December 17, 2010

Seattle Friends!

I got to meet up with my friend Kellie today!
She lives in Irvine, CA but her family is in Seattle so she came to visit :D
I got to meet her Mom's two new puppies, Missy & Bambi!
They're 2 months old, born Oct 8th, 2010
They're so adorable!!!
Her family has 8 other Chihuahuas..all from the same Mommy & Daddy dogs!
One big happy family :D

After hanging out at her house, we went to 2 of 4 (or 7) lol of her family's Baskin Robins.
Her Mom & Aunt own 7 Baskin Robins in the Seattle area!!!
I call her the BR Heir lol
I got to meet Kellie's Mom for the first time and she's so nice! She's an animal lover -- I can totally relate with her! :D
This is what one side of the ice cream freezer looks like :D
They get new ice cream shipments every 3 weeks! Americans loveee their ice cream and ice cream cakes! By the way..her Mom makes and decorates every single cake by hand!
She's got skills :)
I got a double scoop :D Cookies & Cream with Mint Chocolate Chip (my fav!)
Then we headed to the second BR to meet her best friend at work :D
Kellie made me a coffee smoothie (which I saved for Minh..he totally appreciated it)

After the 9-5 work day, we went to Kindai Sushi with Sam & Minh :)
My pretty friend Kellie! I gave her "Kellie's Necklace" today :)
Tempura Shrimp and Spider Roll
Sam and Minh both got Poke Bowls with Sushi Rice
Kellie's Seafood Udon :D
Spicy Scallop Roll :)

It was a fun day, I wish Kellie lived here 24/7!

Tomorrow is December 18, Minh's birthday!
He turns 28 tomorrow. Time flies! I met him when he was 24!


  1. those puppies are adorable!!! I just got a new puppy and ever since doing so, I love all pups even more now! :)

    Also, that spicy scallop roll looks so scrumptious!

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  3. ICE CREAM CAKE: not part of my "wedding weight loss" plan, DEF part of my "life enjoyment" plan.

    Those puppers are darling, I would like to hold them, feed them a nice dinner, and then take them to bed... TO SNUGGLE!!!

    i'm a creepaleep, I can't help it.

  4. Ah!! Those puppies are absolutely adorable! Makes me want little puppies. However, I know that right now in my life it is not the right time-- maybe once I start law school!
    We will see if I have the time, haha

    Baskin Robbins looks SO SO nummy! I want some right now (minus the fact that I am freezing right now :l)
    My friend used to work at BR in my hometown and he would decorate the cakes! He actually is going to school for cake decorating/ pastry making right now :) So cool! Workers at this specific BR would get 2 free scoops a day so my best friend and I would go and each get a scoop for free! :)

  5. ooh i want some ice cream cake too! NOM!:D

    those pups are adoooorable!

  6. i saw your foodie pics on twitter and omggg the seafood udon looks so yum !!!!!

    i love baskin robbins, there's this poster of 3 lil kids in the baskin robbins.. i guess its stock photo.. but one of them is an asian girl and my friends use to tell me she looks like me.. lol!

  7. ack sushi!!! i'm craving all you can eat sushi now haha
    and 7 baskin robbins?!??! that's ridiculous, but that's very smart to own a franchise that people ice cream

    and happy birthday to minh!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Minh! I hope you have a food and fun-filled day planned for him. :) The sushi here looks amazing and the puppies are the cutest!

  9. droooools! AW BR! you are lucky to have a friend who is heir to BR ;)

    happy birthday to minh!

  10. Happy birthday Minh! May you always healhty and your wish come true :)

    Steph, I do like B&R's cookies n cream too. Luckly, my small town in Indonesia has open 2 branch that I can eat my fav ice cream :)

  11. Those are some cute pups!!

    Wow, 7 BR?? I love their ice cream!
    Those are my favourite flavours too!! Yummm!! I wish I can eat some right now but it's too too cold! >_< Brrr...

    Aww, I hope Kellie enjoyed the necklace you gave her!! Your pieces are always so beautiful!!

    So much seafood!! YUM!! I wish I can eat some but I can't eat too much since I'm allergic =(

    Happy Birthdayt to Minh!! (My birthday was yesterday ^^)
    He's a lucky man to have met you in his life!! ^^

    I just noticed the photos of your dogs on the sidebar!! Timmy and Wally are SOO SOOO SOOO cute at 8wks old!! *squeals*

  12. Oh Steph, you're telling the internet about me, how will I stay a secretive online ninja? LOL!!!

    JK, <3 you! Thanks for the necklace, it was gorgeous as always!!

    I LOVE DSK !!! AHHH !!! so Shiny and Pretty... did you guys know that Steph lured me in with shiny things and candy? HAHA JOKING!

    Adventures in the raw-ish food world. haha!! MORE BR?

  13. Your sushi pictures made me drool. I've been craving sushi like crazy. I think my boyfriend gets sick of going to sushi every weekend when ikon my MUST-EAT-SUSHI kick. Lol. Happy birthday to Minh!

  14. Aww the puppies are adorable! My boyfriend wants to get a chihuahua. But we already have two cats. (Smokey and Bandit) I don't know how that would go but I see a disaster happening...haha
    Also my Favorite too, Cookies & Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip! The Best!!!
    Oh god the food looks the best! Now I'm want a puppy, ice cream and Sushi! hee hee ^_^

  15. I love baskin Robbins ice cream!!! That's so cool to have a friend whose parents own BR..Happy Birthday to minh

  16. Omgg her puppies are SOO adorable<33 Wahh so much ice cream! What a lucky girl..I wonder if she's sick of it by now. LOL

    I saw your photo tweets last night (sushi ones) and man did I freakin. jealous. My friends and I are going out for sushi on Thursday night.. prepare for MYY Twitpics. bwahaha. I never tried edamame until this year..I never gave it a thought 'cause they were just beans. lol My bf's family ordered it one day and I decided to try it out. It's actually pretty addicting to pop the little beans out! The udon looks so good.. I'm a huge fan of those noodles!

    Anyway, hope you and Minh enjoy this special day! And I hope he enjoys the ties! :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  17. Omg, that's so yummy looking! All the sushi! I've been on a sushi eatting spree this week. I had sushi at different resturants everyday this week (pretty much an end of finals celebration!) That's amazing your friend Kellie's family owns so many BR! I probably ate at most of them. Lol. Is she ganna take over the family shops afterwards? Pretty nifty!

    Happy Birthday Sam!

  18. cute dogs but wow they have alot.

  19. I haven't been to BR in YEARS! Sounds like you had a great day and a delicious dinner mmmhmmm!

  20. to puppies so pretty. I love animals, we attach great company without asking anything in return, are true and super friendly.

    That ice cream looks delicious,

  21. my FAVORITE ice cream flavors.. and my FAVORITE sushi!!!!! aaaaah~

  22. Those puppies are too cute!!!! Lately, I've been obsessing over cute puppies because of your pics of your puppies! LOL. Baskin Robbins! Surprisingly, I don't really have any around us, but there was one really close to my parents' house! I remember I always bought mint chocolate icecream cake for my birthday!!! yummm!

  23. OMG she owns 7 BRs? That's awesome!! Man her family's got quite an empire. Hmmm maybe I should go into the ice cream biz? i can always "sample" all the flavors heheheh I LOVE ICE CREAM CAKE I haven't had it since 2005.I had sushi a few hours ago!
    Where is that sushi place? I went to Seattle for my birthday this year and couldn't find a sushi place near where we stayed. I love Seattle. I wanna go back soon.

  24. The Chihuahuas are adorable! It's rare to see dark Chi's here but they are always eye candy.

    Kellie looks skinny! I don't know how she can resist tasting each and every cake that comes in. Ooh...sweet tooth!

    After a long day of work, I'd love to enjoy a sushi dinner...everyday! Can never have too much especially sashimi and Spicy Scallop Roll. After all seeing all the food porn all I can say is...Burp.

  25. What a cool thing to see the back of Baskin robbins!

    Did u go to an "all u can eat" sushi place? Looks so yummy. I'm looking forward to having lots of sushi when I get back to the west coast for Christmas. Actually I'll be not too far away from where u Vancouver BC (not WA).

    I totally love sushi, it's one of 2 of my favorite foods, that and italian!! Thanks for sharing!

  26. I love Baskin Robins ice cream! I don't go there often because there isn't really one near me! Can i be Kellie's friend too?? :D Irvine isn't far from here!

    The Sushi dinner looked delicious! I don't eat sushi just b/c i can't eat raw meat. I know, i know, you're going to say i'm missing out on the good stuff, but i just can't get over the fact that they're raw! I wouldn't mind eating the cooked dishes though :).

    Your friend's puppies are soooo cute!!!!!! Wish we have room in our house for a puppy because my daughter has been asking for one :(. Maybe one day!

    Happy Birthday to Minh! Hope you both had a fabulous day.

  27. a whole family of chihuahuas? thats awesome! awww they're so cuteee! i've been asking my parents for a little puppy and I finally got my dad to agree but my mom still is a no. :/ I hope in the future I can get a puppy in my future home.

    Baskin Robins is so good! Back when I was in college, my roommate, suitemate and I would always go get Baskin Robins! miss those times in college!

    the Japanese rest. you went to with Kellie looks so delicious! making my mouth water! the portion looks so big too! thats a plus!!

    Happy Birthday to Minh! hope you both enjoy it! (:


  28. puppysssssss soooo cute ^_^

    and omg baskin robins, i cant rember the last time ive even been there =(

  29. Puppies are soo adorable!

    Have you tried Kani salad? Its delicious! Check out a pic of it :)

    Wow you've known Minh for a very long time! When did you guys start going out?
    I met my boyfriend 10+ years now but we've only been going out for 3years. Time does fly.

    I wish Minh a very happy birthday and I bet you have a special surprise for him! Enjoy the day with him.

  30. Dang, yummy yummy ice cream. :) You got friends everywhere, especially good friends who own big stores. Looks like you and Kellie had fun together.

    *Drools over the sushiiii! Oh man, there sushi dishes looks way better than the one you ordered before. I dont really like the raw stuff, but I definitely dig your friend's udon seafood bowl. I love seafood, the smell just warms my tummy. Heheh! Have a great Sunday. :)

    Happy Birthday to Minh.

  31. I'm going today to petsmart with my family to load up on toys and dogfood for the animal shelter in D.C. I figured they need it more.I've always wanted to do it but never got around it, your blog post gave me a swift kick reminder to just do it already! Thanks for posting your blog about animal shelters in need. They often go neglected during the holidays when everyone wants to give to the homeless, etc.

  32. Soo much yummy food! nom nom nom!

  33. YUM! the sushi looks delicious! i bet it's super fresh... isn't seattle known for their fresh fish? or am i thinking of another state? o_o??

    i SOOO want baskin robbins... but i started dieting for the wedding :( 6.5 months away! AHHH! save me... i think right after the wedding, i'm going to get an ice cream cone :D

  34. The ice cream looks so yummy! I want some even though it's pouring rain here!

  35. the doggies are so cute and the food look so good!

  36. Lol! I meant Happy Birthday MINH! I also have a friend name Sam who's bday was also on the 18th. LOL.

  37. Her puppies are so cute!!! I used to not like chihuahuas until my mom just got hers. She got a long-haired chihuahua and she is the cutest little puppy ever. Now I want one too.

    Great restaurant idea for a birthday! Happy birthday to Minh, it must have been amazing!

  38. happy belated minh!

    that spicy scallop roll and poke bowl looks so0o0o GOOD! i haven't had sushi in a very long time

  39. Mmmm! Sushi is delicious! Those are cute pups!

  40. Is that THE Kellie?? Omg she's a baskin robbins heir? How does she stay trim!??! I'd be eating smoothies and ice cream cakes all day, oh my.

    Great compilation of food pics. I've already drooled over the sushi photos. Places here don't serve poke : O but I'll wait til a hawaii visit to have it. The Spicy Scallop Roll also looks droolicious. Hope Minh had a great birthday!

  41. awww the puppies are so cute! and your food pictures always make me want to try out different restaurants but I'm always reading your blogs at 2am :/

  42. Not a big fa of ice cream but that sushi look DELICIOUS!!!!
    Again I will say that you are sooo freaking luck that you get to live some where that has such good and unique food.

  43. Omg, spicy scallop roll!!!!!!! YUM!!! I love poke as well. When i was in Hawaii, that was all i ate! :) So tasty and fresh all at the same time :)

    I love Baskin Robbins!! :D They have so much ice cream to choose from... haha And I really like their ice cream cakes! :D Yummy!!

  44. the puppies are so adorable!!!! and omg when you said they had 8 other puppies from the same parents, I thought the parents had 10 puppies at once so I was like, "how does a tiny chihuahua have 10 puppies!?" lol it took me a little while to figure out they didn't all pop out at once lol

    i love the puppy on the right! the way the fur is colored, its like he's wearing little white shoes! so adorable!

    is sushi your favorite food? because you seem sort of like a connoisseur by now! and wow the spicy scallop roll looks amazing.. ! inspires me to try and make better meals at home lol

    what did you guys do for minh's birthday! :)

  45. First off, cute puppies! But oh my goodness, 8 dogs? I don't have any pets, so can't even imagine living like that. :D

    If I had a freezer like that I'd probably life off ice cream - I've never been to a Baskin Robbins store, because we don't have them in Estonia, but I've heard their ice cream is reaaallly good.

    All of that food looks so good. I love sushi. :)

    Happy belated birthday for Minh!


  46. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MINH! Did he have a good day??

  47. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Its always nice to catch up with friends while they visit. This post made me miss my good friend who moved up to northern california, its not super far but we hardly see each other. That poke bowl looks delicious, even though I've never had one! :)

  48. Those puppies are to friggin cute! and I wish i could steal that icecream out of your hand! yummm

  49. OHMYGOD!! Look at all that yummy food!! I'm so totally in the mood for Japanese food now... mmmmmmmmm.... The poke bowl is to die for.. and the scallops and udon, grrrrrrrr.... I want! LOL! I'm so jealous... I've been having roasted chicken for the past few meals cos my boyfriend and I can't seem to finish it... And I can't go out for sushi since it's Christmas.. Every shop is close... =(
    Cute puppies! hahaha.. I just got my kitten 3 days ago... He's ssuch a little rascal.. We named him Charlie, after my bf's fav show, Two and a half man, Charlie Sheen (or Harper, in the show) hahah.. <3
    And, that shimmer powder and brush set in the red pouch are pretty!

  50. oh wow that food looks delicious. i used to really love ice cream but now i think i just really like pinkberry, hahaha. is that weird? i can't stand how sweet ice cream is sometimes!


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