November 11, 2010

The Clear Cube has landed!

DSK Steph's new Clear Cube!
It arrived! I ordered it on Oct 10, 2010 and today is Nov 11, 2010
Minh and I came home from Regal, we saw Morning Glory (about a morning news team). It was hilarious : ) I loved it!

The best surprise was coming home to pick up my package at concierge!
One of the best things about living in a building is having help accepting your packages and contacting you when something has arrived for you. :D

I actually had two pleasant surprises today. I randomly got a pair of Chanel Pearl Earrings, and got my new Clear Cube!
It's the same brand that makes the makeup storage for the Kardashian sisters. I used to watch their show all the time and you'd always see this beautiful makeup cube on their bathroom counter! I just knew one day I had to get it : )

My life goal is to collect 50 pairs of Chanel earrings by the time I turn 50 years old.
They have SO many great pairs, I just want to collect them all! ALL MINE, AND HIDE THEM IN MY HOUSE. I do really want a necklace at some point..I just have to wait for the right one : )

Back to the Clear Cube, it did cost $350+ with shipping. I bought some inserts to organize as well.
I know there is an awesome MUJI dupe (currently out of stock) for $24. The website says it should be restocked mid-December in case you were wondering : )

I'm very happy with my clear cube because it's everything I'd hope it to be..and more : )
I love supporting the "original" Clear Cube brand.
I'm all about branding haha, plus somewhat of a materialistic label hoarder.
I think I'm definitely going to do a CLEAR CUBE GIVEAWAY next Christmas : )
What do you think?

Brands definitely influence my decision when buying something.
For example..I'd be shopping at DSK before even visiting xy and z! haha

Speaking of my beloved DSK Jewelry, I have a holiday pendant sale going on right now.
Stop on by!

I've included the link to the video I saw it in HERE (MUJI $24 "clear cube", one of my readers or tweeters had mentioned the MUJI ones to me before : ) Thank you! I think I might need those too! lol ::hoarder tenancies you know...::

I was going to post my FOTD & update on my lash extensions, but I'll do a more detailed post on that tomorrow : )
Thanks for visiting chicas!

Sephora VIB sale is going on now! 20% off your entire purchase, code VIB20

So I ended up buying everything plus a $240 GHD hair Sephora total with 20% off came out to be $913. Why would I spend that much on myself? Because..I'm just worth it to myself. :D

I'm gave Minh the choice of getting me my wishlist..or a Prada bag lol jk jk
But I do want a Prada bag :) So Prada bag it is for Christmas!

I brought in a lot of profits for his firm yesterday by being their "receptionist" with an inviting voice... The firm brought in $9k because I'm smooth. Just putting it out there.. Steph = nice phone answerer I helped out of the kindness of my exchange that Minh does the dishes everyday ^_^V
They had three Ch. 13 bankruptcies at $3k/piece (kind of rare since most people file Ch. 7).
If only I could make each of my jewelry pieces worth $3k...then I'd be living the grand life. ^_^

Although..Sam made me go make a copy and recycle a piece of paper bc he's lazy...he will pay. I made him go recycle one of my papers today lol

I braided my hair yesterday just for fun : ) gotta love web cam pics!

My puppies right now wearing their "cones of shame" : (
They got neutered 3 days ago so the vet says we have to keep the cones on for 2 weeks up into their next vet appointment.


  1. oooh so cool! Looks like it's sparkling and will sparkle more when it's filled! LOL. and your extensions! wooowww! So fab!

  2. You're welcome fo' visiting.

    Gimme dat clear cube nowplz.

  3. AH!! the clear cube is AMAZING and I am loving the extra inserts-- you definitely have to do another video when you fill it up :)
    I like the idea that you will only keep makeup that you can fit, but do you think that will really happen!? haha
    AND I bet you already have so much that it will be full, that what will happen when you buy new stuff from new collections, etc. !? :)
    we all know MAC released new collections every day it feels like!! hahahaha

    Ah I love your view! I LOVE driving into the city and seeing the Space Needle. My old dorm room view was of the city and I LOVED it!!
    I always said it was worth paying so much tuition because I basically had a million dollar view! haha

  4. OMG i saw that cube on the kardashians show and i fell in LOVE! but there's no way i can afford $350 on a college budget! maybe i'll hceck out that muji dupe thank sfor sharin g:) and btw i love that you reply on my blog and not on your blog because i never go back and check to see if the author replied! lol

  5. WOW! Your new lashes are so nice! It looks so dramatic and full! Makes me wanna go get them too, but I just don't want to deal with the fallouts? It's like a drug I hear, once you get it you'll just "have" to keep going back for fills! haha.

    The glass cube looks sexy. Please do post updates when you have stashed your makeup into it!

  6. I'm in love with your cube! It looks wonderful and I love how much stuff will fit in it, too! I hope one day to get something this cool to store all of my makeup...right now I have stuff all over the place and overfilling these sterilite bins that are currently sitting on my desk.

    Your eyelashes look wonderful! Do you use makeup like usual over the extensions and do you need anything special to remove your makeup so the extensions won't all come off with the makeup? What kind of makeup remover do you use?
    Sorry for asking so many questions...I hope to get extensions myself soon. They're $30 for the first set and $25 for fills here...I hope it's not too hard to upkeep!

  7. you sounded so cute in the video Steph lol peace haha. Your Eotd is very pretty too, love it and the clear Cube is too cool lol

  8. I've never heard of the clear cube, but it seems like a legit thing. I visited the website and I love how minimalist it was. I would love to see how your going to utilize all the drawers! Very cute and totally seems like it was worth the money!

  9. lol how on earth is that thing not heavy?! when you put the pigment in, it made a nice *thunk*. sounds like quality right there. and its sooo nice to look at. its weird if you think about it, because its just an organizer, but regardless, its SO nice to look at! lol and very smart to get rid of the makeup that can't fit. watch, you'll make a profit so the clear cube not just pays for itself but makes you $$$.

    and was it me who sent you the website for the MUJI? lol i remember i wanted to tell you but i was scared bc you already got the clear cube... haha T_T

    and WOW the clear cube as a giveaway!? thats crazy! i think thats a really great giveaway idea. the only thing is that some ppl might not have enough makeup to fill the cube... haha i think i can only fill maybe 2 drawers of it =\ so maybe give an alternative option too? are you going to do another video for when its full? lol do it. :)

    and wow did you use the Jill Staurt palette again for this look? its seriously really nice. let us know because i want to copy it, lol and YOUR LASHES are so pretty. i was looking at other people's pictures who've had lash extensions done as well and yours looks the most natural. :) would you ever use those lash growing serums from Sephora? I heard some of them work!!

    and you forgot to post the chanel earrings!!

  10. @GJee thank you! :) There were a few tweeters on Twitter who mentioned the MUJI too ~ thank you girls :D

    I used MAC eyeshadows & pigments, will post about it tomorrow. But it's MAC Naked Pigment, Vanilla Eyeshadow, and Contrast Eyeshadow :)

  11. @Amanda I use makeup wipes, everything is like normal except you can't use oil based products around your eyes. Where are you from? How are extension only $30!

  12. @L4pinkpetal lol if you say so! Everyone says I sound like a goofy person

  13. @Selena N. I definitely will! You can count on it! :D

    @CocoBella get it!!

  14. I'm always surprised how your voice is so low and sexy... hahaha... dayummmm... You have such an awesome view!!
    Poor Timmy and Wally... I lol'ed at "cones of shame". Hope their private bits heal soon...
    Btw, those earring are beautiful!
    Love your blog! Makes me happy when you have a new post up.. My boyfriend finds that strange.. hahaha (maybe he's just jealous?..)

  15. omigosh! I just wrote a long comment on your jewelry blog to find that you post the same thing here. LOL Oh well, you can read that one..yeah? ; ) I wanna see Morning Glory! Rachel McAdams is in it..went to my university for acting or something. :D

    A Clear Cube giveaway for next year sounds fantastic! I'm sure most of your followers share the same passions of makeup and jewelry with you. : )

    Thanks for the MUJI link! It's definitely more affordable, but doesn't look as amazing as the Clear Cube does. LOL

    I asked you on Twitter if you'll be getting that yourself..and maybe you should ask "Santa" but I see that this really IS your wishlist!! Amazing. LOL I say ask Minh for the bag..'cause I'm sure one way or another, you'll end up buying all that makeup slowly. ; )

    You look cute in braids, btw. <3

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  16. umm, WOW.
    your make up is expensive, but i feel like its kinda worth it, lol.
    Clear cube give away, say what.
    *happy dance*

  17. Ooh you updated! Awe the cone of shame! Lol got it from "Up"? Just saw the total on your Sephora purchase. Beauty/skin care > bags. You can get the bag anytime and look hot strutting it...,but our looks will need tending to stay looking (I think I'm trying to justify my own Sephora skin care splurge!) :)

  18. will you be doing a review on the clear cube? because i am curious to see if it as good as people say it is, because im considering getting one

  19. The clear cubes are gorgeous! Oh man, i really want one!! Just can't see myself spending close to $400 just on the make-up storage. I rather use that $400 to get more make up & DSK jewelries :).

  20. The clear cube looks nice makes me want one. How nice of Minh to get you either the prada bag or your wish list. Puppies still look adorable with those comes on.

  21. congrats on FINALLY getting the cube! i totally have the same shelve that the cube was sitting on lol. my makeup is pretty much all scattered over the shelf. your lashes are so long now! i like! do they get in the way when you wear glasses?
    aw the cone of shame! when my dog had to wear his, he was so sad. he wasn't able to fit under the couch with it on, so you would hear him whine and try over and over again to get in lol. he also wasn't able to eat his food without his bowl elevated since he use to eat out of a shallow short bowl. they appreciate it if you would help them scratch their ears too!
    they don't lick each other's stitches do they? because they get infect the other's wound. it happened to my sister's puppy. her older dog would lick it and lick her ears so she ended up getting an ear infection and her wound took forever to heal

  22. *gasp* so much sephora stuff.... i hualed from sephora during the FF sale, so i think im good until new years on makeup

  23. You find the best things to share with us! The clear cube looks so nice! Love the Chanel earrings too, super elegant. No worries, you'll be able to collect 100 by the time you're 50! Ohh you have such a nice list going from Sephora. I took advantage of getting perfumes with the discount and got Chanel Chance Tendre and Gucci just felt a lot better that I'm not paying over $95 plus tax for a bottle lol. I hope Minh knows what to do and gets you everything on the list in return for your kindness of helping him out. hehe =]

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  24. Wow! That's some wishlist from only one store! That's ok though. I went to the sale last night too and the place was packed! Spent 10 minutes looking for what I wanted and stood in line for almost an hour with my baby! Whew! So worth it though!

    Loving the 'Tower of Sexiness'!

  25. awww your poor babies :[ i hope they get better soon!
    congrats on getting your cube!! waiting for a month seems worth it it's time for me to save up some money to get one for myself :D

  26. I spend too much during the sephora friends and family event too. I am so tempted by the clear cube. It looks worth the money. Gorgeous =)

  27. Awesome clear cubes as I commented on your dsk blog already! :D But dang woman, almost 900 on makeup products. Now I'm really set to see when you will blog about the products. Pictures, pictures please! You and your bf are so understanding! I'm happy he's treating you good. :-) He's lucky he has such a wonderful girlfriend. You look really cute in pigtails Steph. You look 19!!! I aint even kidding, you look young with them pig tails. And poor puppies, hope they heal really quick. Have a great day! It's sunny in Washington today, but so chilly. -__-

  28. Interesting cube!!! I have not seen those before but they are awesome!! :D Nothing like a total clear cube to display your sparkly counterparts right? :) Very cool!! Your display will be so nice. I bet you'll wake up feeling all warm and fuzzy about it :) I am the same way! When I find organizers that work, I feel my life is complete! LOL

    Looks like you love Makeup Forever! haha :) You order a ton of stuff from them :D I love their blushes! Intensely pigmented!

    Yay for the Chanel earrings! What beautiful pearls! It's so precious :) I hope you collect them all before you turn 50! haha :D

    A Prada handbag will be super awesome in your collection. You deserve it since you are the lovely receptionist :p YAY!

  29. You're such a high roller, Steph. It's why I love your blogs so much. So many materialistic things to look at and drool over. It's AWESOME!

  30. wow! I need to head over to ASAP. I am in desperate need of new perfume and eyeliner. Those braids make you look so young! I almost thought it was an old picture of you ;)

  31. Hi Steph! ♥

    One of the main reasons why I read other people's blog is to learn from them! What I learned from you today is the Clear Cube. Today is the first time my eyes have set on this magnificent piece of glory. Unfortunately, I'm a student so I can't afford one. I know you're all about branding but do you know of alternatives? I'm currently using those plastic organizers from London Drugs :(

    from Vancouver, Canada :)

  32. Ah you added to this post! I was confused at first because you put similiar stuff on your jewelry site too! haha

    I can't believe you bought so much stuff! That is so great! haha
    You definitely will have to do a haul post when you get everything :)

  33. The clear cube vid looks even better! I wanna see a picture of it when it's filled up!!

  34. Aww, poor puppies... hehe, they still look cute, with or w/o the cones on =) And you look so darling w/ those braids! Have you started dressing up yet, when you're in the office w/ Minh & Sam? I'd ove to see your professional attire-look, pls?

    I love looking at your lashes. They're SO nice! I'm so envious ;P I'm wearing falsies everday, because I'm so obsess w/ long lashes and if I had the money... lash extensions all the way!! When's your next refill?

    The Clear Cube is so nice! I remember that episode in KWTK where Kourtney was trying hard to close Kim's Clear Cube w/o messing anything or it up and Scott had to do it for her, lol. I'll love to have that in my bathroom instead of the Caboodles Case. Just looks SO much better *sigh*

    Digging those Chanel earrings and can't wait to see your Prada handbag! Didn't you just bought a Gucci bag? You're already tired of it? Shoo, pass it along ;P You should be the next Bag Borrow or Steal for your readers :D You just have everything a girl could dream of, or of what I'd dream for! Heheh

  35. ooooo which prada bag do you want?

    now i'm looking into the muji cube, hahaa i hope i can get one when it comes back in stock!! it looks really awesome and i'm tired of my cheap looking plastic drawer things :\ your'e just enabling me. but then everything will look nicer!

  36. Love the drawers ^^

    Ooh, your lashes look so luscious right now ^^

    I like what you said "Because I'm worth it" Although, I can't afford any of the stuff you bought now and the next couple of years. But I hope I will have the same thinking as you one day XD

  37. finally you got your clear cube! congrats! whenever I order things in the mail, I'm anticipating for it to arrive so I check the mail everyday like crazy HAHAHA i'll usually always be the first to go get the mail to see if my package came LOL. its an awesome feeling to see your package!

    ooO a Chanel earrings collection! niceee! maybe you should do a Chanel in general collection.

    all girls would def love the Clear Cube Giveaway! there'll be a lot of contestants again! I was also thinking of doing a huge spending at Sephora too LOL how long does the sale last til?

    you should braid your hair more often Steph! very adorable! :D


  38. ooooh i love the earrings, they are beautiful! a great addition to your growing collection of chanel earrings i think haha ;)
    you look cute with your hair braided, you've inspired me to try it out sometime this week :P

  39. look so cute with braided pig tails! :) You remind me of a little porcelain china doll :)

  40. ah~ you posted your sephora wishlist! haha :D $$$$$

    i'm loving the chanel earrings! and the clear cube of course! take pictures after you fill it up!

  41. The clear cube looks awesome.. I've seen it on Keeping up with the Kardashines but I didnt know that they were that expensive... Awww... Wally and Timmy looks so cute with the cone of shame on... LOL

  42. Can you do a Clear Cube update video before you leave for the long vacation??? :)

    How are Timmy & Wally?

  43. Is the material good? I dropped a box similar to that and there was a crack :(

  44. I hope the vet visit was good. I make up my collection I have it organized in a dresser bought at Ikea, je j
    YOur chanel earring looks very pretty.

  45. IM IN LOVE with chanel earrings and everything about chanel. I love there RIVA nail polish also. THose earrings are so cute great find... I love the clear cube great idea abou make up down sizing

  46. IM IN LOVE with chanel earrings and everything about chanel. I love there RIVA nail polish also. THose earrings are so cute great find... I love the clear cube great idea abou make up down sizing

  47. wow, you must be really good at being a receptionist if you brought in 9k of business for minh. but either way, good for you!

    are your puppies doing better now?

    and if you had the money and are doing well, presents are not a bad thing, even if they are costly, you deserve it especially since you have your own business and are working hard for your money. it is not as though you spend your parent's money for these products.

  48. I want those storage draws!!! Lovely earrings! Wow that total was crazy, but you got some good things Have fun playing with them all!
    Aww you look super kawaii in the braided pigtails! Poor puppies, hope they recovered!
    Happy Holidays! ^.^

  49. OMG... $913 Sephora order... I wish!!!! Your one lucky gal! And good job for bringing in all that money for the firm! Good job!!!

  50. the clear cube is really nice but i would feel like i i have to keep my makeup neat all the time because you can see EVERYTHING!


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