December 15, 2010

Easy Nail Art!

The easy art of nail stamping!

I just wanted to share with you my latest nail art creations : )

I actually won my very first Konad kit from a giveaway over a year ago hosted by an old blog friend named Joanna from New Zealand : )

Thank you so much Jo!

You have to use Konad's "special" nail polish made for stamping to get the best results with your nail art stamps.

Special thanks to Jessica from
for being so nice and allowing me to pick out some items for their store : )
I've always been a nail art girl. I used to do nail art designs for my friends and my mom's beauty salon clients. (I grew up with a mother who owned a nail salon back in Michigan). I spent a lot of my younger years inhaling chemical fumes..haha
I'm pretty much immune to the smell of liquid and acrylic powders.

Anyhoo! I do have a little background in nails. I used to paint designs with tiny brushes and using these same exact dotting tools to make flowers and an array of dot patterns on nails.

Jessica knows that I'm big on eye shadows and eye makeup so she picked out this metallic eye shadow palette for me. I just thought that was so sweet of her!

I consider these shadows very subtle. They look super metallic but they're really more toned down
My lash extensions all dwindling! I'm not getting another fill, I'm going to let them fall off and give my natural lashes a break : ) I also want to try a new lash extension place in the future ^_^
Good bye lash extensions! I'm going to be trying some lash serums soon.
I'll let you know when I start and how it goes : )
No circle lenses today!

I was asked what foundation I use..and I really use many different ones!
I rotate my makeup because it really helps me change up my look day to day : )
I've always been a fan of MUFE HD Foundation (I'm shade #123..#128, AND #140) lol
Weird huh? The color range is so wide..I can't settle on one! But I currently was using #123
For powder I'm just trying to finish up NARS Mountain. This was a gift from my good friend back home, Jennifer! : )
Steph hit pan!!!
I just posted a lot more NARS goodies at my blog sale
I love NARS products, they're great quality..but I cannot stand how dirty and dusty the packaging gets! I'm OCD when it comes to dust..
I alway use a kabuki brush to set my makeup.
I love this Chanel one because it's adorable!
But the MUFE HD brush feels must softer.
Chanel is so iconic! I love it.

My dresser is covered in makeup!!! : ) I love it!
My favorite makeup pouch ever! By Gucci.
Special thanks to a beautiful girl I know named Chelsea (aka closetoreal)
She had twitpic this makeup pouch a few months ago and I went ga ga over it!
I spent a month or so after that hunting it down. They were sold out everywhere it seemed like.
Then one day my Gucci sales associate located one in CA and had it shipped to Seattle for me : )
My new fav perfume of the moment!
Coco Mademoiselle : )
I also used my 20% off during the Sephora VIB sale on this ^^
It definitely has that distinct Chanel fragrance ..but not too old lady. haha
That's how I'd describe it. You heard it here first!

Dotting tools!!! These babies make the best 5 petal flowers ever : )
I think the dotting tools are one of the best investments you could make as a nail tech.
Nail techs usually make their "extra" income by offering their talents through design.
You can easily make $5-$35 extra painting art on your clients nails & toes ^_^
It's considered the "easiest" way to make money doing nails..or at least that's how I remembered it!

Time for some stamps!

Funny story..I hadn't used the stamping kit for the longest time..and when I went to try these new plates I was getting frustrated because my stamp wouldn't transfer..I was getting angry! lol
"Why isn't this working!!!"
Then I realized that there was a thin layer of plastic film protecting the metal plates! LOL

This was my AH HA! moment lol

I had been seeing Hello Kitty designs on so many bloggers nail in the past weeks..and I was so envious! Every girl loves HK (or has adored her at one point in their "girlhood")..and I wanted to love show my love for the icon on my nails too!

I knew I just had to have this HK plate!

As you can see..there's still plastic on the plate..I had no idea haha

Here are some photos from the Konad instructions if anyone was curious.
They can probably explain to you better than I can on how to stamp art nails. ^^

Make sure your nail polish "canvas" or base is completely dry before you start stamping your nails.

Ta da! I'm still very much a newbie at nail stamping..but
now I have a ton of plates to practice with!

12x Nail Art Stamp Templates
$12.63 <--- not shabby for all 12 plates This set of 12 plates really is a great value for anyone who is interested in nail art & stamping. I feel like you could easily jazz up a stamp with some sparkle nail polish, glitter, rhinestones. You know what's another easy way to decorate your nails for the holidays? Nail "sticker" decals! I haven't used these since I was tween! lol I used to beg my mom to put decals on my nails alll the time (before I knew how to do nails for myself). They really did bring back good childhood memories : )

Look at how huge this sheet is!?

There were so many to pick from!
My favorite was definitely all the Santa's : )
To me..Santa = Christmas!

I'm not religious, but my Mom has always wanted us to join in all the holiday fun and we do celebrate Christmas in my family. My Mom was really good at hiding our presents from "Santa"! haha. One year, I found one of my presents..and I asked her why she had it already. She told me..Santa was busy so he gave it to me to give to you on Christmas day. lol
I think I got got a puzzle from Santa every year as a little girl.
My mom and I loved doing puzzles together. The hard ones too with the tiny pieces!
It was always animal themed because I've loved animals since the day I was born.
I just remember how sad it was to break up a puzzle (after all our hard work!).
Once I got older..I learned that they sell a glue glaze in the puzzle section!
That was "AH HA" moment in my life. haha

Here come Santa Claus! Here comes Santa Claus, Right Down Santa Claus Lane :D
For my second time stamping ever..I think I did quite well : )
There's definitely room for improvement. I originally stamped a "diamond" on my ring finger (no hint intended) but I messed up! Being the "clever" cookie that I am I decided to cover up my mistake with a Santa decal! That worked out nicely. *pats self on shoulder*

Silver Polish is Shine by Orly
Red/Burgundy is Diva of Geneva by OPI

Special thanks to Jessica & the staff.
I appreciate the holiday cheer!

New Year's Resolution Tag (Thanks Jessy for the fun tag!)
I hope you all will be my witness. They say written goals are more likely to come true than goals that just wander in your mind.

Here goes!

1. Read BOOKS! Every since I started blogging I've been slacking in the books department.

I think I spend way to much time reading blogs haha because they're so many pretty pictures!

2. Go on more walks in Seattle! I grew up in the Midewest, and I'd always spend my spring and summer days outdoors. I'd go walking (or rollerblading) on the nature trails at leaste twice a day with my mom or by myself. I don't find myself doing that anymore here and it makes me sad : (
I want to make the added effort to get my butt out the door.

3. Get rid of all my magazine subscriptions! I never had the time to flip through any of my magazines..they just pile up! I really need to make it a goal to recycle all the magazines in my apartment. I have two crates full of fashion magazines!

4. Learn how to become an organized person! Now-a-days, I'm one of the most unorganized people I jewelry room is a takes me 1-2 hours sometimes to find one specific finding. lol It's just bad news bears in there.

I want to maintain a clean, clear working environment for myself!

5. My biggest goal this year will be to learn about photography. I've always taken my own photos for my jewelry blog..but I know they can be better. I just need to learn what the settings on the camera actually mean rather than just trial and error.

Sometimes taking the time to learn something is so very hard when you're no longer in school.

I guess I really need to manage my time and learn a new trade : )

Life skills for the win!

I tag anyone who wants to write down their goals.
Let's call it a "MUST DO" List..rather than a New Year's Resolution List ^_^

My nails as of right now!
NARS Purple Rain
Gold is by Orly (the mini bottles don't come with a name)
Deborah Lippman Gold Glitter
Glitter Silver & Gold Nail Art Brushes from
Special coupon code for Born Pretty Store : DSK, 10% off till 03/31/2011
*If you use the coupon code, you also review a free gift of a flashlight key chain :)*

Look at the mini MUFE HD Blush I got from Sephora! :D It was one of the 100 point perks.
It's #9

YSL Concealer #3 <-- I'm not a fan. I'm glad I was able to get it for 50% off thanks to my VIB $20 gift card. It's really more of a brightening pen..than a concealer you could use to cover blemishes.

Two new R&R Blushes for me! Both for $15.99 not shabby!
Tease & X-Rated

I leave you with Timmy & Wally last night.
Minh and I recently started watching True Blood Season 3 again after work.
The boys just chill with us ^_^

And here's a photo from right now lol.
I feed the local seagulls

Catch you all later!


  1. That is amazing.
    Thinking I might stop and order the stamps. I can't do any actuall designs. Hah, but I <3 hello kitty!!
    Your so talented.
    I <3 your nails~
    And the colors you have, I'm do jelous of all the stuff you have, lol. All the make up and nail polish!!

  2. Ive seen konad tutorials an youtube and stuff, the konad stamps look so fun but i feel like going through all that trouble making my nails extra pretty is a waste, since they always get ruined at work -_- i just paint my nails one solid color, and maybe use glitter top coats

  3. oh and btw, my mini orlys have names, in white text right under the little bar code =) but maybe yours are different i has rage and luxe minis :D

  4. I need to get those dotted tools!

    But first... I need to get a job! Freaking hobo, I know.

  5. I absolutely adore your nails right now! They are SO pretty-the gold with purple looks amazing and I love the glitter and your thumb nail!

    I wanted to look into KONAD plates (well I did already) but I feel like I'm not artistic enough to make my nails look good with them! You did a good job

    I love all of the goodies you picked up! Good to know about the YSL pen because I was considering getting one--

  6. your nails look so cute :) HK FTW!

    i reallyyyyy need to read more books :/ i feel lazy since i spent a lot of time online hahha

    i own a R&R blush :) it's so pretty color! if you bought it from hautelook, only 20 dollars plus shipping & tax!

  7. omg the hello kitty stamp is so cute!!! now i want a konad kit.

  8. I had no idea there are nail decals and nail stampings. I feel so dumb now. Haha!!! I had some nail design before, but they're just simple flower design ones, and the lady just drew them in using the white French polish. One time i saw my friend with her Hello Kitty nails, and i just thought they're the acrylic nails with HK designs on them. LOL!

    Love your Gucci makeup pouch. It does look pretty small though. How much stuff can you fit in? I don't like buying designer makeup pouches because they're too expensive to be dirty. Hehe :)

    My mom gave me the Coco Chanel perfume, and i hardly ever wear it. It's pretty strong, and smells kinda old. LOL! I've got to try the Coco Mademoiselle the next time i'm at Nordstrom or Neiman.

  9. Ooohhh this post was a pure joy to read from the beginning to end!! Nail art is too cute! I wish I can do my nails, but I'm a cellist and I can't do my nails because either it will chip or I won't be able to play the cello. LOL.

    I can't believe that it's the end of the year already and we're setting New Year's Resolutions yet again!!

    Mmmm Chanel fragrances. I'm in love with Chanel Chance at the moment. Smells heavenly!!! haha.


  10. the nail art is really cool! HKKK omg !! ^__^ so cute!! the chanel kabuki brush is cute too!

    lol at the plastic thingy.. i probably would have done the same thing !! ^_^

    and i love love love puzzles too.. i have 2 currently in my house that are framed... 1000 pieces.. i want to go for the 2000 pieces =) im more of a nature/landscape kinda gal... i recently completed one for my friend and gave it to her for her birthday and she said it was the most meaningful gift ever and hangs it on her living room ! i felt so special.. hehe..

    is the MUFE blush any good? i've never tried any cream blushes before.. and this was also offered to me at checkout.. i skipped out on it though.. lol.. trying to save for *500* which i think will take forever..

  11. How awesome are you NAILS!? :) I've never been good at nail art because I've never had the right tools to practice from!! LOL I'm really curious about konad plates now... I used to think how a whole bunch of bloggers have mad artistic skills!!!!! LOL I was like WOAH a golden gate bridge on their nails with the railings and stuff!! Not really the bridge, but you know what I mean. Pretty pretty designs! :p

    I love Nars too :) I agree, their packaging is sucks. I am a germaphobe kind of... i hate sticky things! :p I never understood why the YSL pen was so expensive for brightening. When I tried it on at the Sephora, it was so sheer and watery :p

    Anyway, I love the holiday spirit too :) My parents didnt celebrate Christmas but it was nice to have the day off to be together instead of work and school :) That's a celebration in itself, I guess?

    I have to try the MUFE foundations now!! :) I'm curious. You have such a wide color range!! LOL

  12. Hey I actually saw this post in my blog reader, but it disappeared when I clicked it. haha

    I like the natural look of the eyeshadows. It's really pretty. Good choice on giving your lashes a break - I give mine a mascara break at least 4x a week!

    OMGGG I saw your Naked Palette up for sale yesterday and was completely heartbroken when it was SOLD. D: I was somewhat okay since I saved a bit of money...but whatever! haha I'm still learning the eyeshadow ways.. I'm putting it on more often now. : )

    I saw that Gucci pouch in Chelsea's video! So adorable<3

    LOL ... I would've done the same with the plastic wrap... those things stick so well and look like they're a part of the object. -_- OMG For some reason, I knew you would pick the HK stamp before I read that caption. SO ADORABLEEE.

    I love making puzzles : ) Haven't made one in so long... my boyfriend & I have been wanting to make one together for a while, but we never have the time. *sigh*

    Yay you did the tag! :D I can totally relate with the book-reading thing. I used to read HUNDREDS of books a year. Believe me - HUNDREDS. I would take out like 10 at a time from the public library and return them ASAP. Biggest. Nerd. Ever. University is getting in my way .. I can't read for pleasure anymore. :( I can also relate to your #5 photography goal. I have a decent camera and my bf loves photography, but I never understand all the functions or what he's saying when he talks about it.

    I love your current nails...Purple Rain is SO pretty and I love the single gold nail. : )

    Oh crap. You know what I just realized? I forgot to get the YSL mascara you recommended with my Sephora discount. AHH. I think I'll wait until my bday then. It's only in two months ^_^

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  13. @Nonners you deserve dotting tools! I'll include one in the package I'm making you for the holidays :)

  14. @siwing I'm not a big fan of cream blushes myself. Just because they can be messy. I really like the normal powder blushes :) But who can resist a cute mini sample size? :D

  15. @KIMB! I used a friend referral and got $25 off, and used the ROCKCOSMETIC code and got $40 off! Two R&R Blushes for $15.99 :)

  16. I have the Konad Stamping kit too! But I haven't used it in a long long time! =( I'm very bad with my nails. LOL

    & what are glue glaze??

  17. I love how quickly you update your blogs. They're such a fun read. I used to konad myself. I remember getting obsessed with konading after I read jen's frmheadtotoe blog about her nail art. She did a tutorial on the hello kitty konading stamps too and I became obsessed. I started decorating my nails for 2 months straight. But I absolutely hate the smell of nail polish. I get sick after every time I do my nails. So I haven't for awhile because I'm lazy, and I hate the smell of nail polish. Lol. And Nars products, I do have to agree with you, their packaging sucks! But I do love their products :) I went out and bought the Mufe foundation at sephora because it was on your holy Grail list, and I really like it. I got it for $25 because of the b.i $15 gift card.

  18. I had no idea you were great at nail art...I'd love to see some of the designs you do. Make a video!!! :) I'd also like to get more organized and learn how to properly take pictures next year. Those seagulls would have scared me! I hate birds for some reason...

    I didn't see any new NARS stuff aside from the stuff that was already on your blog I missing something? I heart NARS, too...but wish the outside of the packaging was different.

  19. I've tried nail stamping before and it was such a big failure! The stamp didn't transfer at all to my nails so I just stick with stickers hehehe There was once for prom, I got my nails painted with flowers and it was soooooo pretty but going to a nail salon's too expensive. *sigh* I might start trying out the Konad Stamping kit since it sounds pretty good (: I LOVE HELLO KITTY! hahaha

    you're so talented and pretty Steph! super jealous! you know so much about makeup, nails, and jewelry!

    Timmy and Wally too adorable! awww :D


  20. wow nail art became so easy already~~ =) love it~ hope i can find it in MSIA...hehe Q HK =D

  21. :O you were able to get tease? i was so sad that it was all gone when i went to order them :(. i've always wanted to try the konad nail stamps but never had the time or never remembered to order them. i hardly have time to do my nails nowadays. that santa on your ring finger is cuteee! i'm loving the pop of color on that finger. Purple and gold totally reminds me of the minnesota vikings. it's a nice color combo.
    speaking of magazine subscriptions, did you know that if you pile up a year's worth (from jan - dec) of cosmo mazagines, the spine actually connects into a picture of a guy?? i just found out the other day and it blew me away. i want to collect them all now just to see the picture!

  22. The Rock and Republic packaging is gorgeous..very "rocker-chic", lol. I always love to do my nails, but...end up being impatient and nicking them before they dry. sigh, shame on me. I checked out the Konad stamp sets before, but they were so expensive to get the whole set. maybe sometime in the future I'll bit the bullet and get a set :)

  23. I love to see your nail sticker Santa Claus. Will looking for it :)
    I also have the Hello Kitty plate, and love it!
    Btw, where did you buy Two new R&R Blushes ? It's so cheap!

  24. aww steph! i'm jealous! i want #9 you got :( shit i got two #6s

  25. Hi Steph,

    Just wanted to say hello and I love to read your blog! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks, and I just wanted to comment! We have the same interests - makeup, nail art, dogs, jewelry, etc. so i enjoy reading your blog! :)

    Just wondering, where did score those two R&R blushes for such a great price!?!


    PS~ I'm so jealous of your makeup cube! :) And your dogs are too cute!

  26. Omg I love the gucci pouch I want one but I'm still saving for a Louis vuitton Christian loubs and more chanel :)...I love all ur nail polishes I have chanel paradoxal and it goes on super well it lasts for a great time and doesn't chip read this post yesterday but it didn't post my comment :( weird any ways happy holidays

  27. Thanks for posting! Now I know where to get the Konad! I tried looking everywhere near my home...Ulta, Sephora, mom-n-pop beauty store, Korean one had it! We'll see how adept I am about stamping though. Some people it was hard for them. I looove stickers though. It's my quick nail fix since I'm always short on personal time. Baby takes up all my attention.

    Your family is growing quickly. ;) Looks like you're feeding more than Minh, Wally, Timmy and yourself. The pidgeons know where to go for grub too!

  28. I love the nail polish! Shimmering nails for the winter is the best cuz its dark ALL most of the time. It lightens up your mood.
    I always loved using those nail stickers as a kid.

  29. I never understood MUFE foundation numbers...I'm lighter than you but use their 127 in HD foundation. I've never strayed from it but by re-reading this post and seeing that you have 3 different shades, maybe I should go to Sephora and get some samples in similar shades just to play around with. Thanks for posting about it and making me realize the number system is weird!

  30. The silver with white hello kitty is adorable and festive. Can you maybe make a full nail post?

  31. i love the stamps, and all the polishes in this video!!! i think ill have to enhance my mani pedi stuffz and, timmy and wally are so big!! they are so cute though. i have a puppydog about their age and god they grow up so fast!!! :)

  32. Wow, I am in love with this post! :) I have seen the Kinad nail stamping sets recently and was so confused by them...I may have to try them out. Also, I really like you changed your new years resolution list to a "to do list" that sounds better and doesnt make it so daunting. I really need to do that, write down a list and stick to it! I have a few I want to work on, one also being photography. I just want to know more about the different things my camera does! Ha ha, well I hope you keep posting pictures of your nail art trial/errors. :)

  33. I love how detailed all of your posts are ! It has been a long time since I have actually written everything out to the detail that you have. I definitely love all the nail posts especially the HK stamps ! I will have to try that one day. I also love looking at all of your posts with your dogs ! I want to get my morkie another friend sometime soon ! Hope that you have a great day !

  34. I love nail stamping kit, in my country do not sell Konad, but I have a brand Essence. It's really fun to draw pictures on your nails, and stamping plates is super easy.
    I love these lollipops of shadows, the bunnies are so cute.
    I see you too you love Hello Kitty. I declare myself a fan, in fact my makeup bag is of the Kitty.

  35. I went home and looked up nail art on sally's beauty supply store it's so limited. the selection was terrible and outdated. where can I get cute ones? can you recommend a good non smudgy eyeliner I have one by smashbox in kohl it gets all over my eyes. it smears so easily. :( now i look like a racoon at work thanks Stephanie!

  36. @Anita they focus on nail art. Check them out. I suggest NARS Black Moon Eyeliner. I posted about it a few blog posts back

  37. the nail art kit is so cute!

  38. I LOVE Konad nail art plates! It's a great tool to have.

    My resolutions are similar to book again, be organized and clean, and pick up on photography again.

    So much to do, but so little time..sigh

  39. I've always wanted to try the Konad's Nail kit out. Looks like lots of fun!
    The eye shadow kits packaging looks really cute! I was also thinking of trying out some lash serums too. I want longer and fuller lashes! Your dresser looks very organize! I've been wanting the Coco Mademoiselle for years now. I need to just get it and shut my brain up about the price...haha The x-mas nail art is so cute!

  40. I saw this post when you posted it but never had time to comment, until now..and you posted 2 other post since then! Love it when you post!

    I love those R&R blushes, their packaging is so nice. I want to collect them, but I can never get them for as low so many other people could. I guess I'm not as shopper savy. Lol

    I never knew stamping patterns were so easy...i realy wanna try now! Though I'm not really fussy about my nails--only if it's clean and pearly white.

    I really want to start reading more too as my goal. Lol..I downloaded the Harry Potter 7th book onto my Kindle cuz I didn't remember anything from the freaken's been quite a while...though I haven't even touched it yet. >.<!

  41. I remember I used to have on of those nail stap things it was like that best thing ever.

  42. That's really nice eyeshadow...not overpowering at all. Did the lash extensions hurt? I've always wished I had longer lashes. I heard last week at the optometrist's office that lash serums will make the area around your eye a little darker, which might decrease the need for mascara. Have u done any research on it? Please do share!

  43. did you blog about which foundation you use because i asked you? :D

    i was going to buy the MUFE foundation but i decided to wait until my bday to see if i get some sephora gift cards since i'm broke :( just bought my fiance an LV belt...

    konads seems so cool! but i was never good at painting my nails... so i rarely invest in nail supplies unless it's a nail polish color i LOOOOVE :) speaking of which... i love what you did with your middle finger! gold and silver glitter! super cute!

    and last but not least, is it sad that i'm so busy/tired throughout the week that i have to wait till the weekend until i can catch up on blog posts?? D: oh working life..

  44. konads i remember when people went crazy over them. i would so get a set if i had nice nail like yours!! i regret ever used to biting them :(

    Lol@ your moment. i just hate when that happens! you were just frustrated for so long but do feel kinda accomplished after you figure it out haha

    oh new year resolutions... i wish i follow through them every year, so every year it's the same hahah

  45. I have been wanting my own Konad set because it makes nail design easier.
    I love how you say that you're OCD with the NARS packaging, I would be annoyed with it too.

    I cannot believe you purchased all those plates for such a good deal, everytime I look for Konad products, it is so expensive, lucky you = )

    You are so organized, I can never do that, I will have to try to do so soon.

    Your puppies are so cute = )

  46. you always have the prettiest nail polish. I wish I didn't get so lazy. I used to paint them real pretty in high school all the time. I've gotten so lazy since college. haha.

  47. Oooh I like the look of the konad plates. And seeing anyone hit pan makes me want to use up my products :) I can't decide about coco mademoiselle. I had the body lotion and was addicted to it but everytime I spray the perfume in the store I don't like it as much. But I really want to like it...
    I like your resolutions. I completely agree about the books. I haven't read a book other than for a class since the beginning of summer! Although I do read my magazines pretty much cover to cover so at least I'm reading something lol. But I think I saw in one of your other blog posts that you read a lot of entrepeneural/business books and I think I'd be interesting to read books like that (I usually read fiction/chick lit) I would also love to learn photography but first I'd need to save up for an SLR camera

  48. wtf! lol i used to buy the Konad plates off of stupid ebay and they would still be like 3 for $10.. ridiculously expensive compared to 12 for $12.63 and i spent such a long time trying to find the Hello Kitty one!! i learn so much from your blog lol :) how cute are the anime characters on plate m14? lol i'm excited :) :)

    i freaking love your gucci makeup clutch. i'm not a big gucci person but every time i see it, its like an eyegasm, haha. its better in motion though! i liked the sounds the Clear Cube made also, haha. its the sound of quality!

    and is your dresser really full of makeup still? girl clean that out! lol show us your trunks too haha

  49. I love nail art, but I just CANNOT do it on myself. I only recently learned to apply nail polish on my right hand nails without making a sloppy mess, haha!
    I used to have girly nights with my friend and she used to paint my nails and draw on funky designs - I always admired my nails after that! Too bad we're both older and busier now and live in different cities, I'd have her paint my nails every week. :D

    I've never tried stamping, but it looks easy - or at least easier that it is to try and draw them on your own. Hm, time to shop a little bit? :D

    Those R&R blushes look great! I'm a sucker for packaging, can you tell?


  50. I just got a bunch of R&R stuff too! I LOVE it!

    I think I am the ONLY person in the world that cannot use the Konad art stuff... it NEVER turns out for me... and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong!

  51. Siegfried the seagull really loves your window huh? and i see he brought a friend this time! lol


Thank you for your comments!