November 8, 2010

G&G Dueba DI: Diamond Series Circle Lenses

I recently got 2 new pairs of circle lenses by G&G Dueba, buy here. I feel like the lenses have improved so much since I first started wearing them about 1 and 1/2 years ago.

I wear circle lens almost everyday. I find certain pairs more comfortable than my Acuvue contacts. The pair that I'm going to talk about today are by G&G Dueba DI, and the style is the Diamond Series Lenses in GREY.

I've owned G&G Dueba lenses before and they are BY FAR my favorite brand because they're the most comfortable and I love the 14.5 mm enlarging effect.
I am SO impressed by this Diamond Series, I want to collect them all like Pokemon cards!
I am lusting for a brown pair. :D

Overall, I love these lenses because they don't make you look like an alien AND I love that they compliment my brown eyes : )
Lets admit it..sometimes circle lenses can look a bit weird..especially in RL (real life) say when your friend is staring at you and gets creeped out.

Eyes: Jill Stuart Eye Shadow Palette that I found in my shoebox lol (will post soon!)
**I've also been using a blue-ish eyeliner pencil by MAC instead of black. (will post on that soon too!) I love how it makes my eyes look softer than black it's just a fun change.

Rock & Republic Bedroom Blush (shout out to Jean from! She gave me this gorgeous blush to symbolize our gorgeous new friendship ^_^) She's hot, check her out because she's my new DSK Jewelry Model!

Tom Ford Blush Nude Lipstick (no gloss)
The follow photos are with flash
In my opinion, I like grey, brown and black circle lenses most. They're just add some subtle drama to your eyes.

**Also for those who don't know I do have lash extensions**
I'm getting them filled again this Wednesday at 1:30pm! I'm getting obsessed :D
I want more! Longer & Fuller eye lashes!!!
I got mine from
They're a Canadian website/business, but shipping was relatively fast about a little over 1 week to get to Seattle, Washington.
Here are some pictures from their website of the Diamond Series.
Look at all the pretty colors they come in! I want them ALL!

All their lenses are $20/pair (good deal in my opinion for 14.5 diameter lenses)
& I noticed today that they have a Free Shipping promotion going on.. :D
Bonus! The contacts are good for a full year if you take care of them properly aka clean then and change the solution every few days!

I like their prices here because my older pairs of Dueba lenses costed me $25-$27/pair.
I think it was because 14.5 mm was more rare a year back. I definitely will be ordering more from kiwi
They're also wearing the Grey pair! :D
Photo are from

I also got my eyebrows & lip threaded this past week at Northgate Mall :D
Gotta love Brow Art!
I also picked up the Deborah Lippmann nail polish set at Nordstrom : )
I'm addicted to nail polish now-a-days
I absolutely love my eyes in this photo :D
I get my eyes from my dad's side of the family. My dad and his siblings have really BIG eyelids, and my mom's side not so much. I take a lot after my dad in facial appearance..but the more feminine version, naturally ;D
If I lose weight, my eyes lids get bigger as well..I just haven't tried to lose weight yet lol.
I would loveee to blog and document a "get healthy/change of lifestyle" blog but I just lack will power right now. Too much good food in Seattle man!
When I first got these contacts I thought they were flawed because the pattern on the contacts were so not even! I was like ....awwwwwwww bummer on the inside..but then I started thinking..hmm maybe this is how they're supposed to makes perfect sense that they'd look "more natural" if the pattern wasn't symmetric.
This is what the vial looks like, G&G for the win!
I also go contact storage cases! Sometimes just the contact holder is not good enough because you can lose them easily.. trust've seen my bathroom counter. Things do go missing. Having a case just makes life easier.
I never realized this..but there's an arrow telling you where to lift to open..haha I never noticed!
Lift up and pull to open, throw away the top
I wish I had more! I have SO many brand new pairs of EOS..but EOS (the older ones) are not as comfortable. I have to take them out after 1-2 hours because they make me tear. I don't have this problem with Dueba, or GEO lenses.
This is how they looked in the bottom

I have a new pink pair also by G&G that I will share with you next time. :D
I'm letting them soak in new solution for a day or two.
By the way, that's my tip for new lenses..always take them out of the vial and clean them (rub them in solution), and soak them for a day or two...clean them again and then try them on :D
It works like a charm!
Keep them clean, keep them stored!
Aren't the HK cases adorable? I haven't had any like them yet :)
My prescription is pretty shitty at -6.00, -6.00
My eye doctor told me one eye (right side) is actually -6.50 but she says I can survive with -6.00 for both eyes..or she said that because they ran out of -6.50 (gotta love Walmart Vision Center) hahaha
Let me know if you have these because I want to see a picture :D

I'll post a video wearing my new contacts sometime this week.
Also today is Timmy and Wally's 7 month birthday!
Happy Birthday Boys!

p.s. a few new items at my blog sale


  1. As mentioned on Twitter yesterday, your eye makeup looks fierce and I love the contacts on you! If green is available, I think you should get that too because I think it would look gorgeous on your eyes. Thank you for introducing us to kiwiberry. I've never heard of them and $20/pair is an amazing deal! I usually order from Pink Con because I'm most familiar with them and their company is based in my city (Toronto). Btw have you been to Toronto?? :D Or any part of Canada? Do share your stories.

    I was actually gonna comment on your eyebrows on Twitter yesterday, but wasn't sure if they were newly done or have been like that for a while. LOL I like them!!

    haha I used to have SO much trouble opening the lids of those contact containers. It drove me INSANE. Love your purple nail polish btw. I'm currently wearing Over the Taupe by OPI. It's a beautiful taupe colour.

    Happy 7th month birthday to your puppies again! ^_^

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  2. Very pretty eye makeup :). Now, i want one of those contact lenses as well. How long do they last?? $20 a pair is pretty pricey, so i wonder how long they would last me.

    Happy 7th month birthday to Timmy and Wally!!

  3. @Quynh they last for a full year if you take care of them. Are you contact wearer? A 6 month supply of Acuvue lenses cost me around $150

  4. @The Little Dust Princess thanks! I was swatching nail polishes at Sephora :D The purple is called Purple Rain by NARS. I love it and want it!!!

  5. WOOAHH love the eye makeup! you've totaly made me buy that palettE..haha :-D and the contacts looks really good on you too! xoxo

  6. Wow, thoes contacts are amazing.
    I feel like I'm in a trance.
    Lol, I want to get some soo bad
    HAPPY birthday puppies!!

  7. ugh i have a love/hate relationship with your EOTDs. lol i always love how you do your eye makeup but I get such eye envy! i'm a monolid and you have such nice, big eyelids! and jeez your eyes look stunning with these contacts so eye envy x20 =\ to me, they look sort of like the Bermuda Swarovski crystals like how they have various shades of rich dark blue. I'm surprised these are gray ones, lol but the blue in them makes your eyes pop. just so so pretty.

    i've always wanted to try circle lenses but i'm so scared of putting something in my eye! lol i also don't know my prescription for contacts but dang i really want to try it now... >.<"

    and i was going to say, your eyebrows look great! lol i was like, "wow they look so nice considering she hasn't threaded them in a while" before i read that you threaded them, haha.

    you must must get brown..!!! :)

    and omg timmy and wally are already 7 months!? where has the time gone!?!?! wally had the smallest ears! i love this video

    how cute of them to cuddle <3 lol

  8. Your eyes look gorgeous!!! The colors you chose - shadow and eyeliner - really compliment the circle lenses. You should submit the pictures of your eyes to the company and show them how awesome their product is...maybe they'll even use your picture instead of their model!

  9. Love those contacts! I must try some circle lenses soon. The HK cases are so cute i totally know what you mean about losing your cases on the counter lol. My eyes are -5.5 and -6 but my accuvue seems to dry out after only a few hours I always wear glasses =x

    Thanks for the tip I always wear a fresh pair right away gonna try it on my new pair today!

  10. @Kae yeah I like to soak them in the solution I use ..not in their stuff..cause I'm just not used to it and that's probably what makes my eyes sting when I wear a new pair straight out of the vial.

    I wish I had as many pair of contacts as you do nail polish!

  11. Ahh, Steph!! How do you always make your eyes look so fluttery and pretty!? :) Your eye makeup is flawless all the freaking time :) The lenses are really pretty on you! You have perfectly shaped eyes :) I've been wanting to try Dueba lenses for awhile, but just haven't had the time to decide. They have so much selection! :p The HK cases are really cute :) I have about the same prescription as you. I really want to do Lasik one day to get perfect vision. I can see myself one day fumbling for glasses during an earthquake or something LOL

    Anyway, I love your pinky cheeks. You looked flawless at the game!! :)

  12. Nice contacts no offense but I always see asian girls but those type of contacts.

  13. AH! I am in love with the Hello Kitty contact lense cases-- they are so cute. If I wore contacts I would defintiely want them! haha
    I really like the brown ones that you showed and said you are lusting after.
    I think it is a cool idea that they don't make them symmetrical or too perfect so they look more natural.
    With contacts, it is almost like it completes your EOTD looks-- so pretty :)
    That is good you are using the palette that you found in the shoebox! It is always the best to find something and then use it again and love it like you used to.

    Also, are your puppies getting neutered today!? Are you doing anything for their birthday!? I guess it is not necessarily their birthday, just a monthly count--but still! haha
    I love my animals and know I will buy them toys, food, etc. for special occasions, but then again I spoil them often, just like you :)
    It is the best to do that! hehe especially for our loved, furry ones!
    I still cannot get over how cute the little doggy pjs are! :)

    Hope you have a good Monday and week! At least it isn't raining in Seattle today (or yet at least)

    Ooh, and did you get your eyebrows threaded at the mall? Is there a little booth? If so.. were they good?
    I really want to try it! I always wax my brows but they always grow back soooo fast! AND when I wax my lip I get little pimples and spots (sorry for the overshare) but maybe you could give me any info. you know about this and I could look into threading! I always wanted to try, but never knew where until recently when I saw that malls are starting to have booths--I just didn't see it at Northgate yet

    Sorry for the long post! haha

  14. those contacts are so badass T-T i would love to have contacts that cool

  15. OOOOooO! those lenses are kind of twinkly shiny looking (if that makes any sense?)!

  16. I <3 the giants :) my boyfriend was streaming the game since the buffalo networks don't show half the giants games :( eli and peyton manning are eye candy ;) i've always wanted to try circle lens but i'm scared of how they are going to make me look. do they blur or block your vision? my blue contacts from accuvue use to do that :\

  17. I <3 the giants :) my boyfriend was streaming the game since the buffalo networks don't show half the giants games :( eli and peyton manning are eye candy ;) i've always wanted to try circle lens but i'm scared of how they are going to make me look. do they blur or block your vision? my blue contacts from accuvue use to do that :\

  18. OMG!!! the contacts are so lovely and dreamy on you! =)

  19. i could stare at your eyes all day !!! lol.. the contacts look amazingly stunning!! lol..

    your eyelash extensions look lovely! i think i'd be addicted too if i had them .. =D

  20. Your eye makeup is always so perfect, and those lenses are so gorgeous on you! You should be a circle lens eye model lol.

    I'm still addicted to my Geo Nudy Browns, but the pattern on the Diamond Series you're wearing is sooo pretty. Thinking about getting a brown pair for myself. ^^ Thanks for sharing!

  21. Haha, the Diamond series. That sounds so luxurious. Your eyes and make up look awesome in these. But there's something about circle lenses that I don't like. I think it's the fact that they make you look fake. I used to be a religious colored-contact lens wearer, but never really crossed over to circle lenses. I just can't bring myself to buy some. I think it's the fact that I don't wanna get addicted to them, because then I'll want to start a circle lens collection too! Lol. And my eyes are already shitty as it is (-5.00), I don't want them to get any worst. >_<

  22. The bf has -6.5 also, he's just waiting for Lasik. Not sure how I feel about Lasik though, maybe its not for me. Cute HK storage cases.

    Im thinking I have to jump on the R&R bandwagon soon. The packaging and colors look gorgeous!

  23. wow the new lenses you got are pretty cool! I've seen a lot of asians get either grey or blue. LOL the G&G Diamond series lenses look great! what other colors do you plan on getting?

    do you usually only use black eye liners? what black eye liners do you recommend that don't smudge? would you be able to help me on that? :)

    you make me want to collect those contact cases too! hehehe

    btw Happy Birthday Timmy and Wally! :D


  24. I like those contacts on your eyes. It does make them look brighter and your eyes have that shiny glow also. :D Your eyebrows are always done. Do you use a pencil or powder? Your lashes look long, but I love it more when its done. I can see why your addicted to them, longer lashes brings out the eyes also. You definitely have the big eyes to bring it out. I try geo lenses once but I think the prescription was wrong because when I wore them, it kept moving and when I blink it'll shift. It was weird! After that, I'm like I'm done with color lenses until I get a real pro to look at them and get them done. ha ha! I also wear contacts. Man, sometimes it sucks being not able to see. I get so frustrated! lol. Do you wear glasses too? :D Happy 7th month to your puppies, hope they are doing well from the surgery. (Saw your twitter about them). Have a great night Steph!

    *Angela C

  25. Those look good! Your lashes are holding up so well, I even thought of having mine done but I dont really need it. You're eyes just look so GORGEOUS esp with the eyeshadow you have on!

  26. BTW where did you get the HK contact case?

  27. how sexy is this watch? i think its very you =)

  28. @Gjee ooh pretty! I don't yet have a black watch! haha are you online shopping girl?!

  29. @MrsZeus I got them with my contact order :D I always get cases with contacts. I'm pretty sure kiwiberry1-collection gives free cases with purchase of lenses, I'm not sure about the hello kitty case, but I'm sure you can ask them :D

    And lash extensions are pretty fun! It might be nice to treat yourself to some this holiday :)

  30. @Angela did you soak them for a few days in solution? Sometimes with the first batch of GEO lenses I had..I totally had the same problem! They take about a week or two to get adjusted then they won't move around (and your vision won't be kind of blocked). That's waht happened to me. If you do give them a try again, I really really rec the Dueba lenses, they're SO comfy!!!

    @SharBEAR definitely the brown!!! :D I really like Makeup Forever Aqua Eye liner in the 0L (black). I'm not a big fan of Urban Decay Zero bcause I find that smudges on me. MAC smolder is also really good :) I hope that helps! :D Try them out and let me know you thoughts!

    @cleung341 girl...HauteLook has R&R on sale this week..ahh I almost caved!

  31. Long time no comment from me but I wanted to say nice blush! Hehe I'm glad you did a FOTD after tweeting about getting it from Jenn. Her post about you today was so sweet and her pictures are so classy and gorgeous :). Btw, I mainly wanted to tell you that I thought of you today when I was getting my nails done and the manicurist, a Vietnamese lady of course :), immediately points to my Bubbi Moonlight necklace and says "ooh that's so pretty" and touches it to see it reflect in the light :). I felt so bad that I couldn't give her your business card since my nails were wet! I know you sell your pieces in your Mom's salon right? I think they'd do well in an LA location too ^_^.

  32. @Reene I want the brown pair too! Let me know if you do get them! I'm so anxious now lol. :D I loved Nudy Brown by GEO but my pair irriated my eyes, this was also well over a year ago before the whole circle lens boom. I hope to find another pair like them! They're AMAZING in photos! never know until you try! My motto in life..try everything once! lol

    @siwing try out extensions girl! I know you'll love them :D

    @Jen Dave thanks babe! :D

    @Susan. I was rooting for the wrong team hahaha I was all about #10 QB Eli Manning! My bf was like what the heck! You're from Seattle hahahahaha

    @Jess I agree! They're not just called "diamond series" for nothing ;D hahahaha

    @RavenAshley get them girl! I think these have to be one of my favorite pairs yet! I can't wait to try more, more more!!!

    @Pearls&Politics, yeah they have a few stands at Northgate! Well one is more of store on the side (like a hair cut place). They're called Brow Art, and they have a kiosk near Aeropostale I want to say in North Gate. Definitely try it out :) You'll love the results, and it's really relaxing and addicting! I crave it! Well..I itch for it literally lol

    @gabbiieb yeah lots of girls are into the circle lenses not just Asian girls!

    @Rainy Days andLattes Get the Dueba!! I love the Diamond series a lot, I can't say enough good things about them :D

    I would love to have perfect vision in the morning!!! That would be SO amazing :D

  33. I forgot!

    @Angela I use Anastasia brown pencils :D

  34. my eyes are almost as bad as yours! lol but those lenses look GORGEOUS on you! & the blush :) loving everythin! i've always wanted to try them but idk why i've been scared lol

  35. Great post! I've been debating about wearing colored contacts, but I'm still not one-hundred percent sold. A lot of people I know love wearing them and I do agree that they bring a certain drama to your face.

    You should do a review on lash extensions, please. My mom and I have been talking about trying them, because we are avid false eyelash users. I'd love to hear your opinion on which is better.

  36. Awesome post...I love gray eyes and have the websites bookmarked! I've never worn contacts before and my eyes get watery and I tend to rub them a lot so I'm not sure how long I'd last with them.

    I love your eyelash extensions! A co-worker of mine got hers done for $30 and they look gorgeous!!!

  37. I feel you on the prescription side, I'm a -10 and -9.5 in glasses and -9.5 and -9 in contacts --- FAIL

    lovely contacts! i can't do anything that isn't super comfortable anymore, i used to ONLY wear color lenses for years (started in 7th grade) but now my eyes need more "oxygen" haha

    and your lashes are so gorgeous! one day I'll get eyelash extensions again (i like to do it for special occasions/trips)

  38. They look absolutely stunning on you!! I ordered a pair from clearly contacts but it wasn't at all what I thought it was going to be. Now I'm nervous to order any others. I wish they had trial ones they could send you to see how they look and feel first before you buy them, but honestly I'm half tempted to order the same pair you got. Choo'r'bootiful!!

  39. wow they look goorrggge!~
    I really wanna get a pair of circle lenses.. i'd probably buy a 14mm pair to start with!

  40. Those lenses are pretty cute, can you see clearly out of them? Have you thought about lasik? I got it done this year my vision was equivalent to coke bottles. I wore glasses since 5th grade. It's amaaaaaziiiiiiiiiing!

  41. haha ever since you got your Marc Jacobs watch, I've been lusting at watches ever since!! <3 I think the black one is so classy. it would go great with a Chanel bag... haha ;) actually all of your watches would go great with a Chanel Jumbo! did you plan it?! lol would you ever buy it from a Ebay or Bonanzle? no, huh? i think you should treat your self after the holidays. you've been working so hard!!!

  42. i linked to you from jean. you have awesome makeup skills. maybe you can consider doing some makeup artist gig on the side!

  43. I wanted the same grey contacts you have, but they don't have them in my degree. Both of my eyes are -2.5.

  44. more comfortable than Acuvue?? wow, I didn't think that was even possible. I lovee my Acuvue Johnson & Johnson dailies in Natural Shine. I'm really sad that I ran out lol, gotta stock up next summer when I go to Taiwan. The pattern looks really cool! And I think I would definitely get addicted to lash extensions too if I started getting them. My prescription is so weird, it actually went down this year. I'm -6.00 in one eye and -3.75 in the other loll BIG DIFFERENCE.

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  46. Ooh! They're gorgeous! I only recently got my regular, clear contact lenses so I haven't ventured out into the coloured ones but this one really looks nice on you!! So natural and pretty ^^

    I really want to get the brown and grey one of this lense design! Is it still $20 when you want prescription with it?

    The HK cases are soo cute!! I want one! Where did you get them from? The same store as your lenses?

    & HBD to Timmy!!! ^^

  47. You look SO PRETTY!!!! such big eyes!!
    I'm thinking of getting the same contacts as you.. Really nice colour... hahaha...
    If you think 6.00-6.50 is shitty, mine is 8.00-8.50 for contacts... 9.00 for glasses... practically cant see a thing without them on.. =(
    I want MAC and Urban Decay eye shadows!! but MAC is double the price here in Australia, $34 for one eye shadow.. And there's no Urban Decay.. *booo.. I'm saving up to get some MAC makeup for christmas! LOL!
    You guys in the US are so lucky! =)

  48. wow you got pretty eyes... i loveee the shadows looks so freking pretty. I wish my eyes are like yours :)

    OMGGG those freaking HK cases are sooo cuteeeee!

  49. I definitely think the greys look amazing on you. The Diamond Series makes your eyes look all sparkly and somewhat a little teary/glossy. I can't wear circle lenses for some reason, I've tried so many different kinds and brands, but they all irritate my eyes. (Lol..thus I get these nasty red and constantly teary eyes.) Will you be posting your Pink pairs some day? I would love to see them!

    Happy bday dear doggies!

  50. but 6.50 and 6.00 is such a difference!
    those lenses are so pretty.
    gray and browns are the best! i like purple too but black sometimes is a little creepy lol.
    i wanted to be "adventurous" and got angel greens haha ehh they're alright. i always hear g&g comfort level was just okay so i never tried them. i want to try tri colors next :D thank you for the site! been looking for a new one.
    have you tried before? they do free shipping but not much choices with prescription.

    happy belated puppies! :)

  51. i LOVE circle lenses! but i haven't found a pair that is comfortable for me yet... plus i've been having a lot of eye allergies these days that it has been hard to wear even normal contacts :( can't wait to see your pink lenses!

    dont you love the way your brows look and feel after threading?? it's so... CLEAN! :D looking beautiful girL!

  52. I used to be obsessed with circle lenses, but my eyes are just too sensitive to wear them. T.T Pink lenses sound like so much fun!

  53. ok I JUST put in an order for my very first circle lenses and I'm super excited to try them! I've never worn contacts before though so I'm a bit nervous of how they will feel. Thanks for this post, I loved seeing them on you, they look so pretty! I bought brown ones but I will try gray ones next.

  54. these look gorgeous on you!
    and i love those contact cases!

    my circle lenses are nearing their 1year expiry date...i think i know what i want for christmas now haha

  55. I'm late, but HBD to your puppies =D and thanks for sharing your review on teh Diamond Series Circle Lenses! Eventhough I've gotten LASIK, I still miss my color contacts. I've been wearing Sterling Gray from Fresh Looks. COntemplating on trying some circle lenses for the 1st time, I'll do it... one day. For now, I'll just admire how pretty they look on you!

  56. WOW these are gorgeous lenses!! makes me want to go try them.. haha. these and the black ones that eki was wearing a few posts ago.. gorgeous. then again i don't think it'd look as good on me as it does on you guys. but maybe i'll try it in a few years :P i keep holding out in case i try them and get addicted, hahaha.

  57. I Love the circle lenses... I'm going to try them out... I like how they make your eyes look sparkly like in the cartoons..

  58. I'm scared of trying contact lenses, any tips on how to overcome that fear?

  59. Where you buy the case of lenses. I have a frien qho love hello Kitty so it will be a good present.

  60. just saw the video of your puppies today, and they are just so cute!!!!!! i want a puppy like them, they are just too cute!

    i have wanted to try circle lens but am scared of putting things in my eyes, but i will try this brand since you have reviewed them, but they look great on you

  61. Loving the circle lenses. It really makes your eyes pop!

  62. Those look great on you! I ordered some but they were too big for my eyes :( I really need to go to the eye doc to figure out my eye size!!

  63. I just purchased 2 pairs of the Grey Diamond Series from kiwiberry :). Never tried these before, so i'm super excited!!! I have pretty big eyes, so i hope they fit. It'll be a waste if they don't. Anyway, i put your name down in the referral box :)

  64. @Quynh you bought 2 pairs? Dif colors? :D I know you'll love them!

  65. I bought 2 pairs in the Grey color :). I know it's silly, but i work in a very conservative environment, so grey is safe. People in the office already stare at me for wearing too much jewelries and makeup. Can't wait to see the look on their face when they see me with the grey lenses on. Haha!

  66. WOW they give you eyes sooo much depth! I wanna try them out but I would look crazy with blue/grey eyes

  67. Sorry pics...i'm not a pic person :(.

    So this morning after putting the grey circle lenses on, i was like, wow...i look like a zombie. But then i started to get used to the way they make my eyes look, and i really like them. When my daughter woke up, i showed her the eyes, and she said, 'mommy, you look like a monster'. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And now, the people at work are staring at me! Guess they didn't like them either.


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