January 20, 2011

Help Pick a Winner! :D

Hey everyone!  My amazing friend Danielle is a 3L (3rd year law student) at the University of Pennsylvania and she has a 100 word creative writing assignment and needs our help picking a favorite.  As the overachiever that she is -- she has written 5! different versions of her assignment and needs us to help her pick the one that will be read by her law professor out loud to her class tomorrow.  Danielle will be very happy if you are willing to help vote for your favorite or the "best" one in your opinion. : )  She also asks if you could leave a comment in this blog post to let her know, which "Creative Story" is a combination of what you like best and/or what you think is most responsive to the assignment.  Thank you!

Danielle's Creative Writing Assignment: Write a complete story (conflict, crisis, resolution) in exactly 100 words. No more, no less.

Danielle's Creative Story #1. She is running faster than ever before in her life but she can only feel the fear cascading down her like water. Her heart pounds painfully, trying to break free of her chest. Time doesn’t exist. Where she is, doesn’t matter. All she cares about is the man sleeping soundly in their apartment, unaware of the ticking below the floorboards. She won’t reach him in time. The bomb is set to explode now, and she is far, too far away. Her eyes can already see the flames; her ears can just make out the explosion. The alarm buzzes her awake.
Danielle's Creative Story #2. The baby’s heart beat like the ticking of a clock, counting down the goodbye. She couldn’t keep her son but she could sooner unhinge her arm than give him up. She had to, she knew -even if it would kill her because it would save him. The doorstep was her final arbiter - her guillotine but her savior too. The baby lay asleep, unknowing and unknown. He would wake to a new day and a new life. She placed the baby at the door. Years pass and a boy is tucked warmly into bed and kissed goodnight by his mother.
Danielle's Creative Story #3. The carbonara was ruined. The critic was waiting impatiently and the pasta was utterly ruined. Chef’s belly heaved as his face turned as red as the fra diavolo he served. The line cook cowered and lifted the nearest pan to use as a shield. Not a moment too soon, Chef grabbed potatoes and began the attack. “The...most....important....customer...my reputation....you...fired...out!” and on every word, a tuber was flung, plopping loudly against the pan. “He loves it.” Silence. The line cook stared at the counter now empty of the plate. The waiter standing proud, expecting applause but receiving none, continued, “He said, original!”
Danielle's Creative Story #4. The door slammed shut just an inch away. Tears were still streaming down my face. And they say men can’t throw tantrums? This was the third time this month that my husband had threatened to divorce. I lifted my hand to scratch against the door. “I don’t want to do this anymore” hollered from inside. I squeaked, “But, we’ve been trying so hard” before I could stop. The door opened. “Let’s stop trying,” said a tired husband. I wanted to think of the laughter we shared but I could only see the tears. “Let’s stop trying,” answered a tired wife.
Danielle's Creative Story #5. The wall post read, “I hate you.” “Gee, thanks...now the whole world knows too” thought the too-handsome-for-his-own-good, dark haired-tall-blue-eyed man. He brushed his hair off his face and thought of Nancy, who had obviously taken the prior evening a bit too seriously. The man wondered if tonight’s date would notice the message and call the night off. Probably not. But, just to be on the safe side, he should deactivate his account for today. He’d have to remember to launch it back up later to post the pictures of tonight’s lucky girl. The man got up to shower and prepare.
 Meet my friend Danielle!  haha she's not a "Gothic writer" I promise!  I just snagged one of her Halloween looks off of Facebook just now. :D

For those who are curious, here is a photo of one of my best friends Danielle!

Danielle is originally from Manhattan, NY and trust me..she is back in New York, New York almost every weekend!  A true New Yorker. :P  She's a great friend and I've had so much fun in the short time I got to spend with her last time I was in her city.  :D  I would describe her as the RL "real life" version of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter : )  Very studious and a perfectionist at everything!  It is her last semester in law school!  I'm so excited to see where life takes her!  :D  I'm a proud friend : )
Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section. ^_^ Vote for your favorite "Creative Story" if you can!  Thank you!
p.s. Does anyone have Hermione's Time Turner Necklace (from Harry Potter)?


  1. Wow! Danielle is definitely talented! It's hard to choose one, but Creative Story #3 was my my favorite and I felt like I could visualize it like a movie. :) Just my input. Plus, I love cooking and stories about cooking/chefs. lol

  2. I liked #4 because it seemed to flow the best and seem the most real. I could really envision the event happening in my head--

  3. I like #2 :D I just think it flows better with the limited amount of words she was allowed to use. Very...mysterious and deep as well, it makes me want to read a fuller version of this story :)

  4. kudos to your friend for making it through law school. hopefully, i can be in her shoes in a couple of years :) high five for being a new yorker too! haha.
    my favorite one was the #1 because even though i read it first, it stood out to me the most even as i read the last one. it seemed to be the most creative to me and the most fictional although the others convey realistic emotion well.

  5. I love #4! It's so sad yet beautiful at the same time.

  6. I love #4! It's so sad yet beautiful at the same time.

  7. I liked #1 and #3 the most. But if I had to choose it would probably be #3. I see the conflict, crisis, and resolution in there. Not to mention it was so original and easy to relate to.

  8. I like #1 and #4, but #4 is probably my favourite. : ) I clearly see a conflict, crisis, and resolution in that piece!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. I liked the 4th story most, it's very telling and poignant. It's when two people who may have loved each once so much, just realized that they had grown apart, and no matter.... things would be better apart.

  10. Danielle - which one did you end up submitting? Writing and English are my WORST subjects (in high school, college, and yes still now). I liked all of them but could not settle on a favorite.

  11. Hi Everyone. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and write such nice feedback. You have helped me enormously!

    I ended up going with #4! I decided it was most "me" and most what I enjoyed writing about.

    Today, we discussed my story in class (as well as my classmates' stories). The professor kept the authors anonymous but it was the most surreal experience! Everyone was contemplating what the characters' inner most thoughts and feelings were, why they were fighting, what would happen - how old they were, whether they had kids, who was the more mature one in the relationship. It was amazing! I hadn't even thought of these issues when I was writing, but when the professor raised these questions, I felt like I instantaneously knew - like an old secret I had forgotten and suddenly remembered.


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