January 3, 2011

Balenciaga Ballerina Flats and Fireworks!

Happy 2011 Everyone!
It's the year of the Rabbit in Chinese Zodiac. It's my year! (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's more officially the year of the Rabbit after Chinese New Year, but 2011 is Year of the Rabbit).
I was born in April of 1987, that makes me 23 years old today.
Jean of extrapetite.com was also born in the month of April in 1987 :D
Who else is a Rabbit around here? Let me know if you are!

Minh and I had a great New Year's Eve at home this year. We got to watch the fire works from the Seattle Space Needle from home! I did not find out about this "New Year's at the Needle" event until watching local TV a few days prior. It was a really nice treat to be able to see fireworks right outside our window. Some of you may have already seen this on my DSK Jewelry's blog, but I know I don't share the same readers sometimes so here it is at this blog.
: )
I taped and edited the video with my n00b (computer speak for newbie) skills.
All I can really do right with iMovie (Macbook's simple movie maker) is fuse different video clips together, and add music. lol I don't even know how to do a transition of music yet. I'm slowly learning. I wish I had more time to play around with it before getting discouraged.

The song is a remix of "Hello Seattle" by Owl City if anyone was curious.
I also added the original "Hello Seattle" song towards the end because the remix version wasn't long enough for my video! I almost had a heart attack haha, but good thing I was able to add the original version. I think it's pretty sweet that they have a song about Seattle! I love Owl City's "Fireflies" and "Vanilla Twilight"

Since I'm not originally from the West Coast, it's weird to watch the New Year's coverage of New Year after it already has happened! haha, it was a bit sad because I'm so used to watching the ball drop live on TV!

I currently have my eyes on two pairs of Balenciaga's Ballerina flats.
The two pairs are the Covered Ballerina's, and the Lizard Embossed Ballerina's.
The lizard embossed pair of Limited Edition in honor of their 10 year Anniversary.

I'm currently torn between the two pairs, they're both the same price too. : /
One of my aunts used to always tell me if I can buy anything in Lizard leather to do it.
She's really picky with her designer goods. And since she's in her 60's now, I really trust her judgment. She's shown both me and Minh her wallet/card holder in Lizard leather and it's it still looks really good for being as old as it was.

The whole idea of Limited Edition makes me want the lizard pair more! In the back of my mind I'm thinking..I can always get the Covered Ballerina's later..but it would kind of be ridiculous to have both pairs of Balenciaga in black. They're already so similar.

I do fancy the Covered Ballerina's in black because they would match my Balenciaga Covered Giant City bag : ) Maybe I will wait for my 24th birthday this April.

I know a lot of people don't care for Balenciaga, but I really like the look. It's quite edgy and I really like that style. Plus, it's just one of those bags where you get a ton of compliments (from those who know their bags) when you're out and about. It's always fun to relate to someone you don't know in daily life who share your same taste :D

The leather is super aged that's why it looks aged and old lol. That's the look. One of my friends say they (Balenciaga) look completely ugly! Fair enough, beauty is in eye of the beholder is what I would say.

All that matters is I like it! :D

Balenciaga really is one of those brands where either you like their stuff, or you don't.
There's little in between room, unlike other designers brands who carry more of a large variety in "looks." I personally love how distinct the look is : ) I love the hardware.
I don't like all of their things though, but that's like with everything. There will be things you like from that designer, and things you don't.

They would make great everyday shoes that you can break in and beat up and love at the same time!
I've always been a fan of Nicky Hilton's style, and she's known to rock these flats in an array of colors. Unrelated to the flats, but I've always loved her taste in sunglasses as well. She has a more "normal" style compared to other "famous celebrities." She's not outrageously colorful or crazy, which I like. I like to google image to see who's wearing what, can you tell? :D

I'm going to continue to research the shoe, I've read some great reviews on them, but I heard they run a size small, while others say they're true to size. I guess I will have to see for myself. lol I'm going to walk on over to Barney's to see if I can find them and try them on. I haven't been there in a while! Which is a good thing : )

I did find out recently that Bluefly.com (I've purchased from them before, they're legit).
They do sell Balenciaga flats for a bit less, but not in the black I want. I don't really care for any other colors right now apart from the Narce (White) and Black in the Covered Ballerina. The Lizard Embossed Ballerina is only available from what I see at the Balenciaga website in Royal Blue, and Black.

Another pretty item I've been eying is this pretty scarf by Louis Vuitton.
Isn't it just eye candy? I love the color!

I leave you with a few photos I took of the fireworks. Watch the video though, it's cooler :D
In terms of day in the life videos..I think we're going to take a break on those, it was fun just around the holidays when we both had time. Now it's back to work, work, work.
But I will randomly post if I find something cool to share. :)
Seattle's Space Needle on New Year's Eve
I love the rainbow part the best! It's so cool
This was first year spending New Year's Eve at home in Seattle : )
I look forward to next year's fireworks. Even if we move, we will still have the office to watch from!

The follow few photos were taken in Switzerland by my friend Peter on his way to work. He's been a loyal DSK customer for a while now, and we've really just become friends. I spent 5 hours the other day chatting with Peter & his girlfriend Viktoria. It's rare to be able to chat with them since I'm usually asleep when they're awake. But I stayed up for 24 hours the day before yesterday. lol Viktoria is Hungarian but now lives in Switzerland with Peter. Their story is very romantic! I will definitely share it on the DSK Jewelry blog some day. He was thoughtful enough to send me picture of the Christmas tree decked out in Swarovski. :D Peter knows I'm a huge fan of Swarovski.
They also send me pounds and pounds Swiss chocolate! I took photos, but I need to find them! lol Swiss chocolate is amazing! Have you heard of Lindt's Chocolate? It's Swiss.

The tree is dripping with Swarovski crystals :D
It's so pretty!
Switzerland is known to be very affluent, so this tree totally make sense lol
My mom has always wanted one of those Swarovski Lotus' and this picture just reminded me of her lol. Why is it that I think of a great present idea after the holidays? : /
Beautiful Swarovski display Switzerland!

I'll catch up with you all later! -Steph

p.s. I think my feedburner is officially broken! I've tried and tried to fix it, but I just haven't been able to diagnose what's the root problem. -_-
If anyone has any tips on a fix, please help me!


  1. yup you're right, it's not the year of the rabbit until after chinese new year which is in feb i believe. therefore if you were born before chinese new year of the year 1987 you would be considered a tiger. just a random fact lol. my mom's actually a rabbit :D
    i like the lizard leather! especially since they are limited edition, i would choose them over the covered ballerina. have you ever heard of foley + corinna? i've been in love with their mid city bag for years now but haven't had the chance to get it. i might go check out the disco city tote later this week though. the bags for foley + corinna also have that aged and old leather look to it which i love!
    i also recently purchased a leather toe thong sandal from Giuseppe Zanotti. i can't wait to get them!

  2. Hi steph! Happy happy new year! wishing you the best in the year of the rabbit! :)

    i vote for the lizard balenciaga, the texture is amazing! :)

  3. Happy 2011!! I am also a rabbit!! Did you know that actually this is an unlucky year for us rabbits? You're supposed to wear some 'lucky items' and colors to ward off the bad luck. If you want to know more, feel free to message me :)

    As for the Balenciaga flats, I would go for the lizard pair! I am a huge sucker for anything limited edition. Additionally, since they are the same price, well that just solidifies the lizard pair in my opinion hehe

  4. hi steph! happy new year to you! and yay for being a rabbit! i'm a dragon =) hehe

    i would go for the lizard leather, esp cause its limited edition.. you might not be able to get it next year.. and also, since your aunt recommended =)

  5. My younger brother is born in the year of a rabbit!! xD

    I would go for the Lizard flats since it's LE and all.

    Pretty tree! Have you seen the Christmas tree in the Toronto Eaton's Centre? it's breath taking! It's covered with 20,000 Swarovski crystals!

    oooh! I saw those Swarovski Lotus and I thought they were really pretty! But the price...$570 CAN..ouch

  6. Oh whoaaaa! Your fireworks vid is actually really sweet! Seattle really goes all out. I'm so jealous. I love fireworks!

    Also, I really like the hello seattle remix. Send it to me, please?

    I like your balenciaga bag a lot, but I'm not a big fan of the flats. Anyway, do what Co Hai said and buy the lizard embossed.

    And don't buy the scarf. It looks silly. That would be dumb.

    And tell Chuong I say hi!!!!

  7. Oh whoaaaa! Your fireworks vid is actually really sweet! Seattle really goes all out. I'm so jealous. I love fireworks!

    Also, I really like the hello seattle remix. Send it to me, please?

    I like your balenciaga bag a lot, but I'm not a big fan of the flats. Anyway, do what Co Hai said and buy the lizard embossed.

    And don't buy the scarf. It looks silly. That would be dumb.

    And tell Chuong I say hi!!!!

  8. Oh whoaaaa! Your fireworks vid is actually really sweet! Seattle really goes all out. I'm so jealous. I love fireworks!

    Also, I really like the hello seattle remix. Send it to me, please?

    I like your balenciaga bag a lot, but I'm not a big fan of the flats. Anyway, do what Co Hai said and buy the lizard embossed.

    And don't buy the scarf. It looks silly. That would be dumb.

    And tell Chuong I say hi!!!!

  9. Oh whoaaaa! Your fireworks vid is actually really sweet! Seattle really goes all out. I'm so jealous. I love fireworks!

    Also, I really like the hello seattle remix. Send it to me, please?

    I like your balenciaga bag a lot, but I'm not a big fan of the flats. Anyway, do what Co Hai said and buy the lizard embossed.

    And don't buy the scarf. It looks silly. That would be dumb.

    And tell Chuong I say hi!!!!

  10. Oh whoaaaa! Your fireworks vid is actually really sweet! Seattle really goes all out. I'm so jealous. I love fireworks!

    Also, I really like the hello seattle remix. Send it to me, please?

    I like your balenciaga bag a lot, but I'm not a big fan of the flats. Anyway, do what Co Hai said and buy the lizard embossed.

    And don't buy the scarf. It looks silly. That would be dumb.

    And tell Chuong I say hi!!!!

  11. love the lizard leather!!! makes the classic black look more special

  12. @lil sis Julia who commented x4 lol It was Co Huong, not Co Hai! How would Co Hai be able to show Minh and I something? She's never even met Minh! lol Gosh Harvard. :P

    You just assume luxury items = Co Hai hahaha

  13. @Gjee It sounds like Lizard is the winner! I just hope they'll still have them in my size when I'm ready to buy!

    @~Lisa One of the bloggers (Jessy) mentioned the tree in Canada to me! I haven't looked it up yet! I will now :)

    @elleovely That's what Minh kept telling me too! I didn't know our year is supposed to be our bad luck year :( Thanks for the lucky item tip. Sometimes when I'm feeling super Asian I get superstitious :/ I hate it! But it's just innate lol

    @Susan thanks for confirming the Chinese zodiac fact for me! :) My friend has showed me a foley + corinna bag before! I really like the cognac brown color. The style is really cute! It just shouts NYC to me! haha maybe it's because I was in NYC at the time she was talking about it :D

  14. Happy New Year!
    Those Balenciaga flats look seriously good! I have to give my vote for the lizard leather ones (I'm sure that the other ones are just as durable and pretty, but I like them a bit more). I love flats on everybody else, but I hate wearing them, lol! I guess I'm just too used to wearing high heels - I recently bought myself new boots with 4 inch heels, despite it being realllly snowy around here!
    I have to agree with you on Balenciaga, it's definitely one of those brands you either love or hate.

    That LV scarf looks amazing, I bet it's really soft as well! I used to not like neutrals at all, but now I find myself wearing them more and more often. I guess my style has just changed. :)


  15. I was born 1987 too!! YAY!!! We're born year of the rabbit!! indeed our year this year and I'm hoping that great things will happen to both of us :D

    Ooohh!! Those flats are just gorgeous!! I also love the color of the that LV scarf!! :D

    Here's a bunny for you for good luck! :)
    () ()
    ( . . )

  16. I squealed when I saw you posted about Balenciaga. ^o^ chyeahH!!!!!!!!!!!! High-five for Bal love! HAHA! I'm leaning towards the 10th Anniversary Lizard one. It is a special edition one, so that makes it seem like the winner, if you know what I mean??

  17. I wish i was born in 1987. Haha!!

    Do you know that 2011 is actually the year of the Cat in Vietnamese?? Vietnamese and Chinese Zodiacs are similar with an exception of a few.

    I do adore the Balenciaga's handbags, but not their shoes. In fact, i would not spend over $300 for a pair of shoes. I would however spend a lot on bags because i know they last forever! Unlike shoes, i just feel like they're not worth spending a lot of money on. That's just me :D

    I am so jealous of the view you have from your living room window. Can i spend New Year's Eve next year with you and Minh?? :P

  18. wow O.O its all so beautiful and shiny

  19. I was so addicted to Owl City's music last summer! I still love those songs you mentioned<3

    I saw get the limited edition pair because after all, it's limited!!!! Just that word alone would make me buy something (if it looked decent) LOL Also, the colour of that LV scarf is so pretty<3 I've been thinking of purchasing an LV scarf lately..only because the Burberry one I wanted is something that "everyone" has. And so many fakes around.. argh.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  20. Happy new year :) I'm also a rabbit, born in the month of november in 1987! heehee that louis vuitton scarf looks so gorgeous!!! The colour is beautiful, i imagine it will look great with most outfits!

  21. Is it weird that I like saying the word Balenciaga more than their products? lol I do think their bags and stuff are good quality but I really like how the word sounds for some reason. I'd say go to the limited edition flats...it sucks to regret not buying something when you had the chance :)

    The Swarovski crystals are beautiful! I thought about getting my mom started on collecting them.

  22. Happy New Year!
    My hubby's chinese zodiak is rabbit (1975) too and February will be chinese New year. I love to see Nicky Hilton's shoes. I think balenciaga-Lizard-Embossed-Ballerina is better eventho' they looks same :)

    wow so many swarovski crystal on that xmast tree! *drooling :p* I love to collect it too!

  23. the fireworks look awesome steph :)Happy New Year!

    jen @ www.charmoflove.ca

  24. My lil family didnt do much for this new yrs either. Sat down together and watched the count down and fireworks go off at the needle on channel 7! :D Glad to know you enjoyed yours.

    Oooo I like those sworoski display. Awwh I'd love to have a future bedroom with dangling sworoski beads around my room. Might sound kiddish but it'll be beautiful! :D

    Happy New yr. I been watching too much Grey Anatomy. Oh yeah, and your new updates still doesnt show on my blog feed thing? :/

  25. That tree looks amazing. I love Balenciaga too bad I cant afford it other wise I would own all of their handbags I juts love them. Do you ever plan on buying an Hermes hand bag?

  26. I forgot to mention I love the giant balanciagas because or the hardwear. Oh and about the shoes I say get the lizard one because they are limited edition you can only get them once and they are lizard, ypu can always get the coverd later. Btw I never knew they made thing out of lizard oh and one last thing is that aunt the one that lives in France for like 3 month out of the year?

  27. @gabbiieb yeah it's my aunt huong (yolande) she spends more time in Paris, France now. She spends about 9 months in Paris, and the rest in the States. She always amazes me by how much she travels! She's definitely young spirited for being in her 60's

  28. @gabbieb In my mind Hermes is too out of reach lol. I don't think I suit an Hermes that's more for super super super super super bag fanatics, and or rich older women. lol Would you get one? I think the price tag is a bit scary!

  29. @Jen Happy New Year to you Jen! :)

  30. yup it is the year of the rabbit. hopefully this will be another joyful year! 2011 yayyyyyy!

    i would love a xmas tree or any tree in that matter dripping with Swarovski crystals! all the Swarovski stores i've been to are all so stunning!! I went to a Swarovski store in Japan and they had a huge & tall chandelier made completely with Swarovski crystals and diamonds. it was absolutely gorgeous!! there were so many other unique things that were all crystallized. I felt like I was in crystal land HAHAHA

    once again Happy Happy New Year Steph!


  31. I'm a rabbit too! *hop hop* yay! hahaha!!

    oh yeah! so as with the Balenciaga... i thought they looked pretty weird in the picture... but it looks cute on the girls that were pictured below the shoes. Can you buy them and show me how they look on your feet? hahaha!!!

    like that comment above that i put wasnt weird, HAHAHA

  32. happy new year!!
    I wish I was there to see the fireworks! I bet it was a hundred times more better than the video

  33. lol and what you said about Balenciaga is sooo true. i love the brand but my classic asian mom can't stand it. a balenciaga i absolutely can't resist is their Giant Motorcycle bag. have you seen it? i want an excuse to travel just to use it lol ;)


  34. LOL yeah its the Weekender bag! i was like, "wait didn't I say the name when I commented her?" but stupid me wrote Motorcycle? Balenciaga makes me all crazy! and yeah, its crazy pricey at 2 grand but I think its just so irresistible and this is coming from someone that isn't a huge Balenciaga fan. Everything about it just "works" to me, you know?

    why don't you sell your old bags? it sucks that you don't like the Keepall since it was so expensive but its not like you'll miss it when its gone. and how do your dogs get to your purses!! lol I thought Wally was the good one =\ if you purchased it within a year, LV might replace the strap for free depending on if you ask a nice SA. Since you live in Seattle, i'm sure you'll have no problem selling the Keepall on Craigslist. if not, there is always Bonanza (I recommend it) and eBay. Bonanza has cheaper fees.

    selling the bags you no longer care for will not only give you peace of mind, more space in your closet, but an excuse to get more purses lol ;)

    have you seen the Balenciaga Velo bag? i like that its bigger than the City or the Work. those bags look like they can't fit anything in them to me lol T_T

    but sigh. not all bags are made equal lol


    /embarrassed for her. lol

  35. OMG you just had to tell me the most awful story ever!! my face was literally like: http://www.gifsoup.com/view/271878/cat-surprised-face.html

    I've always just met Craigslist people at public locations like Target but a school parking lot? there weren't a whole bunch of kids around? yikes =\ poor guy. how did he even get home!? my bf has a GPS and i told him to change the "home" to like "Target" or something but he just laughs at me.. lol i'm going to be like "DSK STEPH SAID IT HAPPENED TO HER FRIEND. YOU NEED TO DO IT NOW!"

    i've also had a ton come in to my home though to sell random furniture.. seriously going to rethink that. =\

    i've sold a TON of stuff online and I've never had any trouble. one time someone was mad I sent something with Parcel Post shipping so I would avoid that if I were you (if you ever decide to ship something large). Apparently with Parcel Post, it can take up to a month for someone to receive their package. Mine went from SD to Florida in a week though but the buyer was pissed.. lol

    its also not that much of a hassle. with my listings, i always take tons of pictures so the buyer knows what they're getting in to. i also don't do returns.. but with 35+ pictures, they should know what they're getting! lol so its just writing the listing and shipping it. the only part i hate is going to the post office but you go so often anyways! plus you'll have such pro pictures with your DSLR lol

    I also use Use.com for my listings so they look cleaner. i don't know a lot of HTML so that site helps a LOT.

    here is one of my old listings if you're curious. i sort of lied in it and said I bought it when it was my aunt... harhar.

    if you ever decide to sell LV, let me know because i can probably help. ;)

    you should be like, "MOM, the strap is all chewed up. let me sell it and give you a bag you want without a chewed up strap!" lol your mom is so cute calling you up about your LV giveaway!! i like how she was showing off your site to family. adorable!

    if i were you, i'd go with Bonanza. the listing just stays on the website forever unlike Ebay so there is no rush in selling it. you can also put a ridiculous price just to see what kind of offers you get! >:)

    and OMG are you going to get the Velo!?!? is it a new style because i've never even heard of the Velo before. and you're right, it IS a good price hahaha. i like how Minh got you the COVERED Balenciaga when you asked for the regular balenciaga. more expensive and prettier. thats when you know he's a keeper!

    and doesn't LC have the best taste in bags? This is one of the few seasonal bags from Chanel I've actually loved. i can't find a full picture but i like that its a tote style! my mom has the Chanel m/l and complains its too annoying to open just to put stuff in lol


    I also got this bag from my bf a while back and got sooo many compliments. its a Marc by Marc jacobs. how come you're not in to Marc Jacobs!? I've always wondered that! lol


    and ugh you can wear the most boring clothes and still look amazing with a jumbo. screw the Velo, save up for a Chanel lol ;)

  36. it bums me out when Google says my comment is too long. but now that i see it, i'm sorry for making you have to read that. its longer than my blog entries!!!! lol /fail

  37. That swarovski tree looks pretty, but i don't think photos ever do sqarovski crystals any justices! They look so much better in real life.

  38. Happy 2011 Stephanie! I am also born on the year of the Rabbit too. :)

    I def recommend embossed for the Bal flats. I have seen the regular leather after months of use, and they get beat up pretty fast.

    Great post!

  39. The Lizard Balenciaga all the way! It's different and unique from the usual flushed black look.

    The scarf is a beauty! I would definitely get it! The color would pretty much go with everything!

    P.S. My computer's finally fixed so sorry for the comments bonanza.

  40. I would go with the Lizard. There's just something about it that has that extra *oomph factor. Plus I think it'll still be pretty classic.

  41. HI :) I'm going to move to Seattle. I'm just curious how much do you pay for your apartment for month?

  42. @Monika where do you plan on moving to in Seattle? Where are you moving from?

    I live in downtown (Seattle) out of convenience and in a quote on quote "elegant" high rise except we don't have a doorman, we do have security and concierge 24/7.

    My 2br, 2bath (1,000 square feet)plus parking, and utilities comes out around $2300-$2400/month.

    From my research before moving to downtown prices range $1000-$7000/month depending size, floor, location.

  43. ADD in what to comment about.. hahaha. i love that LV scarf. and the shoes! i love the giant city bag, i definitely have eyed it a few times but.. you know. one of these days -_-


Thank you for your comments!