January 13, 2011

Circle Lenses: G&G Dueba Big DM23 Grey

I also did use one of Guerlain brown eyes shadow from their Paradis Exotique #404 quad

Circle Lenses: G&G/Dueba Big DM23 Grey (direct link to this pair click HERE)
15% off coupon code: DSK
(Kiwi is a friend, she's Vietnamese-Canadian :D)
 Nothing makes me feel better than getting my eyebrows & upper lip threaded! :D
I have a year membership at one of those crazy stands (kiosks) you see in the mall.
The place I go to is called Brow Art, and I only pay $65 for 7 visits (eyebrows & lip).
Eyebrow Threading costs $15 in Seattle, I know it's only $12 in Michigan! 
The membership is worth it imo (in my opinion).  I'm addicted to the pain of getting my eyebrows done. Beauty is pain! (jk, you get used to it).
 I still love G&G Dueba Grey circle lenses over all other brands and colors.
Wearing my Black Enamel Chanel & Pearl Earrings
They're from the Chanel Boutique, Nordstrom Flagship (Seattle).
I like to browse their fashion jewelry collection because their earrings are most affordable compared to everything else!

Chanel Earrings & Chanel Sunglasses are the "starters" in a 23 year old girl's Chanel collection

; )
 I love them very much!
I hope my blog feed works now! lol
I'll catch up with you all soon.  : )



  1. ah! I love those earrings so much :)
    Also, you bought a membership!? I was seriously considering it! it is such a good deal! My friend's roomate I guess can thread her own eyebrows and lip! I really wanna learn! I am going to try I think haha--I wonder if it is easy enough? lol

  2. @Pearls&Politics It really is worth it! You can use it at any Brow Art location too in our area.

    Bubzbeauty has a DIY threading video! You should look it up. I find it relaxing to get it done :)

    The thread hurts my fingers when I tried threading my own eyebrows.

  3. OMG those earrings are eye candy! They look gorgeous on you! oh and btw.. your blog feed still doesn't work for me. It's okay though because I always check back on your blog for updates, but just wanted to let you know that it's still not working. :)

  4. OMGOSH!! threading there is so expensive!!! in OC, it's only $3.99 to thread eyebrows >< The cost oc living there is like 10x than cali then? Your earrings are so gorgeous!! I"m so jealous!!! I want a chanel earrings! hahahah! ^^ and nice lenses!! love the color :)

  5. Oh girl, the lenses look great on you like always and gorgeous earrings, jelly over here! =P

  6. Dam, I love your eyes lol

    I get my eyebrow threading in NYC for only $8 =D

  7. love the contacts you have!! oo..she is cdn i should check out the site since i live in canada. love your earrings!!

  8. i've never had my eyebrows threaded before =O

    but i see it at the mall, for 15$

    love the earrings.

  9. Love love love the eye makeup! Eye makeup tutorial is a must!! :)

    The circle lenses look nice on you. They look kind of weird on me, and so far no one i know has liked them :(, which is kind of disappointing.

    I love Chanel fashion jewelries too. Recently picked up a Chanel ring from Neiman Marcus :)

  10. @Iyah in WA, we don't have state income tax (we do have federal tax), our sales tax is 9.5%. Homes are just a tad bit more affordable than in So Cal. Food is more expensive here than in So Cal for sure!

    They both have their pro's and con's!
    But then again CA always has sun, WA has clouds & rain!

  11. chanel earrings!!!! :D
    I always love your eye makeup..mine never turns out the way I want it -__-

  12. i love the eyebrows, contacts, make up and earrings!!! everything looks fab, steph!

  13. I absolutely loveeee the chanel earrings I have a pair of minis and they just make me feel so fashionable lol. I'm saving up for a CHANEL handbag...I'm almost 15 and i have $789 of $2555+ tax saved up because I know how gorgeous Chanel is...Just wondering do you think it's worth saving up for and getting..I'm a super hardworker and am doing extra babysitting which is good pay I'n So Cal.btw the blog feeder wrks for me :)

  14. @sabrina Thanks for letting me know about the blog feed! :D

    Good job at saving! In the end it's really your decision :) If it makes you happy go for it! If you have second thoughts, maybe it's better wait a little before you spend your hard earned money :D

    Keep me updated!

  15. @Quynh which ring?! Is it the new Chnael ring in gold w/ the small pearls?

  16. Really missed your posts lately! I always see those kiosks in the mall but always afraid to try them out. People walking by are staring, it makes me feel like an alien. Lol! Love your earrings btw. :)

  17. Aw your layout was so pretty! At least the feed is working now (though I never had a problem with it :S) I really like dark eye makeup on you. It's really sexy. : ) And the Chanel earrings are soso pretty!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  18. wow, your threaded eyebrows looks great. What did you use to draw them with?

  19. @Unmeeh my fav are the Anastasia brow pencils Ash Blonde :)

  20. The Grey circle lenses are my faves on you too! No matter what your eyeshadow colors are they still look great!

    Loooove the Chanel earrings! They're so classy looking and definitely timeless.

  21. I love those lenses! I think my first pair of circle lenses will def be grey. I love your smokey eye too, I'm always so scared to go dramatic on myself so I must admire others eyes :D I've been not using the internet as much all holiday season so I have a lot of catching up to do on my blog reading lol. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  22. Love to see your eyebrow! Like you said beauty is pain ;)
    Looking foward to see your eye makeup tutorial.

  23. @Noniek lol I don't really do makeup tutorials. I really just like to discuss and share new makeup, and the looks I can create with them.

  24. love everything in this post! super classy. those grey contacts are the perfect kind, definitely something i want to look into.. when i have way more expendable income.. haha. and i love your eye makeup here too :D

  25. Ahh, I'm starting to miss your "daily" blog updates! I'm always happy to read your updated. I really like this one! Your eye makeup is really pretty and compliments the circle lenses. Totally digging your earrings too. You have such a classy pose in the 4th photo. I love it!! Hope your new years' treating you well, Steph!

  26. @Tia Real life has been kicking my ass! jk, I've had a cousin visiting Seattle for the first time so I wanted to show him around the city. It's been cloudy though! I don't think we've had one day of sunshine since he's been here.

    Thanks for stopping by Tia! Happy New Year to you as well :)

  27. hi there! i have had some traffic come my way via your blog so i thought i would pop over and say hello! your make-up looks gorgeous and i LoVe the earrings =) hhhmmm, i may have to try a pair of those lenses too! i just tried out feather hair extensions today...what do you think?

    the stylish housewife

  28. I LOVE your eye makeup! I've tried to create a look like that before and it's been a fail. =[ Love your Chanel earrings too--so cute!

  29. love the eye makeup! :)

    i found a place by my moms in LA where threading of eyebrows is only $7 and upper lip and brows is $10! and they do a really good job! :O best place i've gone to and cheapest too!

  30. i loveeeee those earrings, i like that style a lot in general, with a stud and a little pearl dropping down, its cute, whether its bows, hearts, or chanel symbols ^_^

  31. i like the new layout of the blog! the plum purple is a fave.
    it's been a while since i've gotten my eyebrows and upper lip threaded. i'm so nick-picky about where i get it done. i need my privacy in a room and not out in the open in the middle of the mall lol. the ladies here in buffalo can't get my brows right too which is a bummer. i actually paid $65 to get my brows done by a "brow expert" over the summer in nyc. crazy huh? lol at least i left with perfectly sculpted eyebrows!

  32. I've been wanting to try threading but I don't do well with pain. It's cheap where I live. 10 dollars in Alabama and Louisiana for eyebrows.

  33. ooh those earrings are pretty, pearls are so classy!

  34. dang the threading look so nice! if i actually had eyebrows and liked threading i would do it. i remember my mom did it for me i almost died haha

    the chanel earrings are ahh omg i had a word it's stuck at the tip of my tongue...! but it's good :D lol

    and what lip product/s are you wearing!!? lmk pls :)

  35. The feed previously linked to this blog still doesn't work but I just manually updated the feed on my blogroll today : )

    Earrings and sunnies are definitely the right starter items! I love these pearl drop ones! Good job, Minh. I hope you find a pair of sunnies you like soon because I've been wearing my CC wayfarers every...single...day!


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