tuned for that post!

I'm currently wearing a glittery polish by NARS and it's just disappointing. I think that's a big reason why I just said eff it, I'm buying Deborah Lippmann glitter polishes.
Today was a Fairy Tale closeup, visit my friend Kae's blog for her nail polish blog..she completely sold me on Deborah Lippmann polishes! www.thehungryasian.blogspot.com
Tory Burch "Geoff" Heels
Original $325
I got them on sale $243.75
My first pair of "gladiator style" shoes..I'm late in the game.
I'm not a big fashion clothes gal..but I'm working it and changing my ways to the more fashionable. :D

Practice makes perfect right?

Spring Rolls!

My favorite Viet rice dish

DSK Mom, click on this link to go to your other daughter's blog.
You're welcome!


and just for fun, if you're into looking at ritzy homes like me, check out this yahoo article,


  1. Aaah so hungry now! How lucky to get to try out those 3 course meals for sooo cheap. My sister in law lives in Seattle I wonder if she knows lol

  2. Are we inner fatty twins? nom, nom, nom


  3. Darnit! Seeing the Stila pictures you took at Cosco reminded me I forgot something....shoot! Off I go!
    Btw, Minh needs to teach MY husband how to eat dainty!! ASAP!!


  4. P.S. All your food posts make me hungry....MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm.....

  5. Oh my gosh we're so similar it's nuts. My bf and I are HUGE foodies. For my bday he took me to Seattle and Vancouver to eat, that's my kinda vacay.
    I watched my very first episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and was addicted. I used to be addicted to Orange County, ehh New York was only good with Bethenny. I, too, am fascinated about their lives and their problems/drama. It seems so tiny compared to real working people drama. Can I say DC and Atlanta are the worst? Do you agree? I would love to win the Louis for my mommy and surprise her, she's been really down, sick, you name it. She needs to pick me up she works like a dog and gets paid little to nothing b/c her english is poor (She's from Viet). When will you draw a winner?

  6. I've never seen thin pancakes before! I want to try! lol I'm craving pho right now. hahah

  7. I LOVE all of your posts, especially since you are living in Seattle and this way I can learn about events, etc.
    I did NOT know Obama stayed at the Westin! That is SO exciting! haha
    He was speaking at UW but I didn't go to see him for several reasons. One was that people were lining up at 4 am to wait in line! NO WAY! haha

  8. omg it really does look like a snow fox!! they're so cute i want one >.<
    omg im so gonna make some pancakes tomorrow now...
    :3 x

  9. Ohhhh, all the viet food is making me hungry!!! Healthy and fresh ... you can never go wrong.

    I love your dog posts. My baby keeps looking at the screen and pointing to our Coton de Tulear. Too cute!

  10. Just saw this comment you wrote : don't know if I could ever personally spend $200 on a meal for one..but I can justify spending $200 on a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats!

    Ive heard great things about that brand but can't justify it but I can justify going to Vegas and eating at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant. Best meal ever. We still talk about it. (Spagos I think)
    I went to Nobu it was the most overrated experience, have you ever been disappointed at a hyped up restaurant?

  11. eating at those places sure is expensive. $1,000 steak is crazy but hey you didnt pay for it lol. Man looking at all that food made me hungry.

  12. woww that's a really good deal! The pictures of the espresso creme brulee and caviar egg are making my stomach grumble xD Was the $24 worth it?

    That's one expensive meal (in Taiwan), but the thing I like about Taipei is that you can also get a meal with excellent presentation in a fancy restaurant for an extremely reasonable price (compared to LA).

    Those polishes are really pretty, I keep wondering whether I should go ahead and splurge on them or not. I hope you like yours!

    eeee cute dogs :)

  13. So I don't know, but I made a comment on your I Ordered the Clear Cube and just wanted to let you know on a more recent post so you don't miss my post, I think you will find it interesting :)

  14. Omg. The beach club from Jimmy John's is my absolute favorite! Your food posts always make me hungry. A funny fact I learned in school, it is really hard to take pictures of food and make it look appetizing. A lot of food pictures you see in magazines and on billboards are real food with extra coloring on them to make them look delicious behind camera. Thanks for the entertaining and delicious post, Steph. =)

  15. Seattle Restaurant Week's concept is just like our Winterlicious and Summerlicious here in Toronto! :D The price range varies with some restaurants offering $25, $35, and $45 dinners. Obviously the top-notch restaurants are more expensive, but WELL worth the price! Especially when it's on "sale" already!

    Mmm, the food looks yummy..I love seafood. The salmon looks especially good. *drools* Odd how they charged you for bread & butter though... I always get it for free no matter what kind of restaurant it is. =\ And I love dining with Asian families too..especially when they fight for the bill. LOL

    Wow, the chip is so tiny! You have a good eye, but then again..you work with such tiny crystals.. :P

    Your breakfast looks delicious!! Holy crap! I love looking at your food photos. LOL Pho, spring rolls... I don't think I can ever get sick of Viet food.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  16. @Anita, I loved Atlanta! It was so funny! I thought it was hilarious!

  17. @Leenda they were so thin and crispy but soft in the middle. I want to go back! I pancakes were only $3.25!

  18. @Anita, I went to Nobu in NY (there are two locations in NYC) and was sooooo disappointed! Our meal was $250..and we went out for chicken & rice right after! lol

    I guess it was more for the experience..and hearing all these great things about Nobu

  19. @Makeup Morsels the caviar egg was worth it! It was such a unique taste. I would get it again!

  20. @Thao have you seen that challenge show on food network about food designing and photography?! It's SO funny! I remember how they would use random things to make "food"

  21. I always get hungry after seeing your posts with all the yummy food. It makes me miss Seattle. I'm in love with your new shoes...they're gorgeous and I hope they're comfortable to walk in!

  22. Wow, this was like a mega post of goodies! I live in Seattle and I freaken rarely catch news of these events and whatnot. o.o! I remember when I saw Chef Thierry Rautureau on Top Master, I loved his personality on the show..but I was also giddy because he was from around here. Lol. How'd the Caviar Eggs taste? Was it worth the rave?

    I went to watch Obama speak at UW. It was amazing..cuz as he was walking away I waved and he winked at me (or in my direction) LOL. *faints*

    Ps. I noticed, you dont have any post where you actually cook stuff. Are you a big cooker?

  23. hey cutie! Glad you stopped by my blog! I love meeting other Seattle bloggers! :) Love reading your food posts especially since I get to go to those restaurants!

    What is your favorite Viet restaurant in Seattle? Hubs and I love Green Leaf but we are always checking out new places and I would love a new recommendation!

  24. i now have a big puddle of drool in front of me.
    dangg all that food look so goood! what a grand dinner. hehe that chef wears the cool chef's hat haha. did you like the caviar egg?
    the puppies are so cute! and that country fried steak looks even better lmao. anything with gravy.. mmmmm.
    and 20bucks for nail polish?!! i don't think i can everr haha but do tell us how they are :)

  25. Oh my food again? I love your food blogs. ha ha! Makes me wanna go out and try the restaurants. Nothing can go wrong with pho spring rolls or the rice dish but I prefer the vermicelli bowl noodle though. Seattle has so many pho places, which I only go to certain ones. How was Long restaurant? Any good? The prices right for their bowl sizes? lol. Have you been to Thanh's Brother? I probably spelled it wrong but I love their pho! Always so flavored. :P

    How did the Caviar egg taste like? Never had caviar before. I should get out of my shell. -__-

  26. i LOVE this post! so long with lots of pictures! :D

    man your restaurant week is ALL cheap! in LA and SD it's usually 30 or 40 depending on the restaurant (mostly $40)... :(

    those little shih tzus are so cute!!! reminds me of my baby monster! :)

    and i showed my friend the MbyMJ watch and we were both drooling over it... thanks steph!! :P it's now on my christmas wishlist!!

  27. wow this post really made me hungry! :) everything looked delicious...i'm kicking myself for not taking advantage of restaurant week when it was going on in san diego :(

  28. wow this post is such major food porn. lol i always end up reading your blog at of course like 4am so I end up getting so hungry after reading everything... and i had to settle for kitkats =( lol

    and Seattle's Restaurant week kicks San Diego's Restaurant week's ass. i've gone to restaurant week 3-4 times and the food was never really "special" =\ the salmon appetizer looked ridiculously good. and caviar egg!? what was inside of it? it looked like tapioca pudding.. lol you're so daring!

    and holy crap, $1,000 steak? was it good? did it melt in your mouth? lol $1,000 could buy you a NICE louis vuitton bag or a Chanel WOC! hahah

    and I watch the Real Housewives too! i think its crazy that Camille, Kelsey Grammer's wife (fraiser) are "happy" together in the beginning of the show when it turns out he got another woman pregnant and now they're going through a divorce! and how much older does Kim look compared to Kyle? =\ makes me want to eat organic like Kyle, haha.

    did Sam get a puppy?? i like how the puppy is cuddling with Sam! lol

    the tory burch shoes are TDF! even though they're sort've a "gladiator style", its really nicely done and i don't think it'll ever really be out of style/season unlike the more obnoxious gladiator styles. i never liked Tory Burch shoes until your blog and Raeview >:( now I want some flats even though i'm short.. haha do they ever go on sale?

    and OMG its almost going to be your 3 year anniversary in Seattle, isn't it!? are you planning to do anything special!?!? =)

  29. I feel like every time I get on here I get REALLY REALLY hungry. LOL, all the amazing food makes me want to move there. I hope your puppy is okay.

  30. I heart all of the cutie pie puppies in this post! It makes me want a maltese puppy even more. They're the cutest when they're small but they sure can be a rascal sometimes!

  31. mmm FOOD. haha. 3 course dinner for $25 dollars sounds like such a great deal! Especially when you mention the original prices they're going for. !

  32. DANG IT. im so hungry now!! LOL. my mouth was watering the whole time and it got even more watery when i saw PHO, spring rolls and com tam!!!! i havent had pho in forever!! this is horrible bc im part vietnamese. LOL.

    anywho, i wished i lived in seattle for resturant week! seems like a hella good deal for 3 course lunch for $15 and 3 course dinner for $25. i wold seriously gain like...100 pounds if thats possible in two weeks. LOL.

    I LOVEEE COSTCO!!! beside all the products in there i love the food there too! Hot dog and drink with refils for $1.50!!! Churros for $1!! cant beat that! lol. when i do go to costco, i ALWAYS get the mixed berry smootie before i shop. :) do you like eating at the food court at costco?

  33. I'm pretty sure I gained ten pounds reading this! We had a food week in Tampa about a month ago but is was NOTHING like the one you guys have in Seattle; so extravagant! I'd love to visit the Emerald City some day :) :)

  34. Austin had Restaurant Week a couple of weeks ago too! Took a big chunk out of my wallet.
    I would love to try that caviar egg!

  35. Hi Steph! I'm Stef... hahahahahah....
    I've been reading your blog for ages and just decided to follow you to try out for your awesome giveaway.. You're the first blog I've ever followed cos I actually just keep the tab of my fave blogs at the top of the window..
    I like re-reading your posts, for example this one cos the nail polishes are to die for! I clicked the link and they're sooo sparkly..
    anyway.. love your blog!

  36. oh my gosh, what do i comment on? LOL the first few pics of minh and sam at the restaurant made me giggle, they look so similar! probably the low light but still :P

    the food looks soo good! i don't know if i could spend $200 per person but maybe $100 :P and if i'm not paying.. HAHAA. i'm so bad. but i love it when the boyfriend treats me (: dressing up is half the fun!

    OH! you should go to a super fancy restaurant in detroit.. i have to remember the name.. -__-

  37. looks so good! dressing up is definitely half the fun.

  38. aww I want that shepard puppy!

    Why must all the pictures of food you take make me want to eat it almost immediately?

  39. I hope your dog feels better. It's a shame to see that in your head.
    You know that seeing so much food picture I get a huge hunger? not be bad ... lol

  40. I recently just tried Jimmy Johns and I LOVE IT! Their delivery is SO extremely fast!! I definitely have to try that one!!! I always get the turkey one... oh now I'm hungry for that!!! nom nom nom


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