December 14, 2010

My Makeup Clear Cube

I finally filled up my Clear Cube!
For those who are interested you can learn more about the Clear Cube at their website.
I think they have a new Cube out now too for the holidays.
This is where I've decided to place it -- right on top of my dresser : )
The Clear Cube Rules!
I still love it ..I just wish I had a few more of them! lol
MUFE Dany's Essentials Kit right there!
It's all mine mine mine!
I hope you like this post : )
I have a nail art post that I'm still working on, but for the time being enjoy the cube!

Also, for anyone who was interested in the Dueba G&G Diamond Series Grey circle lenses I had on in my past posts, they're available again at
They have them in Plano, -1.00 through -6.00 now
If I could only pick one pair of circle lenses these would be the pair to buy!
One of the owners of Kiwiberry has become a really great friend of mine and I'm making her an Everything Bracelet for Christmas : )
Please let her know I said, "hi" if you do place an order ^_^

15% discount code: DSK
discount code for (site wide)

Also, new blog sale is posted!


  1. I'm so jelous!
    That looks adorible~
    I just don't think I could find enough stuff to put in it, hah.
    And sneaky!!
    If we tell her ho sent us to the website you get 10% off.
    Haha, when I order it I will!

  2. i love it! i think i'm gonna order myself one! :)

  3. I love the Clear Cube, but not the price!! Haha! Unless i get a big raise next year, i'll stick to my cheap clear containers from Target & Office Depot :)

    Yay...i think i will order the same grey contacts like yours now that they have them in -2.5 :).

  4. i would love to have one :) if i have a lot of makeup to fill it upp! ahah

  5. @Eri you should! I love mine. It feels really nice :) plus it's definitely eye candy!

  6. haha i agree with the price =P but it is very much eye candy! i'll probably be pulling out the drawers every minute i get =) it just sounds and looks so coooool

  7. Wow nice! I really like the sound the Clear Cube makes when when you open and close the drawers. Lol.

    Lucky duck, you got the autographed case from MakeUp Forever =D! An even number too! "24" If you ever get tired of it, you could always auction it off. Those collector things area lways in demand..but seeing as you are a collector yourself, you scored pretty well. =D

    Your vanity is so neat looking now! I always wondered why you weren't a youtuber, as I find you very entertaining to watch!

  8. @Selena N haha I used to be a youtuber back in college. I had over 100 videos up on youtube! I took it all down when my relatives & college classmates started tuning in! haha

    I wanted to save myself the embarrassment!

  9. the kabuki brush is the best! it's so fluffy and soft! i love bluffing powder it with it. it's not itchy like other brushes. everything's a lot neater now. my stuff is all over the place. if only the cube wasn't so expensive :(. i feel the same about my urban decay palatte. it's so pretty that i won't want to use it. i didn't even open up the pop up part lol.

  10. @susan. I freaking love the MUFE kabuki brush! I was so sad I missed it last year with the brush/powder set. It's finally mine!!!

    Maybe UD should make their book of shadows uglier haha

  11. that is SOOO NICEEE!!! the clear casing and the drawers makes the make up look so appealing, organized and chic! i love it!

  12. Omg that looks so amazing I wish I had one but I don't think I could fill it up with just make u think perfume bottles would fit well???

  13. WOW! That is so cool to see the Space Needle in the reflection, haha

    I absolutely adore your clear cube and all of the products in it! SO, SO much stuff and I totally wish I had that much! haha

    How much of it do you think you actually use? Like do you trade-out items a lot or do you tend to neglect many of the items?
    I feel like I use the same products so having a lot of it is a waste for me :l But I definitely have become more of a make-up hoarder! haha

    So many of the products in your clear cube I either own or REALLY want to own-haha

    AHHHH I can't believe you got one of the MUFE boxes with the creator's signature! What did I say!? I KNEW you would! haha
    SOOOOO cool! What a priceless item-- AND all of the items inside look AMAZING

    I totally am the same about messing up make-up, like how you mentioned for the UD book of shadows! haha

    P.S. I LOVE how you keep talking about new videos and blog posts :) Can't wait!

  14. Ooo very pretty well put into use. :) Isnt it more convient now that everything is organize? Especially ontop of your drawers. Hehe! I also had a question, will you update us on how the clear cubes are used? Like if it gets dirty easily since it is clear? I would think its hard to clean, but maybe I'm wrong.

    I also say more Youtube videos! You should do vlogs videos since you like to travel to places and restaurants, especially food. Heheh, thats just a thought, if you ever consider it. :) Well have a good evening. Its 6 only and so dark, I thought it was 8-9 already here. Washington's rainy weather stink but I love the sounds it makes ontop of the roof top. :) See you in the next post.

  15. OMG the Cube really makes makeup look even prettier! It's soo simple yet glam at the same time!!! I wish it was bigger though so that you can put EVERYTHING inside!!! :) and the MUFE box! WHOA!!! I couldn't help but squeal when I finally saw it. Steph! You should make more videos because I LOVE them!!! <3

  16. I don't know what's the eye candy...the clear cube or the fab view out the window. I love it!!! I bet it's alot easier to find things now huh? But it looks like it catches sometimes when you're trying to close the drawer. Does it happen often? I remember several posts ago you were complaining how your bathroom sink was covered with makeup.

    Now I gotta look into gettin me one...after Hubs gets me my Balenciaga though. :0)

  17. omg! I was looking to buy the Naked palette the other day! It's all sold out D: I'm not a great eyeshadow blender/applier person, but that neutral palette looks like a great starter for me. : )

    Great job on trying to keep organized. : ) I see you just need a little bit more work, but definitely a big improvement (though I don't really know how everything looked before). I can't imagine how messy your makeup collection might have been before. :P Was it messy?? I like the sound of the clutter when you open/close the drawers too. I don't know why. haha I really like the packaging of the Tom Ford lipsticks, but they're soo expensive! Oh and the kabuki brush looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO soft!

    Anyway, great video with random makeup reviews, showing us your collection, and showing us THE CUBE! :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  18. hehehe.. this vid/post makes me SMILE ! haha... makeup heaven!!! i think i have 1/8 of your collection.. lol.. thanks for showing us the clear cube!!!! i've been waiting to see your post on it!! i would sooo buy it if it wasn't so expensive. i also checked out the muji dupe that you linked.. but the dimensions for it is pretty small.. i don't think it will fit much..

    can't wait for your MUFE box vid and also your LV vid ... =D

  19. How do you have so much stuff?! Stuff that you don't use!

    But you organized. That's all I can ask for.

  20. I'm totally jealous of your collection. If I lived in Seattle, I would stalk you like a psycho and come raid your makeup collection at night. Lol. You should put up the Naked palette on a blog sale too if you're not interested in it anymore... *hint hint* :D I've been wanting to buy it, and it's not like I'm having problems finding it, I just don't have the heart to fork out $44 on colors I already have. If the palette was like $25-30, I would totally get it. I wanted the MUFE Rock collection so very much, but mannnn. It's expensive. It'll burn a hole in my college-student pocket. Lol. I can't wait for your review on your latest sephora haul! And awhile back, you posted a cheaper alternative to the clear cube, will you post it again? I can't seem to find the link. And I'm all about cheap knock-offs. :D

  21. wait, that totally came out wrong. I meant to say, I'm all about a cheaper alternative. LOL.

  22. noooo. I'm so late on the NAKED palette :( Just saw your blog sale. Sorry, I'm totally going on a comment rampage on your blog.

  23. Wow that clear cube really is clear! Is it also scratch proof?

  24. awesomeeeeeeee

    and *envy* your makeup collection

  25. Wow, just watched this video, and it looks awesome.. and it doesn't look like tupperware!

  26. i was gonna gett his, but then my phone got lost and i had to buy a new one :(. and my phone plus sim card plus case plus insurance added up to be quite a lot of money. haha but it looks cool, and this is on my christmas list!!!:)

  27. Haha, I vaguely remember your post about your relatives stalking your blog. It's a shame, cuz like I said, the rare videos you did have up/ the ones I managed to see were really entertaining! =D

    Maybe they forgot your link by now? =P

  28. so cool! I will look into this. Thanks for doing this post.



  30. I LOVE your cube! :) It looks so fancy. Your eyes look so good in those contacts, I am so afraid to try anything other than my regular contacts. Are those safe? Sorry if thats a stupid question.

  31. hahaha to Nonner's comment!

    It looks soooo chic and convenient since you can pretty much see where everything is....takes out the guess in the morning. But it also feels too "naked" to me bcos it's see-through! lol i have insecurity issues... =D


  32. Hey, I've been eyeing the clear cube since I saw Kim Kardashian's Keeping up with the Kardashians series. The sisters also have the same like yours to organize the cosmetics. Thanks for letting me know where to buy :)

    Btw, love your eye makeup. What color of eyeshadow and liners do you use?

  33. Aww, the clear cube :))
    It's sooo amazing!! I waaant it :DD

    And you have a LOT of make up, woow! :D I thought I own a lot...but now...:'DD
    Gives me a good reason to buy more make up stuff ;))

    Thanks a looot for sharing!!

  34. That clear cube case looks beautiful! If I had the money, I'd def. get one. I am sure it'll fit all my makeup, for I don't have that much =( Thanks for reviewing it, I loved it!

    I'm going to look into ordering some Dueba G&G Diamond Series Circle Lenses, I really love the Grey color on you. I might just have to get that color toO!

  35. omggg i want the clear cube so bad! ahh jealous lol

  36. after staring at your clear cube, i think im going to buy those Muji cubes whenever those come back in stock :D i love the idea of the glorious *clear cube* but much cheaper for me :D

    and ps

    rofl i saw those little fishys moving on the corner of my screen, but at first i freaked out cause i thought there was a small bug crawling around XD but haha cute fishys :3 i like to feed them

  37. Oh how I envy your makeup collection! Great job!

  38. I don't think that all of my makeup will fit in the clear cube just like you. :(

  39. Your clear cube looks amazing with all that makeup in it. I wish I had one but mine would be filled with something else because I dont wear makeup alot. Very nice

  40. Love this!! It looks awesome on top of your dresser!!

  41. Love this!! It looks awesome on top of your dresser!!

  42. wow! all your needed makeup in one location! super convenient and organized too! I should start investing in something like a clear cube too (: i really enjoyed the video thanks Steph!


  43. I heart your nail art. Thanks for the that's how they get the hello kitty on there. I've seen it before many times but never knew how it was done.

    I burst out laughing when I read this from your post, *my coworkers gave me a funny look): "I just remember how sad it was to break up a puzzle (after all our hard work!). Once I got older..I learned that they sell a glue glaze in the puzzle section!"

    Glad to see all your MU organized. You have so much stuff!

  44. I love your lashes, I'm goign to get them for my holiday partaaaaaaay! I agree with the NARS case getting dusty. I hate that. I only have one palette and it looks gnarly and gross.
    Could you do a video on how to apply eye makeup if you have time? I have the same eye lids and its' so hard to get liner and the eyeshadow right. It looks like you're a pro, I would be so grateful Stephanie

  45. I absolutely love your setup now ! Everything is so nice and organized ! Once I reach your makeup status, I would love to get that clear cube because it does not overpower your vanity, yet it makes for a nice, clean space. A clean space makes for a clean mind ! :)

  46. Ohh, that container of makeup is perfect. I've seen several girls in their blogs and perfect. Because you can have it all saved and organized, yet, to be clear at a glance where you can see everything.

  47. WOW good job! looks very organized now!

  48. Ahh the famous Clear Cube!!

    The lenses look great on you Steph! :)

  49. i love your clear cube!!! although, i don't know if i have enough makeup to fill one up... i'll just drool over yours :D

  50. Wow, it is so neat!!! I wish I was as organized as you.

  51. I have to admit, I'm kind of jealous of your make up collection! Having this much makeup is kind of.. my dream, haha! But yes, I imagine keeping it organized must be a challenge. I don't think I own even half of it and it's all over the place - when I want to use a particular lipstick that day, I usually have to search it from at least three places!

    Also, I hope this doesn't sound too creepy or anything, but it seems like there's a great view from your room.

    PS. Love your eye makeup!


  52. that makeup for ever case is really nice. I love the rock and roll design of it. I just would cry thought if i spent that much money on makeup all at once although it is a good deal it just pains me at the thought lol. maybe when im rich


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