November 17, 2010

NARS Egea Eyeshadow

Gosh, I adore the look of brand new makeup!
A HUGE thank you to my friend Roy! He works at Sephora back home (in Grand Rapids, MI).
It's so funny how he found me via the internet! lol. But it's so amazing that he works at Sephora! He sent me all these goodies & the FF coupons about 2 weeks ago. I still haven't tried every thing he has sent me yet because he spoiled me with so much!

Thank you Roy!!! He's on twitter and goes by, Rgraves1
My eyes look a lil sleepy and lifeless because I spent all night watching True Blood Season 2!!! (we actually went out and bought the Blu-Ray after we finished season 1 on Netflix! hahaha). I freaking love Eric..he's one hot vampire (imo --in my opinion). :D

I plan to sell my True Blood Season 2 (12 Episode) Blu-Ray after I finish. Is anyone interested? If so, just leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail. Minh and I are already on Episode 6!
I'll sell it to you for half of what I paid for it. I just really really wanted to watch and I'm not a big DVD/Blu-Ray Collector. "Less is More" when it comes to that stuff lol
But man..the show is AWESOME on see the perverted scenes so clearly! haha BONUS!

That's my post shower dried hair without brushing hairstyle.
I like to keep the hair in it's most natural state sometimes.
Speaking of hair, I plan on dying it pretty light soon. I used to dye my hair all the time but since meeting Minh I've gotten lazy. But we want the law firm to look more "diverse" so I need to look less Asian as possible! lol Even of the partners is Caucasian! lol
In real life, it's rare that anyone guesses I'm Vietnamese. Some say I look more Hispanic.
I guess I'm spicy like that : )
Just trying to take a picture of the Dior lipstick Roy sent me : )
I really like it! I think it looks very natural and not crazy.
Ahh I can't think of the Dior lippie's name! I will have to update you when I get home.

For the EOTD (Eye of the Day)

NARS Egea Eyeshadow Duo (frosted sage, smoky lilac)
Lenses are Dueba Diamond Series Grey (
**The Anastasia Mascara wasn't as fabulous as I had hoped, it's more drying..but definitely gives off a natural look)***

Look at what Roy sent me!
Soooo many goodies! I am in love with the Benefit pencils :)
Can't wait to try the other one :D
I already have the Stila Smudge Pot, I use it as a gel liner. Does anyone want to try it?
First person to buy something from and leave me a comment in Paypal that they want the Stila Smudge Pot gets it! It's in Black.

I'm so happy that he sent me the perfume!!! :)
I'm so curious about the all nighter setting spray by Urban Decay
Has anyone tried it?
I got some fancy Henriksen face wipes!!! I love face wipes! Especially with lash extensions, I find taking off eye makeup with a wipe is the best route to go. With extensions you can't use an oil cleanser or makeup remover. Tis a no no!
Overwhelmed with love!
I even got incense! :D

Thank you so much R!!!


  1. daaaang, SOMEbody got spoiled ;D hahah! what nice items though :D i love the frosty look you did.. really brightens up the eyes. you should post pics of your new hair :D i'm sure you will but.. you know.. how light are you thinking of taking it?

  2. Ah, anything new is joy to me lol. Even if its used and given to me I still consider it new, thanks for sharing! And.... I looooove the lip color!!!

  3. @Sarah like super light brown. I gotta do it gradually though, but it's time for a change :)

    @Miss C i n d i a* I love the lippie too!!! Will update with the name when I get home :) Thanks for visiting girl <3

  4. Nice!
    I'm a bit jelous of you.
    I want a friend like Roy, lol
    you reminded me I need to watch season 2 of true blood.
    I hope it was good!!

  5. There are so many great goodies for you to try out! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say about some of them.

    I am a huge fan of True Blood, the seasons just keep getting better and better you'll love it!

  6. I was planning on going to the GR Sephora tomorrow anyway... hahaha the first guy I see in there I'm going to be like "Oh hey, Roy!"

    LOL gotta get some more YSL mascara, mines all dried up!

  7. Steph!! Ooohh look at you, girl! Looking fab as always! <3 I love how your eyes look like they're sparkling. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  8. Love the eye makeup!! The Nars eyeshadows look amazing on you! I really want the Grey lenses you have on. They just don't have it in my degrees :(

    Can Roy be my friend too??? Hehe! What a great friend you have, Steph!

  9. wow so much nice stuff you have T-T *jealous* and i really adore the gray contacts, they just looks so cool. oh and incense! my mom is a junkie! lol she loves oils and incense and candles and all thins aroma therapy! LOL but its nice to have around the house =)

  10. I need a friend like Roy in my life! Are the benefit eyeliners as good as the urban decay 24/7 ones? speaking of the 24/7 glideliners, i love the liner in stash. the golden green really makes my brown eyes pop. did you get the email about sephora's latest getaway gift? i was so mad since i had just order something the night before.

  11. ooooooohlala you lucky lucky gal!
    i want a friend that works at sephora, roy's so nice :)

    i look at your header photos and you look filipina; side info pic you look white/asian mix lol

    can't waitt to see you with the light hair!! i love hair changes :D

  12. i'm sooooooooooooooo jealous!! lol i was scrolling like O_O!! the whole time, haha. dude how are our eyes "sleepy and lifeless" in that EOTD!? your version of 'sleepy' is still a million times prettier than mine. =\ i'm actually a monolid so the difference between how i look when i wake up to after makeup/eyelid tape is RIDICULOUS. lol i should put a picture on my blog >.<

    and wow i really love the packaging for the Dior lippie. i didn't know what it was at first but i knew i liked it, haha. and ole hendrikson face wipes?? baller~~

    and i love those contacts!!!! i seriously never seriously cared for contacts until i saw those... must. resist.!

  13. jealous of you and your connections. That's a sweet package you got there. :)

  14. Ah, WOW!! That was so sweet of your friend. I bet he gets a good discount for working at Sephora!?
    That would be SO nice :)
    I love all the products he got you!

    aLSO, I have been wanting to try the UD Setting spray for awhile, but have heard mixed reviews!
    When you try it out, you should def. do a review, PRETTY PLEEEEASE!? haha

    That is so nice of you to give away the liner since you have one, you seem like a really giving person-- we def. need more of those in this world! :)

    Lastly, all this new makeup can go towards filling your clear cube (that is, if it isn't full already ;) ) hehe

  15. your friend is so nice and sweet ! ^_^

    your eyemakeup is always gorgeous!! you should do some tutorials steph!! =D

    i think you would still look asian with lighter hair! lol.. maybe cause i haven't seen you in real life.. but in pics, you look asian to me! lol

  16. haha wow, it's great to have someone work at a store you shop at! So kind of him to send you a few goodies. I actually don't think your eyes look sleepy...the bright eyeliner/shadow around them really brightens up your look. Do you still use the YSL mascara? I've been meaning to go downtown to get it.

    What colour are you planning to dye your hair? I'd LOVE to see some of your old pics!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  17. super spoiled Steph! now i kinda wish I had a friend that worked at Sephora too! i have to go hit up there soon to get myself some goodies hehehe you're such a perv Steph LOL jk! i'm glad you're enjoying True Blood! my best friend's like addicted to that show HAHAHA everytime I talk to her, shes like don't bother me i'm watching True Blood. Call you back later. I see True Blood's more important than me *sigh*

    i've always wanted to dye my hair like a light brownish, you know the asian's typical dye color. The Nars eyeshadow looks great on you! loving those diamond series grey lenses!

    oOo incensesssssss :D


  18. OMG!! i'm so jealous you have such an awesome friend!!

    I had my eye on the NARS eyeshadow's so gorgeous, especially on you! ;]

  19. What an awesome surprise box of goodies! I'd love to have a friend who works at Sephora to send me goodies all the time!

  20. psshh no fair!! i want to be spoilledddd!! oh well lol. i should make friends w/ someone who works ate Sephora. hmm...

  21. Hey Roy, I need you know someone like you!!! You've got a very generous friend Steph. Luuuucky!!!

    How about a tutorial on how you do your makeup? Your makeup always looks flawless and fab!

  22. hey steph! i didnt email you about the earrings. mustve been someone else. =/ anyway, i love the nars eyeshadow omg its so cute!

  23. hi, i love your blog! you're such a lucky girl to get all those goodies! everyone who commented is super jealous, haha!
    the NARS eyeshadows look super bright, are they smooth? and how is the staying power of the benefit liners?

    -M =)

  24. @my favorite pink The NARS shadows are very smooth, but not that pigmented. I'm loving the Benefit liners! Much better than the Urban Decay 24/7 :)

  25. WOw!! Look at all these goodies. Cute new stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  26. I have jeard nothing but good things about the Urban Decay all nighter someone even said it was better than mac fix plus

  27. awww I'm so envious you have a sephora guy!! I love that store it's like a big candy store. I spend way too much there each time. Do you ever feel like you have to force yourself and your urges to walk past it? I have.

  28. You look great in those colors Steph! :) I think its nice enough to wear it every day too. Yikes, and I thought Minh spoils you but Roy? Heheh, your a lucky girl Steph. :)

  29. Ah all that new makeup, lucky girl. :)

  30. "you see the perverted scenes so clearly! haha BONUS!"

    Lol. That's hilarious. Why didn't you just go rent the entire season from Blockbusters or something? I guess buying it straight up you don't have to wait for it and can watch at your own pace.

  31. Dang Girl! You Have some awesome friends... I wish I had friends like that... :) I think you would look good with lighter hair... Probably with a reddish tint to it.. Love your posts...

  32. Ooh! You have a great friend! Enjoy playing with the makeup ^^

    Love the lip color too!

  33. :) Everyone follow me on twitter! And you too can get some amazing stuff! Rgraves1 is my twitter account. I will start doing give aways too :)

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments! Steph is AWESOME! <3

  34. your lashes in the 2nd picture looks so fluttery (if that makes sense!) do your lashes "bump" into your glasses/sunglasses? that was the biggest issue i had x_x along with the lashes being glued to more than one lash and pulling on my lid! :/ i guess i had a lot of issues hahaha but they look good on you! :)

  35. Did you know that if you ran out of make-up remover you can use Olive Oil?

  36. Jo, I too would like to have some friends who work at Sephora or Mac, or something. It must be a temptation .. By the way, I do not see you Hispanic, I mean, your features are more Asian.

  37. that is so sweet of your friends to get those items for you.

    i love your eye makeup, it's sexy but it's also modest and subtle, which is perfect for daytime. and i love your eyelashes!!! i need to get extensions too if they will look that great!

  38. Gorgeous eye look! Man I can't wait for season 4!!!

  39. I got the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and I LOVE it!!! It's so great for when you are going to go out to the bars and wanna dance.. my makeup didn't BUDGE!

  40. have you tried the all nighter spray yet? i'm soo interested about it, but not convinced to buy it. thoughts?


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