January 20, 2011

Food Art with Egg Molds!

Hard boil some eggs for a fun mini food art project : )
Peel them while they are still hot, and place them in a clean egg mold.
The trick is finding the perfect size eggs to fit your molds.
And in a matter of minutes you will have "food art"!
I usually boil my eggs for 9-10 minutes
Ta da! On the left is a fish! On the right a car! lol
Fish & Car Egg Mold
They're really great fun : )
Thank you to my friend Lena for sending me these from Japan last year.
The reason I decided to bust them out again was to share with my cousin Chuong who was visiting me from CA.  He had never seen them before so it's interesting to him : )

My fish is missing a tail!  ahhh!
I don't put my mold into cold water (as some tutorial suggest).
I find that it works perfect if you peel the egg right when it's still hot (careful though!)
I picked up two for my Grandma & Aunt so they can experience the fun too!
They only have stars & heart molds at Daiso in Westlake Center (Downtown Seattle)
I haven't been able to find them in the Daiso in the International District (Chinatown Area).
There are a bunch of Daiso stores in WA.  I know you can also find them at many Japanese markets, but they're much more expensive than at the Japanese dollar stores.

I found them at Daiso (Japanese $1.50 Store here in Seattle).
My aunt called me and was so confused lol.  I had to explain to her how to use it :D

You can also find them on Ebay, Cindy (Facebook Friend) linked me HERE
They have so many different fun shapes!
Super cute right?  I mean super kawaii! :D
The Japanese come up with everything adorable lol.

Speaking of Facebook!  I have a new Facebook account  :)
Please check it out if you'd like.

You should also GOOGLE "IMAGE" "Japanese Egg Molds" 
There are so many freaking cute molds! 

I'm still trying to get used to the new blogger way of posting.  I kind of miss the old school way of posting blog.  
It's harder for me to move my photos around in the order that I like them grr.

I'll figure it out!  Will be back with a "nail art" post in a bit : )



  1. omg! so cute! i'm gonna go look for some of those at my japanese mart!

  2. That's cute! I've never seen those before. hehe.

  3. @eri they're so fun! :D haha I get super excited when I get a "perfect" mold :D

    @xoladiihoneyxo google image "japanese egg molds" tons of cute pictures!

  4. those are really cute and look so fun!! japan always has cute stuff haha

  5. Looks super fun and creative. Can you imagine someone walking in while peeling those eggs? (phewww weee)


  6. LOL so creative and i love eating hard boiled eggs, i need to keep my eyes out!!

    btw, im thinking you have seen the OPI cracked nail polish and Katy perry's line online...going to get em? I'm waiting for it!! =]

  7. Egg molds?!? How weird, never heard of this before! so cute though I can see it being used to entice kids to eat their breakfast ;)

  8. Whaaaaaaaaat?! I've never heard or seen these before! I've seen a heck of a lot of mold thingies too. For ice, cakes...everything else. LOL Never thought of eggs. They're so adorable. I think I might get some from ebay for my boyfriend & I. Thanks :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. I was just thinking that .. I'd probably fail at peeling the egg while it's still hot. -_-

  10. haha htey are really cute ! the car looks like a butt.. lol

  11. haha htey are really cute ! the car looks like a butt.. lol

  12. Those Japanese! They're freakin geniuses!

    Now gotta head out to find them so I can surprise my family with them.

  13. OMG! So cute! LOL. I think the Japanese are so creative when it comes to cute things like this. lol. I need to go to a Daiso one day.. xD

  14. This is so cute. hahah. I hate the texture of the yolk in hard boiled eggs. this could prolly help me to eat my eggs, just cuz it would be too cute to turn down.

  15. Too cute! I love the little fish. :)


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